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institution liberty medal for his tremendous work with us about turns by former vice president joe biden marking the first time the constitution liberty and george w. bush ever actually occupied the same time and space seriously my friends we just awarded the medal of liberty to a man with more soldiers and civilians blood on his hands than arguably any other world leader in the past twenty to thirty years save maybe as property or dick cheney yes we are now living in that world which is why we must always be watching the horse. was pretty. good the. real thing this would. be the bottom. like you that i got. with. the.
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welcome everybody to watch the dogs i am tired rolled with and i'm a while and. move another another year another bomb drop and george bush gets a medal that's pretty incredible isn't it yeah well i mean is there really that surprising i mean. it's the constitutional liberty award which sparingly in its thirtieth year pretty exciting do you are it is kevin to recipients for their commitment to veterans or george w. bush said the same to the press laura and i are honored to dedicate this award from the national constitution center to the men and women who have defended a nutshell the rights and freedoms i'm trying to in our constitution said the man who signed the patriot act and a law. which essentially shut down our constitutional right to progress torch or air the n.s.a. george tenet allowed an eleven. happened on this was blah blah blah blah blah blah
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blah but hey it's my grief and he gets an award this is the. girls jersey to. laura got it for all their efforts and career helpers according to eagles yeah. right i don't get with the right i'm too good for you maybe about it it's also one of the roles of the lurkers about just tragic about this it's like george maybe others have been creating a lot of veterans on the board helping veterans of the previous winners a seizure you know they have the surface above thirty years now previous winners actually include twenty seven team us john mccain won the liberty medal in the coast to sion summarize hillary rodham clinton twenty thirteen robert gates defense secretary twenty eleven prime minister tony blair. twenty two and bush clinton
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george's build both got to thousand and six also mohamed ali the fourteenth dalai lama. when it comes to liberty like to those names actually makes. seriously i think maybe. you know i mean john mccain has actually done things for veterans because he's actually a veteran you know and has played is that here it's our view of them as telling that story as out. he has on a number of occasions hard on every administration for not taking care so at least he gets something but i'm confused i'm confused about how the guy who just made an entire generation of. oh well former vice president joe biden in awarding george and laura bush the liberty of medal i know i'm not so biden says it's not about democrats or republicans it's about who we are it's about standing up for men and women who put their lives on the line to defend us every single day which i
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completely agree with i just don't understand but he was already president. why does he need more friggin medals why don't you take the money you spent on this party and these medals and everything else or he's got to go on this little soapbox for a second and maybe take care of one of the twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five veterans a day killed themselves. but hey george gets another models of outs. you know isn't it amazing how we live in a world where george bush is like completely considered to be great yet donald trump is the greatest thing that ever happened to the bush family as for he because they should send him a thank you card because they have made me seriously go. i mean i was never a bush's evil kind of gal but wow that's so whole new turn around here it's just i just i just think it's silly the whole is giving awards for just being a decent human being for being in a position of power and doing the right thing you get
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a special award and you get aboard now days for doing the wrong for to the right to vote but some people are crazy for saying that giving everyone a poor decision or participation in battle is non-science ocarina kind of feel like this is right like begs for participation we can have medicare for all but we can have a was for all our good to no good to go. well. one thing to do is making the news again this time north of the border in canada according to a coalition of environmental groups the canadian government was secretly influenced by the company during an approval process for roundup or teas alex mile of it reports in toronto. it's a company that screws up the public's emotions around the world. and just a few months ago. real people's concerns of don't want to learn go.
