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on casualties from the almost two decade long war right in the time for veterans day they found that somewhere between four hundred eighty thousand and over five hundred thousand people have been killed in the united states post nine eleven wars in iraq afghanistan and pakistan and they go on to make the very sobering point that because of limits in reporting the numbers of people killed in the u.s. post nine eleven wars are an undercount means it's actually less there's probably more than what they're actually predicting and that this tally does not include indirect deaths you know those deaths that occur from the consequences of living in or near a war zone like well starvation loss of electricity loss of heat loss of care you know proper health care indirect best would also include the p.t.s.d. related suicides and bile and that our veterans face here at home as well so my friends anough enough with the red white and blue feel good means the sports stadium jet plane fly overs and the cute little ribbons on our look tells enough of
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that let's give our veterans the gift that they truly fought for and deserve peace i know new concept now let's start watching for us. this. is what. would. you. like you know that i got. with that we. would. rather be on the watch of the hawks roll them to send them to have them while yet here we are and it seems that every year. we we sit and think back to these great wars great world wars and i wonder
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how it must feel to believe we fought for this freedom to fight for these freedoms and yet we're still fighting and we're losing freedoms we're losing the things that we're fighting for and we're taking it away from people across across on the other side of the world you know the thing with oh never quite had with these wars we were sold with what we do is that all we have to fight over there are these veterans that come home are heroes because they're all fighting for freedom they are treated like heroes by don't government i haven't seen freedom here at home. freedoms taken away freedom of expression freedom of the press privacy freedom of search and seizure and i mean there's many many freedoms that we gave up in the name of this you know we're going to fight this evil except the evil never goes away and it's this ongoing fight and we're expected to just kind of live in this world where it's ok and so i mean you know you can say this many soldiers died but they they put themselves in that situation and you know people always say like well
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these deaths are righteous they're righteous deaths but to me there's nothing righteous about civilian casualties and that's the numbers the report states that between one hundred eighty seven thousand one hundred eighty two thousand two hundred seventy two and two hundred two thousand and two hundred thousand for five hundred seventy five civilians have been killed in iraq massive understatement i think thirty eight thousand four hundred eighty in afghanistan and twenty three thousand and pakistan near crawford the author of the report titled human cost of the post nine eleven war asleep and the need for transparency said we may never know the total directed death toll in the u.s. war is for example tens of thousands of civilians may have died in retaking mosul and other cities from isis but their bodies have likely not been recovered and that's this is what happened in iraq what you had is you know this idea that it's only a half a million it's only a million but as you said there's these ancillary things that happen around the war you know most most women in iraq. i don't can't work sense fair iraq war and less
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you know putting themselves at risk of human trafficking and many other things. you want to do one tiny thing i'm just like things are not there's nothing there are there's nothing ever good that comes from war we've got to get off of this idea that somehow oh oh there's righteous wars there's no righteous war no i mean we haven't thought a right just war since world war two and even how we fought that war wasn't very righteous dropping atomic bombs on japan right you know so you can't you can't you can't say that that's all we did it wasn't right just when we were doing air raids and literally murdering millions of innocents in tokyo and destroying their whole thing for no good reason if the ideals of war is just strong civilians and destroying the civilian and fair structure and the strength of million lives that's that's literal it's no good for anybody because nobody and let's remember there are no heroes and morally victims those fighting the war the guys on the ground fighting the war and they're victims the people the people fighting back they're victims of kids civilians caught in the way they are victims there is no heroes of
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war because everybody who comes home is a mess usually from and then there's the soldiers who don't come home and see that is there is a part of peace in my heart that it means it means more because there they thought they were doing the right thing you know they trusted their government they trusted their politicians and you have over seven thousand united states soldiers and sailors have been killed in the post nine eleven wars with more than fifty three thousand u.s. soldiers and sailors officially listed as dead that you might as well triple and quadruple those numbers because we need to do better for the soldiers that get sent out there and we need to do better for them when they get home those numbers are terrible groups and twenty fifty of the congressional research service found the three hundred thousand troops u.s. just u.s. troops right into what the civilians and the other fighters were on the world that they were fighting for the civilians caught the course with just u.s. troops have suffered traumatic brain injuries. three hundred thousand one to three . dramatic images idiotic tweets from the president celebrities in
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distress yes the recent southern california wildfire crisis has everything corporate mainstream news could possibly dream of but lost in the pictures of burnt up million multimillion dollar mansions and celebrity tweets about five lost horses is the story of paradise california a small farming and forestry town of over twenty thousand people which was quite literally burned to the ground in the fires rampage and los angeles here is r t america's natasha suite with more. i winds and dry conditions are manifest seen some of the most devastating fires in california history statewide the death toll now stands at thirty one and hundreds are still unaccounted for in northern california the one hundred ten thousand acre camp fire has wiped out most of a town called paradise authorities are now calling it the most destructive fire in state history the butte county sheriff has confirmed twenty nine bodies have been found and two hundred twenty eight people are still missing authorities are calling
