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but you are right it was only renewed ten years ago by a previous government and it really shows how out of step the political establishment has been there's been a huge movement of women and young people and they've been pushing the political establishment you know relentlessly on the issue of the abortion rights because ten women a day leave the country and five others were taking pills online illegally. to . do it because it.
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seventeen the bolsheviks led by so used. to build the most equitable society on earth. on the other countries followed russia's example. the recipe for universal happiness remains of use if people are still searching to this day. can we even remember the events of a century ago and if so. why is that we went out in search of people who view
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russia's nine hundred seventeen revolution as a global event. festival we went to visit a leftwing ideologist and famous french philosopher. was. maybe it's not supposed you know that your books focused on russia. if. the word is your. feet as if to polish yeah. i'll moan that required but. did you know you didn't know. many.
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ok for. a minute. or. less the dating is both a committed communist and a millionaire he's from the swedish town of barrack where he's a local celebrity. you must tell him i mean books books you need to have. your young preacher to talk the call to the. whole get started on all. day and that almost the same idea for me only i'm paying i will sort of oil. your lead but. you miss a. beat but on the. million hits but.
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people put it. here i have something interesting. if you. find. it came out. this special all these. you have no see they all have books. and like i
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said your beat all the fault building and only an elephant it might be lonely and in. the d.n.a. it's a live and in place and go home with all your own. get into that one else things call for how to get at it if enough that we thought of or thought him for the thing on intellectual quest a whole dog from the yet places you saw some hundred lonely tede or your buds move to market then. the four year old this price has been so discussed sirius is sweden and it has the swedish academy it they they give out the nobel price they were furious when we invented this price so. it is lenin and you can see that he's made in china he said he's a little more chinese than russian in the. well you know one thing some. so-called many to me. multiple calcutta horta comedy
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thursley allah simply go out if said nobody fooled us but on top down literally and it means that all may be only aaron now or else guided aircel also. well beyond. that i would issue. is still again. the push and there were. a. bitter thora in chile under the pinochet regime she was sent to prison for her left wing fields later she left for mexico when she joined the maya indians in their
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struggle for the rights to live on that unless. you are as old and i'm worth a million and if they're out of the way i can. focus them on the other half of them want to pick it. up at the least that in a while but i found the last bucket that i mean i'm a fan the notes. that a boy. around a background from. the. sun crystal the tourist capital of the mexican state of chiapas. in one thousand
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nine hundred four the city was taken over by the rebel it might indians who call themselves the zapatistas. she only is it a case of the family is city the levy along those who should but to your aunt's defines shiva it part of your oath of fancy for tommy because she. rudy found that it. was really some primo. over to put it over to a new belfast on the policy issue so your post was if you need it was a possible democrats to leave it at that was this year absence was but it's a palace so limit it's a limit is a win there. i cannot see in the last but these tests and ask only that this a yes i see on both of those the mrs you don't who are on there and that alone will
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says you're here when you were in the tower entirely out on the support even there those little squatters gallatin on sentido illinois have been back and the us is more choice located to escape government scale you know ventus about the same border fence that you i will not been thought up what i see on foster. profits from the shop i used to support the separatist movement. i am a ugle hand they will have a kid. i am now avalos our very own law how. could i get us to kill is was there is a lot. of discipline to. call let me show you my hotel in the building to give you the news
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in the building you good you do you are going to be good in the end been doing good in the good to the good but you do you do him good the kook and the. the boob. tube. to. boot. you. sir you do the you so you we're not the only hear the. occasionally. get caught up in divorce he believed. in the way he got form it toss
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a off the top people off hand up full of fun at it quite often closely for us to. be evil for the whole world is to seize on the oil. industry. and express your view they would do should their. stuff do you live or you should know how. to. fall who put physical disease who to do could do to reassure their view who should be deduced. to mourn their loss at last.
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just because someone is a dancer she joined the turkish communist party when she was barely sixteen. i wanted to study. the european country thinking germany i mean better education better education about the dance techniques. our life's going to lie camp in the morning they go on business. we working. this is for america peoples if. they pay you money you are a buck or i think a lot of people are back or sell we working like can't slave why. i don't want to. clouts live. from hungary. may have many things in
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the smiles this karkare one why some peoples must take our things all the power just for themselves they are child's own self and see only talking about lots hungry and that's horrible i think. a sufi but there's no place. called tall. goo on nick's pretty good. city because he did do the blue suit do. it. you know i don't need to deal. i would look to.
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the songs for all be able to you know stuff that full stop come up with the book with these fifteen. and twenty forty you know bloody revolution if you could the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protest to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just always here. put video dream in the new bill is that i knew pulling you to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four g. and. those who took. it invested over five billion. always to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. for
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a chinese dominance going forward not only is a technology and venture capital but they've been buying gold by hundreds and hundreds of tons as is russia so they understand that only keep money and fear at that you're willing to lose the chinese government's message to their people as only keep money and fear that you're willing to lose chinese people that's the chinese government tells our people the chinese allayed are buying gold by the ton hundreds of tons hundreds of hundred tons but they know that the yacht money inflationary spiral is upon us. to please you poke lee do it would you should. we do the work to
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do give you more. of the place to do. the dougie who would you show pool where could. look so fair i would. say to them i need to. use a month view that can be no limit to the fight for justice going to opinion remained unchanged after the young turkish dancer moved to build a. quieter parcel. not because of me because i want to change may have things in this far out i know i'm not alone about it when the people strike me wants to change.
