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please. the president. is in france today he's a little issue and that's why we're. here. for
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the first time. in the. this is our. countries around the world marked one hundred years. to world war on sunday heads of state. more than seventy nations gathered for the commemoration.
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laying flowers to remember the victims of the war as well as moving performances by highly acclaimed musicians similar ceremonies also took place in a number of european countries including the u.k. and belgium. the leaders of france germany and the u.s. and russia also used to the opportunity to discuss a number of key political challenges and attended a working lunch at the palace reportedly discussing syria nuclear proliferation and sanctions plenty of interest have been building over the prospect of a one to one meeting between the russian and american presidents but that didn't happen as the two leaders sat at opposite sides of the table and hinted the talks would be more likely to take place at the next g. twenty in argentina artie's has more. there was also another aspect that the media's attention aside from the main event and that was endless speculation to lead us in particular the president of russia vladimir putin the us president
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donald trump media speculation was rife for weeks on end how would that meeting take place would there be a meeting a tool which leader would show who what signals would that send to the world and indeed to other leaders how would the french maybe president's. take such a meeting taking place. during this very special commemorative event. hughes to get some inside knowledge on the american side of things and how the whole thing was viewed from the other side of the atlantic this time they're actually being very tight lipped in fact this weekend that was something very uncharacteristic of a trumpet mystery of it is that we didn't have a lot of details we didn't have the behind the scenes being leaked out to the new york times the washington post which makes me think that possibly the leaks might have been locked down or more importantly we're talking about such serious issues that even those who might have leaked to the past are. that is to not in the best
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interest of either cards or any of the parties involved and it's of some interest of course there was a lot of media speculation on both sides from from the american the russian side and in the end the believe the president should lead you to said the reason why it didn't go ahead was pretty much out of respect for the french they didn't want this to happen. probably probably a good idea as we discussed i think it's a good idea but i think it's not only just out of respect for the french who are your hosts present more out of respect for the reason why they were here to honor the veterans across the world internationally they gave their lives up for world war one and all the conflicts going on i think it actually had been very inappropriate for president putin president to meet together and i think they actually showed very good respect for each other more probably the soldiers that were being honored this weekend by choosing not to take the time attention away from them and the meeting itself was quite brief said yes there was a meeting but was there really any more to it than you know. that we saw at the. top some pleasantries and greetings exchanged do we know any more was there any
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juicy details coming out of that said there is a juicy details because for once both gentlemen did exactly i think what the world didn't expect them to do for so long both of them have been characterized as whining drama and having all the attention on them and this time they actually about the tension to be right where it was and for that i think a lot of people unfortunately that seem to have a negative view of president putin and president are disappointed they wanted to see some sort of chaos they wanted to be able to throw insults after them and say look at what they did but the truth is both men acted exactly as a good representative of their country this weekend is going to be. joining us you know post tell. you some of the visits where they have been on the sidelines and trump has come in for criticism as well. just on the body language was different was that we mention the whole thumbs up thumbs down on how easy would be if things were. rolled and politicians open my mouth and get themselves into trouble well and usually that's. it's cause most wars are actually politicians opening their mouths
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and talking talking to each other but there are some very serious issues that need to be discussed right now between the two countries and you do have vice president pins as president trump was taking off from paris he is actually taking off for asia for a long term tore to go to the several asian summits an economic summits over in that area that's very important right now so i think that's a good lead in to the g twenty or issues like the i.m.f. or trade section sanctions north korea lots of issues will be discussed but they're going to do it at an appropriate time and i think that is what made this weekend actually very special for everybody involved. archie france managed to catch up with a president putin in between remembrance a day events then ask him about the pressure this channel has been facing in france because. we have always heard from our western partners that one of the main principles of democracy is freedom of information creating lists and special counsel switch decide which media is bad and which is good this is unacceptable but
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this has nothing to do with democracy but. just before this weekend's commemorations trump criticize micron over his proposal to create a european army president trump called his words insulting however around their meeting in paris they glossed over any differences and agreed on more european defense spending r t france ask for his. alternative military forces or not a new idea president micron has simply revived it europe is a large powerful economic unit and obviously it seeks independence and sovereignty in terms of defense and security i see it as a positive process in terms of strengthening the multipolar world we asked historian peter koos nick why europe may feel it needs a unified military and what the implications would be for the balance of global power. i think the fact that every nation is modernizing our nuclear power is
