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tv   Documentary  RT  November 16, 2018 6:30am-7:00am EST

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when gold make its manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round this doesn't mean that one person. doing or middle of the room. is. why why that. i. don't conform to the really seal of so it
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starts to become quite mazzei than that though i'm still what they keep us to be demanded change in law school also not to post the parts get it does monkey seem to . eat up all that you must go all for. a new guy thought was about i'd seen a paulist that so you see new york at loggerheads with one of our people have no idea how can you suppose. that i kneel all platforms that screw up on the sand to get. the very. naive. dad. she will want their own money only she at first. actually the.
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example right. and then you stay stuck until it's too late to your constituents not this month and the post only that but i do not see anything it is. why this. was but this is. up to you in this ng is not to support the. so i like u.s. politics to be a target that states in the you will allow tuck. to go it's mama for the ticket feel if i did that and you know it feel
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cold yet. because she's a sure. she'll fuck i'm not. a wimp and that's the concern. here is she was doing. she had. a right to reach down from the gender mama she you want as. much of. anything you. do you. see in the pictures of on you. but that. would mean a cut on this with a vote. because we've got some nonsense going to. go but up with your chance of what you have a minute. when i was
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a cook to say to all of this why you. said bill. would you be able to get the young you mom on the back she sure you did you. look out with no doubt it was do you have to do. you show that it was never have been there are studies that show you out there in the area. that. it's where you live i hear you point. don't know which twentieth century said bin that i knew. but that. day on the website of. the yeah you knew when you quit and
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what kind of show you're good at the guy more we can buy the notion we should be. the missed in. the mummy of what you could live with. imo sure you want conflict when you. consider that the day you can be nice to you if you have a gym would have been much to cut off. if the first bit of this was when you cassettes it was about as this vast amount you go. national doing the convergence of those who. jump before she really could kill you for your book your child for over for the store. and all muscle starts to put in west. virginia with a disability and he will move. for the present system than you. would
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believe. but despite what you must be smug bloke has had. and they. too had to yield to key of. c. . but all of these bills clue to. what you might mean still money. but i would. source like. position a good income with a little. sympathy. but you too can credit was kind of the core of them it was just. absolutely true each
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screening of the most serious suppose you could of course just for the it is a risky thing to do to doctorates it was a talk with the press to a doctor to literally responsible sick of this city to question. the beauty to. put the book. through the. unit that was over to ensure that us because with the posting of this book will be one mission that the quilt and then sure of what didn't that's from the buy to move in a minute but it could. mean money first took on the union chinese produced. but at this but i recall nicholas when you're in the. closure you were invited to you should up all you want but a lot of pull in poker is where she'd go i sure yes you want to put nothing in the bios with you you just behave correct. just because i thought about them but if you
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. look at every rational people around. us he showed us that people studied something that that discussion just thought. you could end up with. you. yeah but what if you don't like. them. now you will not be able to study. the things cost of what does that still your mama. suppose now can see in vogue many more will tell us it's a very very. yeah. the patella mama mama. do you fear. for too long because you know it's all goodness knows. oh foggy. this is not
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sure. if. i do. not wish her well as. well yes. he was. just evil awful and i knew it was sure walt don't know what she had to. quit goes to cook i just. learned there. it's implication in. the you know the most i could. do with those results. is yet to educate you. as not. still in the school and his knowledge of the by.
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some monk about it could not buy them stead here's the point. laddie. that i'm not with. you on most of the flights cost a mother but so it's plenty of nicole up to difficult times the big. oh. yes bob couldn't you just the last one was a little somebody don't do you go out you're always looking good both. of them were deserving dismissal and for your verdict i can record you know if i did. it's not worth the mobile my goodness should be a struggle you know pull up on the store sort of the stripping away but you know
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what. you will know mr malone a special. form will come. in those. shut usually. i'm just your. looking. just like chills but you want to give those bills this computer goes. bids damning. you which just cause it's didn't commit. to anything you she's. the one. you got it just always sort of the beauty of
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a. moment where your girl and i beg you you hold down lloyd the dumbest the. media. on the bike lead sheets of. ice cause we. cherish about all this to store on the glutted store and idealist on the absolutely truck company more come over to go. do it differently. than most of the other yet mr president that they. caught. yeah.
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ah. yes even if you. did yes you. would think he trusted arsenal something with in the. brain a stump as orderly if that's only part of the skill but it's for my to have finished most when it comes but then so as to share with them that they should present blessings upon one with so someone's character it's. in your soul they're right. this is do you know this or this person who's doing this you must get this rigorous review and that was one thing more i didn't tell it said
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the old leads nowhere that i was sure i sleep during the middle. of the of the cut off so he was used to shine some cars out some of seagull. to. come into much of the first no switching use of a minute here when we were new reasoning is not what it is based on but she does miss its. mother impression the stuff for seems to go to your mutual. love. mom way. that you get what you're trying to show us is so stupid. honoring the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war french president emmanuel mccrone claimed patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism
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this is widely seen as a criticism of donald trump after all trying to call some self a nationalist is nationalism a dirty word. doesn't have to do with. the goal choosing. by the government. which ends this week. trimming the. rose because of. the. more. what she has.
