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this. is. what should be out in the bailout of both. and actually. donald trump's national security advisor john bolton says he does not want to harm allies in the trade with iran and a sign that washington would be willing to ease sanctions. u.k. foreign secretary is grilled by parliament over weapons it deals with saudi arabia but admits britain is in no position to negotiate due to commercial interests were
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any prepared to sign a trade deal with you if you agree to the human rights cools because it breaks it we are going to pay me just trade deals with everyone. and islamic party in congress on calls for the death of court judges who acquitted a christian woman in a blasphemy trial. and kurdish forces in syria hold their operation against islamic state claiming they have come under fire from turkey. broadcasting live direct our studios in moscow this is r t international i'm john thomas really glad to have you with us now donald trump has said the u.s. will continue its oil embargo on iran that pledge was made in a memorandum to administration officials sent on wednesday however his national security adviser john bolton has hinted that broader u.s.
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sanctions targeting countries that trade with iran could be soft. we understand the number of countries in the. immediately surrounding iran some which i just visited last week others have been purchasing oil may not be able to go all the way all the way to zero immediately so we want to we want to achieve maximum pressure but we don't want to harm friends and allies either and we're working our way through that while this is certainly a milder tone from john bolton he was speaking about the sanctions that are set to go into effect on november fifth now at that time a few months back when they were imposed we heard trump describing them as the highest level of sanctions and promising to essentially take action against any foreign company that continues to do business with iran when the announcement was made a essentially the intent was according to the white house that they were going to reduce iran's oil exports to zero that was the intent they called the highest level
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of sanctions let's listen to what john bolton said back in may is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with iran the answer is it's possible with the pounds on the conduct of other governments now that when that announcement was made there was quite a bit of anger voiced from european countries they promised to protect companies in their respective countries who wanted to continue doing business with iran and there was increasingly talk about different ways of trading with iran in order to avoid u.s. sanctions different methods were discussed china was involved let's kind of review the reaction from europe. because it's one of the moving the we will work to maintain the framework of the twenty fifteen deal in spite of the american decision and we will do so in
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a concrete manner by maintaining our political engagements by ensuring that our companies can stay in iran and also. getting open to us to pursue negotiations who are larger indispensable to you now there were some companies that did immediately pull back from trading with iran perhaps they doubted the ability of their governments to protect them among those who pulled back there was total boeing lukoil reliance industries ltd dover's siemens and others now interestingly iran has been continuing its oil exports right up until that november fifth deadline we've seen quite a defiant stand from the iranian president this is iranian president rouhani if you will not be able to reach any of your goals with regard to iran zoila you will not be able to bring it to zero or reduces so now we have john bolton coming forward and saying that they are talking about the possibility of granting waivers to countries and corporations that want to continue trading with iran they are promising to engage in the harshest level of sanctions against iran but meanwhile
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there is a milder tone when it comes to countries and businesses around the world who want to keep trading with them so it is certainly a change from the white house are waiting to see what happens next as that november fifth deadline approaches. are now joined by ken stone from the hamilton coalition to stop the war thanks for being with us here on r.t. international. so it really is a bizarre situation trump said iran's international oil trade should be reduced to zero but bolton says u.s. allies should not be harmed are these two goals in contradiction. yes they are contradictory the u.s. proposed economic sanctions against iran which by the way are illegal under international law because they don't have the approval of the un security council will not only hurt millions of ordinary iranians by starving them and making them
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jobless but it will hurt everyone in the world because in my opinion the price of energy will rise and it will be reflected at the gas pumps everywhere and for producers as well for those countries that. are specially dependent on iranian oil side india china and turkey they will be especially hit by price increases and dislocations to their economy by having to switch if the if the sanctions come into effect on november the fifth and finally the european countries especially those in western europe who are part of the g c j c p o a negotiation are going to be hurt because many of their business people went to iran and signed huge deals since the j.c.t. always was signed and those deals those trade deals are are going to be worthless so yes the. they the two points that you stated are completely contradictory so bold as remarks about allies in the trade with iran
