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subscribed to roughly roughly constant for just twelve euros fifty per month. listing is declare a cease fire amid the latest violence to have erupted on the gaza strip israel attacked one hundred sixty targets in just twenty four hours in response to hundreds of missiles being fired from the territory. all of it on. the head of a major nongovernmental organization is allegedly recorded discussing how she trains migrants to trick border control guards into letting them. high ranking policewoman in france takes her own life in the latest in a wave of suicides among officers in the country physician party said that it's indicative of the poor conditions police there face. on our sister channel r.t.
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arabic obtains documents showing the salaries and rewards islamic state fighters were paid for their reign of terror. very good evening to you you're watching international. palestinian groups have declared in a joint statement a cease fire against this after the situation on the israel gaza border suffered what's been called this worst escalation of violence since two thousand and fourteen israeli warplanes have unleashed a torrent of bombs hitting targets in gaza after hundreds of missiles have been launched by militants. the joint operation room of the palestinian resistance factions declares that the egyptian efforts have resulted in reinforcing the cease fire with the israeli occupation the
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resistance will abide by the cease fire agreement as long as the israeli occupation and here's to the egyptian brokered truce and a little earlier on i discussed the latest with our middle east correspondent paula . well as we heard over there have mass which of course is in control of the gaza strip and monitors what's going on with all the groups that operate there has called for a cease fire incorporation with islamic jihad primarily has been firing a lot of rockets at israel now half an hour before they made that statement they did issue on their twitter account a statement in which they say that israeli strikes were targeting civilians saying that they believe that israel had run out of what they say are military targets and they blame the whole aggression on the israeli side saying that israel started this whole flare up of course a very different narrative coming out from the israeli side where we hear that they are holding no surprise i must responsible they say it was triggered by an incident yesterday in which a rocket landed on the israeli bus that was carrying soldiers and a nineteen year old soldier is in
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a critical condition and they say that they say has intensified and caused the whole situation to flare up they also hold responsible the rand they say that iran is the one that is supplying weapons money and orders to both hamas and islamic jihad in the territories now the final figure we have at this stage is seven palestinians killed and one israeli killed who of course was a palestinian worker unfortunately was on the israeli side during the conflict we are expecting that these tensions will continue to climb so it seems like a daily thing that we used to hear about the violence and the deaths in the region how did we get to this point well the last war between israel and hamas was back in two thousand and fourteen and it really has been an unstable situation along the border over the last few weeks we've had the great march of return that has intensified tensions and there's a lot of discussion a lot of emergency meetings that are being held in israel today there was a six hour security cabinet meeting where the israeli side is still trying to decide how to deal with the situation and what to do so it's not certain right now
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that this will flare up into a full scale war but certainly the tensions on the ground and every so often we witness what we've seen now is this kind of flare up in tensions in the last twenty four hours there were four hundred sixty rockets fired at israel hundred ninety. intercepted by the iron dome that is the highest number ever that has happened at the same time israel struck a hundred and seventy targets in gaza over the period of twenty four hours just take a look at what the last twenty four hours have been like the world war. i i. was. looking at those pictures that when the level of violence is it's terrifying to think that it's escalating you dredge where this was going look there is
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a maybe it's time to you know there is a pause in the violence and i must mention to gyptian lead it's what were they referring to well egypt has always come to the party in terms of being a mediator between israel and hamas and it has the buy in from the israeli side has the buy in from the palestinian side so they are and natural mediator in this situation they have been egyptian intelligence officers in and out of gaza over the last few weeks because we have seen this flare up happening a few times this is nothing new together with the united nations and in this case norway and switzerland they have brokered what seems to be a cease fire we're hearing from certain the palestinian side that it's a ceasefire that they willing to buy too if israel ends its hostilities so it always becomes a bit of tit for tat neither side really wants to see a flare up in violence it's not going to do the hamas and the palestinians in gaza any particular good and certainly israel wants to try and avoid it so the one good thing is that both sides will be trying to find common ground through the egyptians
