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develops a little mind drug that was promoted as completely even during. it turned terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. you know she said is just. victims have received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering. not only want the money i want the revenge. tens of millions of americans have headed to the polls in fiercely contested mid-term elections being billed as a referendum on the trumpet ministration of the country's.
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paramedics have used hundreds of ambulances to paralyze the streets of paris for a second straight day in protest against the reforms that as a shock poll shows right wing leader marine le pen has overtaken the french president for the first time ahead of next year's e.u. parliamentary election. day a serbian football star in the u.k. refuses to wear a poppy on his shirt saying it reminds him of when his village was. you know. sometimes you should swallow your own personal. opinions he obviously has a great personal feeling as to why and i think you just have to respect the speediest. thanks for joining us this evening this is our team. tens of millions of americans
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have been heading to the polls to vote in choose to crucial midterm elections and this is the same polling station likely to see in the state of texas the country must simply divided over the trump of ministrations policies and the democrats are desperate to wrest back control from the republicans and campaigning as a result has been. you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. it is. left wing and that's what the democrats are. two words i'm going to define the night of the two thousand and fifteen election
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one which kavanagh and the other is caravan supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh brett kavanaugh which is that or placing a hat on brett kavanaugh caravan invasion or about the caribbean chair of. the series of suspicious packages sent across the country mail by mail bombs fire alarm here will keep you posted on. the.
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midterms in the united states are held every four years hoff way through the presidential this year americans of a lot to decide to glue to all four hundred thirty five members of the house of representatives there are thirty five seats in the senate up for grabs and they have to decide on thirty six state governors altie america scotti no hughes told is . seen unprecedented voter turnout. at this stage it's not a prediction it's a fact there is a record turnout in fact it almost looks like a presidential year and many of these cases and in some cases we're finding in some states in some precincts where they're actually going over and setting records even for a presidential election year so people are engaged and for a lot of reasons of the headlines people are paying attention and i think this plays into what president donald trump did when he first came into office he knew that he did not want people to go back to sleep to go back to their lives he wanted them to stay involved and so what he's done is allowed people whether it works against him or for him it's not at the polls we'll find out but it's allowed people
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to actually feel like they have a vested interest in the events that are going on in the united states something that a lot of them gave up on a long time ago a lot of people have said and watched the media and how just absolutely outlandish and dramatic the media has been uncovering certain topics while ignoring others that doesn't sit well with american people so that people say you know what i can't put faith and trust and who i'm getting my news that i can put faith and trust and going into the ballot box i can control that were actually to have reporters that are going to be looking at each state individually and it's not going to be all about we're going to bring an expert analysis from our panels but more important we're just going to give you the straight facts of what's happening on the ground without necessarily spitting it we're going to tell you exactly what it is and we trust the viewers to actually make their minds up for themselves at once they're presented the facts that they can trust. more than ever it seems these midterms are about wal-mart someone not even on the ballot in the bullpen explains. usually the midterm elections in the united states are about as exciting as watching the grass
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grow low public interest in a low voter turnout and the ads have a very amateurish quality to them. agenda a. then mr trump said you're right. that part. so why is the biennial snooze fest suddenly turned into a political extravaganza well it's apparently about one man i'm not on the ticket but i am on the ticket because this is also a referendum about me so let's go over what's at stake. the big one is impeachment if the pollsters are to be believed the democrats could regain control of the u.s. house of representatives with a majority they could then gain the ability to bring formal charges against the president impeachment has been on the minds of some democrats that he is
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impeachable the democrats want to retake control of the house so they could move to impeach the president telling me it impeachment you think trump should be impeached i would vote yes you would have to take a vote i would vote. now the democrats could get the ball rolling with the u.s. house but whether or not they'd be successful is a different story let's remember no president in all of us history has ever been removed through the impeachment process richard nixon came close but he actually resigned before the senate could put him on trial but impeachment fears aside a blue wave could put the brakes on the presidency. so trumps policies that's what's really at stake. here if the democrats regain control of the house they could block and delay the donald's plans he can kiss that big beautiful powerful wall goodbye plus if the house goes democrat but the
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senate remains republican we're going to have some good old fashioned washington gridlock two words for you government shutdown. in the case of a democratic surge we can expect an onslaught of investigations into the trumpet ministration with the house majority the democrats could subpoena witnesses and get their hands on key documents this means that all things from business transactions to furniture purchases and sexual assault allegations all of that could come under scrutiny so we are going to have oversight committee hearings on their presence use of the cell phones the democrats take over the house then he's going to be subpoenaed to investigated to seek the truth now results are hard to predict but one pattern from the post twenty sixteen world seems to be playing out pretty well at the polls americans get to choose between chaos and more chaos cable mup and r t washington d.c.