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in a mobile d.n.a. lab to help identify victims much of what makes the city function is now gone in volunteer say residents are struggling to cope this is long term and we have to think that way so food is going to continue to run out so will supply as we keep needing the we define we need medical supplies medical professionals a lot of our elderly are on oxygen and that's running out quickly burning since thursday the fire in southern california has claimed two lives more than ninety one thousand acres shutting down the one on one freeway the entire city of malibu calabasas parts of thousand oaks and of course hills faced mandatory evacuations strong santa ana winds return to the area sent a fan in the fire across those neighborhoods and now those evacuations or lifted around ten am local time as the number of structures is expected to rise several celebrity man. were destroyed by the wildfire and cleaner butlers and singer robin
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thicke paramount ranch is that western town which is known as a landmark film in locations since the one nine hundred twenty s. was burnt to the ground but some experts say these fires are inevitable in california where the mediterranean ecosystem so we haven't had rain in almost six months so everything is tender dry and when you put in dry very fast williams it's going to carry the fire very quickly and very dangerous conditions and that's why we've seen the tragedy we see in the over the last week only twenty percent containment on major schools in the area are closed for the weekend as for the blaze burning up north fire officials say they don't expect full containment until november thirtieth in los angeles and sweeps our team. who. this is truly tragic story that you see i mean when you see a whole town of the ground twenty some thousand people there always are two thousand a live person town and
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a lot of people died just trying to get out. that were stuck because there's only one road available for them to get out of this town and. there's a lot that we also forget it's easy to get distracted by a home wow look at this multimillion dollar mansion with just burned to the ground or what's you know one of the dasher cardassian is tweeting about it for whatever you know it's these are kind of lost because it's know about hollywood and l.a. but what people don't talk about are towns like paradise you know working class towns like in her collar town you know there's they don't talk about you know let's talk about the amount of people that ok let's say you know there's the movie star of the executive or wherever as this big multimillion dollar malibu mansion will now guess what all the people who took care of his property have no job to write you know that could be a dozen people minimum you know i don't know if that size and people are like who cares about rich folks but i don't i care about the people work for rich folk because that's how they make. right and it takes a dozen people to make one of those houses keep running on its own you know and
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when you look at a tabloid paradise you're talking about people these people don't necessarily have the fire insurance there are you know most of these celebrities are big time executives that lost houses in malibu or calabasas so we're over there i'm sure the was a zoo they're going to probably get a huge check probably worth more than their house to rebuild it right you know and let's not forget about the heart you know a lot of these super rich folks out there who lose a house they usually have gotten some pretty priceless art in there that to me again is like well those things which should be in a museum shouldn't be in somebody's house and go on forever what happens you know is a lot of. looking at the numbers what you know there's a lot of numbers about like he said the median income in paradise was forty seven thousand dollars where the median income in malibu is about one hundred sixteen which sounds like a poor person living making under sixty employment i mean look at these numbers employed more people in the town of paradise of malibu and most of what they're doing i mean look at what's in malibu you got information real estate whatever and
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on the other side you have agriculture health care social assistance utilities what you usually see and role if it world communities and this is another thing i want to say about these fires because there were again a number of celebrities and james woods is getting a lot of credit for like sort of putting aside party politics to help people help alyssa milano out and find her horses and here's here's where i have a problem and also as you mentioned there's a giraffe at a winery that every is really excited worried about you have celebrities is sneaking in to check on the giraffe here's the thing about horses and drabs and animals and wildfires. you probably don't know what to do that's that's the truth you probably don't know what to do and most of the time there is a reason that something that did them animals not moved but the danger in tweeting out i need somebody to come save my horses is an innocent person getting in a truck and driving up into a fire and getting caught trying to do something so i think that is one thing we
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have to remember is not to be so judgmental and not jump on the wrong very good purpose for it all right as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered facebook and perhaps your poll shows r t v dot com coming up r t america scottie know who says i'm french and we're just in the book of the hundredth anniversary of armistice day the official end of world war one to watch before. that whole russia gate hoax never got any traction this then no prob but it's great troll bait and i think trump is pleased that he increased seats in the senate and you'll get barking mad nancy pelosi hitting the russia gate hoax by the every
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single day which will drive ratings for rachel maddow but it will do nothing to help them and twenty. one else seems wrong. why don't we just don't. let me. get to shape out these days comes out to. and in detroit equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. was that. oh oh oh oh oh. oh. oh oh oh
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oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh. more than fifteen million people died as a result of world war one it began with the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand his pregnant wife on june twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred fourteen by a terrorist organization called the black hand the fear the assassination produced played right into the hands of those looking to start a war so many european countries involved in world war one had sided defense treaties in the earth prior so when one of the nations declared war over the assassination it triggered all of the nations and various alliances to also declare war and what resulted was
