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tv   News  RT  November 3, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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you please. please. the headlines this hour the rift widens between washington and tehran this donald trump announces he will reimpose all u.s. sanctions against iran which were lifted under the twenty fifth the new clean. also to come the u.s. national security adviser brands cuba and venezuela troika of tyranny and slap sanctions in two of them and a t.v. executive in the u.k. sparked outrage with his halloween costume after he dressed up as the killer of the
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saudi journalist came out we debate whether it crossed a line you can scream and yell and be offended about everything what's being called complaining is actually call it a call discourse you should i don't know what what the fill in the brain the way he put in jail i just call him for it after sleeping here and see if you. follow the welcome you're watching r.t. international this saturday evening where it's just gone seven o'clock here in moscow. now u.s. iran relations have suffered another downturn that after donald trump announced the renewal of sanctions against iran that were lifted as part of a twenty fifteen nuclear deal serrano has responded to claims that washington's past peanut of measures made the islamic republic actually more self-sufficient and on started. iran announced it is making its own fighter jets for the very first
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time the country state media say they are one hundred percent iranian made and will be used for short support missions but after announcing that sanctions would be reimposed front did start his twitter message to resemble the tagline from the game of thrones however this apparently didn't sit too well with the network behind the hit series h.b.o. says it would rather its trademark wasn't quote misappropriated for political purposes well the sanctions do come back into force in just a day or so she goes he's done of reports what will happen on monday everything that was achieved under the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal will be no more piling on top of penalties imposed additionally by the trumpet ministration there were nineteen rounds of those these new sanctions will accelerate the highly successful effects of our sanctions that have already occurred the maximum pressure we impose is cause the reality to drop dramatically ronnie's cabin is in disarray and the
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iranian people are raising their voices even louder against a corrupt and hypocritical regime a lot of diplomatic achievement has been torn down by this back in two thousand and fifteen the so-called p five plus one bloc of countries agreed to open global oil markets for iran's crude in exchange for to iran scrapping its nuclear program even though we run complied with all terms of the deal trump called a disastrous and pulled out unilaterally now with a final polish the american leader has delivered while iran keeps abiding by all the demands of the twenty fifteen deal makes while still shipping finance banking you name it really the u.s. hopes to put a damper on all keys sectors of iran's economy in total more than seven hundred entities including both individuals companies and even ships and their craft will be banned from doing any business with iran though if you exemptions here and there the food. all pharmaceutical industries but the list is not very long to be frank
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speaking of exemptions by the way the u.s. also seemed very concerned with the economic well being of its allies we want to achieve maximum pressure but we don't want to harm friends and allies you might assume bolton is talking about europe after all it likes to think of itself as america's biggest ally but apparently that is just not the case and trumps adviser there was referring to asian and middle eastern countries we do know that the total of eight states will be exempt from having to cut their businesses their business ties with iran and reportedly there's not a single european country on that list instead it's allegedly india iraq and other nations from those parts of the world another concern washington wants to allay a collapse of oil markets amid fears that prices will just skyrocket if iran's oil pipe runs dry iran's oil exports have already fallen by some eight hundred thousand
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barrels per day while america has enjoyed a comparable increase in its crude exports so according to the u.s. not to worry they're happy to fill in the gap putting out additional oil there and exchange for an extra buck they harm the u.a.e. in the nation they have always been there for the past four decades and they've been harming the uranium nation all along. that's why many other. states that are under sanctions like russia like theirs they are all against this move especially because this new round of sanctions by washington it doesn't have the u.n. support it doesn't have the support of even the united states close allies like the europeans that have stated their opposition to defiance china turkey or russia and many others have defied the u.s. sanctions against iran and many are worried in washington that this could make
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these sharp tool or weapon blunt and make you you know take it off the menu even for future u.s. administrations if it goes ineffective. well it does seem that washington's european allies haven't fully supported its latest moves the described trumps measures as regrettable brussels is also valid to support companies doing business with iran we remain committed to implementing the joint comprehensive plan of action as a matter of respect thing international agreements and of our shared international security and expect iran to play a constructive role in this regard i don't agree with those who say that the americans are have it we're having trouble telling our allies what to do i see no evidence of that so far they complain but then do what they're told we have a saying here in america talk is cheap they complain but in the end of they do what they're told i hope it is different this time i hope they look at these actions and