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in. the meantime the top administration has been raising the alarm over foreign interference in the mid terms it accuses china russia and iran of meddling in the voting through social media. critical elections coming up in november and control of congress at stake twenty eight t.v. this year's midterm election this year's midterm elections as the twenty eight midterm election season begins to heat up there are new concerns about the security of america's election system i mean how secure are we there's been some finger pointing at both iran and china. now to a developing story we have a breaking news to tell you about it got us here in russia so i guess the simple question is is russia still targeting the united states no question the russians will meddle in this year's midterm elections russia is at it again at it again russia is up to its old tricks. may be seen to be either willfully or blissfully ignorant of what's going on. why would the president say that they are doing this
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why you see such a rush he hasn't even tweeted a single piece on russia's goal is real simple a message to the road trust to create division of social and political content carry out cyber attacks two of them or the other nefarious things were in the middle of information and meme warfare is james bond evil villain level plotting the russians they know everything that irritates this country when congress and the general public disagrees simply along party lines and the russians are winning they seem to know everything that hurts they're going after all this stuff women fighting around this country have been heating up more so they're really not articulating a single viewpoint they have weaponized freedom of speech and the public loses trust in the press the russians are winning and the only thing stopping them is news media broadcasts like this be careful what you read they're still trying to get in our heads in this country resilience need to stand up and say we're not
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going to allow some russian to tell us how to vote. the time the question. is who rushed us. the day before the vote the f.b.i. along with other government groups issued a joint statement warning americans of possible russian meddling it adds that the kremlin could spread false information and propaganda among voters the new mcadams executive director of the rome paul institute says moscow's alleged interference has become more of a political tool than an actual security concern or the interesting thing is there's never been any proof presented it's just a bunch of scare tactics i initially the claim as you remember was that the russians tried to help trump when but when they could deliver no evidence whatsoever it became some amorphous thing like they're trying to undermine our faith in democracy by making us argue with each other as if we've never argued with
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each other before on these issues but what's interesting is the spending on the advertising in these midterms election there is a good piece in the nation recently that found that for mid september to mid october in the house races they spent point one percent of the ads mentioned russia point one and in the senate not a single ad mentioned russia what does that tell you if the democrats really believe that this president is controlled by russia then why have they said nothing about it the fact is they do not believe it they have just used it as a way to try to overturn the elections they're not going to put their money where their mouths are because they know there's nothing there the new york times need less the newspaper's graphic barometer of the election results is making a comeback for the midterms but with painful memories of the democrats presidential defeat of twenty sixteen let's decided to make some changes. lane.
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the new york times election the adult still gives me. from november the eighth one to sixteen. is a test transfer of the new york times needle on nov eighth went to sixteen. which in that you know the new york times has actually tracked is going to kill me bags off two thousand and sixteen elections really lead .
