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tv   News  RT  November 5, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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does it still mean this one. more. thing. these all. these this is. often strident on. your vision stopping there was the sting of all the fun is up in these crowds and with. nothing. to do with the regime it's a choice you can either do agree turn from it's course of action could you be able to trip park and see its economy crumble. the u.s. has reimposed all sanctions against iran which were lifted as part of the twenty fifteen you clear deal they target turnarounds of oil and banking sectors with
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washington also threatening to penalize foreign companies doing business with the country. we believe that you can go no legal how to do this calls. sounds the alarm over the number of saudi led coalition strikes on aid sites funded by the humanitarian group. thousands of anti establishment protesters are gathering in different cities around the world for the million mask march will find out more from the organizers of the washington d.c. event. good evening thanks for joining us this is r.t. international. the u.s. is promising a maximum pressure campaign against iran to reimpose in punitive measures lifted in
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twenty fifteen when the nuclear deal was reached on the tribes described the new restrictions as the strongest american sanctions ever tehran has in turn lashed out at america calling the move racist. it with the regime has a choice it can either do one hundred eighty degree turn from its course of action normal country work and see its economy crumble. out at no one else that we will probably blow post your illegal things because they are against international regulations this is part of a maximum unprecedented economic pressure campaign the united states is waging against the world's largest state sponsor of terror we have to make americans understand that they cannot talk to the great iranian nation with the language of pressure and sanctions that back in may over one hundred countries have withdrawn from iraq cancel plans to do business there we can team a good. to get all the nations to zero today it's not just we who are angry about
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america's policies european companies of too as all european governments of the sanctions are said to target more than seven hundred individuals as well as aircraft and vessels the list also includes fifty banks and will aggressively target sectors including financial energy and shipping meanwhile france germany and the u.k. have issued a joint statement it defies trumps threats the european companies that are doing business with these law mix where public they say that they will work to maintain and to grow financial channels with moscow insist tehran has been in full compliance with the treaty or china says that the u.s. must respect its right to trade with iran israel though has welcomed trumps decision international affairs commentator jonathan steele says that the u.s. is heading along the road to isolation. americans determined to girds alone on this senator shares their isolation. breaking away from international law was walking out of a solidly international agreement which was ratified by the united nations security
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council and it just shows that they are stepping up beyond the scope of international law well we've already got to kind of mini trade war going on between the e.u. and the us it's not the first. conflict free to start but it goes back of course there's a comparable example it was the cuban sanctions when the united states put sanctions on cuba and it didn't work with the cuban terry spoke european companies carried on trading i don't think it's going to work very well in this case. of the i. mean while on sunday thousands took to the streets of iran's capital to express their anger over america we imposing sanctions demonstrations the thirty ninth anniversary of the storming of the u.s. embassy in the city i guess the have reports now on the new restrictions. these
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sanctions come into force now on the fifth of november in the u.s. thirty nine years plus a day since the rainy and revolutionaries stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran in one nine hundred seventy nine america really holds grudges the rogue regime in iran spread death destruction and chaos the iranian dictatorships long campaign remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism the guy even tweeted a picture of himself styled after the game of thrones t.v. show with the message that sanctions a coming play on winter is coming why he did this remains a mystery since everyone knew that they were coming he and his government all said this months ago iran spent many years under these same sanctions cut off from the world's banking system foreign trade its oil under embargo and despite that
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iran's oil exports never dropped below a million barrels a day roughly half of what they are now it can survive it already has survived these sanctions we all will experience when it comes to sanctions do not doubt that under the worst circumstances iranians can export as much oil as they need to. we have experienced similar restrictions in the past we've managed to get by somehow so we now have more experience than we did back then. we now have the international community on our side the us sanctions are unilateral sanctions this means that the international community will not support them based on that i don't think america will be able to achieve its goal while strangling the iranians into submission seems unrealistic nevertheless you can't laugh these sanctions off officially washington months to private the uranium regime off money. uses the spread terror without targeting ordinary people in theory humanitarian goods such
