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tv   News  RT  November 1, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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picture imperfect as locals one small english seaside. the streets appear against the u.s. democrats. we'll bring you the story also russia's space agency says a faulty sense it calls the failed rocket launch last month. in which the two man
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crew made a miraculous escape. to claim the white men are america's biggest terror threat the c.n.n. hosts ready to us. i think that mr levin was actually stating facts they were saying right now saying that the majority of the country are terrorists. why good evening just turned seven pm this thursday this is out international so first then the story about a small seesaw of just five thousand people in the u.k. that's found itself in the limelight for all the wrong reasons pick should say once run. by us republicans the image of jay wick sounds twice named britain's most deprived area has become headline news before the midterm elections in america correspondent playboy crossbones but more about why this is yeah the people here.
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been fairly insulted after a pro trump republican candidate for congress he's standing in illinois and he used a picture all of this town j. wake sounds in essex as an anti advises men only his social media feed so don't demean kelly he used a picture i think you can see up on your screens now with a caption that said only you can stop this from becoming a reality and it was intended to scare voters into voting republican lest that town should become something like what they see in the picture but plenty of people do live in jay which sounds and moreover that photo that he used isn't the reality anymore the republican candidate nick kelly used an outdated photograph it was actually taken several years ago and since then there's been quite a few improvements hair quite a bit of investment as well the town has undergone improvements it looks pretty different now i think you can see behind me the roads look much better there's been
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a better drainage system installed and the locals are determined to prove that the republican candidate over in the us has been spreading fake news about their beloved home town now the offending post has been taken down now and the republican candidates spoke and has issued an apology take a listen our intent was never to smear to town and to photo not unknown to us as g week stands in essex we never used a name for us it was an example of a town overburdened by poor governance which is exactly what we in our district are seeking to provide at every level. well apology or not local councillors hear about the local authorities say that the town has been smeared by what dr nick kelly has done and there is a sense that this rather unexpected insult from across the pond has struck a bit of a rule nerve with the locals here the people here have had to deal with more than
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their fair share of bad press in the past back in two thousand and ten and two thousand and fifteen the government's own reports named jay wick as the most deprived area in england in fact i came here to report about it at the time take a look at what i found out back then time was thought up as a holiday resort for city dwellers back in the one nine hundred twenty s. these are all meant to be summer houses but because rents were so cheap people started living here all year round some parts of the town like tarmac roads street lighting or even pavements lost to shops that we have been boarded up unemployment is rife in the town in fact sixty two percent of the people that live heads append on welfare payments where you hear my old report they're talking about the roads word look much better now they've been repaved as i said there's been plenty of investment here in the local authorities say that terribly cross that they've done
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all this work to turn around the image of the town and there you have this old photo being used in this kind of what they say is a smear against their local area and also we've had a very interesting idea from one documentary filmmaker who has made a film about the town she says she's offering to take the republican candidates dropped in the telly on a tour of jay wick sounds to show him around and to show him how much the place has improved i have a feeling he may be busy with the upcoming u.s. midterms that he's running in but i'm pretty sure the locals here have one or two things to say to him. russia's space agency says ascends said damage during assembly was responsible for that aborted soyuz rocket launch three weeks ago the two man crew one russian one american was forced to evacuate they got away with it safely though of course the agency released a video from an on board camera which shows the rocket fell a just two minutes into the flight.
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old. school. where the crew were supposed to fly to the international space station they didn't get there. was more the aborted space flight. it was an absolutely shocking new spec than the first failure of this kind in the last thirty five years shortly after the incident a special high rent and commission was formed to investigate what went wrong with the sea use launch last month and today we're heard there burdick a sensor that is supposed to detect the suppuration of the rocket stages a metal detail that big is to blame for the incident pictures were also released today showing that this detail was visibly deformed and it may sound like
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a technical failure but the commission concluded that the differ mation happened at the time when the rocket was assembled and as we know it is done always manually so as one of the members of the commission told me answering my question this tragedy has a name and a last name mistreatments law enforcement agencies are investigating the matter i would prefer not to discuss that here we are investigating the technical aspects of the mouth function but of course someone is always responsible for the different mission of the center caused the peroration issues and eventually the rockets stagers bumped into each other and it's crippled the rocket and this is when they merge into system reacted automatically by suppurating the crew capsule this is a shuttle to be doing is showing what exactly happened.