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when the media started twitching towards trump you could tell who was watching because they were the ones who started getting these drooled there were people crying in the news room that night. i slept. we had many many discussions we all agreed that aggregates cold in coming out with what looks like a new york times in summary and then placing that true prominently on the home page was not the right thing to do so we're not going to repeat. iran's foreign minister has released a video that lashes out at we need us sanctions to have a job ads are a fad it he's focused on minimizing their effect on his people. the u.s. administration appears to believe that imposing illegal draconian sanctions on iran
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will bring about such pain to our nation that it will force us to submit to its rhythm no matter how absurd or lawful or fundamentally flawed its demands ours and today we and our partners across the globe will ensure that our people are the least affected by this indiscriminate assault in the economic warfare that directly targets the iranian people notwithstanding hypocritical claims by the trumpet ministration to the contrary. earlier on cheese day spain joined russia condemning u.s. demands that countries follow its renewed sanctions on iran speaking at a joint news conference in madrid because foreign minister sergei lavrov said u.s. sanctions on tehran well absolutely illegitimate and disappointing adding washington's ultimatums will quote unacceptable spanish counterparts as have burrell echoed those concerns. it is going to put in there actually i agree with mr
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love the in his rejection of any kind of approach that sounds like an ultimatum including from the u.s. the e.u. and spain in particular have been very critical of the usa as you learn decision to denounce the nuclear agreement with iran that mostly. from the point of view of the economy and security and the european union insisted on doing everything possible to keep this agreement alive for the sake of our companies so that they can continue working is vesting and trading with iran the information that we have is that iran is complying with its commitments in this agreement and the u.s. does not have any arguments or reason to reject. him or france germany and the u.k. have issued a joint statement defying trump's threats to european companies doing business with the islamic republic they say that they will work to maintain and develop financial channels where they ran moscow insists a round has been in full compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal donald
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trump's described the new restrictions as the strongest american sanctions ever against iran they affect more than seven hundred individuals and they also aggressively target the financial energy and shipping sectors the load of a new former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament says that the move may have dangerous consequences. up until now foreign policy of the united. sorry was mainly you know reflexive of whatever the united states has said not because they just fall into good and mostly agree with it also and now there's a fundamental disagreement governments and public opinion is not always exactly the same i mean the government here in belgium in all of them so are very slow in decent matters but basically when they are so slow in not standing by the u.s. that they'll do a lot of things already given also the historical context so we're discworld go you never know and i hope that it will work out somehow because this is indeed
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a very dangerous situation but it is more than that this has to do i mean you should not forget why is the u.s. so aggressive against iran has nothing to do with their with their the character of that regime because we have regimes that are allies in that area which are far worse i mean saudi arabia to name just one it has to do with the feeling that they have that they're losing control of the middle east and then that this one country that doesn't abide by the rules their rules that is to speak and i do believe that my fear is also that for the moment you know in the past obama even george bush junior you knew that somehow there were advisers in the background who said ok let's let's turn now on this a bit and but this president doesn't he didn't even have a reasonable advise us by his side. paris
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paramedics have been blocking the city's ring road another came roots for a second straight day with a so-called snail protests sirens a place about bullets as were parked across roads reportedly causing hundreds of kilometers of traffic jams to demonstrate. changes in conditions paramedics say were put out of work. through. the protests just the latest in recent weeks and the right wing party leader marine le pen has overtaken him on your microphone for the first time in the polls just ahead of e.u. parliamentary elections next year. takes
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a closer look. france has broken out into protest as of late on nov fifth five hundred paramedics as well as two thousand supporters took to the streets to protest a government reform that would end state funding towards medical transportation and on the same day macron found himself trying to diffuse growing up roar about the rising taxes on fuel prices in france already angry citizens are prepared to block roads on nov seventeenth in response to this with authorities preparing for the worst and recently there were even several severe building collapses in a poor neighborhood of march say with leftist politician john look mel and sean saying that it was due to an indifference to poverty in france and the latest polls are actually seriously reflecting this says for the first time ever marine le pen and her euro skeptic party are polling at twenty one percent that's higher than
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macron and his party's nineteen percent and amidst all this macron is beginning to promise things on an e.u. scale for example a new european army separate from nato and dependency on the united states we can't protect europeans without a real european army faced with a rush to run a buddhas that's shown itself capable of being a threat i want to create a proper security built against russia which is a country i respect which is itself european we need a europe that can defend itself alone without depending only on the united states in a way that exhibits great to sovereignty so as macron continues to focus on issues like a european wide army and these problems internally in france become larger issues for him it just starts to seem more and more like he'd rather become president of the european union than continue as president of france. still midfielder one of england's top football clubs received abuse and threats on