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say that their own security may be at stake and they need to summon the courage and the independence to look out for their own interests and not simply submit to the dictates of washington but it's not just iran feeling the pressure from us restrictions because fresh sanctions have been announced by america's national security adviser against cuba and also venezuela john bolton said it's a latin american states along with nick a regular constitute a troika of tyranny in this mode against the of now reports that strap line is just the latest in a time honored tradition of phrases designed to turn up the heat. the u.s. government loves catch phrases short catchy and even easier to push through the press and to give them credit they aren't half bad reaganomics a bomb a care in the war on drugs the war on christmas alternative facts this is huge and this new one is maybe even better this troika of tyranny this triangle of care
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stretching from havana to caracas to managua is the cause of immense human suffering so here is the to run make triple coober nicaragua venezuela all three left leaning socialist states with anti american sentiment what a surprise by the way i reworded troika of tyranny into to radek triple so if i hear the state department stealing my phrase is going to be trouble but. washington has a history of packaging nations into bite size so lurkers who can forget the axis of evil states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil arming to threaten the peace of the world back then the bad guys were iran iraq and north korea and the term was so good that marketing genius john bolton made
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a sequel that same year beyond the axis of evil there are other rogue states intent on acquiring weapons of mass destruction particularly biological weapons that included libya syria and cuba again congratulations coober for making it both into the axis of evil and the troika of tyranny and lots to look forward to more sanctions invasion maybe there are still spots open in the fall faction the villainess few and the atrocious assembly hugo of anna well they all have sort of socialist government stayed hours. hugh the u.s. line in latin america but this is still a stretch i mean they're not they're all poor countries relative to the united states and even if they were scheming in some sort of an alliance but it's nothing that would threaten the united states f.y.r. the original axis of evil and beyond the axis of evil nominees were libya syria and
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iraq and all were either invaded by the us or torn apart and civil war with american troops coming in later but that's by the by what i can tell you is it isn't easy to come up with and market these little slogans for everyone you don't like which is why they have a generic term as a placeholder regimes the syrian regime aside and putin regimes kim jong il in his terror regime the regime of nicolas maduro and iran's regime so china russia iran and others regimes and everyone else that doesn't do as the u.s. says on the other hand saudi arabia and duress and other family run and the prizes a governments government atari's governments saudi arabia and the u.a.e. their governments go in under us as government of qatar i mean nothing personal it's just politics you do is the u.s.
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send you good and you get a clean slate and a blind eye to whatever shenanigans you're up to but if you don't you're in trouble mr was case he had saddled with a dumb nickname conjured up by a board with access to a thesaurus and too much free time and even worse case scenario invaded in case you were a nomination it sure to look up for any parachuting us troops primarily these regimes is evil but it's a real oh it's a real problem we demonize other countries because then pressure. builds well why aren't you doing something about it and so i mean we go down this road you could possibly have some military action against one or more of these countries simply because the rhetoric gets inflamed when you put labels on you know clever marketing way opposed to one countries together let's just lump all the evil in the world in
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one slogan and that's again what we're doing i think they're taking the pattern of the george w. bush administration. and using it again. well meanwhile the un has voted overwhelmingly in support of lifting the us economic and financing bargain currently placed on cuba it is the twenty seventh time assembly has issued the call to end the restrictions america's envoy to the u.n. though has lashed out at the global body for adopting the resolution once again we were reminded why so many people believe that faith in the united nations is often misplaced the brutal winds of the castro dictatorship the now of freedom and the did now of the most basic human rights for the cuban people the people of cuba are our neighbors and our friends and they are fellow children of god they use this all the time that's the word bandied around but these are democratically elected people
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as you've known it really struck flies in the face of a country that just demands having voter suppression methods immunize these these are popular governments with with participation voter participation percentage is that far outstrip the united states you only have about a little over fifty percent now after barak obama of the of the electorate participating or the the citizens in the united states participating in elections in cuba it's like eighty percent of these acts are completely against the spirit and the foundation of the united nations charter they are via flagrant violations of the sovereignty of nations none of these countries have posed any threat whatsoever to the united states or to any other countries. the u.s. midterm elections are just a matter of days away and everybody is now on alert for more russian trolling it seems because after the alleged interference in the twenty sixteen presidential vote u.s. intelligence and the media are convinced that moscow is that is again what his