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kind of sounds like a softening of the u.s. position what do you think prompted him i mean he is after all one of the most hawkish people in the cabinet or no one in the u.s. what you think prompted him to say this and soften his stance. i think what prompted him were the actions taken by the european union over the summer to create a statute of immunity for european firms and to create a financial passivity to continue to trade with iran plus probably its travels in the area as he said he probably heard from turkey and india that they're not happy about this at all and they want a break but in my personal opinion i'm skeptical of. bolton's so-called talk of softening. for two reasons first of all whatever one branch of the american. government says is often repudiated within hours or days by another branch of the us government their country is uncertain oil and one cannot roll one
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cannot rely on any statements made by the us government and in fact successive us administrations since the turn of the century have pretty well renee gone out all treaties and agreements that were signed previously so why would anybody believe anything that the american government says and secondly. i think that. if bolton were to give a break to any country or group of countries the other countries in the us camp that did not receive the break would be up in arms and it would create an even worse situation for the u.s. so i can see him giving a selective break to some and not to others and so i only even if he were to give a break to some it's only a temporary measure of the full intent is to use these economic sanctions for regime change in iran well if you look at the flip side iran says its oil exports
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are still very high despite the sanctions does this mean that u.s. pressure is not working. u.s. pressure will never persuade the government of iran the democratically elected government of iran from giving in to us demands to give up on all of its rockets and military and to stop supporting its allies such as syria and lebanon in lebanon and it's struck the struggles of the palestinian people and the people of yemen so there is no way that these sanctions are going to persuade them to stop doing what they're doing but i don't think that's what the u.s. really wants they want to see a change in government and a change in regime in syria and in iraq. which will make iran our compliance. part of the us empire and iran is not that now and there's no amount of pressure that's going to persuade them to become so all right ken stone
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thanks for helping us understand this a little bit more from the hamilton coalition to stop the war thanks for being with us here not international. the british foreign secretary has expressed shock over the latest findings on the killing of a saudi journalist a month ago is temple's chief prosecutor says jamal khashoggi was strangled as soon as he entered the saudi consulate and of that his body was dismembered. showed he. is. incredibly shocking. i think i've spoken more openly and more strongly about it. in the foreign minister that i'm aware of but i made it very clear that if the press stories were true. he is increasingly large cheaper. than what it would be completely contrary to all of. the journalist who was an outspoken critic of the saudi monarchy was killed in
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istanbul at the beginning of october riyadh still claims he died after a fist fight with rogue staff members but despite the international condemnation jeremy hunt says the u.k. cannot afford to stop its lucrative arms sales to saudi arabia artie's an associate you're going to has more because she murder may be quote completely contrary to british values but it doesn't look likely that this will be affecting the trade relationship between the u.k. and it's a long time ally saudi arabia anytime soon despite the renewed criticism of this trade relationship with the u.k. selling weapons to the saudi regime having been renewed following this latest scandal one of the issues is that there are some countries which have a very good human rights record that would end up being very insulted if we said to them that we're ready prepared to sign a trade deal with you if you agree to a human rights clause and i think there is
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a particular issue that because it breaks it we are going to be a we just signed trade deals with everyone at the moment well there we have it u.k. foreign secretary saying that trade relationships with everybody are going to be continuing especially in light of bragg's it but this issue of the u.k. support of the saudi led coalition in yemen has been at the forefront this week they also saw the middle east minister alistair burt appear in the parliament where he was also questioned. so questioned about the trade relationship between the u.k. and saudi arabia and he also insisted that this relationship is something that does not affect the dire situation with the conflict on the ground the only thing that we don't do is actually press the button to drop the bomb supplies for those who need to defend themselves. or graves targeting civilians is going up north if these are aware of is there seem to be an awful lot of them well the u.k.
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government continues to be insistent that there is no link between the khashoggi murder and its involvement with the saudi led coalition in the war in yemen which as we know now has led to the deaths of as many as fifty six thousand people making it all the more shocking to hear that u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt was saying in westminster that it's necessary to wait and see what kind of investigation results are going to come out of the khashoggi case and he also said that it's important to see how saudi arabia will react and potentially promise to not act similarly moving forward in the future. a middle eastern commentator adel darwish says the british government sees no benefit from halting arms sales to saudi or it when asked before. as. from britain.
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but within the rules i don't see a member of parliament good just that ok i still am a sailor and put six thousand people in my constituency out of work so you have to actually get that balance here and the proton office probably no line which downing street always is to be engaged with and exert pressure behind the closed doors and closed doors or of the megaphone diplomacy which is practiced by the americans that's not actually the british way of doing things. forces have halted an anti-terrorist operation in northern syria that story and much more still to come here on our to international.