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and reach some kind of mediated peace. while we haven't seen any official reaction from israel to the cease fire announcement some analysts fear they sound broader diplomatic moves could be in vain. we were so close to another deal and then israelis launching its secret units in special units to a secret operation in gaza and this operation fails when israel knows that we are just about to get some kind of another deal to sign some kind of another deal which will guarantee some kind of peaceful days or weeks or months or years and then it goes wrong and then israelis killing seven palestinian warriors and one israeli coronel is killed then we are again in this vicious circle and then the hamas re eggs and proportionally it is very excited proportionately
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this vicious circle repeats itself again and again and it will repeat itself again and again until the problem of gaza will be sold. the video has been released allegedly showing the executive director of a major in geo which provides help to migrants discussing how she teaches refugees to line the border guards. because if you. are this is. this video that's been doing the rounds online is part of a larger investigation project by the canadian activist laura sullivan the clip allegedly shows rekha who's the executive director of the legal aid in geo advocates abroad in this video clip she seems to be telling the undercover crew who were filming her against her knowledge that she coaches refugees and migrants on
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how they should how they should speak to border police into other officials. knowing that. this is working to determine if you are interested. in and. where many of you watching would be pretty unfamiliar with the name advocates abroad there are a legal aid n.g.o.s that's been operating since the beginning of twenty sixteen they provide legal aid to legal advice to people going through the asylum application process the ngo operate in the e.u. as well as right across the middle east area their own website says that they've helped fifteen thousand people cross into greece into the european union that way and another two and a half thousand into the e.u.
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through differing ways advocates abroad issued a tweet in which they said this was all right wing propaganda that had been the video it being altered and it was altered for political means now that tweet was deleted they've also since deleted their online social media presence their twitter account has gone. and their facebook account has gone as well so expect certainly more to come of this video coming out in more on that investigation into what's been going on there with n.g.o.s reportedly helping but in some cases asking to break the law those people who are trying to come into the country. the creation of the world's biggest trade bloc is on the table at the summit of the association of southeast asian nations or. putin's making his first appearance in singapore the events been overshadowed by rising tension between china and united states auntie's in reports that i'm appalled in his ear in singapore and while his official program
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is set to start only on wednesday he's already kicked off some of the events he had planned on the margins of the summit like for example meeting with the singapore and counterpart of another big thing everybody's kind of looking out for here is the fate of the so-called regional comprehensive economic agreement now if that comes into fruition you could see the establishment of the world's largest ever free trade zone because the sixteen countries it seeks to unite they all together make up with a total of a third of global g.d.p. it is being pushed forward by china it is the main spearheading force but it also does have some opposition some skeptics like for example india doesn't want to cut back on its import tariffs they say their economy benefits greatly from them and so that's why some analysts are saying that it is really unlikely that the deal that the pact will be signed here in singapore but well it's a good platform for those countries to sit down and resolve at least some of the
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differences another thing also kind of all revolving around china is bending more city between beijing and washington you can see the two countries are literally at each other's throats over many many things for example china wants the united states to stop conducting military drills in the south china sea and washington just flat out ignores that washington. made an arms deal with taiwan that did not sit well with china either and of course there's a trade war that donald trump launched against china and so with both leaders with both xi jinping and donald trump not attending the summit these differences aren't going to go anywhere other nations who are present here they're concerned that they will have to pick sides between the regional powerhouse and the nation that sees itself as the globally dominant power things can get even worse because the man that the united states decided to send here as their ambassador is mike pence and he did not mince words when it came to china china has initiated an unprecedented
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effort to influence american public opinion the two thousand and eighteen elections and the environment leading into the twenty twenty presidential elections china wants a different american president he's remarks have been compared to those majoring the cold war between the united states and the soviet union so it doesn't really look like that the whole animosity between beijing and washington will die down any time soon. i'm joined now by international and independent china strategist andrew good evening to you we've just been talking about it there in our report with the largest trade agreement being discussed in singapore what impact could this have on global trade. well because the group is underpinned by the. international organizations like the w t o has so
