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tv   News  RT  November 1, 2018 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution of you tube clip demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it. spilling even to the full ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these another call that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. a small english town gets a shock as its run down streets appear in a republican attack ad in the u.s. . space agency says a faulty sensor caused a failed rocket launch last month in which the two man crew safely ejected.
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and western officials and athletes accused the world anti-doping agency of damaging clean sports after its decision to reinstate russia. direct from our studios in moscow this is our time international and john thomas glad to have you with us. and a small seaside town in the u.k. has found itself in the spotlight pictured as a run down backwater by the u.s. republicans an image of jay weak sans twice named as britain's most deprived area has become headline news before the midterm elections in america. explains why. what links this essex seaside town to the upcoming u.s. midterm elections an insensitive political one hundred that's what miracles here
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and jay week sans in essex have been left fuming ofter a pro trump republican candidate for the senate for the state of illinois used a photograph of j. wick sands on his social media feed as an anti advertisement so the caption next to the photograph read only you can stop this from becoming a reality but the problem is the picture wasn't quite reality the image of jay wick sounds that he used was taken several years ago and since then the local authorities have made quite a few improvements to the local area so the miracles they're all rather cross country to try to pocket america are and then you come to a cover of a walking joy and you see the different plane. when it is in america we don't need him or for the right now i was iraq and everything america are we here is just what we can refuse it winds come in use an old fart. somewhere and say look your town is going to look like this is the bad news. a match normally should be used or
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will use are going to put a good picture we've got a bit of hostility with the camera down there is it kind of do you guys feel a bit kind of burned by the negative press attention that you guys have are yes because of the t.v. show that happened way before yeah nobody want to come study with it so you become a switch in people's faces just you know we would you know people don't like it they don't like you or the offending advert has now been removed and dr nick stella's spokesperson has issued an apology or cough an apology our intent was never to smear to town and to photo not known to us as g week sands in essex we never used a name for us it was an example of a town overburdened by poor governance which is exactly what we in our district are seeking to provide at every level back in two thousand and ten and two thousand and fifteen the government named the area as the most deprived in england in fact i was
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here to report on it at the time the time was thought up as a holiday resort for city dwellers back in the one nine hundred twenty s. these are all meant to be summer houses but because rents were so cheap people started living here all year round some parts of the town like tarmac roads street lighting or even pavements lost to shops that were here have been boarded up unemployment is rife in the town in fact sixty two percent of the people that live here depend on welfare payments. and the town isn't exactly a luxury seaside resort it is still a deprived area and even though local authorities have been keen to stress that they have invested in new roads and new drainage systems it could use more money there is some hesitation when you talk to the locals as well they don't want to talk to the cameras they've been burned before by. bad press and they're keen to
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tan the image of the town around some concede that they could definitely use more investment but it's not up to politicians in america to judge their hometown one interesting suggestion came from the director of a documentary about j. which she said that dr nick stella should come over here and she can show him around the town and so he can see for himself all the improvements that have been made i get the sense that the locals there would have one would say things to say to him. russia's space agency says a damaged sensor was responsible for an aborted so isn't rocket launch three weeks ago the two man crew was forced to to eject and both the american and russian on board were on the armed agency released a video from an on board camera which shows the rocket failure just two minutes into the flight.