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a four year long war involving seventy million combatants and thirty two countries which is what under the moniker the war of the nations or t. america scardino hewas brings us the story behind the end of world war one for the palace or for sally in france. war does not start nor does it in just one day and one hundred years ago in the palace behind me the treaty of versailles was signed with the hope of ending one war and preventing another the treaty which was signed of five years after the assassination of austrian archduke franz ferdinand required germany and her allies to take responsibility for the loss and damage done by the war it was president woodrow wilson. and january one thousand eight hundred fourteen point speech outlining ideas for conflict resolution and peace that later the lead to the treaty of versailles and contained a fission for the creation of a multi nation diplomatic group to avoid future bloodshed but upon the end of the
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war not all allied nations were in accord in one thousand nine hundred the senate rejected a peace treaty for the first time in its history and the us refused to join the league of nations dignitaries and leaders from almost all of the twenty seven countries who were originally fighting the treaty of versailles gathered again together this weekend in paris to celebrate the one hundred year anniversary of the signing of the armistice which was the end of fighting on land sea and air peace was a concept the majority of them talked about in their speeches however it was their other words and their actions which gave us the impression of the exact opposite we won't protect europeans unless we decide to create a real european army with russia that has shown that it could be a threat i want to build a real security dialogue it is a country that i respect and that is european but we need to have a europe that defends itself by itself and not depending only on the united states
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and in a more sovereign manner that of alternative military forces are not a new idea present micron has simply revived it europe is a large powerful economic unit and obviously it seeks independence and sovereignty in terms of defense and security i see it as a positive process in terms of strengthening the multipolar world president mccrone of france has just suggested that europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the u.s. china and russia very insulting but perhaps europe should first pay its fair share of nato which the u.s. subsidizes greatly the risk is that we go back to relations based. strength only mechanisms based on incentives and sanctions and a spiral of budding conflicts this is why i cannot accept an attack on multilateralism and multilateralism is required more than ever before the armistice and end of world war one came with the hope of preserving peace and world order as
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a leader of the of the world gather in twenty eight thousand to commemorate and highlight a common need for peace we are reminded of the lessons of history and nine hundred eighteen a just like today power struggles money homeland security and safety continue to be a threat between actors of being multi-polar world reporting from the palace of earth i got a now here you are to. one of the lessons of world war one to the time when this fighting started no one realized the technology especially military technology had just beyond military tactics and so one of the reasons you had fifteen millions and millions die there was that you know you had the introduction of the machine gun and chemical warfare planes you know you had this mechanized military machine when most of the world was still kind of based more on line up and
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shoot each other you know the tactics had not caught up to where the technology was which that led to these massive amounts of casualties which to me when i look at the military today and see where we are technology wise but see where we are in our thinking i see a lot of the same kind of problems you know that we're kind of in that stage of like oh war world war couldn't happen or all these nations i mean couldn't happen but then boom once that does and you're suddenly talking about hacking people's infrastructure and using cyber warfare and things of that. you know that's where you get massive amounts of casualties ago and that's my fear when you when you got to study history or learn better about the future well one of exactly say is is that less soldiers were are. wars are better now because less soldiers die because of this you know all of this equipment that we're using as you said like we have much more accurate. powerful not necessarily accurate things we also have better medical training and better medical technology in the field which means less
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soldiers died but a lot more soldiers go back missing limbs and all these things so you get a little better in certain technology when it comes to war it just actually makes it worse. and that's one of the things about world war was. it was people hadn't seen tanks and an air raids and these things ever. and it was new and i think one of the things about world war one that's really important is that as congo merkle pointed out multi-lateralism should not be something to frown at because multilateralism is the sort of thing that could have helped something like world war two which would've kept world war two from happening which would have kept a lot of the problems we still see today then we're still arguing about who pays for freakin nato. in reality what you have is the chance that here you had germany and austria hungary which were. on one side and france russia and great britain on the other and then you had all of these deals
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that they each had made that if we get into a war you'll back us up if we can or you'll back us up the problem is all these things cross so this is why you need unilateralism you need to have everybody talking to each other this needs to not be it doesn't matter about what america needs to be great again we can't be great again if we're literally causing this huge kerfuffle everywhere we go and can't be trusted to stay on it because we really are those countries like italy was supposed to go with i believe germany a world or one and even they didn't they were like. well i'm not doing it so that's what happened in complete confusion nobody does what they say they're supposed to because you have too many deals with too many different people. as opposed to the good of the planet the good of the people the good of the nation and look you know it's not about just harping about oh america's battery thing like that you know a lot of people i know like when i when i criticize my country that's the first thing they go why do you think america's no i don't criticize my country and what
