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tv   News  RT  November 7, 2018 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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trump ails the midterm elections as a tremendous success for his party as the republicans hold onto the democrats every take in the house of representatives and what they say is a huge blow to the president. i voted for the future queues with polling stations opening late and voting machines breaking down. the jewish organization in germany calls on the government to put on special integration classes for newly arrived muslim. in anti-semitic incidents. and egypt to draft a law to ban the burka as it warns both male and female terrorists are wearing them
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and to avoid it detection. the easy way. for security bodies failed. as a small piece of material a threat to national security. or broadcast live. this is our international i'm sean thomas really glad to have you with us. you know a new political landscape is shaping up in the u.s. after the midterm elections democrats have regained control of the house of representatives but the republicans extended their majority in the senate president trump says that both sides will try to work together despite the divide and last night the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority. well significantly beating expectations in the house for the mid. and midterm
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year hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the american people it seems we're facing a divided government in the legislative branch at this point the houses of congress we've got the house of representatives and the u.s. senate are controlled by different parties the democrats gained control of the house of representatives while the senate remains solidly republican with the republicans actually increasing their leadership and their role in the senate gaining a few seats it's not exactly clear how many they gained but they did clearly make some gains last night in their control of the senate now both sides seem to be congratulating themselves seeing this as a victory the democrats are rejoicing that they seem to have taken control of the house of representatives the republicans including president trump are celebrating the fact that they've solidified their control of the senate let's take a look at some of the aftermath of last night's vote to family story in the
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constitution's checks and balances to the job. of america's focus on. and took back the house of representatives. so tonight is a night to celebrate how far our movement has come. in the race for the. law several others have announced the senate going into republican control that's a huge moment a huge victory for the president to fill testament to the fact that many voters want their state wide officials to be people who will continue to have this economic boom going are voting in favor of freedom and free markets with control of the house of representatives the democrats will be much more able to block trump's agenda furthermore on the democrats will have the ability to launch more investigations into donald trump the question of impeachment remains open as the democrats do have the possibility of bringing impeachment charges against donald
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trump however an impeachment trial would require the senate which is solidly republican to vote out the president however at this point we've heard from donald trump he spoke about how the numbers showed a big success for the republican party there was a big turnout of supporters and donald trump spoke about you know the gains made in the senate compared himself to previous administrations and the successes that were possibly made and furthermore donald trump when he spoke he talked about how he was willing to work with democrats he said that he'd be willing to cooperate with the democratic party when it came to issues such as the drug prices and other issues he urged bipartisan cooperation it's also important to note that during the press conference trump was asked about whether or not russia and china had quote meddled in the election now trump did not give a direct answer to the question and said simply that he's been working with the
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f.b.i. and the justice department did not give a direct answer about whether or not he was going to accuse russia or china or any other country of meddling in the election results. trump didn't warn the democrats that if they investigated him he would launch investigations into them for alleged to leak stuff trump also clashed with the media quite a bit during his press conference so the country is reacting to quite a dramatic vote was quite a big midterm election that just happened here in the united states and the results are mixed. vice president of the eurasia center think tank believes the divisiveness that defined the midterms was driven by both political parties as well as the media definitely the us media and the political parties have definitely created more divisiveness and more friction between. between the parties as well as within the within the society itself and i think the media is largely to blame there. sometimes leaking information that should not be leaked sometimes. twisting
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the story a different way than that should be. you know sometimes just falsely claiming something that's not correct and then substantiated so i think we've got. we've got a media and also elements within the government that are actually creating within the u.s. government that are actually creating more of a device the. atmosphere within the population as we mentioned earlier donald trump hostility towards the media was on full display during his news conference on wednesday he clashed with a number of journalists and when a c.n.n. reporter took the president to task about statements he had made before the midterms trump told him he was rude and terrible person. i challenge you on one of the statements that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the midterms that is there we go if you don't want us president bush that's what your campaign how you're going to pay. that's not an invasion honestly i think you should let me
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run the country you run c.n.n. and if you did it well your ratings let me ask you if i think that's enough that sort of president that said i asked was that said harvey where you put down the mike is what c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are rude and going to meet a guy in general defense i traveled with him and watched him he was diligent reporter i'm not a big fan of yours either so i understand to be out of the. meanwhile more than seventeen thousand calls about voting problems have been documented but they are far from the only incidents and these elections that will be remembered. i.