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modernizing its nuclear arsenal now united states bennie up to one point seven trillion to modernize its nuclear arsenal russia china all doing the same so they defrauded question is in what context if that means or defense spending or military spending if there is a european orbit like to see it be a completely defensive army i'd like to then see the fallacy between the united states and europe in terms of the role played by nato the reason why the europeans think they need their own army is because they find trump to be so untrustworthy trump has made very negative statements about nato but beyond that by tearing up our poll in the us at the iran nuclear deal that was a really sobering move on the us parts of the europeans by trump's trade wars with europe europeans know the united states can't be trusted now that's part of why you
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see the. image of the us declining so rapidly around the world already not everyone in paris is there to mark the anniversary of the army says crowds have also gathered in the city to protest against donald trump's policies or he's tried to burn ski as more. a lot of people law and credibly unhappy that president trump is here it's a commemoration of one hundred years since the end of the war in fact some of the figures suggesting ten thousand people across the city have come out into protests just like this at this one they say a few hundred people have come out here to say that they don't want trump to be in paris some of the signs just behind it don't if you can see it says trump equals carol which is in french and many other people holding their signs and symbols out in fact some people actually dressing up as parody trump individuals to get the message across that they don't like president trump they don't like his policies
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i've been speaking to people taking part in these protests and they say this is a man who is making war with everyone and in fact it's not just people from fronts that have come out here to show their dislike of trump to show they dislike this is ministration we've also been speaking to some american and irish ex-pats he said it was just so important to be part of this protest today to show president from that he's not welcome this is why they said they were here where american citizens living abroad and were part of the women's march and for us it was important. to say that chomp is a disgrace to america and we think that time does not represent american people is a professional he's not somebody that i would look up to in any shape or form you know any shape or form i just think you know he's putting america joe you know america supposed to be great again it's not great again like you know trump concerns
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everyone is not just an american issue is a global issue and every decision that he takes over the country will follow and we have other countries like brazil we have other countries like even in the u.k. a bit this causes are being copied are being replicated so he's in france today he's got a french issue is a global issue and that's why we're here protesting he's not. welcome here is no welcome anywhere well those are just some of the views here in paris at this particular protest but as i mentioned this is one of many taking place across the city as he was making his way to that arms to ceremony just a few hours ago there was a protest a woman actually running in front of his motorcade with the words oh on her body a fake peace maker and that's what many people have said today this is a man with no belief that he's making war with everyone and i saw one sign that sort of summed up the idea is here this protest is a bit of a take on america i make america great again which trump is very well known for
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saying that it was make america good again because that's what people think here is that at the moment the policies that have been spewing out of the trump it is straight up policies that are making war not peace and they want america to be good again. far right groups flooded central warsaw on sunday as a poland celebrates one hundred years since its reestablishment as an independent state the annual march was more controversial than usual though as it was announced the polish president and government officials would join before independence poland was partitioned between austria hungary germany and russia polish flags and banners it could be seen as stretched down streets and across squares it's also been reported that a number of neo nazi symbols were spotted there was a larger police presence watching over the march which took place at the same time as a state military parade and warsaw called the event
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a success. poland one on november eleventh there will be a great communal march to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of independence. are the government's decision to march alongside the far right nationalist has been widely criticized along on a professor from the hebrew university in jerusalem told us the migrant issue is leading to a rise of nationalist sentiment in europe. the polish government decided to actually embrace the. tendencies and. ideologies of the past because. the fear from the immigration creates a bias a political bias and a political agenda to brings into a defensive approach towards the entire matter of the immigrants threats from the past are becoming the true reality of the present and rising again but we must pay
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attention to the fact that today we have more reasons not only understood with islam but also what is going on with the european approach to the border questions and to the immigration question. on friday moscow played host to landmark talks on the afghan peace process china iran india and pakistan were among those present at the meeting along with the taleban it is the first time the militant group and sat down for this kind of high level multilateral meetings after almost two decades of war in afghanistan and the fact that they shared the same room with cobbles representative is seen as significant breakthrough although the afghan government didn't send a delegation members of the afghan high security council were there instead they said kabul is ready for direct peace talks with the taliban without preconditions while a representative of the militant group told us that their focus is on washington
