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tv   News  RT  November 14, 2018 2:00am-2:30am EST

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video. children are treated like soldiers trained. to fight. it is wednesday morning here in moscow we have this hour's top headlines for you live. u.s. president donald trump has been on the. his talk it. it comes off the meeting in paris on the one hundredth anniversary of the world war one a. proposal to create a european army and to make europe more independent from the united states.
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and we're. going to take you live. like i.
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prefer to go to meet. the media has been speculating on whether what was initially billed as a bromance between the two presidents is now over and we spoke with the p.r. emanuel president of the euro continent organization he thinks that micron is actually being outplayed by donald trump. boehner trent before to come to paris was. shocked and angry but in spite of these niggas she tactic to make your strong statements in order to make the spark notes take a different position on each works on the following day is too much just repeats what the americans once from europe on the say re europeans sure spending more with
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the need to for our security sick zach he works for the united states once it sits b.t.u. that french president was not strong enough to keep his own position. meanwhile german chancellor angela merkel has also received a mixed reaction from the european parliament after coming out in favor of a single e.u. army amid the applause parts of the chamber booed and jeered the german chancellor then as i clued you sean claude younger some years ago already said that a common european on mute showed the while that there will never again be in europe i'm not saying anything against mito of course not we can be a good supplement to nato and be a good thank you again thank you actually i'm really pleased about it this is great i'm annoying simply call global policy a policy analyst at georgia's i'm only believes the calls for a european army are merely
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a political gesture. i don't think we should take any of these. statements from macro more than merkel very seriously it's something that they do in order to win some popular support but in order to get something like this off the ground you have to do a lot of preparation for it and you've got to be ready to take on the americans you know sort of a goal that the americans were bound to react very negatively and i you know he hadn't really done the groundwork also obviously he gave up because he really wasn't that serious about it is just you know neither he nor merkel nor anyone in europe has the stomach to confront the americans on this issue and the americans know this and from those this so you know it was an it was entirely predictable that micro would give up immediately. a week after the u.s. reimposed all pre twenty fifteen sanctions against iran national security advisor
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john bolton says he's confident the european countries and companies are coming to terms with the restrictions adding that any attempt to bypass them will simply prove ineffective meanwhile people in the islamic republic are already feeling the impact. that wasn't a rational man and my husband is a cancer patient and we're worried about his medication and their costs medications used to be available before but after the sanctions they have become more expensive and rarer and they're worried about the future and what will happen. on my little this is the second round of my chemotherapy off to sanctions before my chemotherapy used to cost two hundred eleven euro but now with each round i need to pay four hundred and twenty two year old and drugs cannot be found easily like before we have to search them in different pharmacies with every single one of them
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don't having a specific kind of drug. know when they impose sanctions on our banks the money cannot be transferred easily to a foreign country in order to buy medication. that we're not allowed to bring in many devices and some of them like components it's obvious that without these parts the device is simply won't work. we're going to do everything we can dissuade iran hard as the british say to make to squeeze them until the pips squeak. want to doesn't hear we have nine minutes which a full every day into
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a child's play takes with a sanctions are just not able to respond to half a million patients. i can call in kabul an associate professor of political science told us washington's ultimate goal is to bring down the iranian government no matter the cost. if i had stayed on. iraq until it's free will it allow said of course the iranian people will be harmed with any type of economic blockade the whole by the members of the ministrations trump in this race is that this will cause the iranian people to rise up and overthrow the current government in iran so even though john bolton is regime change is not with us is seeking that is simply a euphemism because what he really wants to do is to bring down the current writing
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government with economic pressure and economic sanctions. ukraine's far right freedom party has organized a summer camp that looks more like a boot camp and journalists from the associated press of visit at the site by children live under strict rules on learn how to be soldiers and hippa trenka picks up the story. now that's what i call a legit summer camp. oh you know early morning wakeup calls. oh yes right by off. chance that kids will remember for the rest of their lives. was catching march. welcome to the temper of will
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summer camp and western ukraine it's pretty much a boot camp hidden in the forest the people who set it up are from the national socialist svoboda or freedom party so who can get enrolled officially it's for teens but a.p. journalists who went there say they saw children as young as eight here they're being taught how to kill did you just listen to this you know they can still live there it seems limitless new coal then out of since it but it used to know what i was. supposed to call fun things when one of them only two of his more sleep but not only do they get to learn how to take down those who adults are calling russian invaders the kids are also taught to stand up to what the instructors see as degrading trends in the west so. this.
