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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EST

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i. i. i was. the new york times claims moscow has been waging a fake news campaign against the west since soviet times. the russian defense ministry warns that six thousand u.s. backed militants are now living in a syrian refugee camp. fights for survival is over twenty members of the british prime minister's own conservative party go public with letters of no confidence over her draft deal. i'd also become prisons take artie's wind challenge
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them to blind taste american and french read softer tone from claims that u.s. brands are actually just as good. or. only be much they're probably reflective of the. hello good evening at seven o'clock here in moscow you're watching international. now the new york times has released a film claiming that the soviet union launched a descent from ation campaign to tell the west the part. takes a closer look now at this supposed russian obsession with yours. the seven commandments of fake news come on earth click big headlines were not this would be a masterpiece of the. cold war style missions in the american heartland
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twenty sixteen the same techniques same region even. the same trade. great production value music showing in their opinion how russian this information evolved from the cold war the coming year if we agents was evaluated on how many propose to do soon promotion of versions of the. quick disclaimer this is an opinion piece so you can bug the new york times about factual inaccuracy as which seemed to make up the bulk of this series for one the defected spy that gave the interview and confirmed all of this never even worked at the k.g.b. he fled from czechoslovakia which wasn't even part of the u.s.s.r. putin that started funding something called the internet research agency this is serious said who was the proof how are her hold on i forget
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opinion piece. well you know it's just like. your opinion the centerpiece of the k.g.b.'s seven commandments on fake news find a crack in society create a lie so big nobody would believe that it was made up wrap it in a kernel of truth conceal your hand as if the story came from someone else find a useful idiot deny everything and play the long game inevitably of course we get in on rubble mention isn't it nice to have your own t.v. show wow how does that got us stellar journalism mit except you know. i have this nagging feeling this doubt the k.g.b. playbook that they claim to have exposed fits one story even better to this probably new york times style commandment one the crack in society donald trump
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new york times is personal enemy check a monument to the outlandish lie donald trump the president of the united states of america is a russian spy check commandment three sprinkle of truth everyone moves donald trump met with the russians the moscow checks out c'mon mint for concealed your the anonymous sources unnamed officials political experts seem to spend more time talking to the press than doing anything else check come on month five find a useful idiot hope come on this is too easy his opponents will believe anything about trump remember the secret dossier that said he hides his appeal in a bed check come on six deny everything check we didn't reveal
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anybody reported. did well you're going you're going to. first now we're going to. you know when c.n.n. did come on and seven play the long game that's what they've been doing the endless cycle of stories about russian hackers speak news invasions aggression it's been long all right. seven commandments have been followed faith is strong father and fake news heaven hallowed be thy name you can it's come you news be done on earth as on the internet. but i guess the french wine is renowned throughout the world so when donald trump did claim that america's attempt at the tipple is actually just as good it did leave a sour taste in many french minds so we decided to put prisons to the test to see if the president should swallow his work. as donald trump thrashed out at france's
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president this week on twitter he also took aim at what he saw as unfair trade practices when it comes to wine tariffs way sis said the french who are very precious about that wine the don't said both countries made excellent wine but france made it very hard for the u.s. to sell its wines to the country and charges big tariffs so that got us thinking who makes the better wine the us all fronts it's time for a battle of the new world wine this is the old and the judges it's the parisians. will salumi you roll. to give it to you just resume the full state where real skill. if you don't do. it yourself and really think of
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it. put on october and say our group. would like that call but the only big really big city mosul a bit more where. the dizziness don't get very much. and then he got. a little bit. in the lake oh oh. but we're obsessed with it so the verdict is in hand it's crystal clear parisians preferred the wine from the us or her well maybe for once the dollar auld has been vindicated as the wind from his country seems to have trumped that from france so on this occasion from paris we
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admit defeat but nevertheless we will always weighs a gloss and say so and say charlotte even ski r.t. paris. now trees amaze battling for her political future after almost two dozen m.p.'s from her ruling conservative party went public with letters of no confidence the lawmakers called for the british prime minister to go over her controversial draft breaks it deal announced on thursday nevertheless the beleaguered premier insists that parliament should get behind the agreement yes difficult and sometimes uncomfortable decisions have had to be made i understand fully that there is some who are unhappy with those compromises but this deal delivers what people voted for and it is in the national interest and we can only secure it if we unite behind the agreement reached in cap and it yesterday. well with the march twenty
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ninth team breaks the deadline looming may's coming under increasing pressure to secure concessions from me but on thursday the prime minister suffered yet another difficult day in office after her latest divorce plans triggered a wave of resignations and also talk of a no confidence vote and she also suffered three out calling in parliament by end pace we can choose to leave with no deal we can risk no breaks it is all we can i i. i or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that could be negotiated this deal the withdrawal agreements and the outline political. represents a huge and damaging failure prime minister comes before us today trying to sell us the deal that is already dead in the water i'm almost tempted to ask if one of the members opposite will put their hands up actually do support i prime minister and
