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in starting down with the old vision starting there was some student loans a fund is up in these cards and with. what. out. in the stories that shake the way care not take china gets its military ready for war and made trade in territorial disputes and worsening relations with washington
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. meanwhile donald trump announces the renewal of all pre nuclear deal sanctions against iran a decision though that angers washington his european allies who do value to protect their business interests in the islamic republic and we're told to survive rwanda's genocide as human rights groups call for the reopening of an investigation into the french army by its response to the peace a century it was massive. so they're welcome to our international this sunday evening you're watching our round up the week's top stories. china's president has raised the specter of a potential conflict after instructing the instructing the country's military to be ready for war but how much of this is merely posturing more against stiff reports. so here's the thing the chinese government almost never says anything you wouldn't
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expect that's their thing they're giving their incredibly careful reserved at least with their tongues so when the chinese president orders his military to prepare for war serious indeed. the military to concentrate on the bouncy revenues for war the chinese are preparing for war out loud how over how did we get to this well trump for one aside from land blasting the chinese at every opportunity is tariffs is sanctions his trade war he's also being very heavy handed congress has just approved a second arms deal with taiwan in eighteen months. of untruthful the sales of weapons by the united states to taiwan damages china's sovereignty and security interests that beijing sees china and taiwan as two parts of
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a whole two chinese entities same culture ethnicity same languages with two separate governments communist capitalist the end goal is to reunite into one state there are differences of course currently preventing that and about one hundred kilometers of c. that separate the two and trump always a fan of sticking it to the chinese he's been floating his warships right between the two china's eyes in one thousand we have expressed our concerns to the u.s. side the taiwan issue concerns china's sovereignty and territorial integrity and is the most important and sensitive issue in china u.s. relations. for starters how about you express your concerns about these important and sensitive issues for someone who cares a little more because that interim. if you worry about. i don't
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worry about things. let's be greats never worrying about anything unfortunately others are there are those in china who believe that america wants taiwan to declare independence and the chinese are preparing for that eventuality militarily. it's your own you know we are resolute to defeat any scheme or act of taiwan independence in any form thing is the taiwanese don't really see a point to defending themselves taiwan which recently switched from conscription to a volunteer army is having huge trouble recruiting even reserve troops dodging the juicy after all that's the point the devil when. the government needs to think
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whether it's necessary to bring conscription back national security matters but taiwan is a minor player in this confrontation if war does break out it likely be the people's republic of china slugging it out with the united states rather than taiwan and that is a war that trump really really ought to be worried about the world is really at a cross rolled the united states has been pushing china around him really china and imposing unilateral tyrus on the chinese exports china does not want to have a trade war with the united states china does not want to have armed conflict with the united states but if the united states really wants to impose these things aren't to china i feel the chinese people will be fully mobilized behind the chinese government or the chinese military. meanwhile on friday the trumpet
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ministration announced that it's three imposing all sanctions against iran that were lifted as part of the twenty fifth deal the us president took to twitter to taunt around about the news in a post resembling the tagline from the hit t.v. series game thrones the sanctions slated to come into effect on monday following america's unilateral withdrawal in may from the around u.k. agreement new sanctions do come on top of those already imposed by washington and focus on oil painting lising states that refuse to hold crude imports from iran the u.s. secretary of state says the main target is the iranian government. the sanctions hit at the core areas of iran's economy it is aimed at depriving the regime of the revenues that it uses to spread death and destruction around the world however the people on the streets of toronto are to say it is ordinary civilians who end up bearing the brunt of the sanctions time about manson's a hard to come by because of sanctions no doubt if you are caring for a patient your life is affected by these sanctions sanctions decrease the quality
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of life is people cannot now obtain things they used to have tame easily before for them but it was a i'm a merchant in a century cannot trade with businesses outside of iran any more it would take its toll and we have yet to see to what extent that affect ordinary people and merchants. package every year or every two to three years they say new sanctions will be imposed so people have gotten used to sanctions but that doesn't mean we accept them and it doesn't hurt it means we've had them so long they don't affect us anymore they harm the u.a.e. in nation they have always been there for the past four decades and they've been arming the you reigning in nation all along their inquisition that's why many other . states that are under sanctions like russia like many others they are all against this move especially because this new round of sanctions by washington it doesn't have the u.n.
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support it doesn't have the support of even the united states close allies like the europeans that have stayed at their opposition in defiance china turkey or russia and many others have defied the u.s. sanctions against iran and many are worried in washington that this could make these sharp tool or weapon blunts and make you know take it off the menu even for future u.s. administrations if it goes ineffective. or despite pressure from the u.s. the european union has confirmed the block's commitment to the iran nuclear deal in brussels has also vowed to protect e.u. companies that doing business with iran but despite all the tough talk washington may be more flexible and it's letting on. we ask all nations to isolate iran's regime. as long as its aggression continues but we do not intend to allow our sanctions to be invaded by europe or any body else.
