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tv   Politicking  RT  November 9, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EST

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it will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic he. said the of the of. democrats reclaim the house republicans retain the senate what does it mean for the united states going forward we'll take a look at that on this edition of paula. was
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. taking on larry king the twenty eight hundred midterms are now behind us the democratic party has recaptured the house of representatives republicans retain the senate a deeply divided nation now has a deeply divided congress what does this mean for the immediate future of the country and the next two years of the from presidency will stop there with reed dickens former white house assistant press secretary secretary under president george w. bush co-founder of maruti sports and e.q. detainment he joins us in studio in washington. to root here's what's your read on the shape of the american political system right this minute i think the big story is that the democrats now have the gavel and i think the trump team in general is woefully underpaid so forget president trump's performance of the press conference. i think the team doesn't have the depth of the experience to
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understand what's coming their way with a wave of subpoenas i look at it like a pac twelve team playing alabama they may have a few exciting players that are fun to watch but they don't have the depth to handle what's about to come their way so you're going to they're going to be trying to govern run for reelection and deal with investigations a lot of my friends in the in the clinton white house and the bush white house a lot of my colleagues stuck around for the second term they said every morning they would get document request and document preservation request and it's a real grind every single morning trying to do your drive while you're getting investigated so that's the big story and does not the house now control a lot of the investigations they do that's the big story is that the trump white house is going to be getting a new document request every day for investigations it's not fun to deal with but i think a subplot of what happened is the seven governors races that the democrats flipped . broke obama lost over a thousand state house level seats were lost under barack obama primarily because
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republicans one controlled some of the governor says this last night the republicans lost seven key republican. governors' races that's going to hurt when it comes to grassroots organizing and getting ready for twenty twenty. the resignation of jeff sessions surprising no not surprising at all i think it was a long time coming right or wrong i don't think anyone was surprised i think as with most topics with president donald trump the constitutional questions are what are interesting now you have a acting attorney general does an acting attorney general have the authority to oversee a special prosecutor i don't i don't personally know the answer to that but there's always constitutional questions when you're dealing with president trump. trump says he won the what do you make of his press covers his response to the election i think it's typical he's a promoter he's a showman i think i think what he's trying to say if you're trying to take what
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he's saying seriously but not literally is that clinton lost sixty something seats and george w. bush got a thumping barack obama got a shellacking right they were both very humble about it and trump lost twenty five twenty seven twenty eight seats and actually over performed on the senate side so i think what he's trying to convey to his base is that we over perform for a first term president that's not an unfair point i think the way he conveyed that in the press conference makes him sound delusional i thought he. said we won it was you know we basically he made it sound like we won we won you know we had a fantastic night and it wasn't a fantastic night as you'll see when the subpoenas start rolling in but i do think another subplot a story an underlying story that's not getting talked about because there's so many breathtaking things that the media likes to cover breathlessly is that voters showed once again they do not care what the polls say they don't give a damn what the experts say voters have proven once again that in spite of all the
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late night comedy all the condit sending lectures of how they should vote voters don't care in fact frank luntz you know him well said that he think there's a hidden trump vote of a few percentage points of people who mislead pollsters and or don't talk to pollsters and david axelrod president obama's advisors that it's debatable whether you can poll accurately anymore or whether you can poll at all and here's why all of the races were supposed to be close turned out to be blowouts the senate was a pretty big surprise that the republicans are going to pick up three four five seats so i think one of the subplots of this election is that polling is becoming pretty pointless but they did say florida governor's would be very close four of us said it would be very close texas would be close they were right yeah but that but that would that didn't take a pollster to tell you that those those were those are. states were you would expect that. but i guess what i'm saying is there were several people that were observing last night and i agree that trying to handicap anything involving trump
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is a fool's errand. it isn't his strength rural. of course once again over performed with with eggs and white rural voters who do show up to vote so that's interesting one thing that i noticed is that you know the trump base and supporters love to chant lock her up lock her up about hillary which was a silly that was silly legally but it might not be bad political advice because i think when i see elizabeth warren joe biden and nancy pelosi i were the democrats would lock them. ok we interrupt the program because highly anticipated afghan peace talks are just getting underway in moscow a dozen countries were invited to take part the taliban is also represented marking the first time the militant group has done for engagement this kind of high level multi lotro meeting after almost two decades of war in afghanistan i'm just saying
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that russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has just opened the talks let's listen in to russia to get back in the second meeting of moscow to forment on consultations on afghanistan but i'm working. with you to jointly search for ways to build inclusive intra afghan dialogue in the interests of promoting the process of international reconciliation in speediest of. peace coming to bronx having evidence well because it was less interesting that it has first and foremost as a nation of ghana stand who make sacrifices every day and. hardships all states of the region and the entire international community music scene who sincerely wish to see afghanistan with five peaceful independent and prosperous free i. terrorism and drug related crime again a standing issues can be solved soley through political means through finding all national chord with participation of all the conflicting parties against this
