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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 31, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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idea that muslim mixtape in series so two thousand and sixteen the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory we've done a good job with those as we have just absolutely decimated isis but the latest carnage is a clear signal that the terrorists are not ready to buckle just yet they've squeezed every drop of profit from the victory they've been craving for so long from obvious territorial gains to a massive p.r. push they filmed their operation and spoils of war from all thinkable angles it seems even with reinforcements america's proxy ground force the kurds couldn't hold off the surprise onslaught hard choice in casualties down both sides but we will continue to go after them in the weeks ahead i saw the latest propaganda video even includes a not so subtle threat a skyline view of the government controlled town but hold on just how much of
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a surprise was this latest isolette that really sure they moved in under the cover of a sandstorm but it's not like the kurds which are in charge of eastern syria didn't know i still was on their porch they have been fighting terrorists in the area for a whole year but despite their best efforts to little success and that could be due to the fact that their effort has been dwindling gradually apart from i saw the kurdish fighters have been focusing on skirmishes with the syrian army and repelling the turkish operation against them in the north this plays into the yard as sounds perfectly since assad's forces are not going anywhere and neither is turkey as president erdogan tease the next phase of what he calls an anti terror operation in syria but don't use them as you noted we have started active intervention operations against the terror organization in the last couple of days we will soon come down hard on the terror organization. with more extensive and
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effective operations the united states also has been convincing the world it's hell bent on cleansing syria of terrorists yet years on it's their area of responsibility where i still strikes well with its bloodiest attack in months and i wonder could it be because american troops are in fact miles away from all the action we don't have a contour a new mission here we have a defeat isis mission that competition between all these forces allows for isis to play back and forth every surrounding the neighbor of syria including the syrian government have had other enemies to fight in other concerns isis is those tom number two it's a difficult problem it's also a divided syria because you have a border region where you rocks on one side the syrian the democratic forces on the other backed by the united states and a syrian army backed by russia and iran are on the other there are many players in
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the syrian conflict and all of them are hungry for geopolitical bounty in syria and writing off early means risking another wave of terrorist resurgence. is that for now back in the top of the hour with all of the first international it's watching the hawks. greetings and sally you take this it's starting to feel like there's a new tragedy of rhetoric violence and loss every week here in the country of sea to shining sea from schools to nightclubs to places of worship mass shootings have become the latest tool of the lonely and fractured and now we have a real want to be bomb makers mailing their wares to everyone who represents an enemy to his delicate political ideology from c.n.n.
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to robert de niro and in the news coverage aftermath of every tragedy or headline making grab for attention the one term that gets bandied about like a hand grenade at a horseshoe tournaments is radicalized the suspect was radicalized he was a radicalized muslim a radicalized christian a radicalized atheist. he was radicalized by online hate speech which was radicalized by donald trump who was radicalized by fox news which was a response to a radicalized left wing media which would self was a radicalized response to rush limbaugh and radicalized right wing talk radio which was radicalized by right wing christian radicals in response to the radical liberal movements of equal rights and free love of the radical sixty's and seventy's. there's a lot of radicalization out there hawk watchers that's the name of the blame game these days in the wake of the pennsylvania synagogue shooting in the moghul bomber pundits and talking heads across the land an air waves have been pointing fingers
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over fingers in an effort to justify massive paychecks and provide reasoning for what is owed to mislead the unreasonable take g q columnist julie i offer you rather than look at the true causes of the radicalization of the synagogue shooter takes the easy television rating grabbing his way out and blames donald trump telling c.n.n.'s jake tapper that quote this president has radicalized so many more people than isis ever did because apparently in julia's view dangerous radicalized people and groups didn't exist until after november eighth two thousand and sixteen . so today let's cut through the radicalisation blame game and start watching the whole us. but if you get the. real thing it's what. you put it out of. what they like you but i got. this.