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the senate proposal i want my right on a vote for what serves what we would leave the customs union. the next to. my right over but she would move the integrity of the united kingdom a whole protocol so it's all there was my right on the frode so that we would be out of the jurisdiction of the york a court of justice article one hundred seventy four says otherwise it's very hard to see her staying perhaps even beyond the weekend because at least forty eight conservative m.p.'s have i understand put in a letter of no confidence in her which triggers a no confidence debate and then vote and even if she won it as misses that charge did i remind you that if sufficiently large minority. votes that they have no
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confidence in hospice i would have thought her goose was cool it's been a series of cabinet resignation and government minister resignations and parliamentary private secretary resignations even the vice chairman of the conservative party itself has resigned saul it's very hard to see how someone who is dug in behind great deal which seems to be almost friendless this is that failure is an orphan and success has a thousand parents world this breaks that deal look very much like an orphan to me today. well there was plenty of drama in the u.k. parliament yesterday and in her latest episode of in case you missed it takes norton to look at events at westminster. there was something quick on this video let me read it because i have. chaos in westminster
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as the cradle of britain's parliamentary democracy tries to get to grips with something to do with rights it. now this time the thing to do with records it is very serious and we know this because important ministers to do with gregg's it which they should all be including someone in charge of their exit on a track meet a misplaced confidence in himself. to do. was. look at any one leader minister with. looking at the music of his mother bring a. lot of. that nobody will be the
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backstop is. basically we could. go given the e.u. our backstop. should of all over seven or eight say seven. there are five hundred pages of something to do with brags that that person elected representatives are hearing inside this conflict at least. would tell you that the trade. that. these guys. have a portent. to know all about it in fact they are talking about what's happening in that we're now watching it it's fair to say that right now everyone's talking about it without having read it a little bit like the bible. war and peace. once
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the banks start the ball i'm not sure. what's the backstop. what's not in ireland over the budget or does it look you know me refusing to do my job to ask the questions as. they would in case you are wondering what the backstop is is actually to prevent a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland and you can read about it in more detail at our website at r.t. dot com. our copy and paste error seems to have revealed u.s. prosecutors are preparing charges against the wiki leaks chief julian the son she was discovered in an unrelated court filing which was said to have been made by. the complaint supporting affidavit would need to remain sealed until songes a rested in connection with the charges in the criminal complaint and could therefore no longer evade or avoid a wrist and extradition in this matter. well sanjay's been holed up in the
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ecuadorian embassy in london for more than six years now and he feeds extradition to the u.s. for publishing secret government documents last year sex assault charges against the stray in national vo were dropped by swedish authorities however he still faces arrest in the u.k. for breaking by all terms although exact details of the potential u.s. charges do remain a mystery he could face a life sentence any charges could date back to twenty ten to you over the leak of diplomatic cables and secret military files regarding american atrocities in iraq and also. afghanistan during the wars there last year we kill it's published the largest leak in cia history concerning the agency's arsenal of cyber tools and who could be prosecuted too for publishing stolen e-mails from the democratic national committee ahead of the twenty sixteen presidential election the special
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investigation by robert mueller into the trump russian collusion claims that they were hacked by moscow with can't make any comment on the issue because in an increasingly strained relationship his ecuadorian hosts have placed a series of restrictions on him limiting internet access visitors and also public statements among other things there was no blow as lawyers say if the u.s. charges are for real it would set a dangerous precedent for press freedom so let's get some more discussion on this with danny marshawn she's a former m i five intelligence officer annie always good to have you on firstly with this story do you think it's true do you think it's genuinely happened that the u.s. is charged stand secretly. i think it's been well speculated craze i secret over the last seven or eight years that there is a secret grand jury convened in virginia to try and find a law any law perhaps even make one up with which to prosecute julius. ever since
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he started releasing certainly the video collateral murder back in two thousand and ten which gave the evidence for american war crimes in the middle east as well as all the iraq and afghanistan documents as well and of course things fixed celebrated since then both with the vault seven disclosures all the cyber weapons that the cia had been building up which were leaked to wiki leaks about a year ago and of course the allegations still unproven that we worked with russia to try and release the d.n.c. the e-mails around hillary clinton campaign now of course there are competing versions of exactly what happened some of which is based on evidence from a very senior former n.s.a. official such as william binney the former technical director of the n.s.a. which say that actually it was a leak not a hack so from what he said about the technological capabilities of that disclosure
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about the d.n.c. it was probably an insider who was disgruntled about the election being stitched up against bernie sanders in favor hillary clinton so there's a lot of reasons why the americans would try and do this i mean certainly over the years we've had politicians calling for his assassination for life imprisonment for the death penalty this is why he was given asylum by ecuador a lot of incentives as you pointed out there and he but i suppose the big sticking point many people say what could they charge him with because the argument is he's a publisher and he's not the only journalist reveals their secrets before. absolutely i mean one he's been given asylum by ecuador effected or in asia on that deal that's going to upset her whole range of international agreements and laws and of course he is the editor in chief of wiki leaks it's a new form of high tech publishing but it is a publisher and if they go for him try to prosecute him under arcane espionage laws dating back from nine hundred seventeen in the usa then they would have to go after