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party boyko with the latest episode of case you missed it with a special guide to spotting russian medalists. for us real time is all the wires to it and in case you missed it it's highly likely you've been interfered with by a russian. these u.s. midterms are being described as lemurs templeton says the lost ones and russian into barons has been mentioned so often that some americans think it's the name of a candidate there will be so naive voted who don't believe that russia's influence their vote but the media and politicians in need of support or an excuse they most definitely has and if you come across them in russian and can be subliminal to underestimate how susceptible you are. so you can make sure that you don't pull reject him here's what i see why my handy guide on how to slow down russian
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influence campaign calling it used to russian any russian you've been tampered with it's pointless even voting the search and media is the main battleground for russian influence for example if your attention is captured by a bright and mildly funny online video about politics presented by a girl with from stick half always find out who is signing the paychecks. attention to detail if she does that anything positive by russians. i cannot stress this enough the influence can be subliminal voting republican will make you more attractive expert speculation suggests that russian interference on transit is actually really easy to spot if you come across extreme views questionable means old badly thought out opinions there probably from some within twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen an overwhelming one out of every twenty three
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thousand pieces of content to place just doesn't exist in russian troll bombs this is going to vigilance and he. i know that their own role models who can help to show the way like hillary clinton she could find russian interference in the slightest sum up and one way also might leave we will only know how much russian interference has been once the results are announced if the democrats do well demo nerver russia had no influence whatsoever but if the republicans do well well then break out the board because you're basically living in the united states of russia so as you prepared to vote in the moscow made times they. want to get them quite a presidential suite it. oprah winfrey is a short term removed that she's going to run for president in twenty twenty other
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celebrities still go for the top job at the white hairs. this is what i'm here to tell you that this was made for you. you've said though that if you did run for president you believe you'd win. but i don't know i think that when i tell you i would go into lives. i don't want to run.
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a lot of people want to see a different leadership today or so i've got to provide a better leadership today seriously when you run i would i'm sure consider like you i. why don't you run for president donald trump that way everyone will have everything i ran for president i would be. with. you watch not a still at the the saving this in the u.k. after a t.v. executive dressed up for holloway as the killer. we'll have more on that plus debate just off the.
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in terms of blasphemy i mean blasphemy has never actually been used nobody has been prosecuted but you are right it was only renewed ten years ago by a previous government and it really shows how out of step the political establishment has been there's been a huge movement of women and young people on days been pushing the political establishment you know relentlessly on the issue of the abortion rights bombed because ten women a day leave the country and five others were taking abortion pills online illegally . the united states under many press has a long war going to have a break in its treaty and other promises now to the united states says it's going to leave a treaty again. though
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again the hollowing costumes aren't just scary these days because sometimes they can also cause offense a t.v. executive in the u.k. sparked outrage after dressing up as the killer of the saudi journalist. just sickening insensitivity and indifference to the murder of jamal khashoggi it's a just see on fit for your job with i.t.v. his a public figure and has shown appallingly but taste and insensitivity in. does the head of commissioning for comedy entertainment still have a job unbelievably crass and stupid behavior really i.t.v. editor asif zubairy showed up at a celebrity party in london wearing
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a bloody white coat a headscarf and also carrying a plastic severed hand with turkey now accusing a saudi hit squad of killing the journalist riyadh's conscious a month ago misses you barry has since said he regrets his choice of caution. i'm a private individual who attended a private party i realised my halloween costume am offended some people for which i apologize well of by munich footballer also made a similar apology after dressing up as a suicide bomber affinia in the right of the picture there showed up at a party on wednesday in a traditional arab robe and dark glasses carrying a box with the word danger on it the really brazilian defender later tweeted that he did not want to hurt anybody's feelings we heard some contrasting views on the story from our guests. i just choose to be offended by actual actions by things that actually matter things that actually do hurt people where there's real violence or real threat in a political environment like the one that we have no that is very violent
