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project. nor middle of the room stick. with. the headlines on r.t.d. case breaks it's a good story is one of four key figures to resign over prime minister to resign may's draft divorce plan. the last game piece to consider the national interest and get it back i. don't see the against a deal would take us all back to square one newly declassified documents reveal that the cia experimented with a so-called truth serum on prisoners who resisted other enhanced interrogation
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techniques and also. the world and doping agency is holding a meeting in azerbaijan where it will give an update on its decision to reinstate its russian wing. oh they're welcome you're watching our international start this hour with breaking news to you because the u.k. prime minister trees amaze facing a slew resignations over her divorce plans among those who have quit already are bricks it secretary dominic and also the work and pensions secretary estimate well let's go live to london now to get the latest from and secure the heat across developments for us nastia good afternoon we know the treaty may speaking in parliament right now some are saying to you that her job hangs by a thread. well indeed andrew quite chaotic times in the u.k. at the moment as theresa may not only tries to push through and see her breakfast
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deal but also essential save her post as prime minister of this country we're seeing right now a new set of resignations having taken place this morning with high profile cabinet ministers and junior ministers heading towards the door in defiance of may's approach towards bracks it we certainly know that this is an extremely nerve wracking time not just for her but for the rest of the country that is watching exactly where this bracks of chaos is going to be leading i can show you some newspapers here that are not being forgiving towards to resubmit all this one is pretty self-explanatory as you can see there are others that are talking about eleven ministers rejected her proposals forty tory rebels are plotting to bring her down war cabinet and others are seeing me papers over the cracks and here we have another one that talks about a split cabinet split party and
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a split nation and indeed all of this comes following to recent may yesterday holding an entire five hour session with her cabinet ministers trying to push through and convince them that her draft deal agreed with the e.u. is the best one and the only one possible indeed we saw a very tense and divided cabinet. members of which did not necessarily want to accept what she was offering the alternatives to her pushing them to agree with her were resignation some of them we have seen today there's been quite a bit of talk of me potentially having to resign herself and today she has also been appearing in parliament and she is still appearing in parliament where there is still of course quite a bit of indignation because what happens next is this draft deal now that it's been approved by cabinet ministers following quite a. right it is going to go to brussels where it will be signed off by e.u. member states but then it has to come back to westminster and be approved in
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parliament and that is where it gets tricky however to recently continues to insist that her option is the only way to move forward. once a final deal is agreed i will bring it to parliament and i will ask m.p.'s to consider the national interest and give it their backing. rotary. motion against a deal would take us all back to square one but at the house of commons there really a lot of resistance to what theresa may house to offer a let's take a listen to what opposition party leader jeremy corbyn had to sing. mr speaker this is not the deal with country was promised in parliament cannot and i believe will not accept a false choice between this band do you know dear. people around the country will be feeling anxious this morning about the industries we
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work in the jobs they hold about the stability of their communities and their country the government must now with draw this hard deal which is clearly does not have the backing of the cabinet this parliament or the country as a whole. well or of course over the last several weeks there has been speculation has been right that a possible vote of no confidence could take place with letters floating in of tory m.p.'s demanding that theresa may step down there have been a renewed wave of these speculations going around today saying that this could happen as early as today this thursday because of this renewed dissatisfaction with the way to recently has been handling this so indeed a very very chaotic time as theresa may try is to do her best at this point to try to keep this ship afloat ok thanks now see that was once the children are there
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with the latest in london thank you. well we asked the u.k. independence party leader gerard batten where the trees amaze government was actually on the brink of collapse i certainly think her leadership is i wouldn't be surprised if she's not gone by next week as prime minister because it's difficult to see how she can survive this she's come up with this withdrawal agreement that nobody wants it doesn't satisfy the remain as you don't want to leave anyway and it doesn't satisfy the leavers because we don't really leave so no one's going to be a bit happy about this i don't believe she can get it through parliament and of course it also has to come through the european parliament ukip any piece will vote against it i think other groups will vote against it here so i'd be surprised if it actually got through this parliament either people are deserted the tory party i've seen on twitter people tearing up their cards and taking photographs so this deal doesn't actually satisfy anybody. now newly declassified documents reveal that the cia experimented with a so-called truth serum as part of
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a program called project medication is involved drugging prisoners who had not succumbed to other enhanced interrogation techniques. project medication was of previously undisclosed element of this program in which in addition to the physical and psychological torture that ca was engaged in several ca doctors decided to try to figure out whether they could also find some kind of truth serum that they would use against people's will to inject them with and make them talk the american civil liberties union fourteen court for two years to the documents which can constitute a history of the cia's extraordinary rendition detention program and he's more against it investigate. it wasn't an isolated case to an accident or oversight was government sanctioned systematic or that there were manuals instructions on how to inflict pain that's not
