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definitely become a media had seventy. percent still say. she was a g.c. is she.
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so i thought it was good that not every book that you end up with just. listen to what i said the sort that would in a jilt yes i mean you're up to it just. suppose for a look at all the area with local artists and. their shows your first post was clear skies will smear you less first be sure to.
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the senseless killing video that's guys. sitting. there especially the business looks so smart and traced back to just watch the way it looked like you only have to buy yourself c.b.s. look good you have to love what a global look at so yes doing good global craft you get a check you break the stuff you pull dates but you see one of them floating much studies on the nasa resume all the post and why would you wish most of us good jefferson just by sheer. mass you know she did it i mean it was one word but he had to answer that we could not get the stuff. in storage so watch it still three digits he says his face and tell me i'm on special muslimism just the best serve themselves that's. the. one that. says. leave very. very. very. little among the few of.
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you and those are the beautiful you see dear bush with a bill which starts a half minute of school when there's a. minute on fifty three it's good. to talk with. your of the states. what is public are you listening for during that. period it would be here wouldn't you think one should. believe this will take care of her knowing it allows acres by the admiral. but full recovery like you see you do it nor do you or something but who kiss them mama mama . in a couple of approve of what you just adore. you want your money school you must.
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did that used to school with it and with lasers then yes we did a speedy walk would be just them soon as she seemed suitably people want to she was just to say you said you will do to school. for the additional four was the feeling you going to be up to at least one of. those needs it it's theirs too so it is when you see. her doctor the kind that it's big. enough to walk for a short walk to the little shits even ranger the. way they hit this kid but if she can. put forth
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a physical show so claim what was it the leave it. up a bit so it just looks like a man. which was a. look at forty. years later and it is. all that's still is his mother's this is. you.
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know most likely the person you say. that does it look like. people are looking at retail stores and all. of that is a kind show it's you were just in tedious on the do that again this was particularly true when he doesn't stop was there always sort of this blood out of us with something spicy because it's in and we get on your you're my thumbs i should do you work through a good storm from up right also has more solid by the by the on park. machine that makes it legal but was it with. the rubble. that. now they are get. it. out of sight now they are nice. to me about what. my job
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by the. show which is getting croyle budget was about to go nuts actually just was i struck you but it's up. that question of see it was a little bit and i think i did join the cultural pressure here are at least. my dumb stop of the industry was just on those little issues because the little. card issued by the state and to let my nails be a single one should love those just me or give me just those go over budget much in those days when he shoots me believe those new.
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shoes. that i still sit at the thought of as i get to get what you see in a. moment of no. news on the model that. low budget smote him on the job once or for. some of his most lot of lunch something of
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the day moment in which they deal in the moment loaded single delegate to the blimey i was in the hall yes that's one of the last of. the titles for sunday or. just go. first to the orange eyed school that. rolls can't visit their courts by their. positions on various projects there well it's not so. motorists. kind of. just. you.
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know. one. of the women's. rights i used was one interviews with someone to mordor only what i want to do so sustainable almost. more than suggest that it's about the city's announcement that it's. the streets of stills a label for little some level of the going is of all i'm a good animal i did a spot of going in that i'd say you sent us a photograph you know it doesn't look you've done was most needed you know some things into the let's have some of those of by default because there's tempest on the.
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united side you know possible it just wouldn't. see what i did you would see it much. always do. but you see if you shoot globally because he hasn't got korea's pulse we should be beautiful to watch. because they're not stupid well yes that's the only three of what they usually use these. your mother also lets us in the loop will be a new full don't we with him you know what's just. don't go that suits you that was pretty you listen to me at least. it was silly of you only. probably because. when you go these girls lose their little pool store when you were used to use that
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issue because building up for yourself i didn't give up will be enough for you it's a good one you know i knew it was your double we see. that each other you know ford sewell the celebrity sure. you were there with his mates to go with you must be lit up. you to believe you should not leave school for you so you need to go. to. the symbols on the security of. the post and forgot the person you're going to do is. just one of them so to me in this post there's a new computer. that. the us we just and we would use them on some stuff we look closely.
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is the idea of peace in yemen and if i had a cold also trump is insulted the europeans might depend themselves and russia gate front and center again. it's hard to imagine decades off to the. a nazi don't it was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at ash was a german company or an untold develops in the demise a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. she said she's just got choked on many samina mind victims i have to this day received no
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compensation then never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. but that never never. oh oh. oh. good. good. good earth. i'll follow your idea. there's your dollar oh
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very good you were pushing the done a good job of those those don't like joe but i was there and you didn't know what it got that oh it was the fortune which they chose. got my get. this lucilla. the families. like me will not supposing them go multimillion steve
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still recorded system of getting least. one not just your plus lens on them getting to know so we said some months away but the you know most of the goodness lies you will see. the same that we know. still i get even more kooks abusing your your feelings. your job on the people so there must be a. good deal that would use a first. ever the wish to buy lives of.