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on for years. and take the play that went this way of putting the sign up i. buy i'm. using all this here are much easier to go geez this case ultimately led to ground keeper do wayne johnson winning seventy million dollars in a civil suit against monsanto he claims that round up caused his cancer consumers have recognized the potential risks answer now it's this case which is now helping stir controversy in canada based on court documents be public in california a coalition of environmental groups believe that monsanto had a secret role in producing studies which influence the canadian government's decision to approve life to say a couple of years ago in an interview with c.b.c. sidney ribeau of the environmental group with there said monsanto has been playing
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around with scientific studies it's making these studies look like they are independent when in fact they were written or heavily influenced by monsanto one center which is now owned by germany's bear denies any wrongdoing the canadian government however is taking the allegations seriously its public health department known as health canada called the claims troubling and it tends to review the hundreds of studies used during the approval process for glycine. some activists believe the canadian fed should go further once you can see independent review immediately and suspending the use of life a seat currently roundup is used on a number of crops in canada including corn soy and wheat foods that reach the dinner tables of millions across the country. for our teeth i'm alex milo bitch reporting from toronto. oh oh oh. carol joins the list of countries. to bigger firms and you guys may have manipulated into
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saying your product was healthy and safe and good for all kids ages. yeah i know i mean we're pretty clear on that say it is not good. you know but all those studies i was hundreds and hundreds of studies of its effect on plants on soil on humans on . butterflies. farmer's livelihood. it pretty much just stories all of them but it's super funny and those are just where to hippies study is that. listening to our stories were our we're the company that makes i mean if you can't trust the company that's trying to sell you a circa agent who. really. you know bayer the company that bought the rooms with. their. thousand lawsuits because of this one. it's interesting because your prior to this
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you kind of saw more european countries take that attitude of like we're going to take a step back and really look at person we don't know if we trust god for so you know we're that's partly because most other countries aside from the united states have a very fundamentally different process of just deeming whether things are safe for consumers and for citizens or not and that is the test failings before they are put out into the market as opposed to i know that sounds i know prices america ok this is where you just bury your fears and just put your head in the whatever it is you'll be fine you know you can't be a slave all the time to ask questions later exactly and so we literally in this country and some other countries but mainly in the. we tend to only go after something after someone's got sick and it has to be multiple people have to get sick and then those people have to pay out of their own pocket to prove to the court system that it made them sick like in the case of wayne johnson not so rocket
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dwayne johnson a different way and johnson. johnson who sprayed round up in a similar month commercial product called ranger pro it was a ground as part of a being a ground keeper at a san francisco high school. and he said you know is that way it was like is all this work if i could probably going to die of cancer he says i was there to defend the truth i'm not scared to die. you know but if i have to die at least i'll die for something and that's out there the court awarded him the money and then made it a smaller amount which was still fifty eight million dollars but either way the idea that you know i i commend canada for looking at those will say you know what i should take it over the you know we just got to get the u.s. to jump on board to a world that yeah i would hold your breath but i'm not sure of the breyer line i'm not going to hold my breath i am going to go to break. we're going to break hard rogers don't forget to let us know what your pick of the topics are covered on facebook and twitter and see your poll shows at our teeth dot com coming up we're
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joined by the great media and legal analyst lionel to discuss the great gilded age of governments grant two billion dollars in subsidies to the world's richest man jeff bezos so stay tuned to watch the whole. i would put up just a couple to sleep fulfill. my milk or something. rolls going to say the course of business with the most is still
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a couple. this is new with. a lot of fellows a lot of help us out all the time. and . i'm. going to see that like i know it but nobody else will look at the money funniest diplo it's almost the same tone from all the shows just the flu it's almost a. new one you must. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport lessness i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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the us is better for the tremendously economically through the clout of the we'll do the world by coming out about the fact we're giving up the power to impose structural adjustment on global soft countries or that it is and that is so from fundamentally doesn't understand how these a these are useful tools of us imperialism of the facts right so it's not clear to me what is right is i mean it's true that these institutions are deeply unfair with an unfair to the us their own fares here to the majority world to the global south and that's. be the reason these reforms only and we're.