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a russian cosmonaut and an american astronaut the crew members of that flight came back safely to earth in that capsule and they are in good condition and their
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health was not a fact and as we hear from russia's space agency ross possumus their flight is shaping for next spring so approximately next march they will fly to the international space station but even before that there will be another manned flight from baikonur that is shed yule for december third. a series of crimes in the u.s. linked by many that are right wing politics becoming the baseline topic in news coverage stateside which is days to go until america's polarized public make the choice of those midterms the rhetoric's getting fiery one c.n.n. host is clear as to who he thinks poses the real terror threat you have to stop demonizing people realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white me and most of them radicalized to the right don lemon's comments come after three recent hate crimes of course involving white suspects just last saturday eleven jewish worshipers
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a massacre that synagogue in pittsburgh in the same week two black people killed in the shooting at that supermarket in kentucky and then much publicized fifteen mail bombs sent high profile opponents of the u.s. president we had contrasting views from inside the u.s. from journalist to be a rivera and also political activist and to the rajah's right. i think that mr levin was actually stating facts there are twice as many terrorist incidents from white right wing terrorists and those people who submit to al islam what they're saying right now is saying that the majority of the country are terrorists pretty sure that if white men were the real problem in america we'd have a higher incident a higher rate of incidents with these types of terror attacks radicalized white people who are sending pipe bombs to people of the opposing party who just killed eleven jewish people who just killed two black people in kentucky because they couldn't get into a black church look at the result things deaths and look at the perpetrators d.n.a.
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and is doing everything they can to try to cast a negative light against anything trump in obviously the majority of the voting bloc in america is working class white men believe the incidents that are being painted are they're happy and are being painted as down from what is really not true people like don lemon are going to continue to perpetuate these false narratives in the hopes that maybe it can just prop people from what's actually going on in america which is a great thing right now economically number of people across all demographics including white latino and blacks in particular where black unemployment is a historic low tight bonds that were just sent did not kill anyone but they were still acts of terrorism and you can't deny that the person who was caught by the enemy i was a donald trump supporter is a download from supporters and if we are being honest really but he is a registered they're going to go there is there is there is information he isn't he
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doesn't matter he's going to write something where a crack user got only if we didn't read his misallocations up a bunch of different ways you could sit there in julian sam and state that he specifically and donald trump supporter of he was inspired to do that by donald trump we have to be honest about post reconstruction white terrorism against black people for not being honest about that we're not going. get to the root of the problem white supremacy found in the united states of america white supremacy exists in the united states of america and white supremacy is rising across the world called dollar men said this is justice of the rings continuance of the division that was created in america under the eight year old ministration of barack obama. the teenage boys have been killed in an israeli air raid on the border between israel and the gaza strip for another week of clashes the funerals for the victims were held on tuesday with relatives gathering in gaza city families of the three teen victims claim they were only in that area to set nets for catching birds responding to those reports the israeli army closed as they saw it
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the boy's behavior was suspicious. troops cross of the school with three suspects approaching the border under the cover of darkness in a crouched in suspicious manner the three operates in a way that was identical to previous incidents in which terror operatives had placed explosive devices in the same location. reaction from both sides of this latest incident in gaza to take three young boys who unfortunately were killed but they were clearly approaching an open fire zone that had been established by hamas six months ago families in a close associate self those victims the children victims of friend to media outlets that there are children where doing a routine work over a teen activity simply putting traps for bait for bears so if i was a parent i wouldn't let my child anywhere near that border fence and the only reason that they were near that hostile border fence is to either cut the fence or
