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subscribed to roughly. twelve euros fifty month. new york times claims moscow has been waging a fake news campaign against the west since soviet times. and decades of overspending it's reviewed the pentagon then splashdown millions of dollars on its first ever audit which failed. is in stake artie's wind challenge we asked them to blind taste american and french reds after donald trump claimed that u.s. brands are just as good for. our. pretty only
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be much better to. give you thanks for joining us this is r.t. international. the new york times has released the film claiming the soviet union launched a decision for mission campaign to the western part i guess the of takes a closer look at this suppose it russian obsession with fake news the seven commandments fake news that come on let's click big headlines were not this would be a masterpiece. in the american. in twenty six. the same techniques same. even. the same traits.
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great production value music showing in their opinion how russian this information evolved from the cold war can you every agents was evaluate its on how many. do soon promotion of variations of the. quick disclaimer this is an opinion piece so you can bug the new york times about factual inaccuracy as which seem to make up the bulk of this series for why. the defected spy that gave the interview and confirmed all of this never even worked at the k.g.b. he fled from czechoslovakia which wasn't even part of the u.s.s.r. putin that started funding something called the internet research agency this is serious said who was the proof how our. hold on i forget opinion piece. just like. your opinion the centerpiece of the k.g.b.'s seven commandments on fake news find
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a crack in society create a lie screw big nobody would believe that it was made up wrap it in the kernel of truth conceal your hand as if the story came from someone else find a useful idiot deny everything and play the long game inevitably of course we get in on rubble mention is that nice to have your own t.v. show wow how does it go to us stellar journalism mit said you know i have this nagging feeling this doubt the k.g.b. playbook that they claim to have exposed to fits one story even better to this properly new york times style commandment one the crack in society donald trump new york times is personal arch enemy check commandment to the outlandish lie donald trump the president of the united states of america is
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a russian spy check commandment three a sprinkle of truth everyone moves donald trump met with the russians he's been to moscow checks out c'mon mint for conceal your hand the anonymous sources unnamed officials political experts they all seem to spend more time talking to the press than doing. anything else check commandment five find a useful idiot hope come on this is too easy his opponents will believe anything about trump remember the secret dossier that said he hired hookers to peel in a bed check commandment six deny everything check we didn't reveal when it was reported c.n.n. or because he did well you're going to want to know when first we are going to fraley not blithely you know it c.n.n. did come on and seven play the long game that's what they've been doing the endless
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cycle of stories about russian hackers all agog speak news invasions aggression it's been long all right all seven commandments have been followed faith is strong father and fake news heaven hallowed be thy name you fake news come you news be done on earth as on the internet men. french wine is renowned throughout the world so. americans attempt to the temple is just as good well that left a sour taste in many french so we decided to put presidents to the test to see if the president should be swallowing his words as donald trump thrashed out at france's president this week on twitter he also took aim at what he saw as unfair trade practices when it comes to wine tariffs way sis said the french who are very
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precious about that wine they don't said both countries made excellent wine but france made it very hard for the u.s. to sell its wines to the country and charges big tariffs so that got us thinking who makes the better wine the us all fronts it's time for battle of the new world wine this is the old and the judges it's the parisians a. new room full silly me you. know. where. you. don't you know. really think of it. i would say our pool room. to.
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be celebrated absolute most of it we've more. don't live very much. and there are a. little bit of all. let me show you. that bangkok. so the verdict is in and it is pretty clear parisians preferred the wine from the u.s. all her well maybe for once they don't rule towns been vindicated as the wind from his country seems to have trumped that from france so on this occasion from paris we admit defeat but nevertheless we will always weighs a gloss and say so and say show that you can ski r.t. paris. pentagon has failed what's been called the first ever proper
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audit of its budget the checks on u.s. weapons personnel military property cost more than four hundred million dollars let's go to new york now and speak to a correspondent base more to tell us about this audit done and what exactly has it found well the first time in history that the pentagon has been audited and now we hear the results of the audit are that more work lies ahead in cutting bassed back wasteful spending apparently the deputy defense secretary says he was not surprised by the result let's take a listen we never thought we were going to pass a law that everyone was betting against us that we wouldn't even do the audit. now there were one thousand over to one thousand two hundred auditors and they looked into the problems looked over the spending of the pentagon discovered over five hundred fifty nine million dollars worth of wasteful spending and errors
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essentially at this point we've got the army the navy the air force the marine corps the defense logistics agency u.s. special command operations and the u.s. transportation command all of them receiving a disclaimer saying that they have multiple issues with their spending that need to be fixed now some of the more interesting examples that were discovered apparently at an air force base in utah fifty three million dollars worth of missile motors were were being stored and they were listed as not working or not being operational the auditors looked into it and discovered that these missile motors actually were operational so they subsequently then took them out of storage and put them into service about this is not a surprise the pentagon is notorious for wasteful spending let's take a review of some of the interesting cases over the years.
