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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the on the big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president for injury. or something i want to preserve. the to the right to be prosperous like the forecast tree in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in our. quest. i mean. economically.
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i see a. white man. i think that mr levin was actually. saying that the majority of the terrorists. in the u.s. . good morning to you from all of us here at the international in moscow it's just after. running down the top stories of the week today. the president of china has instructed the country's military to be war ready raising the specter of
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a potential conflict of a trade and beyond but how much of it is just possibly posturing. takes a closer look so here's the thing the chinese government almost never says anything you wouldn't expect. they're incredibly careful reserved at least with their tongues so when the chinese president orders his military to prepare for war serious indeed. the military to concentrate on that in these. for war the chinese are preparing for war out loud how over how did we get to this well trump for one aside from land blasting the chinese at every opportunity is tariffs is sanctions his trade war he's also being very heavy handed congress has just approved a second arms deal with taiwan in eighteen months. of untruthful the sales of
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weapons by the united states to taiwan damages china's sovereignty and security interests for beijing sees china and taiwan as two parts of a whole two chinese entities same culture ethnicity same languages with two separate governments communist capitalist the end goal is to reunite into one state there are differences of course currently preventing that and about one hundred kilometers of c. that separate the two and trump always a fan of sticking it to the chinese he's been through seeing his warships right between the two chinas. we have expressed our concerns to the u.s. side to taiwan issue concerns china sovereignty and territorial integrity and is the most important when he sensitive issues will in china you ask relationally. for starters how about you express your concerns about these important and sensitive
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issues to someone who cares a little more because that in trump where. i don't worry about things. must be great never worrying about anything and fortunately others are and there are those in china who believe that america wants taiwan to declare independence and the chinese are preparing for that eventuality militarily. at your own union we are resolute to defeat any scheme or act of taiwan independence in any form for the thing is the taiwanese don't really see a point to defending themselves taiwan which recently switched from conscription to
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a volunteer army is having huge trouble recruiting even reserve troops dodging that juicy after all that's the point the devil when. the government needs to think whether it's necessary to bring conscription back to the theme national security matters but taiwan is a minor player in these confrontation if war does break out it likely be the people's republic of china slugging it out with the united states rather than taiwan and that is a war that trump really really ought to be worried about the world is really at a cross rolled the united states has been pushing china around he really china and imposing unilateral tyrus on the chinese exports china does not want to have a trade war with the united states china does not want to have a conflict with the united states but if the united states really wants to impose
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these things onto china i think the chinese people will be fully mobilized behind the chinese government and the chinese military. now iran's supreme leader has lambasted imminent u.s. sanctions saying they will not achieve their goal of weakening the iranian economy by the statement comes in response to trump's decision to reimpose all sanctions which were lifted as part of a twenty fifteen nuclear deal. will get into u.s. power and authority around the world has been diminishing in recent years many in the u.s. it is the is much weaker than it was that was years ago during phone talks with iran foreign minister e.u. diplomats confirm the blocks commitment to the iran nuclear deal the european commission in its turn has condemned the renewal of u.s. sanctions and vowed to protect european companies still doing business with iran meanwhile donald trump styling his friday sanction message to resemble the tiger
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line from game of thrones apparently didn't sit too well with the network producing the series h.b.o. issued a statement saying it would rather its trademark wasn't quote misappropriated for political purposes well for now it's easy goes down on. takes a closer look at the renewal of the pre twenty fifteen sanctions what will happen on monday everything that was achieved under the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal will be no more piling on top of penalties imposed additionally by the trumpet ministration there were nineteen rounds of those these new sanctions will accelerate the highly successful effects of our sanctions that have already occurred the maximum pressure we impose is cause the reality to drop dramatically ronnie's cabin is in disarray and the iranian people are raising their voices even louder against a corrupt and hypocritical regime a lot of diplomatic achievement has been torn down by this back in two thousand and fifteen the so-called p. five plus one bloc of countries agreed to open global oil markets for iran's crude
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in exchange for to iran scrapping its nuclear program even though iran complied with all terms of the deal trump called a disastrous and pulled out unilaterally now with the final push the american leader has delivered while iran keeps abiding by all the demands of the twenty fifteen deal makes while still an edgy shipping finance banking you name it really the u.s. hopes to put a damper on all keys sectors of iran's economy in total more than seven hundred entities including both individuals companies and even ships and their craft will be banned from doing any business with iran though if you exemptions here and there like food or pharmaceutical industries but the list is not very long to be frank speaking of exemptions by the way the u.s. also seemed very concerned with the economic well being of its allies we want to achieve maximum pressure but we don't want to harm friends and allies you might