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plant explosives or kill or kidnap israelis it's the only reason there is no other logical reason friend to be there the israelis always acclaimed that they don't targets he really ns well in fact many see the indians have been victims for israeli army actions throughout the region the idea. defense force is the only army in the middle east and i would argue one of the only are news if the only army in the world that has multiple layers of confirmation before it issues open fire orders on anybody the latest incident in which a three policy to children were killed in the border. was part of the this repeated a story by the israeli army terms of the buffer zone israel has been erecting the buffer is on this comes actually against the well of the people who live in this these areas especially the farming community for the past seven months palestinians have been holding these weekly demonstrations as part of the so-called great march
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of return along the israeli border more than two hundred palestinians have died during the protest with thousands injured is a reminder of how it was all unfolded. i . will continue to report on my long running story now coming up new developments
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from another pretty long running one problem figures in the world of athletics have been speaking out of washington d.c. all over the decision to reinstate russia back into the doping fold. you know world big. and it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. shouting past each other it's time for
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critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is. watching closely watching the hawks. relationship banks butts recommend trouble couples to keep talking to each other this advice would also apply to president putin and president trump on the eve of the second meeting is it. shipped out of crisis. meeting at the white house in a very clear vocal stand against the broader world watchdogs decision to reinstate russia. a number of athletes gave taheri plays for the sport to be cleaned up while accusing russian competitors of stealing their medals. in the studio to discuss
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this latest twist. not only usada the u.s. anti-doping agency a bunch of other agencies as well you can describe them as rogue faction of the world anti-doping agency those were u.k. anti-doping agency as well as bunch of western states let's put it this way so they met for a very emotional meeting at the white house there were even tears by some of the athletes there who are complaining about the clean sports being disregarded by the world anti-doping agency chiefs. and also very very hard statements coming from the u.s. and i'd open agency but first and foremost let me say that the wada the actual world anti-doping agency claims that it was not even invited if water president athletes or others that were supportive of the decision had been invited they would have been able to bring perspective to the debate to explain why the decision to reinstate rosado was the right one for a clean sport so the u.s. anti-doping agency chief to. denounce those claims saying that the fact in fact
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invited vice president of water who is the only person to vote against russia's reinstatement earlier this year but if you listen to what they said further on about what you can understand what exactly what kind of politics is happening there why does leadership along with the i.o.c. are increasingly isolated with athletes and public opinion they need to wake up and smell the coffee stand out from the ivory tower because athletes are demanding change and change is coming pretty hard language they're used. to the president of the world anti-doping agency which had a symposium all over it sold in london earlier today was asked the question at the press conference whether there was any rift between the anti-doping agencies in the world and here is what he had to say about that one government voted against the recommendation one. on one abstained. the people we hear from most often on
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a pretty selective group not of government the pretty selective group. you know as it usually happens there is a particular threat and you would not expect this kind of trump is shred to recovering from the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency but he said that basically if water does not reform itself or maybe even rollback on a decision to reinstate the russian anti-doping agency mail thing almost it sounds like blackmail so they would pull the funding he openly hinted about that asking a question again in the stylistic of donald trump why should we be paying for something who doesn't play by our rules and it's worth mentioning that the u.s. is the biggest single contributor to why this budget with two point three million every year the u.k. also contributes eight hundred thousand dollars a year so it's three million out of thirty four september twentieth russia reinstated within the daubing agency in a bid to clean the sport something that everyone's been insisting but everyone's been on the frenzy the media the athletes it's been a long going nonstop campaign and you know the headlines we've seen in the media
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were quite telling. and one part of it is that everyone was has been accusing so craig really the president of water and the top officials at the world anti-doping agency of colluding with the russians of some sort of backroom deal and so craig really had this to say about these accusations if i write publicly to the russian authorities i copied lightly on my committee sheen given shot just two conditions. resulting compliant and then we get a letter from russia seem. to me to be. commented on so you see it's having none of that and hopefully i'll be able to ask him these questions on november fifteenth in baku when water meets for another big executive meeting there. and really closing brownsburg uproar over an ad campaign featuring model bar rafaeli tears of a new. freedom is basic they're also pointedly refers to one of israel's biggest foes to now that video has been viewed thousands of times across social media and