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told her you. would feel if you were right thank you.
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in the wake of the midterms u.s. attorney general jeff sessions was also forced out of his position he had faced a barrage of criticism from the president over his decision to withdraw from the russian investigation which has plagued trump's time in office sessions announced his resignation on wednesday he will be replaced for the time being by his former chief of staff matthew whitaker who has been openly critical of the investigation into alleged russian election meddling legal and media analyst earlier lionel told us that he hopes the change will bring the inquiry to a close. this was coming this was everybody knew this we thought a lot of people thought this would be a little bit frankly a couple of days after this was immediate the good news is let us hope that mr
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whitaker takes over there's a coordination there is comedy there are some type c. or m i t y that there is some type of of a move to reconcile and to put this behind this we have been wasting our time remember there are other crimes in other serious cases involving terrorism and the like it seems by all observations that mahler's investigations seems to be wrapping up because a lot of the f.b.i. investigators directing quickly interviewing the last witnesses in all remaining investigations the swiss bank of the biggest of japanese carmaker and a british defense giant are among foreign owned firms giving millions of dollars to the republicans and democrats in the midterms that's despite foreign donations being banned parties jenkins explains how it all happened. it's no surprise that meddling was on the mind once again in the run up to the midterms we are receiving information through a variety of public and private sources that indicate that. we should be seriously
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concerned about people trying to influence the elections in two thousand and eighteen and spending serious money to do it serious money and perhaps those concerns aren't completely unfounded because while the vast majority of the five billion spent on these elections was burned through by the parties themselves a nice chunk of change was generously spent by foreign companies a list put together by the center for responsive politics shows over a dozen countries jumping at the chance to put their money where their interests are the data shows most support was thrown behind republicans spending roughly four million dollars more on the right than the left the u.k. switzerland and germany were the biggest spenders on the list of over a dozen countries. and you may be surprised to hear that mexican based companies overwhelmingly gave
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to republicans and all the contributions weren't high every dollar is another metaphorical brick in the wall isn't it now you may be thinking but that's illegal right well yes and no while it is true that only american citizens can make political contributions there is a lovely little loophole that allows american divisions of foreign companies to form political action committees or pacs and collect money from american employees and despite the never ending meddling mania in the us over the past two years the federal election commission has rejected proposed changes to address foreign influence in the us three times and we can't accept the fact that why would people want to give us money unless they think they're good or they kick back or getting something from it so it's a reflection of the type of government we have is a reflection that we have interests around the world. we're in one hundred and fifty hundred sixty countries we are maintaining an empire so everybody has an interest and we're out there over regulating trade where you know threatening
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sanctions and putting on tariffs and so the lot of people are buying influence so i think that is the problem to curtail the money you know we're sort of debt tackling this symptom yes we want to do that and the law says you're not supposed to but the loophole is that there's a complex system here through the pac system that you know that is a huge huge problem the laws says that they can't do it and they should say that if it's coming from of from a foreign source just because it's given to a pac to excavate it that shouldn't be allowed. germany's leading jewish organization is calling for special anti-semitism classes for muslim migrants it comes following a spike in hate crimes against the jews or to use peter oliver as a story. jewish community leaders in germany say they want to see integration classes for migrants that focus on them saying that this could help stem
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a rise in anti semitic incidence in the country many of these people have been shaped by regimes in which anti semitism is essential and the jewish state is denied the right to live to prevent the worst scenario we need to tailor the integration courses to these people much more preferably by country of origin the official statistics back up a rise in crime in germany just over four hundred were reported in the first half of twenty eighteen knots up ten percent on the same period last year the vast majority of these were committed by neo nazi and far right groups but the leadership of germany's foremost jewish organization paints a bleak picture of the future saying he sees more problems coming from migrants one of the most shocking cases of twenty eighteen was caught on camera shows you she's . just do you think showing a nineteen year old syrian molly going to be using two men from berlin for wearing
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a kippah going as far as to attack the men with his belt jewish leaders have cautioned against wearing the traditional skull cap so as not to draw attention in berlin we've seen reports of jewish children becoming the target of anti semitic bullying in school and this summer ten people were arrested after a brawl in a berlin park which started after one group of people from syria snatched away a star of david necklace worn by a jewish man also from the same country over one million refugees and migrants event in the country since twenty fifteen and as chancellor merkel points out some have contributed to the problem of noir we have a new phenomenon as we have many refuges a man whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in another form of anti-semitism into the country a fortune. they anticipate is it existed before that i met with burly rabbi yehuda title and i asked him how bad the situation is and if he agrees with extra
