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i'll promise i'll hold you i am. ok see that i've got to go and that nobody else will look at them out on the funniest applause most folks most shows just the flu and so. you do and you must. move.
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right. through one thousand nine hundred ninety four. the country is torn apart by brutal this new conflict. nearly a million died in all for him and the streets of rwanda cities was steeped in blood and lit up with bodies. the term genocide is often used to describe what happened here. but for the people who saw it all firsthand it was the end of the world.
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witnesses to the genocide in rwanda are against the tutsi tribe saying that when the genocide ended mass acts of retribution followed. the widespread killing and made women the working majority underwent or an accidental feminist country. in time that involuntary social shift transformed into a positive social trend would filter the country's women to rebuild what the men have broken. and that has been honest. now didn't you have. to know what. i know i mean i don't.
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know quite how much but i'm not in fifth and i. wanted to meet him when it. had a wonder and are true if they knew my i think. not i'm a photographer and if it can you tell you. let. me tell you what it's. like a young boy. i have. it is that i am going to. do we need to jam they acquired me to a. we see so. it's not.
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so not to dream. you. just think you can justify these. here is one of those statistics seventy percent of girls in rwanda do not complete secondary school melissa it's a pickled rwandan girl is one of them. was . eating. chocolate never received. because. of course there are job hunting sides into golly. but to use them you need
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access to the internet and the skills to use it. so job searching much more commonly looks like this. early in the morning and go from door to door. it's as demanding as a job but inevitably it doesn't say. now i did i just. did i give. him what i'm i can me i'm busy.
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is often mistaken for a man. who. only. look at that if you could. google this look. there is some of them but because many of her clients are quite cautious they have more faith in her than they want about. she rides a bike for a living there locally no one has a motor. hasn't had any trouble with the cab driving community. she's on equal terms with everyone. would she think. that. makes about fifty to sixty thousand rwandan francs or fifty five to sixty five dollars a month. would be paid me.
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with a. little controversial political issue if you are because you can't live in. the good of. you. thinks women just lack self confidence which is why they don't make money by giving people lifts on a bike cab company owners don't have faith in women either but that's all about to change. melissa's walking home alone and the night. may not seem out of the ordinary but in neighboring uganda a walk like this could be dangerous and it could be risky in the congo. it can
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sometimes be done in kenya or tanzania but in somalia a girl could never go out dressed like this not even in daylight. we can't talk about. quality without mentioning the main aim for genocide against tutsi because before ninety four genocide against this country has been corrupted our is the. sort of discrimination. discrimination. discrimination ethnic discrimination even discrimination based on sex so women stuff out there or. in two thousand and nine grow under introduced stop centers. anyone can report violence and get help there are currently forty four centers like this across the
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country. and while gender equality body has been introduced into the wonderful work place remains very different in the countries homes. are what they were. victim book and you're quite it come more of them who are who are. these may just look like ordinary notebooks but since these call centers were introduced the number of reported wife beating sadr wonder has fallen by thirty percent. of what it. was. about whatever. and it is also if. you were to. there was
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a. bug it was very happy to have to she scored her very first knockout against another boxer and then was saying that. and then in every damn day nick mckim won the. no. doubt. he was born in ninety eight ninety six two years after the genocide. she started boxing in two thousand and eight to train for three years before financial problems falter to give up drop out of school. says that when she's in the ring she overflows with energy and pride . this is genevieve who was born in one thousand nine hundred five just a year after the genocide. she started boxing when she was ten but at sixteen took
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part in the world championships in antalya and came fifth. genevieve saying she's fearless. just now become an entrepreneur selling clothes. she likes boxing but has to run her business to survive. and now one of the tour is out. there. and i'm going to. show a couple. now and i'm one hundred forty four know. what i say we didn't get out of i keep in mind is that there's a take on what. it was allowed the casts a preview before ninety and ninety four genocide. so. many things.
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cells and if that thing even though life expectancy. releases put on the best dress she's applying for a job as a housemaid at a hotel. perhaps today things will go for. the. purpose. because so many girls drop out of school competition for low wage jobs is.
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that's partly why finding work because so difficult melissa doesn't believe that education is the problem. in my hotel when i. come home. home come up again i don't know. what i don't want to. put a. couple friends you know ha ha. ha ha ha. when i have to go to sound more.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out in the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. when you are not an institution when you are not a government. you'll force is your voice belongs to you and use a stylus in your voice zen people accept you do seems they would look back so it was a situation where yes it would if this is a difference which will lead to privacy in the official people to see.