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theresa may is battling for her political future after almost two dozen m.p.'s from the ruling conservative party went public with letters of no confidence the lawmakers call for the british prime minister to go over a controversial draft regs a deal announced thursday nevertheless the beleaguered premier insists parliament should get behind the agreement yes difficult and sometimes uncomfortable decisions have had to be made i understand fully that there is some who are unhappy with those compromises but this deal delivers what people voted for and it's in the national interest and we can only secure it if we unite behind the agreement
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reached in cabinet it yesterday. at the march twenty nine thousand brigs it deadline looming mais coming under increasing pressure to secure concessions from the european union but on thursday the prime minister's seven yet another difficult day in office after her latest divorce plans triggered a waiver for exit nation to talk of a no confidence vote she also suffered a three hour grilling in parliament by and pace we could choose to leave with no deal we could risk no breaks it is all we can. i. or we can choose to unite and support the best deal we could be because. this withdrawal agreements and the outline political director aeration represents a huge and damaging failure prime minister comes before us today trying to sell us a deal that is already dead in the water i'm almost tempted to ask if one of the
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members opposite will put their hands up really actually do support i prime minister and the supposed. lord of the whips that the people who could tall the party voting for the prime minister they've all been recalled to london today which makes a ducasse of. a contest as in the offing so i expect it will be announced today or monday that to do the shit contest or the be a vote of confidence in her first if she wins that she is safe for another year if she loses it then some deals with other candidates will emerge and one of them will become prime minister. forty palestinians have been confirmed injured by israeli fire in the latest border clashes on friday that's according to gaza's health ministry it comes as hundreds of protesters gathered amid a reported cease fire with these israel however have already been reports of
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violence with israeli defense forces classes have been occurring for seven. months during protests that have been known as the great march of. the listings are demanding the right to return to land that they say have been illegally occupied by israel since march more than two hundred palestinians have been killed and thousands more have been injured the i.d.f. denies that it deliberately targets civilians. the number of those missing in the deadly wildfires that continue to sweep through the u.s. state of california has now doubled to more than six hundred. already claimed at least sixty three. date cooler weather helped firefighters to suppress the blaze is the most stuck to a fire in the state's history has destroyed nearly twelve thousand buildings are fighters are battling two major epicenters almost two hundred forty thousand acres have been torched local authorities stressed the number of missing people is expected to change.