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very harrowing footage there another crew were on their way to the international space station or to use me for national has more on the aborted space flight. it was an absolutely shocking new spec than the first failure of this kind in the last thirty five years shortly after the incident a special high rent in commission was formed to investigate what went wrong with the sea use launch last month and today we're heard their verdict a sensor that is supposed to detect there in a separation of the rocket stages a metal detail that big is to blame for the incident pictures were also released today showing that the this detail was visibly deformed and it may sound like
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a technical failure but the commission concluded that the different nation happened at the time when the rocket was assembled and as we know it is done always manually so as one of the members of the commission told me answering my question this tragedy has a name and a last name if you mistreatments law enforcement agencies are investigating the matter i would prefer not to discuss that here we are investigating the technical aspect of the mouth function but of course someone is always responsible for the different mission of the center caused the peroration issues and eventually the rockets stagers bumped into each other and it's crippled the rocket and this is when they merge into system reacted automatically by suppurating the crew capsule this is a shuttle to be doing is showing what exactly happened. i
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want to. be your. in. a russian cosmonaut and an american astronaut the crew members of that flight came back safely to earth in that capsule and they are in good condition and their health was not
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a fact and as we hear from russia's space agency was cos missed their flight is shaken for next spring so approximately next march they will fly to the international space station but even before that there will be another manned flight from baikonur that is shakeel for december third. funerals have been held in gaza for three boys killed in an israeli bombing raid the children between the ages of twelve and fourteen were hit by an airstrike last sunday in southwest gaza filters of the victims say the boys were settling setting nets rather to catch birds when they were killed but the israeli army so the youngsters had approached the border security fence and appeared to be placing bombs. troops spotted a squad of three suspects approaching the border under the cover of dong this in a crouched in suspicious manner the three operates in a way that was identical to previous incidents in which terror operatives had
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placed explosive devices in the same location we've got reaction from different sides on this latest incident in me gusta. take three young boys who unfortunately were killed but they were clearly approaching an open fire zone that had been established by hamas six months ago families and close associates of those victims the children victims of two media outlets that there were children were doing a routine work over a teen activity simply putting traps for bait for bears so if i was a parent i wouldn't let my child anywhere near that border fence and the only reason that they were near that hostile border fence is to either cut the fence or plant explosives or kill or kidnap israelis it's the only reason there is no other logical reason from the be there the israelis always it claims that they don't target c. really ns well in fact many see the indians have been victims for israeli army actions as throughout the region the i.d.f.
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the israel defense forces is the only army in the middle east and i would argue one of the only armies if the only army in the world that has multiple layers of confirmation before it issues open fire orders on anybody the latest incident in which a three policy to children were killed in the. was a part of the of this repeated the story by the israeli army terms of the buffer zone israel has been directing the buffalo's on this comes actually against the well of the people who live in this these areas especially the farming community. all right for the past seven months palestinians have been holding weekly demonstrations as part of the so-called great march of return the longest really border more than two hundred palestinians have died during the protest with thousands injured his reminder of how it has been unfolding.
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i i. i. i. question sports officials and athletes have criticised the world anti-doping agencies decision to reinstate russia earlier this year they made some emotional pleas to the organization during a meeting in the white house at his looks you know show ski as more not every day you would see t. is shot inside the white house but that was the case with the emergency summit of
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several national anti-doping agencies which actually looked like a on the ground meeting of rogue revolutionaries in this case the u.s. anti-doping agency the u.k. anti-doping agency a bunch of very famous athletes convene at the white house to discuss what has recent decision to reinstate the russian anti-doping agency in its rights and to talk about the future of clean sport interested me enough but the world anti-doping agency claims it was not even invited to that meeting if water president athletes or others that were supportive of the decision had been invited they would have been able to bring perspective to the debate to explain why the decision to reinstate rosado was the right one for a clean sport the head of usada travis tygart denounced those accusations said that in fact the vice president of water was there but the overall language he was at that summit can give you a very clear idea of how toxic and political the fight against doping has become why does leadership along with the i.o.c. are increasingly isolated with athletes and public opinion they need to wake up and
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smell the coffee step out from their ivory tower because athletes are demanding change and change is coming. the president of water sir craig reedie was having a symposium all with someone in london and he was asked the question whether there was any rift among the anti-doping watchdogs worldwide and he gave a very indefinite answer to that one government voted against the recommendation one. and one abstained. the people that we hear from most often on a pretty selective group not of government the pretty selective group of national anti doping organizations and those you see there i don't reach. now what does this select group have any leverage on the situation of course you would expect the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency to use trump's method some may say it's blackmail in this situation that's exactly what he did speaking about the budget u.s.