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characterized by tragedies by violence by racism seen a phobia and what we are seeing in this outrage is that people find it unacceptable and are demanding a higher standard for how we should come together and represent ourselves as a culture i don't see the hate in all the more video that your other guest happens to see and i'm not saying that it doesn't exist out there in pockets certainly it doesn't certainly we should fight that but let's do it effectively and not worry about how people dress up we have to understand that politics comes in a range of forms it comes in elections and voting obviously comes in through the economy and who holds power of service to sions and it certainly comes in the culture as well what are you going to do are you going to pass a law that bans hollowing if you offend someone you should i don't know what what fill in the brain blank be put in jail i just calling for it in place calling for
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sleeping fat no i don't know but i'm asking you what should know but it's all in front of me and lois culture plays a tremendous role in shaping the ideologies the believes and the actions that play out politically on more formal concrete ways will want to be offended and spend their time that way that's fine i see identity politics as something that is has grossly divided us the problem with public policy is we can scream and yell and be offended about everything what's being called complaining is actually is actually pullet ical discourse and political practice you know and that's what we're doing and i'm not saying that it should never be mentioned if someone wears something that you know is hurtful or insensitive i think that we've taken it a bit too far in some cases. the newly declassified. cia under the obama administration read congressional e-mails on protection of whistle blows in the intelligence community publican senator chuck grassley who
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fought for years to have the documents brought to light is calling for public debate now on whether the file show the cia actually ended congress policies the fact that the cia under the obama administration was reading congressional staffs e-mails about i'm told it's commuted to whistleblowers raises serious policy concerns the agency says it was just conducting routine counterintelligence monitoring the cia viewed e-mails between the intelligence community inspector general's office which protects whistleblowers and congressional staff but this is not the first time that the issue of whistle blowers has raised concern under the obama administration during his two thousand and eight presidential campaign obama had pledged support for watchdogs revealing wrongdoing in government on taking office however he oversaw an unprecedented crackdown on whistleblowers in his two terms as president eight individuals were prosecuted under an arcane hundred year old bill called the espionage act that's more than double the number of
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prosecutions under all previous administrations combined media and legal analysts lionel says though it's unlikely the cia will change the way it operates anytime soon. what are the repercussions what what happens i mean if you're brennan if you're clapper and you say this and don't know worry about responding that nothing happens but rick warren importantly the biggest problem is not that is that the american people don't care we report on this and you know what they're saying what do you do hey look that's the way it goes remember one of the tobacco people came up with the shore in your oath there's no naked teen it's not addictive we never went and mel b. are the major league baseball players glide about steroid use have you ever heard anybody charged with perjury look i'm you know i'm a lawyer and if a judge tells me you do something for four years i'm going to be there's going to be order to show cause people nobody knows don't worry about it but right the bottom line is unless the american people get upset and they screaming yelling
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that's what's going to make a difference. so that's how things are looking so fast that i don't forget that you can also keep yourself updated on our social media pages and also you can check. in with lawmakers manufactured consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the financial merry go round certainly the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signals. the more you mean
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really. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to try to be for us this is what the forty three in the morning can people get . interested in the waters of college. or should. that would lead bone. needlepoint do it because it.
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could prove that there are. seventeen the bolsheviks led by vladimir lenin seized power and set out to build the most equitable society on earth before long the other countries followed russia's example but so far the recipe for universal happiness remains of use if people are still searching to this day. you could be. fairly easy a lot of were shown it by did get up when they were shown. can
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we even remember the events of a century ago and if so why is that we went out in search of people who view russia's nine hundred seventeen revolution as a global event. first of all we went to visit a leftwing ideologist and famous french philosopher. so. maybe it's not supposed to know that your books focused on the bust of teeth. and the. difficult for me to address. the what is your idiot but jiko pretty cheeky feet as if to pose. yeah let's go on to produce. your post ben clearly proved beyond a reasonable mon the loquat but a little present did a push to be doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo you know these two don't. need. to do zip. elliot i am that.
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oak for fat leaf and infest the many with you that it is. a phony display the. lesser teaching is both a committed communist and a million days from the swedish town of barrack where he's a local celebrity. in a state i hold both tell him i meekly cookbooks a need to have stone your young tree to top the cost of the. dust the studs all get started on i'll go look sauerkraut the element of the ocean so maybe the end i don't necessarily a full meal meal paying i was all so loyal to your left back home on the let me ask you you met.


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