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you know world a big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart or we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. relationship banks butts recommend trouble couples to keep. this advice would also apply to president and president. meeting.
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out of crisis. now a hardline islamic party in pakistan has called for the death of three supreme court judges after they acquitted a christian woman in a blasphemy trial correspondent as the story. this is us here baby she's just been taken off death row but instead of celebrating a second chance at life this sparks outrage and mass protests across pakistan i got i think spoken to for the parts nine years ago while out picking fruit it was a hot day and she drank some more yes that was enough to sentence her to death and
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put her in solitary confinement for almost a decade but the real reason is that is a christian the women who were with her that say said she had touched a cup which meant they could no longer drink from it i was beaten and accused of blasphemy with his sentence now overturned how the islamists have demanding what they call religious justice. yes this is a very sad moment for us we were shocked to hear this news regarding the release order. but we are calling for our government to change that decision oh over. pakistan is a religiously conservative country there are near around two point five million christians making them a minority of just one point six percent of the population to protect islamic
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authority blasphemy laws were introduced in the nineteenth century there among the strictest in the muslim world it means insulting a religious belief can lead to imprisonment or even that harsh punishments also stand for those who support the baby take the punjab governor sell mom to see if he was assassinated by his bodyguard in twenty eleven for wanting to reform these laws the federal minister for religion but the was also killed off to simply calling for her release. but from support for the assassinations the rightwing pakistan's islamist party or the tale paper counted they've called for mass protests if the blasphemy law is touched they even say the country supreme court check just as if to himself that i have attending a sentence the patron in chief of t.l.p. mohamed off sol qadri has issued the verdict that says the chief justice and all those who ordered the release of us yes deserve death mobs been the basij of losing
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trust in the overall governance and they feel that if there is a problem then the d. d. system may not be. efficient to pick up the issues and come up with the kind of justice in fact these. matters also via the mob. has. killed people but this is not confined to distil. because it is the trust of the system. people coming to the courts and coming to the law enforcement agencies and this law has certainly put a why did it best which is the coolest the baby's conviction to be held gripe is expected that office of asylum i brought will take. kurdish fighters in northern
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syria have announced a temporary halt operations against islamic state in the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say that they came under fire from the turkish military on wednesday yes plays a key role in countering islamic state but is considered by turkey to be a terrorist group the united states arms and supports the s.d.f. the groups and i saw patients have recently been focused on the there is or problems meanwhile on the other side of syria eisel terrorists have gained ground close to the border with iraq killing more than forty u.s. backed fighters during an offensive that is despite washington's earlier claims that the terrorists were almost defeated which is it goes down of comments. from all the boasting you may have gotten the idea that ms alarming state in syria is so two thousand and sixteen the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory we've done a good job with those as we have just absolutely decimated isis but the latest
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carnage is a clear signal that the terrorists are not ready to buckle just yet they've squeezed every drop of profit from the victory they've been craving for so long from obvious territorial gains to a massive p.r. push they filmed their operation and spoils of war from all thinkable angles it seems even with reinforcements america's proxy ground force the kurds couldn't hold off the surprise onslaught hard choice in casualties down both sides but we will continue to go after them in the weeks ahead i saw the latest propaganda video even includes a not so subtle threat a skyline view of the government controlled town but hold on just how much of a surprise was this latest isola tag really short they moved in under the cover of a sandstorm but it's not like the kurds which are in charge of eastern syria didn't know i still was on their porch they have been fighting terrorists in the area for
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a whole year but despite their best efforts to little success and that could be due to the fact that their effort has been dwindling gradually apart from i saw the kurdish fighters have been focusing on skirmishes with the syrian army and repelling the turkish operation against them in the north this plays into the yard as sounds perfectly since assad's forces are not going anywhere and neither is turkey as president erdogan tease the next phase of what he calls an anti terror operation in syria but don't use them as you know we have started active intervention operations against the terror organization in the last couple of days we will. soon come down hard on the terror organization with more extensive and effective operations the united states also has been convincing the world it's hell bent on cleansing syria of terrorists yet he has own it's their area of
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responsibility where i still strikes well with its bloodiest attack in months and i wonder could it be because american troops are in fact miles away from all the action we don't have a contouring in mission here we have a defeat isis mission that competition between all these forces allows for isis to play back and forth every surrounding neighbor of syria including the syrian government have had other enemies to fight in other concerns isis is opposed calm number two it's a difficult problem it's also a divided syria because you have a border region where you rocks on one side the syrian the democratic forces on the other backed by the united states and a syrian army backed by russia and iran are on the other there are many players in the syrian conflict and all of them are hungry for geopolitical bounty in syria and writing off i still really means risking another wave of terrorist resurgence.