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because i. welcome everybody to watching the i robot and i'm top of flawless so we've talked over the last week or so about cults and radicalization and obviously as events in the world are happening it's. it's interesting to see how many people somehow think that radical it's almost as if radicalization or extremism just just happened right in the first time it's we didn't know anything about radicalization. until twenty six and you know it's amazing how quick we are and how light how how quick we want to dance like around the real causes of it and instead like us saying get into this like finger
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pointing blame game thing rather than like oh it's this person's fault this person felt this person's well but never actually looking at the true cause of it whatever actually taking the time to say well what about us in our society in general is causing this room side around the world it's radicalism isn't just contained here in the united states but what have you seen in this like who's radicalized who more between the president c.e.o. and then the most and we see that is truly disturbed you about the current state of our discourse well i think looking at cnn's reaction to them being not it wasn't too c.n.n. honestly getting the packages at c.n.n. . which i think is an interesting distinction is that neither of them you know former government officials and. i think there's a lot of things is that everyone sort of points the finger back and forth if you're on the left it's we've never been this we've never been this bad and on the right you have well we've never done that obviously you did these wild things so there's never really a sense of anybody taking responsibility for their own actions or their own words
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or that any of the things that they say have meaning when a four hours after they do that that's a great point one of the sarah fisher said posited that this sort of thought on the current state of things and i'm like i said it's because it's media sort of constantly fighting each other the media and fighting is itself the byproduct of a nation that's become radicalized by a collision of geo political events over years and it's being compounded by an economic crisis a crisis around around news where the most profitable information online and on t.v. is often the most inflammatory so it's kind of everything's turned into sort of an e.s.p.n. sports kind of thing who you know anderson we see rachel maddow has the best numbers and this person has the best those as if that somehow our level of quality and whether or not as journalists or as a news organization you're doing things right instead of just taking a book which you have to because your business is right and that's what breeds i think. not cling to their breeding the radicalisation but the idea of the discourse
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is no presidential e you know. it's like whittled down into this little thing of like ok this person has to play this person who cannot disagree with this team and you cannot disagree with this team and let everybody just got to be fighting all the time about what they believe them rather than talking you know and then that's what i think kind of old to really filters down but you know when you look at actual radicalization many factors play into it you know into the radicalization of individual groups but when the main drivers mode. agreed upon is frustrated expectations of individuals for economic improvement and social mobility when you take away people's ability to improve themselves economically and then take away their ability to don't have social mobility feel like they're rising up in the world they're going to be ready for any you know little iago in their year to tell them to do anything about point and if if they feel of that they've been promised that over and over again and
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haven't been delivered on those promises you get things like wisconsin voting red instead of blue those things literally have been because if you're on the ground and you're feeling that you will blame because that's what everyone else does and to make really smart to do this with momentum is often referred to as relative deprivation the absence of opportunities relative to expectations and. to adapt the story of a syrian refugee than a privileged white woman most well known for her show girls about privileged white women that's right self-indulgent essayist hipster racist and brave apologist lena dunham has been hired by producer steven spielberg and j.j. abrams to write the movie adaptation of a nonfiction young adult novel called hope more powerful than the c. one refuges incredible story of loss love loss of survival by melissa fleming about a real life syrian refugee named of mao who survived being shipwrecked out to sea