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it's doing today because i wanted to be better and when you look at the modern era you know when you look at like who's causing the most problems in the world right now it's generally the us because we're over we're the one some troops over and over throwing countries like iraq we're the one destabilizing the middle east we're the ones pushing people to the brink of world war three through our military actions and our destabilization whether it be economically or militarily and i don't want to see a world war three that's why it's important to look at armistice day and you look at one hundred years ago what led to those events so that way you could look at the playing field today and say who i can learn from my history and i can say i don't want this to happen again and one of the big ones to do is when you look back it took germany until twenty ten to pay back the debt from world war one war one one thirty five billion dollars was assessed as payment for the damage that germany was ultimately you know assigned at the end of world war one wow hole that's
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a monstrous that the payoff in the bag that they paid off that they literally took until twenty took that's incredible while that's what happens. and though as we move into more modern times as you said leaders today where they doing well leaders from around the world are descending on paris it's a century after one of the greatest peace agreements ever was signed the difficulties of modern diplomacy as we discussed were on full display r.t. america scotty now here's has more. after much anticipation in france and around the world a u.s. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin only exchanged a handshake and a thumbs up from the russian head of state in the official ceremony at the arc de triomphe but in spite of all. all expectations and coverage the two did not hold a separate meeting to avoid interfering with the day's events russian president vladimir putin told r.t. france exclusively they expect to meet on the sidelines of the g twenty summit later this year in argentina we will probably meet at the g twenty summit or later
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in any case we are ready for dialogue it is not us who are leaving the intermediate range nuclear forces treating the americans plan to do this however we are both aimed at restoring dialogue now this is the first time the two leaders met since said their bilateral summit into light twenty eighteen in helsinki were the two discussed a wide range of issues including syria to the nordstrom to gas pipeline from russia to germany across the baltic sea and even include election meddling i.q. stations and the need to continue dialogue to improve relations now not much coming out of this meeting and given not many words were exchanged the media coverage has been concentrated on the on hand gestures and films reporting from paris scott email hughes r.t. . so i'm around friday august fourth one nine hundred seventy two scientists were predicting an explosion of gases on the on the sun would cause major problems for
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humans here on earth will those explosions are often called burps by scientists studying them solar players the burping the sun did causing major problems in one nine hundred seventy two for the us maybe you see two extreme weather events occurred first the sun expelled a series of solar flares the first set of them clearing the way for a more intense blast that came axed the solar second solar flares cause radio blackouts within minutes damage to solar panels on satellites an x. ray radiation emissions that stay to be air for more than sixteen hours but the biggest impact happened underwater see the solar flares cause sea mines the u.s. navy had dropped in the coastal waters of north vietnam. to explode some pilots noted seen upwards of two dozen exploding in just thirty seconds and a recently declassified u.s. military documents show that the detonated mines part of operation pocket money numbered not in the dozens as previously reported but upwards of four thousand
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that's right for cars in mines the bombs were set off by the sun essentially burbank and if you're wondering what the president nixon's reaction was to the accidental explosion he had the navy put even more mines off the coast of north vietnam. clearly. clearly but it's just as. films that were what i was just running out of some seventy to obey all blow up remind the area more of our minds about the motives of what we would sitting there not knowing that it's a solar flare about it i mean people are vietnam was already in a pretty dire straits and subsequent messages without knowing that also just seeing the entire beach side explode who've already got us are so pre-debate remember everyone in this world we are now told them so it's all you all i love you i am tired all the staff of the pilot keep on watching those hawks never great day and
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night everybody. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. to follow only. see how. survival guide looks. at the start. be sure it's not going to.
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repatriations the rest of seventy. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi don't tell was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies cred until had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company going until it develops and the demise of drugs it was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said is just cut short many so they don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that i did not only want the money i want the revenge. i've been saying the numbers mean
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something they matter to us and over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss one and only.
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subscribe to roughly pawson get all of the content for just twelve euros fifty per month. israel carries out massive airstrikes on gaza in response to hundreds of missiles being fired from the and. also to come this hour an r.t. study finds that retired american soldiers who took part in the so-called war on terror are struggling to find basic housing and the u.k. prime minister theresa may says she is ready to establish a more productive relationship with moscow despite describing russia as a global threat and r.t. arabic panes of documents showing salaries and rewards islamic state terrorist received for warfare and acts of terror.


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