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integration classes for migrants focusing on anti semitism the problem with anti-semitism in germany today is unfortunately growing there is much worry about the developments in germany especially due to the fact that many refugees have come from countries which they were breastfed with hate towards israel and towards jewish people of course we welcome everybody but at the same time. being a refugee doesn't only have merits it also has obligations it's not something that only affects the jewish people this affects all people that honor and respect democracy i want to live in a society which respects all people so we have to understand that this is a very serious top agenda issue also for the leaders of the german government and we strongly encourage them to take it in that manner this week sees the eightieth anniversary of kristallnacht all the nights of the broken glass when jewish homes
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and businesses and places of worship were set ablaze by nazis with the nation support of governments while the situation in today's germany is thankfully a long way from out of the one nine hundred thirty s. that period of history continues to cast a long shadow peter all of. the protester in gaza who became a symbol of palestinian resistance has been shot by israeli soldiers during. protests we'll have that story after the break. you know world big. life and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than
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ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. manufacture to send. the right. closest to protect themselves. in the final. we can all middle of the room see.
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what the back this is are to international and i photo of a palestinian protester has gone viral for its similarities to a famous painting of the french revolution and he has now become a symbol of the resistance. does it look familiar especially to the french reminds me of liberty leading the people by eugene de kock walk a very powerful image. i go to the great mulch return demonstrations to live with dignity and to take back on land that i
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will never leave i will go every day and god willing our dreams will be achieved. i put the flag down and started throwing stones with my sling shot so the shot may only carry the sling shots on the flank and i was hurting them a tool and they were facing us with weapons. used to do this in a great march of return demonstrations flag in one hand sling and the other when i saw my photo i was moved to go back. there has been a wide criticism of israel's use of excessive force against the gaza protesters israel it insists though that it's the palestinians who are inciting violence the so-called great march overturn demonstration at the border has been taking place
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for over seven months now at least two hundred ten palestinians have been killed with more than eighteen thousand people wounded. egypt may ban the burka in public at any time and under any circumstances under a new draft law lawmakers say both male and female terrorists are using the full body veil to avoid detection. we are currently in an ongoing war against terrorism we should do our best to and did the veil or is used by many people as a cover for the crimes that they're committing it's not part of personal freedom as some say of seven you states have already barred the coverage in public sparking heated discussion the un human rights committee has even ruled that france's ban constitutes a violation of human rights earlier my colleague andrew farmer gauged opinion on the issue from historian adel darwish and political and social commentator mo wants
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our. when it comes to the clock at the idea that we would limit a woman's right to every place fail if she so chooses as part of spiritual journey she'd been taught to do that is a freedom it isn't actually for democracy it doesn't observing human rights they have been they have been actually instance in egypt and elsewhere where actually men pretending to be women and so it's for security and i think face veils and the burka are no more as a small piece of material i threaten national security as underpants are we had an underwear bomber who tried to detonate a bomb in his pants we had a shoe bomber who tried to detonate a bomb or he's sure you describe actually hypocritical and double standard to actually suggest that it's actually you know i don't think anybody i think anybody saying that we should look at. all that we surely finding second freedoms i think it is a very slippery slope when you are starting to legislate what muslim women in
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a non muslim member presumably i mean if a jewish woman wants to cut a head or somebody wants whereas a fancy dress or these are part of a secular rights and freedoms if you happen to have that draft of our proposed law it's not actually banned as neutrons so if you are going to a security zone i eat a government institution. or a military base or airport security or any of these places you are required to remove their bid seven european countries have banned the in public places the feel is that there's a growing except answer a growing push or a growing movement to do this and would you anticipate to see more countries follow suit i think we've seen a growing factionalized nation and a hard thing and a photo i say to the base and i think what we will see is any creasing effort by the populist party the far right movement to europe in europe i would turn to that said the paradox in england in europe in general and the west will resist.