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social media after refusing to wear the traditional remembrance poppy had evolved as this day which marks the end of. saturday's match for manchester united so pneumonia did not wear the flower which is also seen as a tribute to modern day british service members he later explained his decision. i recognize foully why people were poppies i totally respect everyone's right to do so and i have told will sympathy for anyone who has lost loved ones duty conflict however for me it is only a reminder of the bombing of serbia in one thousand nine thousand nine on reflection i now don't feel it is right for me to wear the poppy on my shirt i think she even reportedly said the issue is so fundamental to him that he would leave the club if forced to wear the tribute shifty picks up the story. it's not every day you see a professional footballer take a hard political stance but that's exactly what manchester united. did regarding wearing the poppy well you would think that this would pacify all the tension
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because it was heavily criticized for not wearing the poppy but yes some people took to social media to deliver a lot of abuse towards the serbian player now some were suggesting that he should be injured others were saying that he should leave the country and play elsewhere but in serbia his decision received some price appreciate it as. politics shouldn't be involved in a sports and people should not talk to him about of the season i appreciate also decision to explain to fans why he made the decision on the game and in general. i would do the same i think he did the right thing and then when your mouth it's no i think is the. very very beginning no football player. like a man you know because this is the good good good think he's doing now but even in the england itself explanation left very mixed response some people actually
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defended him and said they respected his choice after all he was not even an english player but say that to stoke city's james maclean from republic of ireland who also refused to wear a poppy and got so much abuse coming towards him that it just you know the social media literally exploded with vile things said about the republic of ireland international play and he even had somewhat of a confrontation with the fans at one of the recent stock city's games so all this basically raises a big question what is wearing a poppy in england a symbol of remembrance or something that you can use as a stick to hit a player if you refuses to wear it based on his nationality if you are doing it. then i think. really sometimes you should swallow your own personal. opinions i don't think about that houstonian just to deal with it because everybody's dilute
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is dealing with the good. from the war us become but for me is that what i did if you live some works in britain yes you should all on the national dish and puppy days especially but yes it should. have his joining me this evening here on all t. international my colleague conditions said he will bring you right up to date with the latest stay with us for coverage of those midterm elections be here.
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what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be precise this is like the full three of them all ten people that i'm interested always in the waters about how. i should. ministry is police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does my mike was hoping to avoid just one from the presence of god i'm stunned this is not the guns of the. woods as that's good. on into the sea it's a must also apply them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments
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under a cyber threat and not only that. the office of the assistant is selling this only one of. these you all do this. with. these this is. the host i hadn't done. the all patients stop and there was a sting of phone calls in front is up in these cards and the find. it hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company grown untold develops a little mite a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know
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she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering their not only want the money i want the revenge. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to quit the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your goal or here i mean your list book video threw me in the eye neighborly as i knew i needed to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took coach i've invested over for. billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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this is because a report i'm because or hey you know we are still on our epic voyage guns owing across america trying to take the pulse of a nation being a massive nervous breakdown heading into the most contentious midterm elections since ganga's con ruled eurasia stacy max we're heading to albuquerque maxed you're going to be able to see this entire journey on gonzo coming soon in december on our t.v. but you know one thing i want to point out is we when we're on the road we do get to see some of the crazy cable news here in america from the hotel room and it's
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still crazy like three four that i feel like maybe the altitude is a little bit too high i'm not sure if i'm hallucinating what i'm seeing on the news here but it's pretty bonkers and one thing they never mention ever is not only do they not mention yemen but they don't mention china and they don't talk about what's happening with china because i think they don't understand it they're afraid of it or they want to ignore it and they don't know how to deal with it so i'm going to look at this headline from marshall our back who is a genuine progress of there aren't very many genuine progressive's in america there's a left wing there they call themselves left wing because they're socially liberal but there are very few that are actually. liberal in terms of imperial vision and what goes on so he's looking at this trade war going on with china and says this so far the big trade war loser is china not the u.s.
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it's early days but so far the constellation of economic data.


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