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publications like the washington post. new york times which have published precisely the same sort of information in fact a lot of their stories been based on wiki leaks disclosures so you know everyone working in the media in the u.s. would therefore immediately become vulnerable to prosecution under the espionage act and that's just crazy you know that the press has protections for a good reason and they have protections under the what's called the first amendment in the usa and if i can just you know indulge me i just want to quote so in september this year the man who created the trump dodgy dossier the former m i six guy christopher steele was sued by some russians through the american courts because apparently he had reduced their reputations and the american judge said it was judge and the epstein advocacy on issues of public interest has the capacity to inform public debate and therefore furthers the purposes of the first amendment regardless of system ship or residency now if this can apply to
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a british form and i six officer in the usa why can you not apply to an astray in publisher currently enjoying asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in the u.k. a very good question and just finally there is a lot of the boat there was in the in the u.s. at the moment about press freedom and we've seen the c.n.n. journalist banned from the white house that sparked a big debate but when it comes to doing the big big case like this it doesn't seem to get the same platform one when it comes to talking about freedom of the press. yes it's a strange one i mean obviously when we spoke into the international consciousness about eight years ago you had a lot of allies in the international media and worked particularly closely with organizations such as the washington post the new york times and the guardian newspaper in the u.k. then there seem to be a lot of infighting and these all the legacy media outlets started turning on on julian songe so the question is why are they not protecting one of their own to not
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realize that if they don't protect one of their own they will be. equally vulnerable under the sort of north and i think that's something that the legacy media in the west needs to really seriously think about even we have press freedom for all we have press freedom from. good to talk you're going to have to leave it that was that the form of my five intelligence officer i mash on thank you. for watching our table to take a quick break. this reserve bank unable to qatada see yes this is at the center of america's descent into financial armageddon yes can you blame the fed for such things as the infrastructure collapse across america the ecological collapse. california wildfires and hurricanes across the nation and the busted pipes in detroit leading
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to our stick poisoning i love yes yes you can because they give money to the bad people. you know world of big. lot and yours it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. hello again now forty palestinians are confirmed injured by israeli fire in the latest border clashes on friday according to garza's health ministry it came as
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hundreds of protesters gathered amid a reported cease fire with israel however there have already been reports of violence with israeli defense forces clashes have been happening for seven months during protests known as the great march of return palestinians demanding the right to return to the lands they say have been illegally occupied by israel since since march more than two hundred palestinians have been killed and thousands more have been injured the i.d.f. denies though it deliberately targets civilians. in other news the russian defense ministry has drawn attention to thousands of militants living in a huge syrian refugee camp where living conditions a said to be dire and the terrorists can apparently gain easy access rick brown refugee camp is in an extremely difficult humanitarian situation the total number of people limits is about fifty thousand of which about six thousand are militants
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controlled by the u.s. well i discussed the disturbing situation at the camp with our correspondent maria for an auction. how on earth do they get into these refugee camps is it that easy for the militants to get inside it's not easy but you have to remember that it's very hard to detect them once a militant throws his weapon he looks like not very severely and and plus you have to remember that our flows in flows of people stream inane and you have named time to check their documents and you also heard from russia that they keys that these militants are u.s. backed and this camp is situated in the territory in the southern part of syria border in jordan that is under control of u.s. military.
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ok we know the officials are saying a russian officials that they believe six thousand militants about this camp how would they know that i would they come to this figure is not on the russian side that is claiming that to run militants inside this camp we heard that from the u.s. embassy as well that there are some isis grave and have had to loose or group extremist groups members hiding in they scanned the news in the surveilling and displaced people from state where as a human shield it's really unclear whether they have weapons where they're armed or not but the thing is that these people are of a certain background what is the situation like inside this camp pretty dire by all accounts from what we hear from russians defense ministry the situation is simply dramatic health care there are five medical facilities opened on the territory of these camps and they provide all of them very limited services at a very high price and the same for for the so-called pharmacy is so you may think
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it should be free of charge but it's not it's very expensive and all the people can afford these treatment. un offer medical services free of charge in neighboring jordan but people from the can cannot leave the camp unless they pay a fee to those who control this camp the militants that the russian general mentioned so again not everybody can afford that and this is why we hear about cases like human traffic where prostitution including sex with minors and gender inequality all those terrible cases a violation of human rise aid agencies have been sending you to me just last month she arrived we know what happened to that these are distributed all this is the thing that international humanitarian aid find its way to the camp but it ends up in the hands of those who control things can those militants and it's a terrible situation and russia says that since the camp is on the territory
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controlled by the u.s. military america is responsible for those terrible things happening inside the camp and they want of course the international community to stopping to react somehow maria speaking to me earlier that's how the news is looking so far this evening we're back with more for you in just over half an hour. because she says the budget doesn't have to do is dish. goal. is a middle fold agenda the government doesn't. trust its by the government. which ends this week a new and strengthening i will move in the debts what failing to do.
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you know world of big partisan group a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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