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assume bolton is talking about europe after all it likes to think of itself as america's biggest ally but apparently that's just not the case and trump's advisor there was referring to asian and middle eastern cunt. freeze we do know that the total of eight states will be exempt from having to cut their businesses their business ties with iran and reportedly there's not a single european country on that list instead it's allegedly india iraq and other nations from those parts of the world another concern washington wants to allay a collapse of oil markets amid fears that prices will just skyrocket if iran's oil pipe runs dry iran's oil exports have already fallen by some eight hundred thousand barrels per day while america has enjoyed a comparable increase in its crude exports so according to the u.s. not to worry they're happy to fill in the gap putting out additional oil there and exchange for an extra buck. people on the streets of tehran told us that although
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sanctions have been around for years they fear the traumas decision will take a toll on their daily lives. time about manson's hard to come by because of sanctions no doubt if you are carrying translation your life is affected by these sanctions are saying to sanctions decrease the quality of life as a people cannot know unattained seeing that they used to have to ease a little bit of a shock for them but it was a i'm a merchant and this century cannot trade with businesses inside of iran anymore but it will take its toll and we have yet to see to what extent should we say you know much about america i'm very happy with every year or every two to three years they see new sanctions will be imposed some people are getting used to saying that there's a new we accept them and it doesn't hurt that it means we've had them so long they don't affect us anymore they form. the old there because they think they are doing all along very good solution that's why they're for war
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states that are on the sanctions like dog russia like in the you know there's they are all against this. especially because this new round of sanctions. washington it doesn't have the u.n. support it doesn't have the support of even the united states' close allies like the europeans that have stated their opposition in defiance china turkey you russia and many others have defied the u.s. sanctions against iran and many are worried in washington that this could make these sharp tool or weapon blunt and make you you know take it off the menu even for future u.s. administrations if it goes ineffective. french human rights groups are calling for the reopening of an investigation into the rwandan genocide from one nine hundred ninety four after the release of a video which appears to show
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a senior french military officer being informed about a slaughter that took place in an area known as the base out of the hills and the video is thought to have been filmed on june twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred four a day off to the massacre began at the army failed to intervene. before i knew it would be only to confessional now human rights activists are demanding answers one leader of the organization survey is a plaintiff in the case she says it was too premature to close the case while other lawyers are accusing france were in direct complicity in the genocide lines of inquiry were not sufficiently followed up to allow investigators to determine france's military and political responsibility french military authorities were aware that from the afternoon off twenty seventh of june on words civilians were being killed the survivors opened the case thirteen years ago although back in july it was scrapped due to lack of evidence and lack of convictions but survivors of
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the massacre claim they asked the french military for help on june twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred ninety four but the military only came three days later already after hundreds of people were killed in the massacre and the allegation now is that the french government actually knew what was going on and specifically decided not to intervene the genocide was committed mainly by the hutu government and its backers against the ethnic minority tutsi tribe and allegations of the french government supports for the hutus who carried out most of the slaughter in the genocide have been rough on the french government's relations with the rwandan government for years the french although they admit that they have made mistakes they say they have no complicity in the genocide that took place there.
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we did speak to one of the massacre survivors about the significance of this video . nor as i do not know video doesn't surprise me i was very happy that media part of the truth that we survivors had known this very long time but it's important that the french people knew what happened back in one thousand nine hundred ninety four when the military was there so you know because i only know that promise to declassify the archives they didn't work out it's everything he published was already known the only things i have to is that the french people have a lot to know the truth. a c.n.n. anchor has started controversy by claiming that the biggest terror threat in the
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united states comes from white men we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men most of them radicalized right out to the right. don lemon's comments come up to three recent hate crimes involving white suspects last saturday eleven of a jewish wealth washer pows were shot dead at a synagogue in pittsburgh in the same week two black people were killed in a shooting at a supermarket in kentucky and fifteen mail bombs were sent to high profile opponents of the u.s. president and we had contrasting views from inside the u.s. from a job journalist who you know rivera and a political activist anthony rogers white. i think that mr levin was actually stating facts there are twice as many terrorist incidents from white right wing terrorists and those people who submit to al islam what they're saying right now saying that the majority of the country are terrorists i'm pretty sure that if
