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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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in. a film by the new york times. this. terrorist claims to have joined forces with cold water.
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and. i would. only be. around the world. the new york times has released a film. launched in the us i saw the west. takes a closer look at this supposed history of information the seven. news . headlines not these. it would be
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a masterpiece of. cold war style missions in the american heartland twenty sixteen the same techniques same region even. the same training. great production value music showing in their opinion how russian this information evolved from the cold war can you give regions was evaluated on how many pro rules were due soon promotional versions of the. quick disclaimer this is an opinion piece so you can bug the new york times about factual inaccuracies which seem to make up the bulk of this series for one the defected spy that gave the interview and confirmed all of this never even worked at the k.g.b. he fled from czechoslovakia which wasn't even part of the u.s.s.r. putin that started funding something called the internet research agency this is
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serious said who was the proof how are her hold on i forget opinion piece. well you know it's just like. your opinion the center piece in the k.g.b.'s seven commandments on fake news find a crack in society create a lie so big nobody would believe that it was made up wrap it in a kernel of truth conceal your hand as if the story came from someone else find a useful idiot deny everything and play the long game inevitably of course we get in on rabble mention isn't it nice to have your own t.v. show wow that does it they got us stellar journalism mit except you know i have this nagging feeling this doubt the k.g.b. playbook that they claim to have a. fits one story even better to this probably new york times style
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commandment one the crack in society donald trump new york times is personal arch enemy check commandment to the outlandish lie donald trump the president of the united states of america is a russian spy check commandment three sprinkle of truth everyone moves donald trump met with the russians he's been to moscow checks out c'mon meant for concealed go hand the anonymous sources unnamed officials political experts they all seem to spend more time talking to the press than doing anything else check commandment five find the useful idiots hope come on this is too easy his opponents will believe anything about trump remember the secret dossier that said he hired hookers
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to peel in a bed check commandment six deny everything check we didn't reveal anybody reported c.n.n. or about as he did when you're going you're going to be in my first but i'm going to be you know when c.n.n. did come on and seven play the long game that's what they've been doing the endless cycle of stories about russian hackers speak news invasions aggression it's been loam all right. seven commandments have been followed faith is strong father in fake news heaven hallowed be thy name you come you news be done on earth as on the internet men. everyone knows how the french love. so when the us president said that american wine is just. seemingly. so we decided to put parisians to our
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very own wine challenge to find out who comes up. as donald trump thrashed out at france's president this week on twitter he also took aim at what he saw as unfair trade practices when it comes to wine tariffs way sis said the french who are very precious about that wine they don't said both countries made excellent wine but france made it very hard for the u.s. to sell its wines to the country and charges big tariffs so that got us thinking who makes the better wine the us all fronts it's time for a battle of the new world wine this is the old and the judges it's the parisians. will soon. live on. the full see where
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mercy. don't you know. the whole thing coming. down i would say our pool room. we would. be. absolute most of it we. don't live very much. and there are a. little bit of all. in the you know you. see. the verdict is in hand pushing clear parisians preferred the wine from the us all her well maybe for once the don't rule towns being vindicated as the one from his
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country seems to have trumped that from france so. so on this occasion from paris we admit defeat but nevertheless we will always weighs a gloss and say so and say show that you can ski r.t. paris. british prime minister tourism a has defended her draft deal saying it will put the u.k. on the right course for a definitive divorce from the european union despite a clamor of criticism over her latest plan she again urged members of parliament to unite and get behind it yes difficult and sometimes uncomfortable decisions have had to be made i understand fully that there is some who are unhappy with those compromises but this deal delivers what people voted for in the national interest and we can only secure it if we unite behind the agreement reached in cap and it yesterday. of course over the march twenty nine thousand bricks deadline looming
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a tourism a has come under increasing pressure to secure concessions from the e.u. but on thursday the prime minister suffered yet another bruising day in office after her latest divorce plans triggered a wave of resignations and talk of a no confidence vote she also had to face a three hour morning in parliament. we can choose to leave with no deal we could risk no breaks it is all we can i i or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that can be negotiated this deal the withdrawal agreement and the outline political career a should represent a huge and damaging failure prime minister comes before us today trying to sell us a deal that is already dead in the water i'm almost tempted to ask if one of the members opposite will put their hands up if i actually do support i prime minister
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i suppose i want my right all of our friends so that we would leave the customs union. the next two says otherwise my right on friend said that she would maintain the integrity of the united kingdom the whole protocol says otherwise my right honorable friend said we would be out of the jurisdiction of the york a court of justice also one hundred seventy four says otherwise it's very hard to see her staying perhaps even beyond the weekend because at least forty eight conservative m.p.'s have i understand put in a letter of no confidence in harwich trigger a no confidence debate and then vote and even if she won it as mrs that should did i remind you if sufficiently large my. nora to votes that they have no confidence
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in her i would have thought her goose was cooked it's been a series of cabinet resignations government minister resignations parliamentary a private secretary of resignations even the vice chairman of the conservative party itself has resigned so it's very hard to see how someone who is dug in behind a brick deal which seems to be almost friendless they say that failure is an orphan and success has a thousand parents well this breaks a deal look very much like an orphan to me today. a terrorist group in syria is claiming to have united a rifle factions to fight the government forces in each province of this comes as the russian foreign ministry accuses so-called moderate rebels of helping extremists violate an internationally mediated buffer zone agreement in the trunk of reports to areas the province is still an unbelievably complicated melting pot
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of anti assad militias from those known as syria's moderate rebels to internationally recognized terrorists like. al shabab probably the mightiest group it's the former nusra front otherwise al-qaeda in syria should ring a bell. well a so-called spokesman for the armed wing of that same talk. has given an interview for there are many.