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and of the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. the whole nation is with us and democratic against americans and dead against them in a kind of repetition we would not call it a single american soldier in afghanistan that's why we should talk of etiquette david as all that with them we have. no i didn't trust a lot of artists we have we want good relations specially what i want to move us. the u.s. turned down an invitation to the talks but did send an observer of his but i have comments now on what may be behind washington's rejection of russia's mediation efforts by any measure the afghan war has dragged on for too long too many people the dead too little achieved too much hatred bred. on just one day the twentieth of october during elections three hundred and eighty
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eight civilians one. plethora of attacks so no wonder that even nato is calling for peace the tal the bomb must understand that to continue to fight this pointless they must sit down at the negotiating table the potential for peace is create in our interest being in many years unless of course peace is made in moscow in which case the u.s. won't support that america is skipping the moscow peace summit saying washington only supports afghan led efforts the united states believes that all countries should support direct dialogue between the government of afghanistan and the taliban to reach and to the war and. we've been clear that no government clued in russia can be a substitute for the afghan government interact negotiations with the taliban wage
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never stop the. u.s. special envoy from meeting taliban officials in calcutta last month for direct negotiations i think the more countries that approach the afghan government and the taleban and all the warring parties and say let's talk let's have peace rather than war that's a very logical thing for most people and for most countries i just don't think in the united states the united states at this particular time wants to see it also the military industrial complex in the united states is a very very big part of the u.s. economy the guns and the planes and the ships and the bombs that they use and sell all around the world support a lot of jobs in the united states i don't think that the war is in general or going to end if they can do some maneuver to make
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a better situation for the united states in afghanistan seventeen years of war and terror is nato soldat calculus thousands dead on each every side generations thread and misery and violence drunken hatred and the heroin finally the taliban agrees to open talks it's a huge deal ed the u.s. possums war it seems is preferable to peace that comes with russian help. crucial midterm elections on tuesday left congress and narrowly split between america's two major parties the democrats seized the house of representatives while the republicans built on their advantage in the senate florida emerged as one of the most strongly contested states the republicans appeared to have won by a small margin by two democrat leaning counties were still counting votes after
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election day donald trump has criticized the delay in calling the result. the claiming there has been to steal the election a statewide recount is now underway and must be completed by thursday but it is far from the only challenge to have arisen during the midterms.
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really talk. with the midterms were dubbed a referendum on the presidency and some say that he has passed the test with republicans retaining control of the senate
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a target that they had set before the elections but it is not all plain sailing as artie's killam up in comments. so which party won the epic midterm battle for control of the u.s. congress well if you listen to both sides they both won and last night the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority to found the story of the constitution's checks and balances do the job. fancy pelosi has got plenty of reason to be happy it's the first time the democrats have had a majority in the house of representatives in eight years they can now launch an investigation spree into donald trump and block all kinds of legislation but you would think they would have won a bigger blowout after all they are running against the new hitler who happens to also be a russian spy you can go for nationalism you can go for anger opposite of hitler the same type of propaganda that you would have seen in germany in one thousand and
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thirty eight these comparisons to trump it's like it bums me out but trump will be outmatched by putin i have never seen an american president simply surrender to the leader of russia we call it soccer now in the donald is far from a media darling lots of media criticism and pressure and his losses weren't so bad when compared to his recent predecessors he not only maintained control of the senate but the republicans actually picked up a few seats so do lots of americans just like hitler and russian spies well perhaps they were just watching a different channel twenty seventeen was a very successful first year for president trump unlike obama business confidence is now soaring on the president trump in fact the news is so good so the vote was described as a referendum on the donald so what's the verdict well the voters seem to have stayed within one of two echo chambers there is one echo chamber that loves the
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donald and the other that hates him the country is divided and now congress along with it definitely beat us. media and the political parties have definitely created more divisiveness and more friction between. between the parties as well as within the within the society itself and i think the media is largely to blame there. sometimes leaking information that should not be leaked sometimes. twisting the story a different way than that should be. you know sometimes just falsely claiming something that's not correct and that's substantiated so i think we've got. we've got a media and also elements within the government that are actually creating within the u.s. government that are actually creating more of a divisive. atmosphere within the population and a media briefing following the vote president trump once again clashed with the press trading blame with reporters for division within the country. it isn't good