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white men were the real problem in america we'd have a higher incident a higher rate of incidents with these types of terror attacks radicalized white people who are sending pipe bombs to people of the opposing party who just killed eleven jewish people who just killed two black people in kentucky because they couldn't get into a black church look at the result things deaths and look at the perpetrators d.n.a. and is doing everything they can to try to cast a negative light against anything trump in obviously the majority of the voting bloc in america is working class white men please incidents that are being painted are they're happy and are being painted as down from what is really not true people like don lemon are going to continue to perpetuate these false narratives in the hopes that maybe it can just drop people from what's actually going on in america which is a great thing right now economically numbers for people across all demographics including white latino and blacks in particular where black unemployment is
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a historic low bombs that were just sent did not kill anyone but they were still acts of terrorism and you can't deny that the person who was caught by the enemy i was a donna troy. supporter is a downward from supporter and if we're being honest really but here's a grudge and there is there is there is information he isn't he doesn't matter he said only i took your work right he's a god only if we can read his misallocations up a bunch of different ways you can sit there in julie sam and think that he specifically and donald trump supporter he was inspired to do that by donald trump we have to be honest about post reconstruction white terrorism against black people for not being honest about that we're not going to get to the root of the problem white supremacy found in the united states of america white supremacy exists in the united states of america and white supremacy is rising across the world called don lemon said this is just a further and a continuance of the division that was created in america under the eight year old
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ministration of barack obama. an english seaside village has found itself getting some unwanted attention in the u.s. mid-term election campaign j which sounds is known locally as one of the u.k.'s most deprived areas but i mean she was supposed to last a day to streets appeared on a republican party post a pony boy explains why. what links this essex seaside town to the upcoming u.s. midterm elections an insensitive political one hundred that's what miracles here and j. week sans in essex have been left fuming ofter a pro trump republican candidate for the senate for the state of illinois used a photograph of j. wick sands on his social media speed as an anti advertisement so the caption next to the photograph read only you can stop this from becoming a reality but the problem is the picture wasn't quite reality the image of jay wick sounds that he used was taken several years ago and since then the local
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authorities have made quite a few improvements to the local area so the locals there all rather cross country to try to pocket america are and then you come to a cover of walking and you see the different plane. when it is in america we don't need him or for there right now i was iraq and everything america are we here is just what sorry we couldn't refuse it winds come in use an old fart. somewhere and say look your town's going to look like this is the bad news. a match normally should be used are going to put a good picture we got a bit of hostility with the camera down there is it kind of is it is do you guys feel a bit kind of burned by the negative press attention that you guys have are yes because of the t.v. show that happened way before yeah now when it comes out he would say the coma speaks in people's faces just you know we would you know people that work they
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don't know all the offending advice has now been removed and dr nick's style as spokesperson has issued an apology or cough an apology our intent was never to smear to town and to photo not unknown to us as jay wick sands in essex we never used a name for us it was an example of a town overburdened by poor governance which is exactly what we in our district are seeking to provide at every level back in two thousand and ten and two thousand and fifteen the government named the area as the most deprived in england in fact i was here to report on it at the time the time was thought up as a holiday resort for city dwellers back in the one nine hundred twenty s. these are all meant to be summer houses but because rents were so cheap people started living here all year round some parts of the town like tarmac roads street lighting or even pavements lost to shops that were here have been boarded up
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unemployment is rife in the town in fact sixty two percent of the people that live head to pend on welfare payments. and the town isn't exactly a luxury seaside resort it is still a deprived area and even though local authorities have been keen to stress that they have invested in new roads and new drainage systems it could use more money there is some hesitation when you talk to the locals as well they don't want to talk to the cameras they've been burned before by. bad press and the. image of the town around some concede that they could definitely use more investment but it's not up to politicians in america to judge their hometown one interesting suggestion came from the director of a documentary about j. which he said that dr nick stella should come over here and she could show him around the town and so he can see for himself will be improvements that have been
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made i get the sense that the locals they would have one or two things to say to him. for just a couple of days now before the us some american politicians have been accused of playing on people's fears because on the scale of molten explains those politicians may be surprised to learn what photos actually for most efforts to influence the twenty eight eighteen mid-term elections the big news and divisive stories and posts caravan of impoverished migrants white nationalists prepared to take to the streets trump administration plan could a race the definition of transgender but according to a new poll conducted by chapman university in california americans actual fears don't really line up when given a list of one hundred things to be afraid of including nuclear war zombies ghosts and other terrors americans listed their primary phobia for the fourth consecutive year as being corrupt politicians. and perhaps this fear isn't