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with black friday and holiday gift giving season right around the corner how plotters many politicians are now asking themselves what do you get for the man who has everything well how about a taxpayer funded hello pad and more than two billion in tax credits and incentives because that is exactly what new york and virginia politicians have promised the world's richest man jeff bezos and his trillion dollar company amazon in exchange for winning his tax break seeking version of survivor in which cities across the united states computer against each other to be crowned as the new location for amazon headquarters and winning the grand prize of supposedly twenty five thousand jobs apiece for the two cities yes wang island city in queens and the city of arlington and virginia just outside of washington d.c. will be joined holmes to the new headquarters of the online retail giant and many are legitimately crying foul including the brand new u.s. representative from new york alexandria cortez who tweeted amazon is a billion dollar company the idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks at
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a time when our subway is crumbling and our communities need more investment not less is a strain like concerning to residents here joining us now to discuss the world's richest man getting some sweet sweet taxpayers of the day is right for the holidays is legal analyst legal and media analyst the one and only you know how are you line all. excellent by the way ocasio court does amazon's a billion dollar who are trying trillion really she's not she you know bless her heart she tried but you know what i think she's on to start the year may i ask you to find people a question sure seriously. did you ever hear of long island city before you know you know now it's funny i lived in long island owing to the years in the ninety's and they're still talking about it and i'm still at because i'm still horrified because like wow they're putting it there really well it's a it's a lovely place beautiful beautiful of views of don't know of across the east river
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but look let's get a couple of things out of the way it's good that amazons come all right versus not having the corporate h.q. to i think we all can agree or industry is better that's not the issue the issue is why is anybody paying them two billion dollars for what this is this is not no one could argue arlington beautiful place but this is it roland oh yeah this is new york why is new york paying two billion dollars and that's it for the two to do this you know that between seventy five in eighty to one hundred billion dollars a year are spent for relocation efforts from cities that's more than any infrastructure programs of the federal government that means that the great people of new york city where i am right now it's one of the going to schools it may be trying to defray student loan debt decrepid i'm sure remember this is subway system
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streets the usual kind of boring stuff no instead of that we're providing and in centive get this for jeff bezos to move to new york. there's a lot of good reasons to do it now this is but here's the best part. the thing you know what drives people the craziest is this hello port hell if you add it to slab of concrete what they're going cory easy over the site for the two billion dollars do you know that is that the agreement was is limited to one hundred twenty flights a year it's not really day or it could be someplace else it's a slab it's like a parking lot whatever it is that but that is symbolic of the greed is like really jeff really you had to go for that be there wasn't enough for you where the hell of that's the part that's what's driving everybody
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nuts here the speaker of the assembly said take this seven drain it's not going to take the subway train you know but it put the question is do we even need this where are the people of new york where are our services ours the subways you haven't seen it in a while it's it's decrepit so that's that's the problem and ocasio cortez bless her heart in this particular case i think she's on to something i want to say that because you know i i moved to new york city in one thousand nine hundred. ninety late ninety's and. but the one thing i noticed was what it will because it was a vet the subway system at that time was actually very efficient it was a good price it was affordable it's the reason someone could move like me could move to new york city and get around and have seven jobs and make it because we had a subway system that worked but you know like you said it's it's certainly not were
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it is because they haven't invested it in. but let me also throw something in which is a unique kind of a thing to you know i i always i don't fit in anywhere politically i i'm not sure if you've noticed i'm kind of a political atheist i don't know where i'm conservative liberal these labels i don't know but i want to play a kind of common sense look to it you know i i do believe that commerce is wonderful to fuel the economy to help things along that's terrific but you know the the congress may be able to use one day the commerce clause as a means of saying we're going to do something we're going to because you're talking about interstate commerce and interstate funding and the like and i don't know how they can do this it might be a bit draconian oarfish one could even claim but there may be a limitation on the amount of money that starved to. infrastructure starved municipalities and states are basically bribing people to come into
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their two to hold theirs or trade off for this congress many people have suggested using the commerce clause might be able to do something believe it or not to try to stop or to limit or to get some kind of approval before you take badly needed funds be given me they have a lot of people in new york are saying that's our money then again let me repeat this why are you trying to entice amazon to come to new york it's absolutely at the end of the day why at all and you would hope that somebody would wake up and say what's the corporate welfare for people who are people and companies who are the biggest and most richest in the world they can pay for it themselves and still make money but i want to thank you for coming on with their live always a pleasure thank you sir always documents thank you thank you very much. wildfires are slowly but surely being untamed along the southern california coast another threat to the environment and the residents sits right on the beach in august of this year a forty five ton canister holding spent nuclear fuel became lodged on the inner