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after attempting to escape the civil war in syria and make her way to europe but while many many people find the choice of dunham to be a problem the source material itself is pretty problematic already in the book as well as the wildly successful ted talk fleming based the book on took the team of journalists coaches and researchers to complete fleming didn't even conduct many of the interviews with doe and while fleming is a legitimate expert in the field of refugee management her novel demonstrates the distinct lacked of so. intersectionality in a retelling of dough is experience for him obsessing over the simmering need to spices of pre-war syria she was stifling doas actual voice the director of women for refugee women natasha walter said in her review of the book there is no moment in which you. are standing beside you speaking in your ear and even if herself
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writes in the book afterward that she said it is only a small glimpse of the hardship and pain that refugees around the world endure. this isn't the time to double down on performative activism like that of lena dunham and the gang in hollywood it is time we lifted the real voices of actual refugees and stead of letting white hand sanitize the truth for a young adult audience. who could not agree with you more on this i mean this is absolutely ridiculous to me i'm not look i'm not knocking someone we're going to take a paycheck and get a job find them as every right to do that but at the end of the day i'm sorry there's a probably hundreds thousands maybe millions of really legitimate writers middle eastern writers people with similar experiences to people who could truly write that perspective. rather than as you said someone rich young white
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new yorker i mean it's well connected rich well pledged welcome back to new york or you know and then home and these kind of things just so get on my nerves when i see this it's not to say that i do believe that anybody can write about anything i'm not one of those people that says only certain people shouldn't should be writing i think anybody can but when you have an opportunity to give somebody else a leg up to give somebody else the chance to write about experiences they know take it yes pleasure j.j. abrams and steven spielberg you know i don't know how that i just understand how to . become the answer i mean and even just saying problematic i don't know where where where or in the meeting does he go you know who could relate to the experience of a nineteen year old mother who's just lost her fiance and a drowning accident while escaping a civil war while caring or to toss their children on the. lena dunham i mean obviously one of the things that her show got
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a lot of fire for was that there were literally four white women with lots of opportunity coming to new york city and crying that it wasn't a good. they thought it was good if that's my line it's true. but she responded to the criticism of lack of people of color on her show about diversity in the story and that her people of color those characters were very one dimensional she said white feminists do not have a great history of carrying their black sisters along with them well this is a perfect example you're not carrying there's a difference between empathy and exploitation and it's a very fine line and i think that empathy comes on the miss fleming of trying to write something to a younger audience and under kind of tell that story to open the door but i think lena dunham doing it is just but it goes along with the sanitization valid as i mean fleming when i'm told a lot of them so the book reading in new york that i think she said i think these store but i think she said i think these store what these stories do is allow individuals to see that person is part of their community and it's about enlarging
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the circle ok but there is something sinister about having to whitewash a person's real story in order to get other people to see them as human it shouldn't be that the white woman or the white man has to bring you the story for you to understand there's human beings involved here and you should be empathetic and sympathetic to us and do something to change it does were does this tell you everything you need to know about it it's this idea of you know you we as white people have to go out and teach the whole world how to think right you know most of the problem is a lot of white people don't have that i have are thinking wrongly about things that in my i think there are plenty of experiences from from people's next. viewpoint but i really think you should have someone who has children of refugees who understand syria so that you don't have that like jasmine bloom floated through the air as she remembered her childhood doing. some of those as door. c'mon you know that's you know that's got to be one of the names on the list the second
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on leno wants of players. who are there are prints good quarterbacks are allowed to go to bird watchers don't forget to let us know what you bring to the top of the government facebook and twitter and zero poll shows that are to be dot com coming up author and educated the watkins joins us to discuss the recent rise of white nationalism in the bio and that it has walked through the other states as they too want. to.