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as lifesaving medication are exempted from sanctions in practice everyone is so terrified of u.s. sanctions of how ambiguous they are that banks and companies simply refuse to sell around that very medication and the u.s. doesn't seem to care it's their problem the sanctions imposed by the u.s. which they say will target our government will definitely affect people's lives putting much more pressure on us even though the sanctions haven't manifested themselves in the market yet they are already on people's minds and causing them a lot of very taxing every year or every two to three years they see new sanctions will be imposed so people have gotten used to saying much but that doesn't mean we accept them and it doesn't hurt it means we've had them so long they don't affect us anymore time manson's are hard to come by because of sanctions no doubt if you
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are caring for a patient your life is affected by these sanctions sanctions decrease the quality of life this people cannot now obtain things they used to obtain easily the four washington sanctions hurt ordinary ukrainians the most in this is something you have to understand sanctions are not something that is new or fun as donald trump seems to suggest in his day it is a game of thrones me the kind of feeling iranians average people as well as ukrainian leaders we have regarding the u.s. is donald trump has created a lot of mistrust and anger among the ukrainians because from the iranian perspective iran has been completely obliging it's part of the deal although these sanctions have had a negative effect does that necessarily doesn't mean that iran is going to concede to the united states. iran. remains defiant putting on
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a show of force today with the major drills military exercises are to continue into tuesday and batteries and radar so been deployed across a number of areas in the north of the country. u.k. charity oxfam as express the lama coalition led airstrikes repeatedly hitting british aid projects in yemen and oxfam representative brown's britain's approach to yemen incoherent adding that the humanitarian crisis though continues to worsen with medical facilities and water supplies being targeted. last wednesday we had. more than twenty people killed in an airstrike. and we have fifteen people killed last month even our own interventions in places for example in in their sardar in the area called the hammers out there we were provided and supported what a system that has actually been bombed by a strike this is what we approached bombarding yes.
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doctors without borders yemen also reports coalition that strikes hitting its medical facilities it says that five centers have been targeted since twenty fifteen resulting in multiple deaths of patients and staff and in june the group's cholera treatment center in northern yemen was hit by an air strike these attacks are contributing to the catastrophic situation for civilians in the country.
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the flames commissaries amaze government faces mounting pressure to halt arms sales to brett. do you have a problem with condemning murder and international violations of into international law or incomplete mistakes are made the only thing that we don't do is actually press the button to drop the bomb i'm surprised there for those who need to defend themselves the amount of raids targeting civilians has gone up north and if these are aware of this there seem to be an awful lot of and i do not agree that the united kingdom is simply to. deny its support for the party which is under threat and so engaged in support of illegitimate government i mean even with.
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the peace a legitimate government is the. oxfam's representative in the region told us that the u.k. government must stop making excuses for coalition actions in yemen and we believe that you can go no legal party to this conflict and they actually go you're going for it by being there for here when you're actually operational on the border areas of saudi arabia it's the same war and really do think that the advice they give you now see you just showed any changes happen when every few days there is a very thick it's out west agree is it killed whether it's the school's bombing or there was another recent bus bombing recently and the main water pumping station in a great city was bombed which left eight thousand people without water so the pattern is continuing and absolutely you could get one thing people into that part of this every few days ago attacks and every few days the government looking to excuse the saudis i mean the policy in in here its role we call it out there which
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is going to finding more and more excuses when it's also giving them dossiers information we never hear it and then so we need them to stop the weapons now stop the sales of weapons now and the most important commit to a cease fire. press for a cease fire in the u.n. security council and nothing less than that will actually do to say. britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt has just said that quote for the first time there appears to be a window for a peace deal in the country and well donald trump's commented on the u.s. supplied bomb that killed forty children on a yemeni school bus in august he said that the u.s. weaponry wasn't to blame but rather the saudi misuse i can speak now to author. joins me on the line. donald trump effectively says yes we provide the weapons but we don't press the button it's not our fault if school children die what do you make of his stance on this. this is absolutely unacceptable ok if the
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saudis are inefficient in using b.s. weapons but also supplied them with these for prince who are still until this moment supply saudi arabia or a lot of ammunition a lot of water plays a lot of you know services intelligence information information encouraging them to continue this war for the last four years so i believe yes there are inefficient yes they are. able keep these weapons but why they give it to them you know like giving a child for example r b j or you know automatic gun to shoot understudied so i think he we blame the united states we blame the president the president to supplying this with really will prove to the saudi and all the. horror of shoal bombing. killing three to four to children and more than eighty were injured