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many countries extremely well including of course china has benefited greatly so although so have other countries and indeed the united states and countries but as part of. the funny thing was that. was introduced a lot of developing countries felt that they were under. western multi-nationals but nowadays with globalization western countries particularly united staes feel that the old is not doing them. justice in there was there being taking advantage of a quantity of it to do the trial ministration. so we see that the president trump is moving away from international. agreements and international trading system and you do sing the american first electoral ism but that would be and that them to a lot of the developing countries including those in the in asia and so we're
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seeing in this forum the asian countries are likely to gather they gather to defend a multinational trading system and of course that also strongly supported by china but on the other hand the asian countries do not want to impact the lies the united states. your anger was saying they have or have do find it difficult to do to dig size but there was no dull that they. would give up on the multinational trading system and in the company ends regional economic partnership would further strengthen the multinational systems which benefit not only the asian countries but their trading partners and in indeed. if that's proved to be successful then there is even a larger trade in. the free trade agreement of the asia pacific but that's
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just on the can't so at the moment countries would have to concentrate. on the m.r. lines on getting this done and i think a lot of progress has been made although there are some differences on. the fire of the or may or may not be signed in form but i think there's substantial substantial substantial progress has already been made on that front on the comprehensive on the regional comprehensive economic partnership. if we're going to have non us trade deals being done similarly not in the dollar how that impacts the global dominance of the u.s. currency. well the u.s. currency of course is extremely dominant even though the women being a. spy are being internationalized but then because that bit of the financial markets including not good investment. including where is apparently in
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most of them but what we drop of them are the normal in us dollar. and that's why the us can capitalize on on their currently dominant sanctions on various countries. but there is no doubt that. countries for example or even the oil producing countries are seeing this threat from the united states. increasing the contra. concluding oil deals with china for example using the women. so the if this carries on remember it will gain international. acceptance more and more but this is unlike the district and the dominance of the u.s. dollar any time soon because there was a huge gap between the. global. dominance of of of the u.s.
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dollar and that of the room and bit but he remembers pass catching up even here in the thoughts of andrew international an independent china strategist andrew thank you. thank you. and to other news now record numbers of french police officers committing suicide with the latest victim a prominent campaigner for office so welfare. has more from paris well there's shock in france because this individual is seen. is being or having been a leading voice in the protests in the movement of police against the attacks that officers have been undergoing over the last few years she was a woman called maggie and she was actually the founder of that movement now the reports here in front suggest that she took her own life in the last day using her service weapon and she was found dead at home with a note nearby and that death now is being treated as
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a suicide here in france but why was she so important well the thirty six year old was actually also the founding member of the mobilization of angry policeman this was a group that was set up back in two thousand and sixteen after police officers received a massive attack they were attacked with protesters with molotov cocktails and in fact two individuals the police officers were severely burned with others being injured as a result of that attack as well now she has also been under investigation over the last year for what she described as speaking out to the media about attacks against the police without permission from senior officers from the police service now police suicide is a burning issue here in france with the statistics showing just how incredibly high it is for this particular profession now those statistics show that in july it was the latest to sticks should that for this year nineteen police officers and sixteen
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had taken their lives that was back in july in two thousand and seventeen more than sixty police officers took their lives now it's such a burning issue that the government did launch a plan to tackle this earlier this year saying that they want to do more to help people realize if their colleagues needed support but there was criticism that that plan didn't go far enough well there's been a lot of reaction on social media today to the news of that death including. from senior politicians such as the interior minister and the leader of the national rally i was in very city on with a co-exist few days ago megabit scopes dysphoric must know it and here i hear the anger of the police and we are responding concretely with more effective measures and more resources on the ground the suicide of my keep scoops president of the mobilization of police officers. is a terrible symbol of the police suffering she said tirelessly denounced this
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suffering to and it's a big shock for all of us well we've spoken to many police officers over the last year or so who talk to us about some of the issues that they face some of the abuse some of the attacks that they face in fact one police officer we spoke to in the last six months said that as a result of that piece they had actually considered taking their own lives let's look back now at some of the most serious attacks that offices have faced here in france.