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thank. you. with fifty two hundred armed troops being a mass for the trump administration to beat a caravan of roughly thirty five hundred mostly central american defenseless migrants on the mexican us border one must ask if there's more going on here than just a simple asylum issue why send armed troops for what ultimately is a border patrol ice and homeland security issue many argue that the kind of paranoia that sends armed soldiers to the border is to stop migrants is part of the same paranoia tree that has grown out of soils of racism and xenophobia from the recent shooting at the synagogue in pennsylvania to the tragedy in charlottesville last year america's racist roots are still alive and well here in the united states and many see it being codified in the actions of elected officials like representative steve king who once famously defended white european culture on m.s.n. d.c. declaring i would ask. go back through history and figure out where these
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contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you were talking about where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization yeah a sitting u.s. elected official actually said that on live television many you posit this growing movement of white nationalism and racism to the u.s. census projections that project project project that the nation will become minority white and twenty forty five during that year whites will comprise forty nine point seven percent of the population in contrast to twenty four point six percent for hispanics thirty one point one percent for blacks seven point nine percent for each other and three point eight percent for multi-racial populations well joining us today to discuss this growing white nationalism and its violent manifestations is author and speaker to walk it it's always a pleasure having you on i want to say in your experiences and what you've seen is what is the biggest driver in your opinion of this kind of rise of the. machinable isn't that we're seeing you know kind of all over social media in the dark or you
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know why are we seeing this today you know. sometimes. you know i was really really what things really bad in the wife are really dream and things that i want to follow the rules i do everything i'm supposed to do and i work really really hard and then i fail i don't get it so dust myself off and then i get up and i try again these are crying complaining men who feel like they haven't been getting a fair shake in america which is crazy because they have no experience in the social media the social mobility that they feel like they deserve so they're looking for someone to blame it on people like trump into people like this guy king it's any anybody who's going to who's going to take the pressure off of you and tell you that you're not the problem it's the guys at the border is the black guys down the street you know these are the people who are stopping you from advancing so you should hate them. should be against i'm there not one of you. tried and true
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tactic is easy but everything is the easy way out right marriage letter of the people arguing that if someone else gets married differently than you do it takes something away from you it's women saying that trans women are taking away something from you it's such an odd extreme point of view and you know we discussed earlier about extremism is important out of the rhetoric but how does rhetoric from politicians and leaders play end to the rise of the rise of racism in our in our everyday life what does. the flipside of it is they're they're put there justifying things that are already part of your own american tradition and experience of that time we talked about earlier a lot of times these things start in a household then you have these people the president you know like you know we laugh at the president we laugh a certain politicians when he says stupid things and when we show how disconnected they are but they're still the president is the most powerful person in our country
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when thomas jefferson has said a dumb lazy and incapable of grief you know there's still holds true to this day as far as how so many people judge him talk about black people because he was one of the biggest thinkers of us term he became the father of that type of ideology spread its leaves his own children and nobody saw nothing wrong with it because he already branded black people as incapable of grief so if you're president who everyone voted for who is a very popular president amongst the people who like you know the popular vote but the people that like him what he says these things holds true and they can identify with that and it is so powerful that they can even identify with him because you know he was born rich and help this family their way into like four hundred million you know from well you know and you know and you know what's interesting too is that. look racism in this kind of you know white nationalism america that's always been a. out of american history it's not new to this country you know we were founded on
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slavery you know that was a big part of who we were you know and then we did the civil war and things like that but we're still there you know you still have that throughout history so what's interesting to me is it is also everyone's kind of shock about it to be like oh my goodness did you see this i can't believe there's racists ear you know why is there this kind of like blinded reality to that in this country like why do you think that is words like suddenly you know people in the media just shocked that there was you know a coup klux klan still there shot that there is racism in this country because you acknowledge iraq obama you acknowledge michael jackson moonwalk on the television screen you will acknowledge michael jordan flower from the free throw line but you don't acknowledge that when the new deal what we had the g.i. bill that the white people who came home from the war was able to get those loans to buy those houses in the suburbs and plant the seeds of what will grow into me and their wealth and a black people could get those loans because the blank that the banks discriminated
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against them and we had the housing projects where we stacked thousands and thousands and thousands of people on top of each other and to put cages. on the front. on the front about and so it's like that and that's the difference that's the difference we don't talk about the systemic problems but we see progress and progress is dangerous in front of face over and over again and i know you probably heard it before but i've been here and it's my whole life some black person we're going to some organization right you know he's the best with a potato salad you know i don't even know people use but they the south but. the pride the best at it and you know you used it and you sell it and it's like it's fake progression nest and that's why people at surprise because they've been so progression but it's really no progression really in the progression from seeking a potato salad i'd like to talk about why it. is that i know about. we do make a salad. or proof of a. would one of the things i find interesting is is that the same poverty and lack