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should make you. welcome you will feel. so out of the. west that was. what may seem as an ugly display of far right shaw the brainwashing appears to get full support from the local administration well earlier this year kiev splashed some of its bug. it on youth projects the goal is to prop up what they call a national patriotic education some of these projects are run by the stream far right. even the nato backed atlantic council think tank tried to raise international wariness with this article and indeed we didn't write that amnesty international's pointing out the issues more than just critical ukraine is sinking
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into a calles of uncontrolled violence posed by radical groups and the total impunity principally no one in the country can feel safe under these conditions and if you're wondering if any of this could actually spill beyond ukraine well just lately and f.b.i. agents criminal complaint said ukrainian neo nazis were believed to have trained white supremacists in america just wait till some of these youngsters grow up. meanwhile in january ukraine passed a law that recognizes russia as quote and aggressor state and last week the ukrainian vice prime minister said that the country is trying to build a strong democracy whereas the kremlin supports populist nationalist movements but independent journalist martin somers things the western media is slowly waking up to the growing nationalism in ukraine. the people who set this up all connected to
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survive a so-called freedom party was a bridge in the. neo nazi organization and they are quite radical and quite militant not just against the law it also has things like gay rights and semitism and so on. course that's in many ways not really acceptable to the western public opinion there is beginning to be the. the mainstream media in the west and understanding of some of the extremist ideology behind the ukrainian nationalist movements and investigation of this some account for some very young children is part of this investigation is gradually seeming to appear. obviously there's no awful awful lot of information about what's going on in ukraine the western media but some more realistic assessments do seem to be beginning to appear. u.s. cities are brain vying to host a retail giant arrows on xnu second headquarters but not everyone thinks that our
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having the mega corporation pitch is in their best interests for the city. now explains. the mega corporation an online retailer known as amazon is looking for a place for its second headquarters a competition of sorts began with cities across the country offering tax incentives and making cringing videos in the hopes of luring them in how the proud amazon customer. amazon. amazon or amazon your smart sexy city that thinks outside the box. please join us. where should amazon locate h q two in fiscal texas so who wins the big prize of having amazon set up shop in their backyard well in a plot twist that's worthy of a bad reality t.v. show there are now two big winners not just one the new offices will be in arlington virginia just across the river from washington d.c.
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and the new york city borough of queens now at this point jeff bezos the owner of amazon is presenting himself as your friendly neighborhood billionaire the team did a great job selecting the sunny south and we look forward to becoming in the even bigger poets of these communities but not all new yorkers are exactly thrilled many are concerned the already high cost of living will increase and others worry that small businesses will suffer the newly elected democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria kazuo cortez is ready for battle amazon is a billion dollar company the idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks at a time when i was subways crumbling and our communities need more investment not less is extremely concerning to residents here we decided to talk with some locals and see how they feel about amazon setting up shop i'm not happy about this i think i've read a lot of articles saying it's not great super excited about amazon coming here and
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i think there are other cities that can use the extra job more for their movie when you work they do they're the ones that do the jobs i'm. not sure what effect it would have on small businesses but i'm sure they'll try to print up the extra burden everything's already closed without them so it will be a lot harder let's not forget that new york state governor andrew cuomo promised to legally change his name if it would convince amazon to move in i'll change my name to. and a time when talk of the low wages income inequality and money in politics is everywhere nothing is more reassuring to a frustrated public than seeing their elected officials grovel and beg before huge multinational corporations. r.t. new york still to come on the program here one of the democrats in the united states are preparing to launch a bio raj of investigations against donald trump more on that in just a moment. you
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know world big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufactured to send to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go
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round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million really need. it wednesday stories here are nazi with southeast asian countries caught between the u.s. and china vying for influence in the region rusher is looking to assert his own interests both commercial and diplomatic and wednesday's russia and summit in singapore looks like a pretty good opportunity it's from way down off now reports. wednesday's the day when russia goes on the charm offensive here in singapore and with latimer putin himself leading the delegation it really leaves no room for doubt as to how really
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important this summit for russia is now there's a number of things most you could be seeking from this gathering the first and the most straightforward one is. pushing the market saying it's weapons in the region a number of regional countries have already invested a couple of billion of dollars i should say into russian arms like for example indonesia vietnam the philippines got their free tranche of weapons to help them combat i still on the territory another and a more subtle diplomatic pursuit russia could be in here is revolves around the fact that china and the united states well they're rather hostile of the relations between the countries are quite hostile over a multitude of things and so are the nations who are present here they are concerned that they could because they're confronted i should say with the perspective of having to take a side in between the united states and china and since many of these countries do have relations with both of them and they may not want to spoil those relations
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russia could be another way out of this catch twenty two situation now to discuss this further i'm joined by dr teaching jang this summit could be a great platform for the united states and for china to with least start resolving their differences donald trump and she decided to avoid they decided to abstain from coming here why i think the main reason is that they do not want to come from each other especially at the current situation where the two big powers are come from the child the various issues like trade like security and ideological use use but i think the all sense the. top aides to this region for further discussion and the dialogue but actually the could not. have kind of a deal current to be on on those disputes and i don't think this kind of confrontation between the two big powers and at this summit but of course u.s.