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a secret in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven we tortured some folks see torture isn't only frowned upon because it's evil vile it's also ineffective problem number one imagine the cia's surprise when those people that they were putting through hell resisted grew used to it enhanced interrogation techniques were begun within six those these progressed from attention flaps and wool into confinement in both large about five hours and small about one hour book says and finally to the wall to board amazingly resistant to waterboard what happened was that the victims and this is problem number two adapted to suffering cia's own words the prisoners began to see certain torture procedures as escape a break from other harsher measures what
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a conundrum ha having slapped beaten confined and water boarded these people they were getting results so they opted for something new something i could truth see. problem was and this is problem number three seriously illegal there were at least two legal obstacles approved mission because medical experimentation on prisoners under interrogation or use of mind altering drugs the question became moot since the legal department did not want to raise another issue with the department of justice problem number four revulsion cia torches according to the torturers themselves the doctors others who were present while horrendous to watch the whole experience responsible medical officer did was visually and psychologically very uncomfortable for all those witnessing it the problem was so widespread and so serious that employees had to be counseled and then checked to make sure they were
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still all right in the head after everything they had seen and done and they began only hiring people who had a stomach for torture let me be clear on what the cia doctors role was here when the cia tortures were torturing a prisoner for example by bought by waterboarding him say doctors would medically resuscitate the prisoner when he would become unconscious from too much torture what they did was allow the cia to continue torturing people over and over problem number five other problems here journalists activists n.g.o.s they kept crying kept sniffing around digging up details and publicizing ever they over the government the cia they resisted see for example how the document that revealed all of this looked initially when released under the freedom of information act in two thousand and sixteen not a lot of information in it it's almost like two fingers to the press sometimes
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these court battles took years but. they voted out eventually. ancient history you might say we knew most of this plus it happened in the early two thousand lessons have been learned and this torture will never happen again you think they said what do you think about waterboarding i said i like it a lot that don't think it's tough enough. with you have to keep in mind that we're talking about a forty four country wide torture program. so it's a very rich complex torture machine that was put in place with obviously many hundreds of people complicit. in the torture that
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happened so this is a high level of top level civilian. boss we also military people involved in creating developing and implementing seems to me a shift in that maybe people at cia and in the federal government and security organs the people that are involved in this kind of thing it is very possible that they believe this is a way to. to achieve their goals and then and bypass the label of torture the concept of torture is to treat human beings as if they are less than less than human less than an animal less plant that they are they are not even living creatures they they are. cogs in a wheel experiment in medically with these people it is the equivalent of torture it isn't just is the human i.c. . let's go to the assay and summit in singapore which is wrapping up today the
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russian president earlier brief the media on the outcomes of the gathering of the south asian countries southeast asian countries and their partners you could have done of reports now from the event. so the russian president has officially wrapped up his program here in singapore and well it's been busy three days for him here far away from home and he's met all sorts of leaders from all over the world so at these final media conference i asked him whether or not he himself was satisfied with the results of his trip because none of us today was you know him mr president you've come a long way to come here to singapore you have met as you say almost all the participants all kinds of countries with very different geopolitical interests how would you characterize the results of the work here first russia was here in two thousand and five as a guest and at that time there was a certain order being formed here in terms of relations between the countries and it has nothing to do with the process of globalization and nothing to do with
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military blocs in this forum we see the promotion of the idea of unity our relations here are based on a wider basis in each country chooses its own way of development this format is very beneficial to all of us globally russian president also had a brief chat with the american vice president mike pence and vladimir putin stressed that well every hostile jab like sanctions for example that washington aims at russia will it does impact these. meetings and so the talk here in singapore must have been no different so also vladimir putin talked to the japanese prime minister and the most heated topic between the countries right now is the issue of the coral islands in france japan still has not signed a peace treaty with moscow officially since world war two because tokyo does have a claim on these islands and apparently as a result of this conversation now this is much closer to being resolved and also vladimir putin talked about the situation in ukraine and he's once again reiterated
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that while the ukrainian president apparently is just not committed to the minsk process right now peace doesn't seem any closer for ukraine so a lot of to discuss a lot of to take away and a lot of to work on this journey back from singapore to more school. now the death toll in california's wildfires has risen to fifty six with the inferno still ravaging the u.s. state some one hundred thirty people are missing and over nine thousand structures have been destroyed but the response of some celebrities who are among those who have lost their homes has angered local.