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of mobility that you don't see that you are see on one side on the side of african-american people of color the way that they handle that to say more poor white communities it seems to speak to their insecurities because they're afraid that's going to happen to them how do you think that it's that that insecurity is that what that poor whites feel that they're going to be put into those cages into those buildings do you think all of this rhetoric kind of plays into their insecurities i think that what the the best thing they've had going for the over the past one hundred years is they get the chance to be white in america and that's just strongest who. these administration is in these race baiters the nice people have is that you know we're selling to you guys of really really bad you guys are doing good but you know what you're not them you know and they use
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that and that's what these rallies are all about this is the imagery that breeds these you know my good how to be i got to be. where i want to be a radical. and i got here a radical you know to be able to protect this so you know they probably feel like they're like mercenaries for you know the guards of culture but during these things and that's just a problem when i said well of the poor whites need to look at poor latino people look at poor black people and say look the top one percent their wealth is going up it worse than a c. so we wrote of the governor we demand is something that we can do something different but as long as they keep us divided keep us dumb keep us apart to do whatever you want to do with us where is that thing where i feel like that's that's when things really changes when sort of for white americans realize that they're being used just as much as everybody else and that the idea that they're paying they give these groups ever really come together and real trouble here's
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a question for any poor white person you know hopefully one is watching this show who who subscribes to his narrative. this man has been in a white house for two years and he promised a lot of things you know he promised that your situation is going to change you do a better you order like extra lobster for dinner did you take your family on a vacation you know that you get that addition to their house you probably did so that should tell you something right there that should make you think you move different because the result we're halfway through this in a results are not there. you know it's interesting too because. i always look around and i see that i could be wrong because look i'm going to have a different perspective because i am a privileged white male in this country i have a very different perspective from tabs on a very different perspective of view of what i've experienced but i do get a sense maybe you guys can correct me i do feel like this is the death rattle of this mentality the this kind of racism and tile the in this and it's very loud right now but i do people it's because it's kind of in its last throes i mean do
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you feel that way am i completely off base because i've had a different amount of privilege than you do have you actually i think to some extent yes it's so out in the open that that is a good thing because it kind of sanitize it burns off the worst of it and you know i mean least we know now we know which one of our on certain goals or. ex-boyfriend's are completely racist scumbags like we're aware now we're more aware it's not so i don't think we're living in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight but i also think there was still live in a very dangerous time that we have a lot of dangerous years to go and i don't think that progressive forward thinking people like you like me should write this off because at the end of the day i've been a lot of schools and still when i go to schools in certain way areas the very very clean in spaces and they have the tools they need to be successful and when i go to certain black schools they don't have he has two degrees outside so when i look at racism i don't look at it as a person running down the street screaming the end were i look at it as wow how
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come it is black police it looks like this how come it is not black but it was like this. this poor white police they still have this but in this poor black place they don't even have a look at it like that and i think of it that way because i think it's a power struggle is a power structure so wind up by having the power structure there when they're doing anything it's not about a city that say it was about flip it over and we're going to do walkers it was a pleasure having you on thank you so much thank you. with the thirty seven point seven year orbit the elusive comet thirty eight piece stephen boat. was last seen by earthlings in december of one thousand nine hundred thirty eight p. was first noticed in them or say observatory in france on the evening of january twenty third eight hundred sixty seven astronomer jerome eugene unfortunately mistook the comet for a nebulous and it wasn't until a colleague noticed the nebula had moved overnight that they realize that a comet have been discovered but it wasn't until nine hundred forty two that the
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finnish astronomer lisi zero term found thirty eight p. again after having been lost in the sky for about a century. this is also one of the closest approaches to earth for comet thirty eight pm around december eighteenth the comment is expected to fly past earth within point seven seven one astronomical units just over seven million miles from earth so not super close but close here's a clear skies and a safe visit from you once every thirty eight years comment thirty eight. thirty eight for you have a good journey thirty three and through everybody out there you know i think we talked a lot about radicalism we talked a lot about your violence of rhetoric try to see through it don't get duped by people trying to divide you out there we are all like we said if we all come together then we can overturn the terrible. assault but our that is our show for you today remember when in this world we are not told but we loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am i robot and keep on watching those hawks out there that are
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