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backdrop especially welcome the delegation of high peace council of islamic republic of afghanistan and the taliban but to eat their participation into their participation in today's event is aimed to become to make an important contribution to make can use of environments to promote direct dialogue between the government the taliban and the wider representatives of social and political circles of the country russia as an organizer sees its role in the following together at this table regional partners and friends of ghana stand and to provide comprehensive facilitation in launching a constructive interest of afghan dialogue it is clear that on the way to this goal we need to overcome many hurdles including accumulated mistrust and grievances from both sides we believe that all responsible politicians will not be guided by their personal or group preferences but the interests of all. we deeply deeply
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sympathetic with the afghan nation. hardships we're committed to do everything possible to jointly try and help afghanistan open a new page in its history and colleagues all our countries are coming up against a threat of international terrorism one of their goals is if ghana stand. for posts of ghana's can afghanistan represented by us or not without support of external sponsors undertaken attempts to turn of ghana's stand into a stronghold of international terrorists and to destabilize our common regional home to help afghanistan do you reddick a terror threat is the task of all our countries an international structure. it is in the region that russia is promoting to preserve unified an indivisible afghanistan where everyone will be living happily in peacefully also multiple
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ethnic groups i have know. this approach is shared by all participants of the most informant and we all guided by true national interests of afghan people no one should be thinking of the categories of geopolitical games fraught with yet again afghanistan becoming a rivalry. between foreign players with a terrible ramifications for afghans and their neighbors i expect that you're going to have a serious constructive talks which will lead to expectations of the afghan nation thank you very much for attention. thank you mr lover of the now colleagues when you go in to take a family photo of the has of delegation than fifteen minutes of coffee break and we'll continue our session thank you. so this is. really the room where there's a little bit of a little. bit of their own world because you know the. whole of the world in.
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new. york. ok so you were just there watching it as they called it a family photo taken place you've been listening to surrogate for off the russian's foreign minister with his opening remarks ahead of peace talks hoping to bring up by some lasting peace really in afghanistan after seventeen years of war there as you are hearing is the first time the taliban has been involved in such high level talks particularly with members of the afghan government and other countries twelve countries invited in all to take part will be keeping a very close eye on developments in moscow right throughout the day but for now let's move on to some more global news this news hour. the trial of thirteen people accused of brutally abusing refugees of an asylum center in germany has opened for years after the shocking revelations first came to light some of the worst abuses
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were felt. lady she was a small leak she decided to. leave incidents allegedly took place in the town of burbach in the western part of the country prosecutors allege stuff beats term meant to and humiliated asylum seekers or lock them up for a day's time images of the abuse were leaked to the media sparking a night from the shocking pictures include a security guard posing with his foot on the neck of a hunk of ft refugee social workers security guards and other stuff are among those now i facing charges of assault and false imprisonment one of the accused however disputes the gravity of the killings. how do you feel about the fact that you're being accused of this. it's an exaggeration again and say more than that. well the company operating the migrant center has the night claim to turned
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a blind eye to the abuses saying instead of the group security guards had gone rogue a member of germany's left party was quick to point the blame at the country's migrant policy. this except anyone who are willing to just go as a police officer have to follow the constitution and have to everything he ducks yes the whole of human rights you can offer will be gauged human rights abuses and archery those senators are not just staff and under funded it and it's like just said you know we're not going to monitor. what's happened is that angela merkel at last she had no vision and she had no actual politics secure to take care refugees and so this society become an object of chaos
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the javits i want you to stop it ok we're back in just over a minute's time with disturbing developments between the links between ukraine. as we go deep into that plus plenty more coming up. both the republicans and democrats claim victory in the wake of the midterm elections but it seems the election settled little if anything now there is a dueling investigation warfare gridlock on steroids is this what the voters voted for. with the suitable to sleep. my little course on the syria.
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rolls going to say worth of business with the most into it will be. listening with . a lot of fellows a lot of trouble us out of the whole idea of. the cases that i know and that nobody else to look at them out on the funniest diplomates most of whom move the show such as the flu it's almost a. new tool in your life. with you i'm not an institution when you are not
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a government. you'll force is your voice belongs to you and use it. in your voice people accept to seems it wouldn't accept was a secure should we use it would. this is a different. people see. ten forty six am welcome back to the program a military unit in ukraine with the neo nazi links is suspected of training american white supremacist groups some members were arrested for inciting violent attacks during protests in the u.s. last year the f.b.i. is investigating the allegations. the azoff battalion is
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a paramilitary units of the ukrainian national guards which is known for his association with neo nazi ideology and use of nazi symbolism and which is beliefs who participated in training in radicalizing united states based white supremacist organizations this was a quote from a criminal complaint and the man who wrote it was behind investigating terrorist groups in america for the f.b.i. and right here you will be able to see the photos posted by the defendants he was trying to bring to justice they are members of the white supremacy rise above movement just recently a number of charges have been brought against them and clued in conspiracy to start riots the men were involved in the deadly twenty seventeen charlottesville riots was.