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said that there is no. need to. given the choice then you. place it to me. but then we're going to turn it off because you're good. and you base. this money. using but it's even you do you. think. you can. blades of this thing based. on. that's what seems to be easy to see the documents. which people can.
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pick you. up even though to. keep. you company you're. not one of the few some of the small to the simple. to the making and this is. good news for those of the big things you. do keep it simple this is think that you but you should see. when you're both just move on north korea you know what could i lump in the morning star let my income of five thousand block go to the phone for. us good chance our lives.
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yet. my son come on five. and. yet. we found the right. money. easy. for you. is that not sure. how. or when you. you posted you. have thought of another bridge would it be nice to take you at. the war.
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yeah i didn't stay static on the dots thing is all the call that's a long haul a car words mean bilas but they'll soon be annoyed you so much but i'm mostly your . book. that's not my jacked. off and it's just. it's. not just a movie and they are. putting it on some of the dullest bunya answer those assured me it was you know. that it was from the new new to the new that you could look up to soon and buy badly on the stone we should not buy perceptor want to strain you come on my amateur what changed the bit of all ball good or good in a fight over there what would you do a movie. with it's. because of them homage to the way.
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i do but across the one man you were. a shickshinny easily. with my mind it was written. yet it was like your little bug which. will stop at. but i'm still up to your most years before going to comical. and i just leisure to do. just that well and i am. going to fly it all the crawl up the. at the. at the. on the.
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but request kind of talk where you are chose sure. i can't comment on the terms of. the homestead and of the.
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short key. issues about your. cleverness leadership by your core. question. to some. voters. that didn't. we're doing now in order to shore. fashion that sort of arsonists is this
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you who have a spree at. the meeting. and it was there let's not act at least in the anybody. can his the sound in the nose when you need it because it's about the. in the spectacle thoughts to. the moment puppy inlets in it's me to cook stuffs about the components only and then you don't listen for months i put my money on the thought the. numbers deal it's own among guy and smiling to me in money too little sublist soon as he puts. it the pistol to that that's so though it's just a joke to what so that's pretty evil how dr e. . of it would be. just a bone meal mill watching these are. starting to turn. our cards of our.
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down to who are not for. our. bar are. far far yet to be very. first class of it but you want to produce the solution and not wish to splash it to put you on your back you just wish to check them mom really screwed up she went against nash to which. each new to me a little bit you still does it work honestly we misnamed. so won't be that starts it will set in the back you quickly see a chance firstly it was really me among young people to go direct to the works just marriage and that's. mom i cry yeah yeah i'm our first car or all. the discussing the guys that. look back to. this is just the struggle conflict resolution in the toilet well that's pretty much that it's
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because it must be this it. could keep going. but also from when we had a waste of what. they had done with you know. that the. all of this did it in the markets needed those unfortunate and that's the way with a young one business told my eyes it's the only moon. missed. it's more than time not the way it has been members of the. central. press just go to the. same with. just is that the best. and then they get in the. i'm very new in those last newest lying west i mean
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someone down the block the. success were set on the stick and then trails and that's the. first clutch of. the fly chip in the kisses nature. of the push i know really last i knew it was sufficient progress thirty one shooters especially in malaysia is new star shot for a burn me start. to do. that plan is to simply move to look at that interview which. must interest of the voting is the glass is sort of. on time with any of those less the a c. here with. nobody at them but a mishmash just go but she must know what she is sheila e. drainage them look at that they you understood it the better because this that is
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again do nothing all of us is jewish a douche bag full of it don't do it it isn't a bill. just less than he did them to with their thirst to do it but here is the same do i get you. and use test it were the number of. little. new things sent to my faith and what i think went. in your place going to three it. isn't good lena even this just not. so from the look of. it go when you look at. where you are.
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if you have to do the new t.v. show when you test the after you look at. what it will call jerk first book or look at the moment though it was a couple woodshed for do it or its appearance or you but all it did were the three for a moment a book moment there were to go in the political federal appeals court to read to. see if there's a future with the thesis you still need. to book a. book a book or. more
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are long. or.
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subscribe to rob people also get iraqi culture and for just twelve euros fifty per month. a film by the new york times alleges that moscow has been waging a descent from asian campaign against the west since the times of the soviet union . to come this hour the russian defense ministry blames the six thousand u.s. backed militants living in the syrian refugee camp. and prisons take wine challenge we asked them to tell the difference between american and french after donald trump claims the u.s. brands.


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