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the women all in a small group. of them and let. their spirits to be this. slow slow. slow. rush sure. go with the worst. switch the lawyer to stop you through some of. the issues that you're that you do is you know the sure we'll set. them free civil unions. but we shouldn't call it what i did ask the bad guys. yet they're going to come to mind. the way.
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they said and use of this. was that she was able to go to work but you mustn't. deal with those i guess deal above the oh i think. i might be that. you. would do exactly what you. get like you are you would you actually dealing. with what's the. city. like. it's just this is not a victim to shrug. this. guy this he's. done that. in years ago for years and. we strip are there because there is.
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the. other group. that. was. like. there was a little of that in the bills for the use of the. for the little specialty store there was a lot as it was a. zip would still exist in is not all the sons of the. most group little girl but it would still give more difficult simone's of the book to its. knees than was the shoe in the boys that was just the whistle blew it was them. at the wheel of something that would guess something since since the end of the season
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. but at the moment it is sure you know that's what's this is this because that's not focus. of the fugitive if you should teach your kids yet it looks like they're. not. going and i. was. never at any of those the fact that. we are going to fiction and. you know any notion. mr livio used or that of his own money or her yeah. you know there was a mere distortion but there are essentially because you know you think if you have . no one to join your house with you here and show me an injury and the other you don't like of which i'm going to join in this.
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thing you live the life and then in the case of the effect. that things like i wish that they'd be able. to follow it's. not secure. cintas fish should have been determined to put in the fight against a. possible more skips over some period if there is majority established one hundred ninety one zero. zero and we're going to see a million numbers for a. little over soft.
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to. be as little as those about people in new york girl. like me or the miami other here are surely prettier than you are the ones who know her surplus or do wish to. see should lose the. position listen to the sad shiny the game is a sad sack if you should go into sad face and let the dumbass if you sleep like a boy oh. i'm sorry. they didn't get it only if they waste it they get it so here you might say it was just some.
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slim to none so. let's say let's check out our big a pretty good job which will probably do that for you over. that's . what they'll play and they can push past them and you're going to be. secure she always was mine i got that. let's do it
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right the ship. was. going to. be. just what it was good to blue do. try. to be someone you don't want the simple savages of the. role of the sons of a mortal to cause you to smooth the evil moment when. you book which is going to sit with this national want to. read what i discern with the news from the midst of social studies you know and so on the come on that i would the question here probably. more than. what i will miss of this because there's been more with the most so deal with the course of this i suppose i enjoyed it but we've. moved to this do you know what should sit in the
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new this new. that if you look at the clock if i thought thief . like. that not going. do you know jack do you know you don't want you do you know i do what you gas yes. sure i. like the gospel it's not enough that you just sign the cube almost a month. or so before i'm out on ship and you thought about that when you see just now for corporate clients from the pentagon earlier for them all but you see if it goes a collective. or going to see just about mom once you graduate there are going to
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shut up and hordes of you still some entitlement and yet still are foremost as a new. venue is reserved. some of my mature age this is right and which has a little of that although i know it's not the snow i do it's looking. for the assumption. that the little dude. gets. no part of the killing of my son and i just love you and you but notice. if you think i'm like you i want to show up or is this. we're. just so glad my suspicion is. going to
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exist. in the course because the some of this is about. the.
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place. to. look yeah. a little bit. better. because. it's a little. during
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the past thirty years lebanon has been subject to six invasions from israel. six invasions. every year over five years we are having. one and this is definitely coming to you have never. been whole russia gay hoax never got any traction then no prob but it's great troll bait and i think trump is pleased that he increased seats in the senate and he'll get barking mad nancy pelosi hitting the russia gave them every single day which will drive ratings for rachel maddow but it will do nothing to help them win twenty .
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a peace conference aimed at putting an end to the years long conflict in libya with the country's oil reserves acting as a magnet to those vying for a share of the resources. israeli warplanes bombed bald gaza killing at least three palestinians in response to rocket fire. just upload. download. and students and teachers poor into the streets of paris to show their distaste for president emanuel micron's proposed education cuts which could
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endanger thousands of jobs.


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