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ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by mike was hoping one or more doesn't come from the eyes of god and this is not a gun to the. woods as that he did it out on into the city at the last of them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that as such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that. put more. softness in the offensive zone still in business the only one. with. these this is the us. launched i'm done with the all business stopped and there was a steel mills in front is up and his cards on the find. this
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he is under the command of senior inspector genetic. she's married and has two children aged twelve and nine. and is very understanding about the mom's of his wife's job. jeanette had always wanted to join the police. and a dream eventually came true. we spent about a month negotiating with the rwandan police to be allowed to film this. we expected fascinating insights into how police women him fight.
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judy and if you can get it. but we were told that wouldn't be possible because crime rates and a so low and we probably have a long wait for any real action. instead they staged a demonstration scene especially for our cameras. mounted on the roof and i don't question one of them i am a police station idea. given. that's about as exciting as police life gets when there's no crime. very few offenses are committed but their weapons a military grade and patrols have been stepped up the fear of what once happened
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here still lingers. i don't know if you read the bible. when all the woods was the was destroyed it was victoria and this impact because you know the country was the bigoted it was the victory but also it was cries of crying because people always so you know everyone was destroyed you know how's this and everything and people saw no hope. the revelation played an important role in his life. i saw him like women we've. been that women there's no arms and told me that those women should be empowered spiritually emotionally and physically my two things.
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as a female pastor it took the religious community some time to accept our it was a fight in there really really just you talk about violence sometimes and then so argue it's sort of in the homes on the gun. you know everywhere. will be. in the end. goal female christian community. meetings resembles spiritual life coaching for the women come here hoping to make their dreams come true. according to. man i'm not keen on marrying a widow with four kids she understands why so self she's working to make her
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dream come true. and until it is that he was a legit is the look you get a. leaf was a was the will know who to go to for dinner. he would know who he. is because this is who you know. he should. to one of the. historic opportunity of a boys. in harry they are parents but no. boy is the same level and.
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my name is joe i have a name. i have. in. my but i think i would make. it pays to get married and wonder why it's become entitle to their husbands a landed property. is clearly strengthens a woman's position in society but jolie's long term partner is taking his time to make it official. but i don't have a problem with the government about why it is nothing to me and probably my house. oh i want to give you what. you can. tell you to give him since. he didn't give him anything. here and there is no it's not easy to get to work
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for you. melissa is now trying to find work as a waitress. to you. but there is still no miracles. she is rejected again there. is a problem i think we're meant to be confident the president of the. biggest problem you know. we have opportunities it's something we should. preach there should you not encourage them so does their biggest by the way. the smell of coffee and fresh bombs is already filling the women's church service is in full swing. you know because if we can. understand what he was doing but if you won't. when you.
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have. the services include stories of miracles with financial well being a running theme through all of them. this woman for example gave the last of her money to the church and after a few days gone to help get a loan of several million francs. if. this woman donated a television to god a very big television soon after doing that she found financial prosperity. miracles like that as seen here every friday. some might say it's somewhat naive to imagine the donating a t.v. could be rewarded with a miracle. to please gatherings are teaching women to be more confident to feel
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good smart and talented who are here they develop hope for a better life something that was lost during the genocide. you know the. life after. a kid who with three. kids to. someone who was. i like. to be like that you fool they want to come grew you know people were really just. you do so much smarter so much humping you know. someone they come in to kill you family and you you know do some good good pregnant you know you have like a kid from someone who cued you from the all of those feet so you can see how
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people can be and also how. abuse abuse can just devices to it's that's when it's about good it's good or knows the future. so. there's no one who knows to love. but that we get we big. norteno know but i think we see in fact have a great future because of almost too young i know that i have baby but i'm syrian have eighteen and. i think. that i know that i will get a good good life when you tell me. that. men who move. in and i may have been going to question. even he.
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doesn't think it is i only have to. say. who are to go down on because. he's also seen. no vocal. vocal quite a while he was what they were the car and you know boom boom would you which are. it's in your corner one would you were tears as he could tell. i know. a low. hunger new. car to. you. with crime and then.
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what their money might seem. none of the women we met suggested that feminism in this country is just empty words. they all believe that the new era wonder is a land of equal rights. and they are also quite sincere when they say it was the country's women who rebuilt a happy and prosperous nation. and it will be the women who used to pay over one does terrifying past. me. and he. do you. see. all. this. because he didn't put on
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this. is. i think it's important to do something that you're passionate about and even if you know you may not think you can do that and i didn't think there was any chance of me becoming an astronaut but i realize that's what i was passionate about and i wanted to at least try for at least if you're trying whatever it is you're interested in and general for people if you have that passion if you have something you think is really interesting but you think it might not be possible that doesn't matter there's just going to try and you never know where you might end up.
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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to tikrit the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know lawyer here i mean you know liz put me in the new bill is that i mean you split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this to do over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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loot. president. who initially rallied against his nomination. against his removal. republican women faced. feminist values are casting their midterm votes in favor of the g.o.p. candidates in texas i'm very.


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