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just difficult for me to address. the words you idiot but take up a pretty good feel as if to post yeah go on from dot. who post them clearly prove beyond a reasonable mon the loquat but a little present in a push should be did you know you do do you know the. two don't do many. leagues used to does it. live i am that the met. yemeni kits. ok for fatty food on festa many will you that if you have a minute i thought or a phony display that. less so dating is both a committed communist and a millionaire he's from the swedish town of barrack where he's a local celebrity. you must tell him
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books you need to have. your young. goals to. get started on all. day and i don't mention this idea for me and let me. sort of oil. your lead but i think. you miss a. beat but on the set. to hit. people . here i have something interesting.
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yeah. funny. thing about. this special all of this. you have no see they all have books. and like i said you're beat all the fault building and only an elephant it might be lonely and in. the d.n.a. it's a live and in place and go home with all your own. get into that one else things call for how to get out if enough that lethal force at home for the thing on intellectual quest the whole dogs will be and yet places you saw some hundred lonely tede or your bots move to market only the four year old this
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price has been so discussed sirius is sweden and it has the swedish academy they they give out the nobel price they were furious when we invented this price so. it is lenin and you can see that he's made in china he says he's a little more chinese than russian in the. well you know one thing some. call me to me. multiple calcutta horta common east mostly alison please go out if said nobody fooled us but on top down literally and it means that all may pay only air and no else got it there so also. yeah. well beyond. that i would issue.
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has said again you know we're still. pushing there were. a. bit for a. under the pinochet regime she was sent to prison for her left wing fields later she left for mexico where she joins the maya indians in their struggle for the rights to live on their own life. as a woman i'm worth a million and if they're out of the way i can. focus them on the other half of them want to pick it. up. in a while but i found the last bucket that i mean i'm a fan though it's true. that
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a boy. around a background from the. sun crystal the tourist capital of the mexican state of chiapas. in one thousand nine hundred four the city was taken over by the rebel it might indians who call themselves the zapatistas. she only is at the case of the family is it did the levy along those they really should there but to your aunt's defines see it part of your oath of i'll see you
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before tommy because she be rude if all the way. over to pretty it oblio will to do well for us all the boss initial sociables was if you need it as a possible. the macassar live at the who's d.c.m. s. on sos principle lists to limit as a limit is one that. cannot see in the last but these tests and ask only that is a yes i see on both of those the mrs you don't who are on their in their low dosage of the here when you were in bitter human tyrant alert on the support even there those little squatters gallatin own sente though not been back and the answer is more choice located to escape the risk a unit in the us about the same border fence they do i will not been thought of but i. foster. profits from the shop i used to support the separatist
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movement. i am a ugle hand they will have a kid. i am now avalos our very own laugh how. could i give us a kill is was there is a lot. of discipline to. call let me show you my hotel in the beginning to give you the news in believe you good you do you good to you good in that you been doing good in the good to be good the good the bad food and the. good the you. can be. good.
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to be. booed. and we're not sold on the. yacht and of course he believes he enters a. plea he can't form it toss a off the top people off him duck pull get set off on it quite often closely for us to. be eighteen in all for the whole world to seize a leader for oil. industry
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. and expose show or the rouge they would or should their. stuff do you every should know how. to. fall who prefer to call these who do do could do to or should there it could have you who should have you wish to pretend east. to mourn their loss on earth last. month as a dancer she joined the turkish communist party when she was barely sixteen. i wanted to study. european country thinking germany i mean better
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education better education about the dance techniques. our life going like camp in the morning we got business. we watching. this is for america peoples if. they. pay your money you are a worker i think a lot of people are so. why. i don't want to. let all of my classes live while the sniffles dying from hungary. we have other things and this world this is an email for everyone and white film some peoples wants to take our things all the power just for themselves i mean chosen seventeen and still me talking about all those hungry and that's horrible i think.
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the suffering with no. goal. who on nick's pretty good show all. the city did he. said. you know i don't need to do you. know so the songs fall be able to you know stuff that full stop pump up at the cookbook with the city.
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while give easy vowels find this us. and we are launching it. rational. is that he. plays. up like peter zimmer pulled.
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the small. fortune for the automobile out of both. more than just financial. before chinese dominance going forward not only is a technology and venture capital but they've been buying gold by hundreds and hundreds of tons as is russia so they understand that only keep money and fear at that you're willing to lose the chinese government's message to their people as only keep money in fear that you're willing to lose chinese people that's the chinese government tells our people the chinese are late are buying gold by the ton hundreds of tons hundreds hundreds of tons but they know that the beatin money inflationary spiral is upon us.
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to please you poku leader who should. do the will to do give you war. to do wrong. does out of the place to do. the do good i will do shore. so fair i.
