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and a millionaire he's from the swedish town of jericho where he's a local celebrity. and. you must tell him i mean books books the need to have. your you know. the cost of. paying. down all. day and i don't wish to say but for me only in paying i will sort of oil. your lead but. they let me ask you mistake for money i didn't do it. but on the. million hits. people put it. here i have something interesting.
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you know. be thinking about. this special all these. you have no see they all have books. and like i said your beat on the fourth building in only and in yellow fall it might be lonely and in. the d.n.a. it's a live and in place and go home with all your own. get into that one else handle things call for how to get out if enough that we thought of or thought home for the
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thing on intellectual quest the whole dogs will be yet treated you swallow some hundred lonely tede or your bouts move to mark only the four year old this price has been so discussed here is sweden and it has the swedish academy they they give out the nobel price they were furious when we invented this price so. it is lenin and you can see that he's made in china he said he's a little more chinese than russian in the. well you know one thing some. call me me to. if said nobody.
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i would issue. is. the pusher there were. in chile under the pinochet regime she was sent to prison for her left wing fields later she left for mexico when she joined the indians in their struggle for the rights to live on the line. now as a woman i'm worth a million and if they're out of the way i can.
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pick it. up there i mean i'm up on the roads. that avoid. around a track on route from. sun crystal the tourist capital of the mexican state of chiapas. in one thousand nine hundred four the city was taken over by the rebel it might. indians who call themselves the zapatista. she'll lose at the case of the family is city do. love you long. should die.
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if your own defines it part of your all of you. because she. would be found very. to put it. so who post this if you need it was a possible democrats believe it that was this year. song sos principle is so limited as a limit is one that. cannot see in the last but these tests and ask only that this . i see on both of those the misses you don't know are on there and their little says you're here when you eat out entirely out on the supply they've been there those low squalor ask a lot in the door knob in fact and the answer is more choice look at it you is very scary you know when thoughts about this thing than to you i will not
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be thought of. forster. profits from the shop i used to support the separatist movement. i am a you go hand table you have a kid. i am no violence or very early. how. could i give us a kill is was there is there a law. just one. call let me show you my hotel in the beginning if you are going to begin to give you you good. being. in the. in the in in good. didn't. do him good.
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to be named. said. we are not the only. bought into fools the believe the innocent. he got form it all say off the top people on teh down food usa sign it off close. to the policy. in all the oil for the whole of the season needed for oil.
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industry. and expose show all the roofs they would or should their. stuff do you every should know how. can i fix the process if i had to book a full hooper physical disease a good lesson to do could do that every should there you could have you who should have you wish to pretend east. to mold the law that's false. as a dancer she joined the turkish communist party when she was barely sixteen. i
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wanted to study. in the european country and i was thinking germany i mean better education better education about the dance technique. our life's going to like air in the morning we're going to business. we're working. this is for of our peoples if to somebody else they pay you money you're a worker i think a lot of people are so we working and i can slay it why. i don't want to. play all of my class lives while the vehicles like from hungary. and we have one i think so in this world this isn't enough for everyone and why don't some people's monster take our things all the power just for themselves they are in charge and so on and still me talking about wife of course hungary and
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that's horrible i think. the sufi door closed. called all. who on nick's pretty good show all. the city did he did to be able to sit do. it. you should. you know i don't need to deal. i wouldn't look too. good did leisure ness of the songs fall be able to play you know stuff that folds up on top of the book with the music to.
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see. you know world big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. while give easy voth and this us.
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and we are. one flag. the rational south. is that israel is the thief. that the new doc wasn't. thumb the ball up like peter in the zimmer full video from chile the systems of them should slip through the system. as a small fortune in the begin to your good. fortune for the outnumbered a lot about it. more than after such financial. united states under many presidents as a long warning have
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a break in its treaty and other promises now to the united states says it's going to leave the treaty again. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to to crush the demonstrations when for be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just the lawyer who put him in your list book video and put him in the neighbor lose out on your schooling needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who chilcote i've invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. a
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computer poku leader who will do. but you do give you could. do. does out of place do the. he do good i would. put. so fair i would. use a month of you can be no limit to the fight for justice but the opinion remained unchanged after the young.
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are fired to our son not because of me because i want to change may have things in this far out i know i'm not alone about it and the people slack me wants to change . i feel all safe folks feel sympathy to lucian but it's the old days people just don't care about. helping themselves more. just so we have just one life and we have to leave this life medical. facility on boats after my life. i have been. protests while the post was fighting with activists. i was our. baby if
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me many times and i say my life from that's my promise my ass because. i'm just i'm dying now i try to stay strong in my my insides yes take the hits me but at times we outraised she would need to be a lot i would. you know. she be honest she won't call. you i know. personally she just really version of. the mexican state of chiapas twenty seven. just to hostilities against the government ended more than twenty years ago but in certain parts of the state you might still be greeted by men in mosques.