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contributes the biggest amount of money to what is annual budget more than two million dollars the u.k. about nine hundred thousand dollars and travis tygart hinted that this budget may be pulled so it's about three million dollars of thirty four annual money that water has in its possession now you may ask yourself what's the bone of contention here obviously the world anti-doping agency's decision to reinstate. in its full rights as part of the world anti-doping family on september twentieth the headlines were vicious and there still are vicious some media are in total frenzy about that decision but the president of water craig really the recipient of biggest criticism following that decision spoke about that about his decision in london today. how can you describe. do you find right public pleas to the russian authorities i copied not lecture to all of my community seemed given shot just two conditions we will declare a result of complaint and then we get a letter from russia. and the comedian.
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commented on it on a member fifteenth water will gather for a big executive meeting in and they are there by johnny capital of baku and that's where we're expecting the fists will be flying high with sports and politics coming very close down the finish line. r.t. reporting from moscow. former sports a lecturer ellis cashmore says the doping claims against russia have become highly politicized anybody who knows anything about doping in sport knows that doping goes on in every country in the world where there are professional sports well russia is the fall guy here russia has been a convenient scapegoat and all the evils of the doping have been conducted over the past few years americans who have lost out on medals over the years on are complaining about this that and the other with that naming any specific culprits
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but what they're saying is that wada has being too soft on russia basically awarded is an organization that was seen to be working in there it was not specifically their interests but in the world of sports interests but now seems to be a part of this intersection of politics and sport in other words what they have tried to retain that position of independence from all this but whether they like you or not they have been dragged into a political route i've been a big critic of war on r.t. of the past couple of years so let's get that out of the way first of all but i'm now being a little bit more sympathetic than i usually am because it seems to me that what is damned if it does damned if it doesn't. a few months ago before it agreed to reinstate resigned of the russian anti doping agency it was really getting it in the neck because people were saying well hang on you know you have this report that
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you basing all your job or you were decisions and justifications that those decisions are that is the mclaren report and it isn't transparently clear what evidence mclaren has gathered over the past several years so i i was amongst the critics who were attacking wide it for its lack of transparency now why there has done what i consider the right thing and readmitted russia back into world sport. and so americans are started to go will that it's too soft particularly soft on russia the taliban says it wants to find a way out of the conflict with u.s. forces in afghanistan that story and much more still to come out international.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to the rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only. the talk of impending war around the world is on the increase the great power speak openly on the need to prepare for
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a conflict what does this tell us anything that appears to be a sign the global order they came into being optimist second world war and the cold war has come to an end what is replacing it. national life for moscow now the afghan taliban has picked five senior members to represent of the group at talks with the u.s. all of them were formerly held at guantanamo bay prison where they were exchanged for u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl a taliban prisoner in two thousand and fourteen have now been posted to the taliban's office in doha to negotiate and end the conflict with the u.s. in afghanistan a spokesperson for the group told. our team that if the u.s. wants negotiations to be successful it has to change its strategy. negotiations are
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at a low level initial stage this is because the americans are opposite side are fighting against as if the other side will be honest in the negotiations and really change their strategy from fighting to negotiating then i'm sure we will reach a high level and there might be a good result and the taliban is considered by most countries had to be a terrorist movement and after seventeen years of war in afghanistan the militant group is still going strong forty one percent of the country's population live under taliban rule this according to a new study from the foundation for defense of democracy afghan journalist ali a lot believes that all sides need to make concessions. the u.s. will you know they'll have to accept them because the truth is if you're talking about who has been negotiating you know all of these figures have been controversial figures they've had to have how do you support him being there and being allowed into
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a ha and i think donald trump is very eager to figure out some way out of the on quagmire so you know if they had any kind of a protest they would have expressed that by now as much as the talabani is could be correct in their statement in saying that if the u.s. wants to i want to get real about negotiations they have to end the war the fighting but at the same time with taliban has to do the same thing we saw in the first ever cease fire three day cease fire we saw that the tall one were able to lay down their arms were able to come into the cities were embraced by the people and i remember after what happened a friend of mine who works in the office of the chief executive he said you know what this proves is that the oblong war could end in fifteen minutes if both sides agreed to it. a c.n.n. anchor has stirred controversy by claiming that the biggest terror threat in the u.s. comes from white men we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest