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the man didn't come up with any kind of full list of who's involved but kept repeating everyone in the free lands that's how he refers to areas not controlled by damascus question if we are to believe the guy have the lines between terrorists and moderates been blurred completely an ad lib technically there's a ceasefire between the government and the rebels and a buffer zone in the province right now it was brokered by turkey and russia and eventually backed by france and germany the buffer zone is meant to be free of any terrorists but if it is the terrorists that are now taking control of a joint command center for everyone how does the ceasefire deal makes sense anyway at least you're going to zation the program's guest works and fights for doesn't seem to have any intention of laying their guns down. and would you who he said have been. and then.
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also you know. this video also deserves a quick look to the right at the interview or some t.v. stations used to love having be lobdell karim on air people executed it's as simple as that what can i do here and see a blend in the crowd i don't think so am i going to turn my so over to the regime forces absolutely not i'm about to see some of them. i'm. not going to spend some. time sometimes you will hear someone say that they are part of al qaeda but what is their real affiliation to al qaeda other than some romantic notion to be honest with you he was one of those who were once sending out last messages from besieged aleppo before death from assad. deceit aleppo.
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we may not be able to see anymore messages as regime forces push closer this might be close to if not be a last communication but his reports have since kept coming and he was even accused of links to al qaida something has denied c.n.n. actually try to distance themselves from a bill karim and one of their more recent documentaries well november twenty. know problem getting access to interviewing a high profile figure of tough we all shall aka x. nusra aka al-qaeda in syria we spoke with journalist patrick endings and he believes that by supporting moderate rebel groups western powers are ultimately helping terrorists but now you have effectively a consolidation of all the militants under one terrorist on bravo effectively so if the west is going to intervene diplomatically if the u.s.
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is going to want to stop syria from retaking its own territory and its allies who are helping them do that then effectively they're taking the side of of a terrorist. conference officially according to h.t.s. el nusra front in charge al-qaeda affiliate all under their control now so any money and if they were moderate yesterday they're not moderate today syrian army russia turkey. even the u.s. everyone has to accept the fact that it live as a terrorist occupied. region right now and i'm more of your news in just a moment.
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program. a new children's toy that the kids aged up. brings the political divisions in the country straight into the. weather amid this time of heightened sensitivity is. in these extraordinary top see turvy times one would hope that the lives of our kids could at least for now remain innocent and protected from the political craziness but think again this christmas one conservative website would like your children to build the wall of the law you know. and not just any wall but one that will keep your country safe as a mob yes
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a mob of ten thousand migrants march across mexico untoward to the border sounds like an ideal stocking filler or maybe not. as this politician will tell you you'll never too young for politics brown loves playing the kids build the wall then mr trump said you're fired i love them for building blocks on your child's thing perhaps they'll have more fun putting hillary clinton behind bars with this play sets and while we're at it these are not the only games being criticized as highly inappropriate now we all adore a six hour game of monopoly that usually ends in tears but now players may start
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crying before they even open the box but a new millennial is addition of the game offers and i watch ring taste of reality the tug line says it all forget real estate you can't afford it anyway forget about passing go because you don't make money you just collect experiences like sleeping on your friend's couch or riveting of a can be stroke mr monopoly also got a make over taking a selfie with a participation medal the company insists that the game is aimed at adults. something to chuckle about on christmas morning with uncle john but spoof or not the outrage has been relentless so it turns out we could have called classic monopolies boom a monopoly all along has a bunch of money you have no debt everything is affordable and you can go straight from starting out in life to a rich british state mogul with no formal education you are aware that student debt and the rising cost of rent is crippling the economy talking about it
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a ya dick but then what are we to judge what's acceptable for kids to play with some point out that there is that old screw up playing with an willis dick female role models like barbie and a racist not to mention sexist stereotypes like super mario and let's not even get started on fairytales. a group of members of angela merkel's youth party have sparked outrage in berlin it's after being caught singing a nazi era song and shouting homophobic slurs at the incident allegedly took place in a bar earlier this month on the anniversary of the infamous nine hundred thirty eight nazi paul graham against the jews. of. the controversial vest of old songs originally from nine hundred thirty two it
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was frequently sung by nazi soldiers during invasions including that of france and of the netherlands it remained part of germany's official military song book until last year around fifteen youth party members were caught singing the best of old and drawing condemnation from various politicians. to sing popular very marked song on the eightieth anniversary of the november program's a stunning i'm ashamed of the j. ews brunches to sing a song that was sung during the invasion of belgium luxembourg and france is not acceptable this is not my j u the local chapter of the cd use youth wing party has issued an apology for the disturbances caused by its members at the bar although it dismissed any wrongdoing describing the nazi era tune as a german folk and hiking song we spoke to a member of germany's left party who says the incident only adds more shame to one of the country's darkest chapters. as a german i am disgusted by the way here. discredits everything that