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caroline cox a member of the u.k. house of lords believes western powers need to rethink their stance on president bashar al assad if they want to bring peace to syria. i've had very vicious articles about me in. the newspapers like the london times there is a big media i think is very biased indeed and it really does not give an equal representation of the horrific atrocities perpetrated by the jihadists but it's not going to stop me trying to be a voice for the people of syria and the many people out there who do supporters and i do find when i do speak in different contexts people just say thank you so much for putting. all the truth from the b.b.c. we knew there was more to it than that and thank you for telling us the other side of the story so there's a lot of appreciation and a lot of latent support waiting to be mobilized and i'm sorry to say that u.k.
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and saudi arabia big time have been supporting the jihad is that just prolongs the suffering of the people of syria i think it's unacceptable and my bottom line position is that the people of syria decide their own future let's stop intervening proxy wars and i've managed to find out questions in parliament that the british government has used these two hundred million pounds of taxpayers' money to support the hardest related groups i think this is unacceptable i think a lot of british people would be very worried by that and the truth must come out to have a democratic and open discussion and i've said in the houses of parliament in the house of lords that i think russia's been doing the right thing in syria russia's been helping the syrian army to get rid of the jihad is that must be the priority and i really respect russia for doing that and i just hope very much that other interests that influence british and us foreign policy prevent
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a constructive move forward one of the very positive developments again that doesn't get at the ties or publicized very widespread reconciliation program. places that reconciliation programs but it's. went into the hundreds and that is immensely important to rebuilding the community because he's of in syria take some of it courage minister of reconciliation. and his staff they risk their lives going into some of these places to initiate reconciliation but that is an immensely important way forward and again that doesn't get covered in the western media are watching international. i have the honor to once again the interview. with former e.u. diplomat and founder and director of conflicts forum and of course we're going to discuss the middle east. because he's been dead since two thousand
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and eight and through the transfusion of a lot of money has been animated and kept alive it looks like something was going on there but now those transfusions of cash are ending because interest rates are going to start ticking up so now the rotten stinking corpse of the global economy is going to start smelling really bad people are going to start bailing out of stocks technology stocks housing stocks. semiconductor stocks yeah right they're just like sell sell sell sell sell sell sell and then of course you could have market down twenty thirty forty fifty sixty percent. and twenty forty you know bloody revolution to. the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we're here. in the. school and you go to the ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in
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these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. greetings and salutation it's. all right i've got a treat for you talk watchers while we while we spend our days arguing over what to watch next on netflix hill house or big mouth are getting lost in that age old neverending debate over which anchor at c.n.n. is the biggest red white and blue military industrial cheerleader the tapper or the blitzer definitely split between the two the world around us has been screaming screaming in an unrelenting pain which we are generally oblivious to because we are far too distracted by ourselves on monday of this week the world wildlife fund
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released the latest edition of their two thousand and eighteen living planet report and honestly my friends using the words living planet these days just may be stretching it after reviewing the chain saw a raw reality of the report's findings the report which comes out every two years assessed roughly four thousand species of birds mammals reptiles and fish and found that the global wildlife population shrank by sixty percent between one nine hundred seventy and two thousand and fourteen let me just let me just say that again just so you really think about and understand what i just said the global in that x. shows an overall decline of sixty percent of the population sizes of vertebrate animals between one nine hundred seventy and two thousand and fourteen sixty sixty percent. mike barrett the executive director of science and conservation at w.w.
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have told the guardian quote we are sleep walking towards the edge of a cliff if there was a sixty percent decline in the human population that would be equivalent to emptying north america south america africa europe china and oceana that is the scale of what we have done it is the key word there what we all of us we have done i'm sorry my friends but that treat i promised you earlier was actually a trick a nasty trick that we've played on ourselves for taking the wildlife and natural world around us for granted and now the edge of that clip is coming up fast and the only way to wake up is to start watching the hawks. get the sense. that it's really. easy to see. what they like you know that i got.


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