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what the media is doing and that i do have the right to fight back on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist some people saw the as emboldening white nationalist at such a racist question i would never do that and i don't use race and remarks like that america it's people like this that cause division one of the statements that you made in the killing of the campaign there we go honestly i think you should let me run the country you run c.n.n. all right and if you did it well your ratings let me ask you that said i asked one of the other folks that said hartley man on this president that's enough the president the other folks that said. you are a rude terrible person. mr president in going to meet a guy in jim's defense i traveled with him to watch him be diligent reporter was i'm not a great fan of yours either side or staff to be honest about it. i want to aspect to the u.s. midterm elections that continues to stir is the american public's reaction to who
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voted for whom white woman in texas took some backlash for allegedly betraying feminist values after ticking the box for the state's republican candidate ted cruz a prominent sports journalist set off that debate fifty nine percent of white women voted for task fifty three percent of white women voted for donald trump so given this number squids the real face of feminism. and this is just the latest example of liberals and progressives criticizing republican voting women here's a few more. what is happening why are women even voting for him yeah i don't get you what it is i mean the country's fifty five percent of it i mean the country was pretty. well we have tons of black presidents when i see women doing that i think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves voted against hillary clinton voted against their own voice. and by vote for anybody nobody but you are
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a woman and you are democratic. and hillary clinton so i guess. i don't get it. she scared me to pose the question of how feminism works in politics to a women's rights advocate and a media commentator. the tradition of women just voting independently as they think and not based on their gender or their skin color or those kinds of things that is true independence i'm very tired of being castigated as some sort of racist simply based on my skin color and especially and especially because i happen to be the mother of a child with brown skin and so to decide that based on my skin color that i as i sounds are only what are you voting for betty interests of that. the person accusing makes the person accusing me the actual racist. no it
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says there's no such thing as reverse racism we'll start there but here's the issue if you're not voting in the best interest of that boy you get the rule around child that you have then here's the question what type of mother are you because here's the question at the end of the day we want children to be protected so we need gun laws that reflect that if you're voting against the interest of your own child in school then we have to raise the question what are you voting for the second red flag and i'm sorry how do you know you're in do you have other women and their reproductive rights when you know that ted cruz is not interested in protecting protecting reproductive rights when you know that ted cruz is not interested in equal pay for other women and you know that women who are brown skin and women of other ethnicities are paid what why women are paid then i have to ask you the question who are you who interest are you representing if you're only as a white woman were presenting the best interest of other white women then we absolutely have
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a problem absolutely it is the republicans by the way it is the party of abraham lincoln that actually fought for civil rights and won over the democrats so if you want to vote in accordance with what is civil rights and you would want to vote republican now thirdly she brought up the issue and we don't know that those are how did she why is someone and we say when i was it was part of the seal there that's my stance and that's the feminine stance. on that now thirdly when she's talking about how do you said of course what are you going to say are the limits rights of you all of that i'm all that has made me girls who were aborted what about their rights if you're going to talk about women's rights what about the baby girls rights who are killed ten thousand per day every day you know i know you're blowing my mind about republicans you talk about abortion but do you protect the children while they're here if it's ok for you to lead a school full of children be shot i do because you as a woman want to have the right to bear arms but you don't protect those children who can't carry guns inside those school i mean it's insane and so when you talk
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about oh well i support a man who you know ted cruz but he doesn't support violence when you are a conservative woman you celebrate the things that you've actually accomplished based on your own you know own drive and your own freedom and your own will and your motivation and those kinds of things that's what i would rather be judged for the rather than things like going backward to things like religion and skin color and gender to me those eating whole grains are the ones that we say that easy i am . going to stay away and we need to get really come over here and basing things on merit and accomplishment because because no matter what skin color or what gender you are you can be anything you want to be we're the freest best country want in the race and this that you are something to celebrate for not wanting to whine about it and to vote with their other white community and so we're going to forget about all of those things and just stand on white privilege is the only reason to you isn't it where she is and she wants to stand there i'd like to
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just say thank you to jim l. hill for her what she said i just support her as a michigan state alumni i want to say go girl there's a female back in thirty minutes with more than we. it's been seventy years since the united nations adopted the universal declaration on human rights but in many places in for mainz a declaration and not a reality how to bridge the divide between practice and preaching. to the end. during the past thirty years lebanon.


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