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because you have to already open society of freedom individual but when you have a nanny state that egypt is rising in the under state you need this kind of law to really protect women from sikes forcing them to wear that the land or this is about freedom is a short skirt it's not libertarianism i had it's not conservatism we need to open up my eyes and become a bill and it. doesn't for me i will be back in thirty six minutes just under that with full of news washington international. there's now a building around break here in rwanda why says terrorists. bad
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memories school twenty four years ago this country song most end of the world. after the genocide there in the home women in rwanda that man. fell to women to fix what the men had broken. and. i think it's important to do something that you're passionate about and even if you know you may not think you can do that and i didn't think there was a chance of me becoming an astronaut but i realize that's what i was passionate about and i wanted to at least try to share this if you're trying whatever it is you're interested in and general for people if you have that passion if you have something you think is really interesting but you think it might not be possible that doesn't matter just just going to try it and you never know where the money
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and. greetings and salutations. another round of elections in the books here in the united states of america and i've got the new speed of cute i voted sticker pictures to prove it and while for the most part of this election was like the many that have come before. here in our corporate sponsored democracy with the usual choices between candidate coke and candidate pepsi that didn't stop truly brilliant moments of us voter rage an app at the from shining through the doldrums take the
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brilliant fall of a new former wisconsin governor scott walker who lost yesterday to his democratic challenger after spending a year hitching himself to the trump foxconn jobs train to nowhere after spoiling the taiwanese electorate electronic giant and maker of your i phone box gone with over four billion in taxpayer subsidies last year in a deal that he claimed would create thirteen thousand jobs in the state it is now being reported that not only is boxcar not building the wisconsin plan to the originally promised and is now and is now planning a change that would mean employing ten percent assembly workers ninety percent knowledge workers and relying heavily on automation the company is also considering bringing chinese workers in to fill many of these non-automated jobs in wisconsin and in response to this massive boondoggle of broken political promises and giant corporate subsidies the good voters of wisconsin handed mr scott walker his walking papers last tuesday voting in democrat tony evers but accountability for broken
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promises and half truths will not only focused on republicans this week nuno and senate democrat claire mccaskill was dethroned up to running away from her more progressive party members and getting caught using her private plane during the campaign three day rb tour of the state to connect with voters she apparently used her private pain during an r.v. tour on the big r.v. plane. so was broken promises in campaign have troops coming home to roost it's time my friends to start watching the hawks. you know what would be. the best like real that this would be the last to leave the body. but they like you like i got. with that we. would. be.
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like. well they were more in the watch of the harks i am so i wrote winter and dimes out of the others and i'm proud of wisconsin today i look at. that foxconn is right there on the fall of scott walker piers i mean at least that's all evidence kind of points to that being one of many things that they were unhappy with with scotty boy but that's a big deal and it goes to the theme of everybody tells you all politicians are trying to tell you what they think you want to hear but when it doesn't come through or it turns out you know you're actually alienating people every now and then the electorate catches up to the electorate catches up to him and knocks him out of office but i mean this is one of the reasons i was constant always sort of gets i mean we're either blamed or thanked for making whatever it's whatever we do the right thing but we're the blame there thank depending on your point of view
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because there's this idea that we can hold these elections well this is kind of the point about a big a battleground state is that. we're fickle when you lie to us it's kind of a thing we don't like to know would be nice if everybody will give everybody a chance you know but once you can see the promises aren't kept that's when they suddenly you won't get as many people out and you won't be able to go out and get new people to make up for it so that's the one thing with scott walker that i think is is this like pretty amazing this sparks deal just good flood worse and worse it was worse in the beginning and that was like the minute it came up but the minute it was announced we talked about on the show that i have never thought it was going to come through the way that people said it did and you can't sell jobs to people and then not have jobs greg delay the executive director of good jobs first told come in dreams if foxconn has to import chinese engineers to wisconsin.


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