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people did after the who are grateful that english nazis soldiers marching into our . c.u. radicalizes is always bad more right wing and right wing extremists. but it was always balanced by liberal are liberal. and if you look at the see you in general and it's not an isolated incident at all it's only wholly true now to nazi ideology major it is. a minute of silence to commemorate the people that were fired by the nazis it's a day of shame i will be. those see you now rose was fired show us that all the political education of the last eight years and
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then in. a split between the ukrainian and russian orthodox churches could soon become official and my colleague neil harvey discussed the situation with artie's daniel hawkins while religious scandals around churches in ukraine to many might seem irrelevant say historic theological debate but actually carries a lot more meaning to orthodox believers need to look at the basics first the eastern orthodox church is made up of fifteen different churches each of which one has autonomy in religious language that is called autocephaly being the church has its own self governance independence and jurisdiction now the russian orthodox church for centuries has had rule over the key of orthodox church have been political and religious factions in the country which a very long time pushed for a independent ukraine orthodox to be established and leave the president of ukraine petro poroshenko has. been a supporter of this he's implied that the creation of this church is just as
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important to ukraine's independence and rebirth as joining the e.u. or nato autocephaly is the most important event from the same serious as our aspiration to join the un nato the association agreement a visa free regime with the e.u. withdrawal from the c.i.s. rejection of the deceptive treaty and friendship with russia etc all this is the basis of our all new way of development development of ukraine so this is going to happen it's going to come easily it's quite a complicated situation in ukraine is that yes there's more than one of the books shirts in ukraine apart from the main one recognized officially as part of the moscow patriarchate there are also two other churches now they broke away in the early ninety's when ukraine got its independence from the u.s.s.r. this is the key of patriarchates and ukrainian autocephalous church these claim independence but they have never been recognized officially as official corrugations that's until very recently when the patriarch of constantinople made
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moves to give them that autonomy independence as well this is very much angered the moscow patriarch the russian orthodox church doesn't accept these decisions and will not follow them schism is schism and its leaders are the leaders of the schism and the church that accepted the schism excluded itself from the economical field it decision has been made to rupture food communion with the constantinople patriarchate we cannot be in communication with this church which is in schism what about the everyday church goers were they in any way be affected or i think it's going to cause a lot of confusion and division i mean this is seen as a wider context as part of that conflict between russia and ukraine east and west those debates over independence and cultural heritage in the bigger picture here tensions have been rising since about twenty fourteen there have been dozens of attacks since then by ukrainian nationalists on orthodox churches aligned with moscow they view them as enemies of ukraine. as a factor in tolls of the kremlin in terms of church property there may be conflicts
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as well the moscow aligned church owns around twelve thousand parishes in ukraine those two other ukrainian churches which may soon unite control about half that number so in terms of ownership of churches in terms of income revenue in terms of where followers are going to go and practice their faith this is certainly an issue that's not going to go away and is likely to certainly cause some more confusion and division in a country already deeply divided thanks for joining us here on r.t. we are back soon with more. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery ashe was a german company gruntal developed from the divide a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to
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have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. nor make this manufactured sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lives only the one percent. nor middle of the room sick.
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pranking gave americans a lot of job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or a fifty thousand dollars truck. drove truck people who rushed to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent is like gold rush is very very similar to. this beautiful story. and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people who just slow down so much they lost. the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality. this
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is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm part children of washington thank you for being on board we're sure glad to have you coming up today we have a super broadcast and i can't wait to get to it off we'll talk about the future of fin tech that's financial technology with henri arse waiting in the fin tech and crypto leader at big four accounting for pricewaterhouse coopers but first we hit it hard and move right to the breaking news related to bret's it let's go. british prime minister theresa may says she will carry on and see the brics that process to its end after the resignation today of four cabinet members including her bricks it minister dominic robb the prime minister held a news conference earlier amid reports of internal party challenges to her leadership and acknowledge their resignations while insisting.


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