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exactly baseless we do have a president whose tax returns are still under wraps and he seems to be pretty blatantly doing favors for his next of kin i've heard even i've heard how good would be. the people that know there's nothing to do with that but does that but i want to tell you that people that know know that he wagner would be dynamite but. you know and then be accused of nepotism if you can believe it right and truck got a lectured by tearing into his opponent hillary clinton he called her crooked hillary the. because her reputation for shady deals has been around for years the f.b.i. even looked into her clinton foundation the former secretary of state never shied away from taking big sums from financial heavyweights did you have to be paid six hundred seventy five thousand dollars well i don't know that's what they offered. accusations of corruption are abundant in american politics even though they rarely
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make the legal field in the united states there's all kinds of politicians being accused of insider trading lavish gifts as they say welcome to american politics but it seems that the mainstream media is working overtime to direct our phobias elsewhere there's no limit to what the russian federation will do to undermine american democracy while you know what we have to work on immigration i have a big dairy district a live agriculture a lot of undocumented workers but these things aren't even in the top ten because we have so many of them. the things that relate to your life or the future of your kids and things like that not trumped up things like you know terrorism is going to get to or the bridges are going to fall down or something it's real life things that people are worried about part of it is the economic ones including the corruption of politicians i was interested in the corrupt politician thing being at the top because for a long time people haven't recognized how corrupt their politicians are they think
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it's thinking in gradually that the whole system really stinks american politicians have learned that playing on people's fears is a big seller but it seems that what scares the americans the most is the very scare mongers trying to manipulate their fears tale of mopp and r.t. new york. old people posing as political cabot's russian trolls and even i saw facebook struggling to live up to its transparency pledge by continuing to approve fake had photos months from fake sources the tech giant introduced a new tool last month the misinformation on its platform and the new holkins takes a closer look at how it's working so far. remember how the zucker vowed to protect your news feed from fakes arguably the biggest problem of modern times we're going to take a number of measures from building in deploying new ai tools that take down fake news to growing our security team to more than twenty thousand people to making it so that we verify every advertiser who's doing political an issue well the issues
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but again we can't prevent all governments from all interference but we can make it harder we can make it much harder and again based book is unveiling a new so-called war room facebook has created what it's calling the war room where teams of patrolling for fake news misinformation and meddling to multiple scandals in a big brainstorm but also it was finally found now will no shady sponsor can post political ads without proper vetting verification the social media the judge even made this sleek video to make sure you appreciate their efforts there was never anything that delivered the same kind of visibility into who paid for paid political content on facebook until today ads really except politics have information about who paid for them with crucial u.s. midterm elections just around the corner surely no one would be allowed to get the up behind the new controls except they did. big time facebook's not meeting that
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higher standard of transparency we received approval by political ads and if book and claim they were paid for by major political figures in just about an hour they passed facebook's approval process that's a little awkward while a few posts slipping through the net could be understandable some of the haves were just obvious the journalist took me was allegedly shared by russian trolls back in twenty six theme like this one jesus arm wrestling satan published it on a page called ratatouille for senate and disclosed the funding as paid by islamic state you couldn't make it up this mean was published in mike pence his name the page ninja turtles p a c in fact the only time advertising was denied was when they posed this hillary clinton or mark zuckerberg himself when asked how this could have happened facebook said well it isn't perfect but we'll try harder in forstmann to isn't perfect and we won't stop all people trying to game the system but we have
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made it much harder and we will continue to improve since then a near identical experiment took place with a similar result journalists managed to get approval for ads paid for by cambridge analytic or the notorious political consultancy banned from the site after dragging the company into a huge scandal earlier this year so there you have it two years of investigations congress hearings and political battles against all blind trolls and smart well funded adversities the result even more possibilities for ridiculous trolling what can't help but ask what is the problem with the state of american politics was that really in the dodgy ads this idea that it is now their responsibility and they're qualified to take on this responsibility to determine what is in isn't real news to determine what is in is in valid political information to determine what is in is in free speach. each that's just ridiculous i mean it's absolutely ridiculous to to
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assume that this company should be in charge of that this idea that facebook is going to tell us what are real political ads quote unquote and what aren't and what is real news and what isn't and what should be free speech and what shouldn't be giving them this overreaching censorship power is absolutely ridiculous. so a snapshot of history a camera dating back to the second world war has been recovered from a trench in southern russia and i guess all the all it's one frame from the entire roll of film has survived. that's the troops couldn't approach the strange they killed him with the ground cover.
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we're lucky that this is a good camera and an expensive film also the fighter covered camera with some things like a notebook. and that's wrapping up the program for this hour here on r.t. international now at eight thirty in the morning here on sunday at moscow we're back soon with another edition of the weekly hope you can join us. did the static fellow that moment that you met in one out did i mean it that a little.


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