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tv   News  RT  November 8, 2018 10:00am-10:30am EST

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a gunman. killed twelve people including a deputy sheriff. following this week's elections president. media. fox news. the very same night. i.
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hope that the majority. of people. welcome to the program. twelve people including a deputy sheriff have been killed in a mass shooting at a crowded bar in a small city. more than a dozen people were also injured reports indicate that there was twenty nine years old but still hasn't been established the local sheriff spoke for the public and media.
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order line bar and grill the suspect who we believe was the only suspect was dead inside. and there were multiple other victims of different levels of injury inside thousand oaks city is about sixty kilometers west of los angeles it was ranked by the f.b.i. as one of the safest cities in the u.s. some of those with a population of over one hundred thousand calls to police started coming in around eleven fifteen pm local time deputies responded to reports of a gunman firing a semiautomatic weapon terrified customers hid under tables and in bathrooms during the shooting on what was a college country music for local uni students hundreds without the time witnesses described how events unfolded. it was on the dance floor dancing and experience you know and then all my friends were at the table right by the door and then they turn your i heard the gunshot i turned around and i saw him shoot a couple more times and in
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a split second i think everyone yelled get down so i ran to the left of the dance floor where the factories were and everyone pretty much dug probably on top of each other they were very very loud gunshot they were very clear what they were shots kept going and going and going we just heard people say run and we looked at as fast as we could. the shooting incident came just a day off the crucial midterm elections wrapped up in the u.s. the results leave congress split between america's two major parties the democrats have seized control of the house of representatives and republicans have kept the senate at a press conference following the vote president trump once again clashed with the media trading blame with reporters for division within the country. it isn't good what the media is doing and then i do have the right to fight back on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist some people saw that as emboldening white nationalist not such a racist question i would never do that and i don't use race and. in america it's
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people like this may cause division one of the statements that you made in the killing of the campaign there we go honestly i think you should let me run the country you run c.n.n. and if you didn't well your ratings let me. ask one of the other folks that's me ma'am on this president that's enough was president the other folks that said. you are a rude terrible person. mr president in going to meet a guy in jim's defense i traveled with him and watched him he's a diligent reporter big fan of yours either so i understand to be out of the meanwhile the left wing movement on t.v. i have talked to fox news activists from the groups around and tucker carlson is house. right. off the t.v. host wasn't home at the time however his wife. called the police the couple have
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four children activists write his doorbell and broke his front door. and many have dubbed the midterms a referendum on trump's presidency it seems he's poss the tests with the republicans were saying the senate majority explaining what that really means is a little bit. so which party won the epic midterm battle for control of the u.s. congress well if you listen to both sides they both won and last night the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority to found the story in the constitution's checks and balances do the job. fancy pelosi has got plenty of reason to be happy she just got her job back as speaker of the house the first time the democrats have had a majority in the house of representatives in eight years they can now launch an
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investigation spree into donald trump and block all kinds of legislation but you would think they would have won a bigger blowout after all they are running against the new hitler who happens to also be a russian spy you can go for nationalism you can go for anger opposite of hitler the same type of propaganda day you would have seen in germany in one thousand and thirty eight these comparisons to trump it's like it bums me out but trump will be outmatched by putin and i have never seen an american president simply surrender to the leader of russia we call it soccer now the donald is far from a media darling lots of media criticism and pressure and his losses weren't so bad when compared to his recent predecessors he not only maintained control of the senate but the republicans actually picked up a few seats so do lots of americans just like hitler and russian spies well perhaps they were just watching a different channel twenty seventeen was
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a very successful first year for president trump unlike obama business confidence is now soaring on the president trump in fact the news is so good so the vote. described as a referendum on the donald so what's the verdict well the voters seem to have stayed within one of two echo chambers there is one echo chamber that loves the donald and the other that hates him the country is divided and now congress along with it definitely the us media and the political parties have definitely created more divisiveness and more friction between. between the parties as well as within the within the society itself and i think the media is largely to blame there are. sometimes leaking information that should not be leaked sometimes. twisting the story a different way that shouldn't be too it's good though because sometimes just falsely claiming something that's not correct enough instantiated so i think we've got. we've got
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a media and also elements within the government that are actually creating within the u.s. government that are actually creating more of a device the. atmosphere within the population. over five thousand victims of war have been treated so far this year in hospitals run by the u.n. back to humanitarian organization in afghanistan a third of them what children. called emergency has been active in the country since one thousand nine hundred nine and say the violence. in the meantime is preparing to get warring parties together for negotiations playing host to afghan peace talks that will happen tomorrow a dozen countries are invited and also the taliban is sending a delegation it's the first time the militant group will take part in this kind of high level meeting after almost two decades of war in the country but i thought explains that everyone has welcomed the negotiations. by any measure the afghan war has dragged on for too long too many people the dead too little
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achieved too much hatred bred why don't try something new this is a very good opportunity and we would like to participate and raise our genuine issues we would urge these world powers to help resolve the afghan issue as per international laws and principles the afghan high peace council will send four delegates the taliban five reportedly representatives of a dozen nations have also been invited and it couldn't have happened soon enough. on just one day the twentieth of october journeying elections three hundred and eighty eight civilians were. plethora of attacks so no wonder that even nato is calling for peace the taller from must understand the continuing to fight this pointless there must sit down on the negotiating table the potential for peace