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so the f.b.i. agent found that the rise above movement members toured europe and went to countries like germany italy and ukraine and there they met with the members of the local extremist neo nazi groups besides this according to the f.b.i. operative the defendants were seen on a photo with one of the leaders of a ukrainian far right party which was founded out of a regiment of the military but tally and that is the battalion that was mentioned in the quote that i showed you earlier now as of was seen on the front lines of the conflict in east ukraine which broke out when a number of the regions there refused to accept the results of a bloody coup in kiev which led to the government being over thrown in there now.
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you don't have to be an f.b.i. agent to prove that absolve is actively using neo nazi symbols you can just look at their insignia their emblems and neo nazi salutes or even just slogans are a common thing now i just want to show you what rather frequent marches of members of such organizations and their supporters look like and ukraine. i. i i i. i i i i. i i i i i i so this
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criminal complaint could be important because it appears to be the first instance of f.b.i. actually looking into claims that ukrainian neo nazis could have been involved in the training of extremists across the atlantic. just a note to the some background on the as all of battalion officially became part of ukraine's national guard back in twenty fourteen after a decree signed by the country's interior minister. police have identified the suspect in the killing of twelve people at a crowded bar in thousand oaks california the suspect was identified as twenty eight year old local resident in david long he had served in the marines reportedly suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder police say he was known to them for minor offenses the motive for the shooting is yet on the hundreds of students who
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are in the borderline bar at the time of the shooting. coming friends are at the table right there doing it and then they turn your i heard the gunshot i turned around and i saw him shoot a couple more times the shots. he just heard people say looked at us after. going through the front door. the sheriff's sergeant was struck multiple times with gunfire bargain hills died of. a sergeant passed away at the hospital. we got the thoughts of a friend of the program former marine and antiwar activists searching you cotchery again he shared the story of one of his fellow servicemen.
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example or a case that happened to one of our friends that we served with he start sending a couple really strange messages to our friends saying that he was going to do something crazy so they called the police the police stormed the place in michigan and they basically arrested him they put him in the mental well psychiatric facility i'm not sure whether it was the be a or not but after that they just let him go and nothing happened so the question is what do you mean what does that mark monitoring me. and kim really monitor majority of veterans who come back with it is he. or for some it wasn't their first experience solve an armed attack a number of people in the borderline bar how it all sort of pointedly survived the las vegas music festival shooting last year the talk was the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in u.s.
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history the gunman opened fire from a hotel room into a crowd of twenty two concert goers killing fifty eight and injuring hundreds. who are now living through the nightmare again to say. is the second time in about a year in a month that this is happened is a big thing for us big family and unfortunately this family got hit twice there are people that live whole lifetime with not seen this and then there are people that have seen it twice a lot of my friends survived route ninety one if they survive that they will survive this thanks to bigger concern here is that we live in a culture of violence i really think that we'll live in the front year of society are our idea of expansion in our idea of military is deeply ingrained in our society and our psyche you can implement certain things like checking i.d.'s maybe improve raising the age at which you can purchase the weapons.
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environmental trip greenpeace is sounding the alarm in russia they claim the thirteen killer whales are going to be illegally sold to oceanarium in china adding more than a dozen of the globally threatened marine mammals have already been exported there over the past five years. to keep orcas in cages is true torture for them.
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to make you just take out the decision was really. oceanarium straining process is frequently based on food deprivation if the orcas don't do what they are told they are simply not being fed the conditions the mammals are held in their shortened their life expectancy in captivity they only five six years versus eighty years in the wild. ok i'll be back in just a few minutes time with all the latest updates from r t q here in moscow this friday morning.
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ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping when the board was run from the eyes of god i'm sure this is going to going to go through. woods as the fee that he got into the sea at the last possible by brigham proprietary software you don't know
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the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that something's off miss can put it more. easily a sense of this is selling the solstice will the local all of them will all be going to almost all the wall in this field or. all of us with all bags will be nice and all this is the i still. don't miss the old vision starting there was a steel mills a fund is up and his cards on the. you know world of big partisan group lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses. more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your style or here i mean your list with video of me in the new bill is that i'm spoiling you to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will
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ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. lawmakers manufacture consensus instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. to leave the room the real news is really.
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president trump for attorney general jeff sessions who initially rallied against his nomination standing against his removal. in recent nothing i like. most of the people that donald trump pointed are you protesting now. because. women in texas is facing accusations of betraying feminist courses.


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