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other models of age is triggered an angry reaction which is led to the been removed . oh. freedom is basic first of all you dumb if you think this is considered freedom this is just disrespectful in so many levels this campaign is supposedly designed to call out racism and bigotry and support freedom funny because this is the exact opposite of supporting freedom come to be bothered by the cheap islam for be kept like this by who does let them have their freedom and we'll have allah's when i saw that i was angry how could that be. world it wasn't just me who was angry pretty much everyone that saw it got angry as well a woman's rights advocate we spoke to says that it is out of sync with the values
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of the people who see it my concern is that the advertisement is not only not in touch with the consumer that is advertising to you it doesn't seem to have a anough respect or were guard for their way of life people are allowed to choose how they want to live their lives are associations of people who have the same belief system in which they want to live within this belief system and unfortunately when you do something like take off the burka or you know his job and you say that you know freedom is basic and that this type of covering does not represent freedom it is considered in my opinion to be you know out of touch with the view of that religion is not the only adds to a controversy in israel a local election candidate in the city of ramle released this campaign. last month of the pics a woman wearing this loving veil along with a caption suggesting it could be anyone's daughter if they married
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a muslim partner or post a strong condemnation from the city's arab population as you'd expect into a religious mariza largely discouraged in israel and resurface again says that the clothing choices of women should be best left to women. this type of covering does not represent freedom who are you to decide whether these women are free or not if they're comparable in this way of life in this religion then that's a decision that they're allowed to make if you participate in you say i personally no longer want to wear his job that's your personal choice but to say that it's it's not freedom for those women. i think it can very much seem to come across as not understanding and not respectful of that particular religion and culture and what we've got to do is provide the resources so that if women decide that they want to live in a different country live a different lifestyle that those resources are there show you've got you know if
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you wanted to don't forget all the stories we show we'll put many of them on the website use a comment section and you always have your say it's always great. to go through and appreciate your feedback. but for now that's it for me it's twenty four hundred twenty five minutes past seven in the evening most see again tomorrow.
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i can see numbers. matter you have one trillion dollars in debt more than. ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust.
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in twenty four to you know bloody revolution here to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just a lawyer i mean your list book video would put him in the neighborly is that idea spilling into the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen . those who took the kite invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. place . did the study fellow man woman that you met him when i did i mean it letting us know. about. prince's read my hands and
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heart from paper cuts of exploding from forced upon features. i'm going to swim in greece and last month. i looked. at the. children. for country. for profit. for yourself. how can you smile. killing has become just like a video game joysticks what the targets and with a simple press of the pots and a bomb drops and. the explosive is real just like the people it falls on. villages in afghanistan or pakistan from the safety of the bunker in the u.s. .
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so how do you feel about the trip. was three three filming the yeah exactly so really of course and that the relatives of the victims honestly gets islama bought in time. otherwise we'll get nothing well yes we can go to the tribal areas anyway because of security reasons. i'm fewer flights that are you know. thank. you from america and please some new number i will that's the important thing and. i'll call our producer ok and then we'll figure out just where you could look all the best.
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lot of tourists stay here according to the bureau of investigative journalism there have been more than four hundred drone strikes in c thousand and four killing around a thousand in the sense of billions and that's just in pakistan a local contact is taking me to meet a man who narrowly avoided one of those strikes. on the. phone from the government on the. middle my mum and again other men out of these bombs have done a good job. and nothing that is done if you can become them but. i look at. the photo of the struggle to go understand it was there to do because of my be oh sure it was good fun.


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