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and was booed and jeered by in peace after coming out in favor of a single european army parts of the chamber heckled the german chancellor despite widespread clapping from the chiefs and the like then. some years ago ready set that a common european on mute show the wall that that will never again be in europe i'm not saying anything against nato of course not we can be. a good supplement to me to thank you actually i'm really pleased about this is great i'm annoying simply home. i speak live now to georgia because ma of it choose a spokesperson on defense and foreign affairs for the france policy very fitting teacher why do you think we're talking about this now why now this push winnie or me. while it's more about
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election and european election other calming and mrs merkel and. the french president they're aiming to make it come pain words i would say on one side you have the european the good people and the other side you have the nationalistic parties that doesn't want a new europe and this is one of their argument this speaking about a european army which sounds nice but which it which is completely empty as a concept. do you think in any sense this could be u.p.a. leader is reacting a backlash the donald trump's insistence that the e.u. pays more tonight. no this is absolutely not linked to anything regarding donald trump ok this this president is very brutal. he uses phrases that usual president doesn't
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use but he's a request of two percent on g.d.p. for military expenses for the european countries was already asked by barak obama of course in a more gentle way but it's the continuation of the u.s. policy. regarding european defense the asking more money and by the way the european. countries already agreed to do will give a two percent of their own g.d.p. for defense. we heard some european and peace haeckelii anglin akhil suggestion of european army what would you say that the general mood in europe. well i'm sorry for that i'm not sure about your information but today mrs america clearly said that. there is no european army without nato and the
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way in it is written in the european so-called constitution or europe. at least one treaty that any european military force has to be and not to comment so once again this is these are more political talks and it's linked to no reality because the first thing in order to have a european army would be to have. a year periods european. foreign affairs which we don't have german interests are different than the spaniards and the french. interests so these are just talks for a coming european elections and he said that this would be a supplement something that would kill exists within nato but how different could a european army be to nato forces do you think.
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there is absolutely no difference in the the the. i would take one example this year. she's more run more granny which she's in charge of. european foreign affairs . asked for. a better way to deploy european our armies told were eastern europe which is. to be against russia. and the next week nato command at a nato created a new command to help. you know easiest way armies and tanks into eastern europe become the their request what to do european so-called army. wants is exactly what the not all wants which means what the united states want there is no difference of course every country
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has defense but. there are more and more by the request of the under not to flag and this is terrible for as a country like france because we are the last ones that. have real. silver in defense and of course we have our own nuclear weapons but more and more with the decision we are more and more under a nato flag. and speaking with georgia is more of a spokesperson for the friends and thank you. and finally this hour our sister channel r.t. arabic has obtained documents that detail money and rewards paid by islamic state to its fighters for example two hundred dollars for the capture of anyone deemed an invader fourteen hundred the destroying a tank shows i saw terrorists were not just motivated by ideology.
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stay with us and i still updates coming your way at the top of the. well just. to say proud. actually. i mean. it was betrayal. when some find themselves well supplied we choose to look for common ground.
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it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi don't it was still active rich in the nineteen seventies criminal had as the chair of a man convicted of mass murder and slavery ash was a german company develops in the denied a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything. you know she said is just. minutes and i don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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now out. of god. i made out that they are. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the big bad world of business and finance i'm bart chilton washington thank you so much for being on board we're so pleased to have you coming up today the october auto sales numbers are out and we have heard lauren fix what she makes of the data and we ask her about a cadillac program that.


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