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to be going to going to visit that is going to say a lot but it is going to look at the will from the mentality that was not too political in this direction that just because you commented that i didn't see are going to quiz or the like reasons. you know this is consequences this kid will be alone with the colonel is the only one of us business that i salute most years about on the books too sick to get legal because i like you know me other less money left over i was. feeling. a little like. the regular i think. i. would check and see what i guess was a puppy. stumble can the cd of those be able to get
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a. good old like you because. you put a modest saadiq to the some of these posts says she will sign you as he was the king see i knew was composing the book you. planned. it. was that it was the listen as it did the live becoming clear is that this must be. just. guessing i mean the that. gets into the linear is to leave it all good night only five days old is unity of any kind of thinking where you're going to feel yes i know what it is. i don't know if this illegal is that. apple isn't of it going in the.
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polls. not. even in a country as wealthy as sweet the truth revolutionaries were never it sounds as always his most loyal comrade in arms is his wife. sally of the book tell us if it up. be all took me a little bit to get the sun oil but still nothing to fix that one and that has zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero held up in the store with it now would be a bluff on the field that i'll think about enough is. enough to know the things up. it would be a. good idea i'm not saying i'm
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a photo op so all that. you just go a little slow pace there. more space audience to get me out of. lives being. hard for me to get in that ring it's getting to me. i'm just i'm lost but all of them will sell souls gospel or never get it up. and they have to think of putting things off because it. puts it on the. start to finish it up for you. yet that's. what it sets up another spinoff yeah i. think so saying no to be out there yes but it. is an option but. it is also what they ought to do it and who is then scale up the.
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road over. all scope and more than scope and open you. are going to say there are parties in korea than that of your school in the middle from your. own first so duffey was home. there for the score for an older sunscreens also. they were the instrument to screw to do just to. to know for sure. you.
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i love these hats i'm going bald so. i usually wear something on my head. i'm not so proud of my hairline. unfortunately i'm not alone in impersonator so. as a cartoonist reporter and composite for gottenburg newspaper the proletarian it's the swedish communist party's main mouthpiece. well they're so common is this a marxist leninist of course i believe in the real lucia. i don't think that parliamentary democracy in the us democracy alone can be the means of creating. a good society which benefits all i can assure you and i wouldn't be so quick not to stop being in. this list of people.
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in that city in the long haul ya beat them and will bomb them and the people in the book on it will be addicted but it will come out the tolls and less on camp will do that is the company apparently i don't want to this only. adds. to. my relief and it does not necessarily mean storming the winter palace. and bayonets on and stamping all the border asean capitalists of course not. revolution simply means. that one class takes over
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power in society from and under social in some. has not been constructed in sweden although we have had a very strong well for state of course that alone does not make socialism the means of production have always been in private hands in sweden. for defeat you know to. do so but you put it to you could see a way to to be departed to protect these radical but. it could be the least she'll probably of me to fold you still bay you open. to do something to disagree you.
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want to come here hard some are almost right my dad does this and i think it's. the dance happening now live like cameras there will be some like and that's not me my my protest is my heart's protest is my dance protests against the while some protests against to compel isn't protests against to it's happening in this crowd it's not. enough. sony's those that i mean and this. one could be at the v that are going to have been said that
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it will be out when l. and i took a noise spot on record time like i was having not. their fan there to see seen also back under and also imo so they found they didn't the name was kong. oh. oh this lot of them that if you. feel your way to we. make you see. first of all the family saw any need we sent or maybe receive other. federal will help or. any attacks will descend on detroit to pursue as i live it he has only been seen in the news you know meet you seem. unkind he said the scenes each of two stasi often played the other lean mean beast. appeared alone. despite.
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the good i will talk daubed need it to be dick obese football scoop. a conveyor. this is a pretty small so i knew were these of all true of the two to lead from county to great. thanks to. the end.
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no. i am not a terrorist i am not at that or this i am not. but. these days no matter where you are in the world the chances are you're being watched. in the deaths of innocent people just like any anywhere like it's over ten thousand beats him yet you probably won't have the slightest idea in the box and if you won't see it coming. what. would you have seen in post nine eleven scenario that in case of focused on syria
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had been given a license to kill they are bombing villages their villages their houses their mud houses the bombing them sometimes they claim that they've killed a terrorist and then you see he's alive so who have the killed. children for a country for profit. how can you smile. there's no build around prick here in rwanda you know why says terrorist. bad memories. twenty four years ago this country song a real end of the world. after the genocide there among. i wonder.
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children women to fix the broken. subscribe to read people also get a rough eco engine for just twelve euros fifty per month. in the story that we can all take the chinese need to tells his military to be ready for any potential military conflict from a territorial disputes in the south china sea and worsening relations with washington. donald trump announces the renewal of old u.s. sanctions against iran while the u.s. says they will continue to protect.


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