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said to them i need to. use a month of you can be no limit to the fight for justice. but the opinion remained unchanged after the young turkish dancer to build. a fire to our son not because of me because i want to change may have things in this far out i know i'm not alone about it and the people strike me wants to change . i feel all safe folks feel sympathy to lucian but it's the old days people just don't care about. helping themselves more. so we have just one life and we have to live this life where it was. just possibility abodes
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after my life. i have been my style some protests while the pulse was fighting with activists i was there. they give me many times and i see my life. from just my front of my eyes because i think i'm just i'm dying now i try to stay strong in my my insides yes they it's me many times without reason she wanted to remove the a lot of. confusion. she began if you. know. the door. of. your personality just really we should note. the mexican state of jealous twenty seven. but just the hostility is against the government ended more
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than twenty years ago but in certain parts of the state it might still be greeted by men in moscow. i'll be one of them going to see her in person the one but it is going to look at the will from the mentality that is about superheroes and it's not akin to just so they're a busybody meant to but i didn't see out of going to quiz or the like you see so. you know this consequence is this it will be along with the kernel is the only one that was business that i saw the most is about on the hook supposed to. be other less money left over how does. he. get
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a little. better ok. he would check and see what i guess was a piece that stumble cattle feed you those are just going to. get old because. you put a model to the some of these posts i see which she will say i knew she was taking she wasn't looking. i am glad. i was the most thoughtless alleges but let me tell you if it's not she's. just. in the middle of it. yes i mean the that i guess out of the lineage is to leave it ok no i only phase one don't assume i deal with any kind of thing i know you don't know what it is and i don't know if this is a legal is to go. after listen to.
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lol. not. even in a country as wealthy as sweet the true revolutionaries work never a gentleman has always been his most loyal comrade in arms this is what. they are the epitome of good job is to give up all good behold the yellow good will get the sun or all of the fish don't got nothing it and it makes the world and
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assume an oil move no doubt been restored it to man would be a must come to him that album of all the losses. in all the things it is a bit of good the good idea the money and the photo op so all the minute. you just go see the school is there. more space honey and still get me out so it would be. hard for me to get in there with him it's given me here. i'm just i'm also told it. will sell souls glass bowl or heaven this get here and up there they have to put it to things like nothing else it no man will sit down to. start to finish it up or you know that and yet that's because you know mother i get sad stuff and i'm just going off yeah i
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did think so say and go to be out there yes but it got at least at the end an option else but i am it is also what they are told to it and who is then scallop. all scope of their lives so more than scope and open you. forward often open ones complete in oh some of them are going to say they're the reason our party is in korea the night of your fall and then they open you. don't first so duffel was on the ground there was this coffin already since it's also probably. they were in stream and this is going to be this team. to go for dinner.
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i love these hats i'm going bald. usually wear something on my head. not so proud of my hairline. fortunately i'm not alone in impersonator so. as a cartoonist reporter and composite forgotten birds newspaper the proletarian it's the swedish communist party's main mouthpiece. well that's a common is this a marxist leninist of course i believe in the real lucia and then. i don't think that parliamentary democracy where the us democracy alone kid can be the means of
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creating. a good society with benefits all should. be so much stuff. and that's it in the long. run it will get picked up so it will come out to. camp and we're told it is the company of. my revolution it doesn't necessarily mean storming the winter palace.
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and bayonets on and stabbing all the boers or asean capitalists of course not revolution slint simply means. that one class takes over power in society from an under socialism. has not been constructed in sweden although we have had a very strong well first state of course that alone does not make socialism the means of production have always been in private hands in sweden. for defeat the if we. do do do so by simply to do b. departed computer these would. be the least. use of may you open you. should be asked to do something to distribute the.
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i don't come here hard parts apart from stratford my dad goes there and i think it's. the dance happening in life like our memories there are some like them not me my protest is my heart's my protest is my dance protests against the wild. protests against to compel isn't protests against to it's happening in this crowds not.
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so nice those that are me and us. one. day at the v. that are going to have been said that it will be as well and i took a noise spot on record time like i was having not not if they found their seat seen also back up and also imo so they found they did the nemo skunk. kill all the. fish for the net. if you go below the fifty we. make you see. something from you still in the middle east or maybe if you see. it we will have good. eating should this have to be pursued as i live eat here believe means to see you know it's not
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neat you see but to cause the disease you guys of to toss him off to play the other leanin least. appeared to you. despite. the good i would. need it to be nice for paul scoop good. news of all true ability to delete. the phone call to be. given the way in which the last terrorist attacks were proclaimed structured using european logistics you can see there's
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a certain desire to change the way of life change to society interests. i am not a terrorist i am not a terrorist i am not. these days no matter where you are in the world the chances are you're being watched. and thousands probably won't have the slightest idea. and if you won't see it coming. what we've seen in post nine eleven scenario that in case of focused on syria had been given a license to kill the villages their villages their houses the mud houses
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the bombing them sometimes they claim that they've killed a terrorist and then you see he's alive so who. the girls. movie chill children for country for profit. smile. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping to avoid doesn't fall from the eyes of god i'm stunned this is not the guns of the. woods as that got on into the city at the last possible and proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that seem to think all of this could put us in more
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. often simply a sense of is it still the response of only one local all of them or all the to almost all the world to the soon the world and all of us with all of these and all this in the arsenals of the home study done with the old vision starting there was listing all the fun is up and his cards on the file. anyway the old adage in the new washington and out says or a new direction is all there on being called the toughest sanctions regime ever.


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