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is great in our interest being in many years unless of course peace is made in moscow in which case the us won't support it america is skipping the moscow peace summit saying washington only supports afghan led efforts but it will send an observer the united states believes that all countries should support direct dialogue between the government of afghanistan and the taliban to reach it and to the war and. we've been clear that no government clued in russia can be a substitute for the afghan government interact negotiations with the taliban wage never stop the u.s. special envoy from meeting taliban officials in cata last month for direct negotiations i think the more countries that approach the afghan government and the
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taleban and all the warring parties and say let's talk let's have peace rather than war that's a very logical thing for most people and for most countries i just don't think in the united states the united states at this particular time wants to see it also the military industrial complex in the united states is a very very big part of the u.s. economy the guns and the planes and the ships and the bombs that they use and sell all around the world support a lot of jobs in the united states i don't think that the war is in general or going to end if they can do some maneuver to make a better situation for the united states in afghanistan they are probably talking about that and would like to see that seventeen years of war and terror is nato
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sold that calculus thousands dead on each every side generations thread and misery and violence drunken hatred and the heroin finally the taliban agrees to open talks it's a huge deal ed the u.s. possum's war it seems is preferable to peace that comes with russian help. the british government is facing a wave of criticism for its handling of the of the author of the grenfell tower fire seventy two people died a year ago in the place that engulfed a block of flats in london westminster has been accused of placing decking orders on experts investigating the tragedy auntie's in a theatre going to brings us the details. well love critics of the british government have dubbed it shameful in light of information that has emerged about a company that was hired just days following the grand fell fire tragedy to analyze and investigate u.k.
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government state building safety and that company was reportedly told not to criticize to resubmit and her government this was revealed as part of a comprehensive investigation carried out by the times newspaper which disclosed that among hundreds of other contracts the specific one hundred thousand pounds contract with an engineering company called w s p had instructed that particular company not to quote create. adverse publicity for the cabinet or other crown bodies when looking at the situation involving other buildings around the country following the grunfeld fire and of course reactions to such a gag order on clotting experts was was not met with open arms this shows. if you respect to do so. would. follow the truth wherever it led.
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rather than gagging experts and purred ties you repeat a shrill damage this conservative government should be doing everything in its power to ensure they never happens again coming just a few weeks after the prime minister promised to get tough on gagging causes these shocking revelations show the government to be deeply hyper critical as well as paranoid and this is how the government had to respond to all of this standard contracts in the public and the private sector contain provisions to protect the commercial interests of government and its suppliers in a reasonable way these contracts do not prevent individuals from campaigning on specific issues acting as whistleblowers or reason concerns about policy while other grenfell tower of course took place on june fourteenth last year it was a fire that killed seventy two people it lasted many many hours and really brought lots and lots of criticism in terms of the initial reaction of theresa may and her government and as well as the days that followed.
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well the grandfatherly united campaign group reacted to these latest revelations with a statement saying quote the focus at every level of government must be to get to the truth about how and why grand fell happened no one should be deterred from speaking out and quote. coming up a poll in germany suggests that i'm going to muckleshoot cool time when i was in
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the ship before her time finishes in twenty twenty one. what started the revolution recently against mubarak was the price of wheat when the price of food went up to forty to fifty percent of the monthly budget of the average egyptian and therefore revolted if you want to create a revolt if you want people in the streets rioting if you want a global insurrection against banker occupation keep rising raising the price of fish raising the price and you'll get your out you get your insurrection you'll get your torches and your pitchforks still get your hundreds of millions of starving people on your front lawn demanding to be said it.
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was an international ukrainian. suspected of training want supremacy groups which are being arrested for inciting violence the type protests in the u.s. back in two of the seventeen that's according to an unsealed criminal complaint by the f.b.i. it has the details for us here what more can you tell us about these allegations. hello well the man behind this criminal complaint who is in charge of investigating
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the group he was in charge of doing of. investigating terrorist groups back in america for the f.b.i. and just by looking at the pics that you're about to see right now on this screen let's just wait till they come up you are able to get the idea of what the white supremacy rise above movement have been up to in the previous years i'm number of charges have been brought against them and clued in conspiracy a conspiracy sorry to start riots and. when we were of course involved in the twenty seven thing charlottesville riots.
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well the f.b.i. agent also found that the members of the group toward europe and went to countries like germany italy and ukraine there they met with the members of local extremist groups and the defendants according to the f.b.i. agent also had a photo with the leader of the ukrainian far right party which was founded of a regiment of the absolve paramilitary battalion now as of its members i should say were on the front line during the conflict in east ukraine which spiralled out when several regions there refused to accept the results of a coup and key of which led to the overthrow of the government there now here's
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what the f.b.i. agent wrote about them the azoff battalion is a paramilitary units of the ukrainian national guards which is known for his association with neo nazi ideology and use of nazi symbolism and which is believed who participated in training and radicalizing united states based white supremacist organizations now you don't have to be an f.b.i. agent to prove that these people are using neo nazi symbols you can just look at their insignia their emblems and also neo nazi salutes and slogans are a common thing and here is what the rather frequent marches of members and supporters of such are going is ations and ukraine look like.