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and this makes you know that the casualties until now among many is more than fifty thousand were killed whether by bombs or by famine or by you know. disease like cholera all painful or we've of. diseases and yeah. i think it's fair to say the international community has been turning a blind eye to the atrocities in yemen for many many years finally that we're seeing some kind of international scrutiny to. kind of trying to deflect blame away from washington's role in this. well i don't believe so i think that book is buying time he said ok we are going to revise our policies in yemen but what does he mean by that is he going to stop arming saudi arabia sending ammunition to them missiles warplanes so this is the big question now that we are
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talking about peace i believe this is just a ploy because now tramp is busy with his sanction against iran so maybe he would like white in the war in the constantly on iran i don't believe this man is actually will take any action for years and above and continue from air sea from ground targeting yemenis markets schools or hospitals so it seems he is buying time and he's trying to say because of the international criticism he's trying to say i'm going to revise my policies i don't believe him at all he is interested more in arms deals he said i have a one hundred and ten billion dollar. deal to saudi arabia where are going ahead with it despite that brutal murder of. the the saudi journalist who
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was actually brutally killed that saudi consulate in istanbul. do you thing you've said it's unlikely though but germany's kind of set a precedent by saying that you know it would suspend arms exports to riyadh in certain circumstances if the pressure continues to build could you see trump ever changing that stance. yes definitely there is pressure building on i believe now the united states is saying there are revising their policies generally saying we will actually stop sending workers very via also spain are going to stop only and munition or only sort of are known to saudi arabia but you know our experience with wilson were that they actually change their opinion and they submit to the saudi pressure germany for example this is the same before but when
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the saudis put pressure on them and put sanctions on that and their you know goods and weapons and other fields that germany actually the german government submitted pressure and they resume sending arms to the saudi the same thing spin when they said that we're not going to send you know a deal of fifty million dollars worth of and munition but the saudis put pressure on them and they changed their mind again and they continue sending this ammunition to saudi arabia so ok there are a lot of talk sweet talk good intentions talks but the problem is the saudi have the upper hand why because they have money money here is a fight ahead of principles fight ahead of human rights values so that what will happen and i believe all these talks will disappear will evaporate and when the saudi put the pressure of the saudi money. for
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final question even if not one more bomb was dropped it seems like the damage done is considerable the u.n. estimates about half the yemeni population about forty million people are relying on international aid and they are facing can anything be done about the situation how long will it take to reach restore any kind of normality to their lives. well i'm surprised why this. four years in the m. and why the international community so signed them and they're actually trying to give you more time to kill more people in yemen this is that disaster this is a scandal to be honest i believe big should be international more united nations should actually move put pressure on the saudi put pressure and their allies and other of the other gulf states and to stop this war as as soon as possible now they
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are talking about peace talks in sweden stockholm in order to find a solution you know this we had peace talks before peace talks in kuwait peace talks and other and geneva but it never materialized so without the pressure of a real pressure on the saudi government and their allies this war wouldn't solve and will have more than fifty people maybe forty thousand people more will be killed in the coming few years it is a war needs a strong will from the international community to put them into it my guest this hour is author abdel bari atwan thank you for your time. thank you now the care of the migrants slowly making its way towards the united states is in dire need of aid according to the u.n. all of more about story after this break.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. what holds us do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be that's. actually going to be for us this is what the forty three of them or can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of the holidays. there should. be united states under many presidents as a long war going to have a break in its treaty and other promises that the united states says is going to
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leave the treaty again. thousands of demonstrators across the world all starting to take to the streets for the million must march the process led by hacktivist group anonymous and has been held every year since twenty thirty. remember remember that the state of. the of. the a. very different sort of