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ring of an enclosure causing a hole to transfer and a change in management however this comes after a plant in california was shut down in two thousand and fifteen for a major leak but what exactly is the done now with this dangerous nuclear way america has the story. the largest stockpile of nuclear waste in the u.s. is only one hundred feet from the beach the nuclear plant here at santa know free was shut down in two thousand and fifteen after a leak was discovered and now the radioactive waste is being very here feeling problem as it's on a major fault line in a tsunami zone at next to an interstate freeway just steps from this popular surfing beach in southern california and yards from the camp pendleton military base was this massive decommissioned nuclear plants run by something california edison it's the largest. privately own nuclear plants in the country it follows the hanford nuclear plant in washington state which is owned and operated by the government. says the plant shut down in two thousand and fifteen edison obtained
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permits from the california commission to bury these canisters underground as of right now seventy three of the twenty nine are below the surface this is a matter of grave concern to us because nuclear spent nuclear fuel and water don't mix charles langley executive director of public watchdog says the energy company edison chose the wrong location to bury three point six million pounds of radioactive waste there are actually four ones that run underneath the facility we've documented this injury alogical reports that were suppressed by the nuclear regulatory commission it's in a tsunami zone and it's also extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks babie ours originally from pittsburgh live through the three mile island nuclear accident in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine she believes and own free is a ticking time bomb it's still very prevalent to me that this not only could happen but it has happened at three mile island of course that has happened to chernobyl
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it's happened of fukushima and least we forget out there could happen at santa know free in addition to the dangerous location langley says these canisters are as thin as a dime on a quip to store radio active nuclear waste when we investigated further we discovered that the actual warranty for this containment system is only for ten years and the canisters themselves are only guaranteed to last twenty five years we contacted edison and they responded in a phone call asking for our exact questions once given they refused to answer any of our inquiries directly only referring us to their websites they are at us and says they are responsible until the us department of energy finds a place for the fuels disposal and so the california edison is being proactive in seeking out options for the real. cation of the fuel including an offsite facility barrier says she's worried about a delayed emergency response in fact she says there's no way to supervise the
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canisters once they're underground there shouldn't have been a requirement for an underground monitoring system before one can ever went in the groomed watchdogs are looking in to see if they can get the permits revoked that allowed at assen to bury here this as edison and the group are in handy in litigation in san clemente natasha suites r t. who has a lot of new killer whale just right next to the beach and i just. i understand why it isn't for structure so terrible we can't take care of it. that's a big question and i don't have an answer right off the bat but i mean some of the things to think about here i think what you know when you're talking about this particular area one of the things that keeps coming coming up in this story is that there are the what's there right now can't be moved right now because they're literally in the water in those in those tanks which is kind of like if you can
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imagine it it's sort of like a twelve pack of beer except the beer is the these silos and the cooler is the is this concrete structure. the thing is they can't move it yet because everything's too hot in there but all of all of the things as you said you know whether it's built to with built to withstand a hurricane or tsunami or whatever it might not be because they're getting worse. you know that it's just there in jerusalem just so yeah absolutely just like just i just don't want to see this happen to southern california there are no problems already you we could actually stop this with a little pre-planning you think of the maybe a little bit levelheadedness. yes that's it. you know during the four thousand. during the forty thousand nine hundred ninety nine. sunrise on mars the curiosity rover recorded a ton of data and that data wants to say which is where to sound science systematic
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over and see on of the arrest in university and genevieve williams of the university of exeter both in the u.k.'s pressurize in training sites like ultrasound scans and c.t. scans and to music by combining the low frequency under towns were recorded by the mars opportunity rover. they were able to interpret the land to rain around the rover as well as the light heading the surface of the red planet the pair hoped that it would help people see data differently by hearing exploits. that's a sunrise like bars that is really cool. wow. pretty amazing going to send things you'd never think to see your lord of the floyd without the right edge over it would result rise of mars as cool as room in the floor of the event of service over the bay remember everyone in this world we are not told the love that
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of sorts or you all know i am a robot and i'm top of the law lists keep on watching those logs never great for everybody. blushes and then she showed the cheek a total more than the beach he cut a hole close to each senor he said it's not that he shouts that's that only shooting against. get him into. the utility bills you know i said you needed at least then you're a loser that i was caught but i'm counting that in the scheme to show. movement you
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believe you should at least. get into a spot to the south korean his or stow them the tea some corn summed up. the manufacture of the british mr west i am all sure but. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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fracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year girl a truck so i chose to drive trucks people rushed to a small town in north dakota was among the employment rate of zero percent. gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down so much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and that's a tough reality to deal with. the
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. you know one of the number. of. the british prime minister theresa may battles to bring and pays around to her draft exit plan that is key members of her cabinet including the man who helped negotiate a deal quit the last in peace to consider the national interest and gets that the hockey. stick. so soon against a deal would take us all back to square one also to come newly declassified documents reveal that the cia experimented with a so cool.


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