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you know we will work to maintain the framework of the twenty fifteen deal in spite of the american decision by ensuring that our companies can stay in iran looking at the latest official so for the cha cha well to see the same. with friends like that who needs enemies who want to be muscles that wouldn't be blinded to what americans do want us europeans to say economic interests a move one time economic relations with iran. we never threaten anyone but we do not tolerate threats from anyone.
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we want to we want to achieve maximum pressure but we don't want to harm friends and allies he. wants aiming for zero zero you're on they are now giving two countries themselves for you in for that indicates that they have maximum pressure on the wrong. and now they are changing that maximum pressure enough pressure. that's also on the question because they cannot. be needed they think against iran because now there is an american captain. ministration on this connecting iran you know and that. system which enables the signs obscene messaging that can be a. top and i guess you were on the economic lead but that's the air we have inside
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the united states between. officials in the cabin the. french human rights groups are calling for an investigation into the one thousand nine hundred forty one genocide to be reopened that after the release of the video which does appear to show a senior french military officer being informed about a massacre taking place in an area known as the peace a said who. failed to intervene. before you are the only two you could push now human rights activists are demanding answers one leader of the organization survey is a plaintiff in the case she says it was too premature to close the case while other lawyers are accusing france were in direct complicity in the genocide lines of inquiry were not sufficiently followed up to allow investigators to determine france's military and political responsibility french military for its use were
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aware that from the afternoon of twenty seventh of june on words civilians were being killed the survivors open the case thirteen years ago although back in july it was scrapped due to lack of evidence and lack of convictions but survivors of the massacre claim they asked the french military for help on june twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred ninety four but the military only came three days later already after hundreds of people were killed in the massacre and the allegation now is that the french government actually knew what was going on and specifically decided not to intervene the genocide was committed mainly by the hutu government and its backers against the ethnic minority tutsi tribe and allegations. the french government supports for the hutus who carried out most of the slaughter in the genocide have been rough on the french government's relations with the rwandan government for years but the french although they admit that they've made mistakes
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they say they have no complicity in the genocide that took place there. well we asked one survivor of the mask if she was actually surprised by the newly found friday at norad and do not know this is video doesn't surprise me i was very happy that media guard published the truth that we the survivors have known this very long time it's important that the french people know what happened back in one thousand nine hundred four when the military was there so you know because i only know that promise to declassify the archives if they didn't work out it's
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everything he published was already known the only thing i have to add is that the french people has want to know the truth. an english seaside village has found itself getting some unwanted attention in the u.s. midterm election campaign j week sans is known locally as one of the u.k.'s most economically challenge there is but images of its dilapidated streets have a paid on the republican party poster boy kaye explains why. what links this essex seaside town to the upcoming u.s. mid-term elections an insensitive political one hundred that's what locals here in jail exxon's in essex have been left fuming after a pro trump republican candidate for the senate for the state of illinois used a photograph of j. wick sands on his social media feed as an anti advertisement so the caption next to the photograph read only you can stop this from becoming
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a reality but the problem is the picture wasn't quite reality the image of j. wick sounds that he used was taken several years ago and since then the local authorities have made quite a few improvements to the local area so the locals they're all rather cross country to try to park in america and then you come to a cover of a walking tour a week and you see the different plane. when it is in america we don't leave room or for the right now again i was iraq and everything america we hear is just let's say we can referee it winds come in use an old fart of africa somewhere and say look you're town's going to look like this is that bad news sells good news it doesn't. match nobody should be used are going to put a good picture on it we got a bit of hostility with the camera down there is it kind of is it is do you guys feel a bit kind of burned by the negative press attention that you guys have had yes because of the t.v. show that happened way before yeah now when you want to come study would say become
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a sticks in people's faces yes just you know we would you know people don't like it they don't like it or the offending advice has now been removed and dr nextel a spokesperson has issued an apology or cough an apology our intent was never to smear to town and to photo known to us as j. wick sands in essex we never used a name for us it was an example of a town overburdened by poor governance. which is exactly what we in our district are seeking to provide at every level back in two thousand and ten and two thousand and fifteen the government named the area as the most deprived in england in fact i was here to report on it at the time the time was thought up as a holiday resort for city dwellers back in the one nine hundred twenty s. these are all meant to be summer houses but because rents were so cheap people started living here all year round some parts of the town like tarmac roads street
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lighting or even pavements the last few shops that were here have been boarded up unemployment is rife in the town in fact sixty two percent of the people that live head to pend on welfare payments. in the town isn't exactly a luxury seaside resort it is still a deprived area and even though local authorities have been keen to stress that they have invested in new roads and new drainage systems it could use more money there is some hesitation when you talk to the locals as well they don't want to talk to the cameras they've been burned before by bad press and they're keen to turn the image of the town around some concede that they could definitely use more investment but it's not up to politicians in america to judge their hometown one interesting suggestion came from the director of a documentary about j.