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cult the are. still . alex organizer of the march in washington d.c. he told us about the main goals of the protest. what we're trying to achieve year to year is to simply raise awareness we understand that things will not change overnight but we try to get out there on the streets voicing their opinions about things that happened last year things that have been going on for many years and just try to spread awareness so more people know about it and we can try to get change that way there on a mass he can be completely you know anonymous nobody will know you or you don't get rich as voice your opinions leaders will be heard we have seen in the march almost every year this event has taken place since two thousand and twelve we try
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to keep the march peaceful as we can every year but. the police at schoolies situations as well as protesters whenever we see these things happening we try to get them under control as quickly as possible. the u.n. says humanitarian aid is urgently needed for a huge migrant caravan heading through mexico towards the u.s. border that includes more than two thousand children and like basic supplies for some migrants have now decided to stay in mexico many are expected to reach the u.s. border in two weeks time you show you latest pictures of thousands of central american migrants continuing their journey towards the us mexico border where over the first members of a five thousand strong convoy of people have already arrived in the capital mexico city whatever uncertainty awaits the migrants as u.s. president donald trump confirms around fifteen thousand soldiers are being deployed to the southern border putting up a barbed wire and. earlier it was said around seven thousand troops would be tasked
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with holding the migrants back operation faithful patriots to focus on texas arizona and california the issue has become a key talking point ahead of tuesday's midterm elections. has more on the migrants quest for a better life. the imminent arrival of several thousand migrants at the u.s. border has gotten both the media and politicians talking and spinning away care of it was caravan of the caribbean invasion dangers to the country those telling. that the biggest threat to america is some of the published refugees democrats want to totally open the borders a have the caravan. the caravan is mostly made up of people from three central american countries wonderous guatemala and el salvador also known as the northern triangle and it's fair to say that region is not in the best of shape and neighboring el salvador and honduras are three of the most violent countries in the
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world or capital of the world there is nearly one homicide every thirteen hours a woman is murdered in this country and while both the left and the right in america are using the caravan as a rallying point the history which led to this situation seems all but ignored the central american problem you do directly have the security and the will being on their own. to date could recognize the caribbean and central america is vital to our interest shouldn't we president ronald reagan famously took a no holds barred approach to central america under reagan's administration the us aided the staging of a coup and guatemala and spent years propping up those who carried it out despite legitimate accusations of human rights abuses much the same can be said for el salvador or billions of us dollars was poured into a government that was slaughtering its citizens meanwhile as the us work to overthrow a government in a neighboring country was flooded with us soldiers aid in arms and joint bases
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greatly strengthening the militarization of hunger and society the one nine hundred eighty s. were the us this was you know so why. do all these the us so ordered brutal dictatorships that surprised us most. of the country it really has destroyed the ability of people to make buildings across her since the one nine hundred eighty s. central american migration has skyrocketed and surprisingly. and with that comes deportations remember how much trump loves to talk about the infamous m s thirteen criminal gang vile criminal cartel m.s. thirteen the savages of m.s. thirty m. s. thirteen these are animals and mr gina lives by the motto kill rape and control well it turns out they were actually made in america refugees from founded the group in l.a.
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in the eighty's and the program was set up to kick the members out and send them back home and there were corruption and instability was a bound the gang flourished and terrorized the local population the irony is while coffins flaming you know who are the traders are being exported to the us and back to the next order to central america some drug cartels that actually began in los angeles and move into el salvador and had room to do that again because of the instability the us was greatly responsible with their now the u.s. has a long history of interfering in foreign country's affairs and in this instance it seems the consequences are finally coming home to us been involved in a very. very disastrous way the violence that the us set in motion. has never stopped it's just taking a different form it's really the victim of these dirty us blaming the victims. for their own life but the us has
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a really big. wall. and has a lot of why did the house really own up to. the standing in this evening i'll be back with updates for you in half an hour. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to stamp out this thing become educated and in detroit because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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there's no we're building around pretty good here and no wonder though why is this terrorist. bad memories of. twenty four years ago this country song a real end of the world. after the genocide there i'm all the women in rwanda that man. fell to women to fix what the men had broken. what is described in the west as a russian invasion of crimea is a fact the presence of russian soldiers in crimea can you clarify that. they were going to go to a brilliant sparkling.


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