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i feel also i also feel some part to lucian but it's the old days people just don't care about. helping themselves. just so we have just one life and we have to live this life. so that's possibility abodes after my life. i have been my style some protests while the pulse was fighting with activists. i was our. baby it's me many many times and i see my life. from dust my front of my eyes because i think i'm just i'm dying now i try to stay strong in my my insides yes they it's me and it's times without reason she wanted to ruby
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a lot i will. confusion you know. she. won't call. you i know. but. you just really wish you never had. the mexican state of just twenty seven. but just to hostilities against the government and more than twenty years ago but in certain parts of the state you might still be greeted by men in mosques. be well don't you think that is going to say the one but it is merely going to look
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at the will from the mentality that was meant to politico and it's not akin to just say they're busy but i meant it but i didn't see out of that's going to quiz or the like to see some guy you know this is consequence is this going to be along with the colonel is the only one of us business that i saw the most is about on the hook supposed to. be other less communist know how to speak to. people. that's a little subtle. but i think. he would check and see what i guess was about the stealth stumble catalyst you give those be able to get a. little like. you for the model shot if you put some of the stuff i say she will side use because they can see i knew was causing the ok. i am but i am going to. miss the most thoughtless some of the
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good but let me tell you if she's. just. guessing i mean the that. a guest said of the linear is to leave it ok noyon phase one don't assume i do have any kind of know you don't know what it is. i know this is a legal system. act listen to. not .
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even in a country as wealthy as sweden the true revolutionaries work never a gentleman has always been his most loyal comrade in arms because he is one of. the highly ambiguous i mean the mood of this is good on. behold looking a little bit weak at the saddam's oil all of the fish know about nothing and it makes the world and assume an oil move no doubt been restored a bit with the man would be about the last that come to him that out of the war both the losses lead. us into all the things it is a b.s. did a good idea somebody imo photobook so all the minute. you just go a little slow paced there. more space on the end so i got to get out so it would be. hard for me to get in there with him it's given me.
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on the i'm also told it. will sell souls glass bowl or heaven this get here nothing else they have to me i'm pretty skeptical based on nothing else this man puts it on the. start if it up oh yeah all that and yet that's because i know mom i get sad stuff and i'm just going off to hell did they come here and goaded me out very as a database that the it's an option else but am it is also what the auto detect and who is then scale up something. good. to go to bed little. all scope of the more than scotland open you. call it often open ones complete in
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on some of the we're going to say the reason our parties in korea the night of your fall and then the open you. go on for so duffel was on the. there was this coffin already since also probably. they were the instrument this was going to do this. to before. i love these hats i'm going bald so. i usually wear something on my head. i'm not so proud of my hair line. fortunately i'm not
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a linen impersonator so. as a cartoonist reporter and composite forgotten bergs newspaper the proletarian it's the swedish communist party's main mouthpiece. well that's a common is this a marxist leninist of course i believe in the real lucia and then. i don't think that parliamentary democracy where the us democracy alone can be the means of creating. a good society which benefits all. of it to be so stuffy and. the system people. that.
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in that city in the long. run it will get picked up so it will come out to the polls and less on campus we're told that this example neoprene the out of town to the polling. by revolution and it does not necessarily mean storming the winter palace. and bayonets on and stabbing all the border asean capitalists of course not revolution slim simply means. that one class. takes over the power in society from an under socialism. has not been constructed in sweden although we have had a very strong well first state of course that alone does not make socialism the
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means of production have always been in private hands in sweden. for defeat you know to. do so but you put it to you could see a way to to be departed to protect these radical but. it could be the least she'll probably of me to fold you still bay you open. to do something to disagree you. want to come here are some hard. think it's.
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the dance happening. live like cameras there will be some like them not me my my protest is my cards protest is my dance for thousands against a while. protests against to compel isn't protests against to what's happening in this crowds not. enough. sony's those that i me and us. one. day at the v. that are going to have been saying that i will be out when l. and i took a noise spot on record time like i was having not. they found their seat seen also got back on and i was one more so they found they did the nameless gong. oh. oh push pull out of the net. yeah you got your way he just you we.
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make you see. meaning we. will hit. soon conditionally to get to class as i live it here. only a means to see him not meet you seem. a fish tossed off to the other leave me in the. despite. the good i will need it to be dick obese the ball scoop. the conveyor. this is a pretty sure most of. these of all true will be looked at to do need to continue.
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there's no a bowl around prick here and no one to know why says terrorist. bad memories. twenty four years ago this country saw a real end of the world. after the genocide there a moment in rwanda. it fell to women to fix the mess the broken.
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skies are financial survival. when customers go. buy your supplies. will reduce a lot of. that's undercutting but what's good for the market is not good for the global economy. iran condemns donald trump's reinstatement of silence as a disgrace to america saying they will only serve to reduce washington's global influence. us national security advisor problems cuba nicaragua and venezuela a troika of tyranny and stop sign actions on two of them. and a t.v. executive in the u.k. sparks outrage with his high.


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