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which she said that dr nick stella should come over here and she could show him around the town and so he can see for himself all the improvements that have been made i get the sense that the locals here would have one or two things to say to him. reporting that still to come frozen moment in time from the second world war zone after camera is found in a trench in russia still containing its original film we'll have a look at it just after the break. you know world of big partisan law and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the united states under many presidents has a long in growing out of breakin its tree and other promises that the united states is going to leave the treaty again. welcome back the weekly now the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces which are mostly made up of kurdish troops have
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announced a temporary hold operations against islamic state it does come as several kurdish villages were attacked by to near its border with syria the u.s. has been supporting the kurdish forces in the region because washington considers them to be effective fighters against isaw meanwhile on the other on the opposite side of syria i saw terrorists of gain ground close to the border with iraq killing over forty u.s. bank fighters during an offensive there on the group's resurgence goes against what many have been led to believe as you go as you've done off expects from all the boasting you may have gotten the idea of a muslim mixtape in syria is so two thousand and sixteen the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory will do a great job with those as we have just absolutely decimated isis but the latest carnage is a clear signal that the terrorists are not ready to buckle just yet they've
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squeezed every drop of profit from the victory they've been craving for so long from obvious territorial gains to a massive p.r. push they filmed their operation and spoils of war from all thinkable angles it seems even with reinforcements america's proxy ground force the kurds couldn't hold off the surprise onslaught hard choice in casualties down both sides but we will continue to go after them in the weeks ahead i thought. the latest propaganda video even includes a not so subtle threat a skyline view of a government controlled town but hold on just how much of a surprise was this latest isolette that really sure they've moved in under the cover of a sandstorm but it's not like the kurds which are in charge of eastern syria didn't know eisel was on their porch they have been fighting terrorists in the area for a whole year but despite their best efforts to little success and that could be due
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to the fact that their effort has been dwindling gradually apart from i saw the kurdish fighters have been focusing on skirmishes with the syrian army and repelling the turkish operation against them in the north this plays into the yard as sounds perfectly since assad's forces are not going anywhere and neither is turkey as president erdogan tease that the next phase of what he calls an anti terror operation in syria used him as you know we have started active intervention operations against the terror organization in the last couple of days we will soon come down hard on the terror organization with more extensive and effective operations the united states also has been convincing the world it's hell bent on cleansing syria of terrorists yet years on it's their area of responsibility where i still strikes well with its bloodiest attack in months and i wonder could it be because american troops are in fact miles away from all the action we don't have
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a cantor arena mission here we have a defeat isis mission there are many players in the syrian conflict and all of them are hungry for a geo political bounty in syria and writing of eisel early means risking another wave of terrorist resurgence. earlier we talked with baroness caroline cox she is a member of the u.k. house of lords and has been heavily criticized over her stance on syria she's things though the media is turning a blind eye to many of the things that are happening in the war ravaged country. very vicious articles about me in. the newspapers like the london times there is a big media onslaught but it is very biased indeed and it really does not give an equal representation of the horrific atrocities perpetrated by the tea hardest but it's not going to stop me people to say thank you so much for putting your turn to put to me we knew we were not getting all the truth from the b.b.c.
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we knew there was more to it than that in thank you for telling us the other side of the story and i'm sorry to say that u.k. and saudi arabia big time have been supporting the jihad is i've managed to find out questions in parliament that the british government has used at least two hundred million pounds of taxpayers' money to support the hardest related groups and the truth must come out to have a democratic and open discussion and i've said in the houses of parliament in the house of lords that i think russia's been doing the right thing in syria russia's been helping the syrian army to get rid of the jihad is that must be the priority and i really respect russia for doing that. i mean this our camera dating back to the second world war has been recovered from a trench in southern russia and against all the odds to one frame from the roll of film inside.
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that's a troops couldn't approach a strange they kill him with nate's the ground covered and. we're lucky that this is a good camera and an expensive film also the fighter covered camera with something like a notebook. a fascinating story you've been watching the weekly here or not and don't forget we've got plenty of stories for you to you on our website and you can find that at
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us and i'm. just. for. kicks. you. know. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want to.
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have to go right to the press this is like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should be. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just go ahead i mean you know i was put video of the new bill is that i'm spoiling need of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took both sides invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. leaving
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