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terror threat in this country is white men most of them radicalized to the right. don lemon's comments come after three recent hate crimes involving white suspects last saturday eleven jewish worshipers were massacred at a synagogue in pittsburgh in the same week two black people were killed in a shooting at a supermarket in kentucky and fifteen mail bombs were sent to high profile opponents of the u.s. president you heard contrasting views from inside the u.s. from a journalist who you know rivera and political activist anthony rogers right. i think that mr levin was actually stating facts there are twice as many terrorist incidents from white right wing terrorists than those people who submit to al islam what they're saying right now is saying that the majority of the country are terrorists pretty sure that if white men were the real problem in america we'd have a higher incident
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a higher rate of incidents with these types of terror attacks radicalized white people who are sending pipe bombs to people of the opposing party who just killed eleven jewish people who just killed two black people in kentucky because they couldn't get into a black church look at the result things deaths and look at the perpetrators d.n.a. and is doing everything they can to try to cast a negative light against anything trump in obviously the majority of the voting bloc in america is working class white men believe incidents that are being painted are happy and are being painted as down from what is really not true people like don lemon are going to continue to perpetuate these false narratives in the hopes that maybe it can just prop people from what's actually going on in america which is a great thing right now economically number of people across all demographics including white latino and blacks in particular where black unemployment is a historic low bombs that were just sent did not kill anyone but they were still
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acts of terrorism and you can't deny that the person who was caught by the emily ah . donald trump supporter is a down notes from supporters and if we're being honest really but he has a grudge and that's all there is there is there is information that he doesn't matter because it's going to suck your work right he's a god only if we can read his minutes alex is up a bunch of different ways you can sit there in julian sam and state that he specifically and donald trump supporter he was inspired to do that by donald trump we have to be honest about post reconstruction white terrorism against black people for not being honest about that we're not going to get to the root of the problem white supremacy found in the united states of america white supremacy exists in the united states of america and white supremacy is rising across the world called don lemon said this is just a further and a continuance of the division that was created in america under the eight year old ministration of barack obama. does for me i will be back in just under thirty five
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minutes with more news or much more to international throughout. all of nothing but you know what i don't. relate banks but recommend trouble couples to keep talking to each other this advice would also apply to president putin and president trump on the eve of the
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second meeting is it enough to pull the u.s. russia relationship out of crisis. equal economy has been dead since two thousand and eight and through the transfusion of a lot of money has been animated and kept alive it looks like something was going on there but now those transfusions of cash are ending because interest rates are going to start ticking up so now the rotten stinking corpse of the global economy is going to start smelling really bad people are going to start bailing out of stocks technology stocks housing stocks. semiconductor stocks yeah right they just like sell sell sell sell sell sell sell and then of course you could have market down twenty thirty forty fifty sixty percent. and twenty forty you know bloody revolution to. the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we're here. in the. new school and you go to
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the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. of those who took part in this to do over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. did the study fellow man woman that you met him when i did i mean it letting us know. about. chris's read my hands and heart from paper cuts of exploding traffic forced upon a futurist. and it has to mean that isn't what. you . did get
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the. children. for a country. for profit. for yourself. how can you smile. killing has become just like a video game joystick steers a drone so what's a target and with a simple press of the pots and a bomb drops and detonates the explosive it's real just like the people it falls on . villages in afghanistan or pakistan from the safety of a bunker in the u.s. . so how do you feel about the trip i'm nervous to be honest with you was three three film and yeah exactly so is it really important that the relatives of the victims honestly gets islama bought in time again otherwise with nothing well yes we can go
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to the tribal areas anyway because of security reasons. i'm fewer flights that are you know. thank. you from america and please send me number and we'll that's the important thing and. i'll call our producer ok and then we'll figure out just where you could look all the best. but a lot of tourists stay here according to the bureau of investigative journalism there have been more than four hundred drone strikes since two thousand and four killing around a thousand innocent civilians and that's.


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