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so dan this criminal complaint is important because this appears to be the first instance that actually shows the f.b.i. are looking into cases of ukrainian neo nazis somehow training or supporting radical groups across the atlantic which could have been involved in. violent situations there didio interesting to see what else those documents are going to reveal it but trying to there with the details thanks for staying cross that story . only in the meantime in germany police have been deployed in the city of hamburg
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where hundreds of protesters have readied for and against the i'm going to margaret policies. right wing groups called the rally to denounce merkel's open door policy which we've seen over a million people pour into the country since the height of the market crisis in twenty fifteen they were met with counter demonstrators who attempted to block their arrival of a railway station that led to a heated standoff with police. and many germans have been calling on michael to step down from her role as chancellor resigning as next year that's in response to her saying she will continue to the end of twenty twenty one merkel won't be seeking reelection after a series of disastrous results for her party in regional elections now a growing number of germans say that prefer a more thorough tearing leader artie's europe correspondent peter all of a has more. new polling into the political leanings of germans has raised more than
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a few eyebrows eighty percent of those polled said they favored dictatorship is the ruling form for the country with eleven percent saying they would side with strong leadership there i spoke to people on the streets of berlin they were shocked that anyone here would hold those type of ideas. it's terrible we've been through that in history what do i think about those you know this is our past this is our past it cannot be allowed to become our future i don't agree with that at all and i hope that the majority doesn't this is this is auschwitz i pin ages in the one nine hundred sixty two. years this has been present in germans for a long time this is just a consequence of that it doesn't surprise me because because because. i see the people it's possible well i think it's everyone's personal choice maybe due to the
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refugee crisis lately that may have impacted some people's opinions the government has to make something so that the country is led into a better better place and not into a worse place than it is already. but very and chairman of the alternative for germany party paired sort of strong believes if angela merkel will have a hard time saving her leadership and said recent polls in germany are behind the times. it was a lamb duck and it was pretty obvious already after the election she lost the election. remember this problem even to get together a coalition and she's now it's rising to. at least its chancellor but the chances are low you've got the information that the socialist alimentary and so are already looking for new jobs outside of the parliament because they think that this government will not remain any longer the german people on want to return to another issue in the past and this is very important they already have one because
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what happens in the country now i'm there and go out now but this is i was very young so ritzer in the government. is separate loosing straightness like in kamloops the government is this missing. clerics just because they are opposing the government like with books on mass the germans are very open minded people and they're still about coming. people from abroad. so do you have an update on our top story this hour in california where police say they have identified the shooter who killed twelve people in a crowded bar the incident took place in a small city not far from los angeles the suspect has been a now is twenty eight year old local resident in dave of long. previously served in the u.s. marine corps and was known to the authorities for minor offenses such as traffic violations along was earlier cleared by mental health experts and his motive is still unknown is believed to use the forty five caliber handgun during the attack
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cross that story all our latest news as well today on r.t. international do you had to websites r.t. dot com. that's it for this hour from the team and myself as we said do come back at seven pm oscar time for the latest up. it's almost story and other global headlines as well will see that. there's now a bowler around prick here in rwanda know why is this terrorist bomb. or not there are bad memories. twenty four years ago this country song a real end of the world. after the genocide there a moment women in rwanda that man. fell
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to women to fix what the men had broken. when you are not an institution when you are not a government. you'll voice is your voice belongs to you and use a stress in your voice send people accept to seems they would not accept was a situation we used it would if this is a difference which are between palin diplomacy and the official of a c. n twenty forty you know bloody revolution to to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just the lawyer who got to a pretty meaningless book video threw me in the eye and the bill is that idea is
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full of needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen . of those who took out quite invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democrat. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active rich in a not in seventies cretonne had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mess murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company grown untold and developed for the denied a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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this is the kaiser report yeah we're still does oh on the road and we're in new orleans and i woke up feeling dave chapelle everything to talk about dave chappelle everything's been great people down here me doing ok i just. love it. more and dave chapelle impression coming later on the show but first let's check in with stacey and see what she's got stacey. max we're in new orleans on our gonzo trip across the united states and do you know what new orleans is not the choice for amazon's h.q. to in fact it was washington d.c. just outside washington d.c.
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and he. says and i don't believe you know. and it was always going to be washington d.c. he bought a twenty million dollar home there all of this alleged viewing of all the cities across america was all about free publicity and getting everybody to do you know dance for him and offer all sorts of free stuff and show is power and do nothing actually yeah well you know you want to see. how much grovelling these other countries you know cities and towns would do for jeff bezos a lunch with a prostitute themselves before lord jeffrey to get that they get that h.q. to down in their town all them jobs but you know what you just are you just a washington. d.c. ok so let's not have so much of the episode dish and thrill and i believe it's prostrate themselves.


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