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now also has this kind of indo-pacific strategy which are also accompanied case with the situation in this region. i think all the countries are still watching. the have not decided what kind of solution finally they put half. hours now i will be staying here in singapore for the rest of the day bringing you all the latest from the summit how russia's speech goes. the us democratic party is reportedly planning to hit president trump with eighty five investigations the party will take control of the house of representatives in january of course this coming after last week's midterm elections. there is going to have to be investigations if the democrats do take the house president will wake up wednesday morning to a very different political scenario here on the hill they are going to investigate this president and his administration they do intend to request president's tax
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returns former speaker pelosi insisting that her party will be strategic when democrats take control of the house in january they're going to begin immediately to investigations on impeachment the democrats are expected to demand tax returns which she has refused to release since taking office this could also launch new probes into suppose. with russia and they'll be looking into the president's alleged role in paying hush money to a former porn star plus there are plenty of other items on the list ranging from the legality of a travel ban from several muslim countries to the administration's spending on furniture. so with the control of the lower house and congress of the democrats will have subpoena powers meaning they can legally require any witness to testify in congressional hearings and produce documents that just since september the republicans have blocked sixty four subpoena requests from the democrats and former illinois congressman michael patrick flanagan believes the democrats should use
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their new powers sparingly. congress is not an investigative body it's not what it does it has the power of oversight but oversight of the administration executing congressional will and spending and in the direction of the nation democrats who have no agenda and ran not know what john and have no desire to actually manage the business of the nation have only this to run on and they want to distract this president from the work he's doing because they just disagree with him they just don't want him to be successful and this is a way to derail him and the policies that he's doing i think the nation would like everyone to just take a breath step back let's do some stuff if there's really some wrongdoing the democrats think are some are some genuine wrongdoing not just we need to see his tax returns because we need to know he's not worth as many billions as he says he is we want to publicly embarrass him which is often tax returns things about that that's ridiculous and nobody wants to see time and energy spent on that. last
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week's u.s. midterm elections under scold the divisions in american society but it seems there are still some things that everyone can actually agree on. i love greens are known to twenty twenty no birdies no biden no kerry no clinton. if hillary clinton runs again twenty twenty we're screwed. to all the people think hillary clinton running into silence going to use a good thing i didn't make. you
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may be surprised to hear you use a congressional candidate from texas and not in a porno movie i know it was his iron war or whatever or it's disgusting it's over the top that's not even close to being funny at all and that is still disgusting and despicable to all of the rude words in this country who have lost limbs eyes their lives and so forth for comedian us already live just who that for a joke one day the left and the right finally came together you agree on so. i said joining us for an r.t. international your wednesday program at the top of the hour.
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the. greetings and salutation. as the world embraces automation on line living rapidly becomes the reality of our times and is pretty much the guaranteed future of our evolution the safety and security of the internet of things should be one of mankind's highest priorities one would think much like nucular power for the baby boomers the internet and its connectivity in every aspect of our lives and infrastructures not only the greatest source of this generation's power but could also very easily become the cause of its destruction as well which is why many feel this past monday as were revealed at the paris peace forum of the new paris call for trust and security in cyberspace initiative is long overdue signed my more than fifty nations ninety nonprofits and universities and one hundred thirty private corporations and groups the initiative is designed to
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establish international norms for the internet in order to support an open secure stable accessible and peaceful cyber space and to reaffirm that the same rights that people have offline must also be protected online some of the sign ease include countries like germany france and the united kingdom in fact all of the european union signed on as well as japan and south korea but curiously it was the countries who didn't sign the agreement that surprised the world the least given their respective histories in the world of cyber offensive weapons spying and hacking the biggest names not on the list include russia china and the united states of america along with israel or ron and north korea now as to why the united states chose not decide its name on the dotted line no one at this time knows except the new york times posits that it could be because the us does not want to limit its options for using offensive and defensive cyber weapons.
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because you know who wants to lead the way for cyber peace in the twenty first century when you've got to feed the three headed conflict addicted beast that is the n.s.a. cia and the pentagon which is why my friends we must always be watching hawks. to. get the. real trick is to. keep the bottom. like you that i got. with that we. would. be. welcome on the watch of the high.


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