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it without a still to come this off the new world anti-doping agency delegation is coming to moscow as part of the reinstatement process of the rush of its russian
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wing. we'll have a look at the details on that just after the break. us the benefit of tremendously economically through the cost of it we'll do the world by coming out about effectively giving you the power to impose structural adjustment on live with all countries over the eighty's and that is fundamentally doesn't understand. how these are these are useful tools of us imperialism of the facts right so it's not clear to me what is a bribe it is i mean it's true that these institutions are deeply unfair thirds of the u.s. their own affairs or through the majority world of the global south and that's really the reason it's reforms and. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president. for something. that you'd like to be close that's what the four three of them will be good. interested always in the water. there should be. welcome back the president the world anti-doping agency has announced that a delegation will visit free in moscow at the end of this part of the reinstatement deal with this russian wing. the announcement was made in the capital of as opposed to convene to discuss the reinstatement process correspondent. reports from back. could be easily described as a very turbulent time for the world anti-doping agency it meets and book who to
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discuss a plethora of different issues but the most important one is the september's decision to reinstate the russian anti-doping agency as part of the world anti-doping family back then it was clearly explained that the reinstatement was not unconditional there were still one criteria to be met which is providing access to your in samples and most call the board stories and we are definitely expecting to hear updates on that during the day but what i've already made it clear that if this criteria is not met then the case of the reinstatement of the will be handed over back to the compliance review committee again will be hearing updates on that but all this follows a major rift within the organization just several weeks ago the u.s. anti-doping agency and a number of other national anti-doping agencies including u.k. and australia held a private summit in washington d.c. in america in the white house in fact invited top athletes who even shed tears for the future of clean sport and there were very clear hints made at that summit that unless water manages to reform itself the annual contributions to the budget from
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the u.s. and u.k. which amounts to about three million dollars off thirty four could be pulled if water doesn't take unnecessary steps. with the feeling that. if the water president athletes or others that were supportive of the decision had been invited they would have been able to bring perspective to the debate to explain why the decision to reinstate senator was the right one clean sport. why does leadership along with the i.o.c. are increasingly isolated with athletes and public opinion they need to wake up and smell the coffee step out from their ivory tower because athletes are demanding change and change is coming.
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one government voted against the recommendation one. and one of. the people we hear from most often at carnegie pretty selective group not of government pretty selective group of national and you drop an organization again the bone of contention here has been the decision to reinstate very vocal criticism coming from a number of athletes and also the vice president of the world anti-doping agency who was one of the vocal critics one of the two persons in fact a vote against the reinstatement back in september also expecting to hear from her in the course of the day but if you ask the president of the world anti-doping agencies are a greedy he still believes that this decision was well justified it was a recommendation we heard from our age. the use of the words the fischel from diminish to sport and their subordinated entities or sufficient to show just for
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the first condition and much what we did for the other reasons i have given you which is the huge amount of. determining what was a totally dysfunctional and cheating. in twenty four came into a pretty risky and efficient. agency no sure the combination of these two i think justified what was done so as you can see there are a lot of questions remaining and first are still flying high within the world anti-doping agency's situation and we are certain expecting some answers to come by the end of this conference today and we'll keep you updated of course. now after the hotly contested. mid-term elections in the u.s. amid allegations of fraud at the state of florida is holding a recount of the senate and governor races the republicans that lead over that democrat rivals with the results that we've both rice is falling within the margin triggering a recount in reports the twenty eight thousand midterm elections took place on
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november sixth it's ancient history the country has moved on well not in florida florida now where i'm president and recounts are underway the recounting is under way recount in broward county to how is it possible is this political conspiracy in election recount crisis lorida is known as a swing state in u.s. presidential elections obama and trump both won florida as a key victory on their road to the white house and you can forget back in two thousand when the recounts in florida kept americans biting their nails for months the margin of victory for george w. bush was only five hundred thirty seven votes george walker bush has won florida's twenty five a mark for all votes. this should put him over the top recount controversy back then and recount controversy today the woman who's in charge of tallying votes in one particular county brenda snipes was caught destroying ballots
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too soon during the twenty sixteen reelection bid by democratic rep debbie wasserman schultz now debbie wasserman schultz's name is synonymous with corrupt in her party practices from back when she was d.n.c. chief and favored hillary clinton over burning. republicans are quick to remember that scandal now even if former florida governor jeb bush who appointed brenda snipes wants her out there is no question the broward county supervisor of elections brenda snipes failed to comply with flora. multiple accounts supervisor snipes should be removed from her office for the recounts however jeb bush's reputation isn't exactly clean either many of the cues to him of delivering florida for his brother back in two thousand by purging the voter rolls thank you very much and god bless america so no matter who ends up winning the
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midterm elections in florida or the two thousand and twenty presidential vote one thing is pretty clear florida may have a very good reputation for weather but it's not so hot when it comes to counting votes kaleb moppet artsy new york well on monday donald trump kind the election results should be cold in favor of the republican candidates rick scott and also from the scientists claim you didn't count is no longer possible. finally they were hoping for story hoping to swap the buddhists of paris to the streets of shanghai passengers on a flight to china to get more than they bargained for when they hoped on board the plane.
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cool. cool the first time to say ok every couple of. weeks and all the nonsense of cuckoo cuckoo. cuckoo.
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cuckoo. i. was. international that's how things are looking more and half an hour. when we all make this manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the
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right wing pluses and protect themselves. with the financial merry go round of lives only the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million real need for the world. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us has over one
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trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first circuit and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only. so i talk to ensure my own body i have a good body and i live out in law found himself in the public limelight going to. between this crowd and the spokesman for the handicapped children not. least. over the years
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alvin would make appearances on telephones across the country. not better than other people. because a lot of handicappers. or people get it wrong. they look at alvin law and thank god it's tremendous how he can do things with his feet well i suppose if you look at your feet it's tremendous but these are my feet these are my hands too and i have been doing it forever these are not tremendous feet is the only thing that i've got so when i pick up a cup and i have a drink you know. wow what a thrill that is i do thank.
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