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ok let's bring you live pictures now from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan where russian supply mission is about to blast off to the international space station the shipment will be powered by a soyuz rocket it will deliver about two and a half tons of supplies to the current crew. and it will include essentials they'll be waiting for the shipment of food fuel water and gas. the first sound back should the rockets ignite. figures everywhere. moments of the blast of successful. rocket powered shipment of essential supplies
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on its way to dropping the isis is that by the. time you. well of course you remember though just last month the failed manned mission. didn't make it a two person crew for stooge yet to make an emergency landing just minutes after blast off. so far so good for this remember this is in and manned mission it's being powered by a soyuz. rocket the same one ours was used on the last occasion first time this is being used for a manned mission. just in case there are any problems no chance has been taken the flight has been insured for almost fifty million dollars. and the reason this is happening there are currently three crew members on board the i assess they'll need some more supplies will be getting low before they return to earth in the next few weeks and those supplies of course will be there to help for the next crew they
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were supposed to going up at the end of december but as the space station can't be left on manned for any period crew will be going up. there as a defense ministry strong attention to thousands of militants living in a huge syrian refugee camp where living conditions are said to be dying and the terrorists can apparently gain easy access. route bound refugee camp is in an extremely difficult humanitarian situation the total number of people in it is about fifty thousand of which about six thousand are militants controlled by the u.s. . michel gondry farmer discussed the situation of the camp with our correspondent richard national. how on earth do they get into these refugee camps is it that easy for the militants to get inside it is not easy but you have to remember that it's very hard to detect them once a militant threat is his weapon he looks like not very severely and and plus you
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have to remember that our flows in flows of people stream inane and you have no time to check their documents and you also heard from russia that they keys that these militants are u.s. backed and this can is situated in the territory in the southern part of syria border in jordan that is under control of u.s. military. ok we know the officials are saying a russian officials that they believe six thousand militants about this camp how would they know that i would they come to this figure is not on the russian side that is claiming that to run militants inside this camp we heard that from the u.s. embassy as well that there are some i say scrape and had a looser group extremist groups members hiding in they scanned the news in the
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surveilling and displaced people from stay where as a human shield it's really unclear whether they have weapons where they're armed or not but the thing is that these people are of a certain background what is the situation like inside this camp pretty dire by all accounts oh yeah from what we hear from russians defense ministry the situation is simply dramatic health care there are five medical facilities opened on the territory of these camps and they provide all of them very limited services at a very high price and the same for for the so-called pharmacy is so you may think it should be free of charge. but it's not just are expensive and all the people can afford these treatment and un offer medical services free of charge in neighboring jordan but people from the can cannot leave the camp unless they pay a fee to those who control this camp the militants that the russian general mentioned so again not everybody can afford that and this is why we hear about
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cases like human traffic where prostitution including sex with minors and gender inequality all those terrible cases a violation of human rise aid agencies have been sending you to me just last month she arrived we know what happened to that those these are distributed all of this is the thing that international humanitarian aid find its way to the camp but it ends up in the hands of those who control things can those militants and it's a terrible situation and russia says that since the camp is on the territory controlled by the u.s. military america is responsible for those terrible things happening inside the camp and they want of course the international community is to stopping to react somehow . copy and paste seems to have revealed the u.s. prosecutors are preparing charges against the wiki leaks chief julian assange it was discovered in an unrelated to the court filing which was said to be made by
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mistake. the complaint supporting affidavit would need to remain sealed until saunders arrested in connection with the charges in the criminal complaint and could therefore no longer evade all of void or wrist and extradition in this matter . what science has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london for more than six years he fears extradition to the united states for publishing secret government documents last year sex assault charges against the australian national were dropped by swedish authorities but he still faces arrest in the u.k. for breaking bail terms although exact details of the potential u.s. charges they remain a mysterious science fears that he could face a life sentence and he charges could date back all the way to twenty ten over the leak of those diplomatic cables and secret military files regarding u.s. atrocities in the iraq and afghan wars last year we could explode with the largest leak in cia history concerning the agency's arsenal of cyber tools and he could be prosecuted for publishing stolen e-mails of the democratic national committee ahead
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of the twenty six thousand presidential election especially vest a geisha by robert miller into trunk russia collusion claims that they were hacked by moscow science can't make any comment on the issue because in an ng creasing the strained relationship is ecuador and host well they have placed a series of restrictions on limiting internet access visitors and public statements among other things whistleblowers lawyers say that if these u.s. charges are for real well that would set a dangerous precedent for press freedom former m i six officers and the national police such a notion is becoming and big use to the mainstream media. obviously when wiki leaks broke into the international consciousness about eight years ago you had a lot of allies in the international media and worked particularly closely with organizations such as the washington post the new york times and the guardian newspaper in the u.k. then there seem to be a lot of in-fighting and these old legacy media outlets started turning on on julian songe so the question is why are they not protecting one of their own today
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not realize that if they don't protect one of their own they would be equally vulnerable under these sort of laws and i think that's something that all the the legacy media in the west needs to really seriously think about either we have press freedom for all we have press freedom for none. and you children story and kids aged five and up the skull and soul in the u.s. is raising concern critics say that it brings the political divisions in america right into the kindergarten of these nicaea and looks at whether amid this time of hard sensitivities people are too easily triggered in these the extraordinary topsy-turvy times one would hope that the lives of our kids could at least for now remain innocent and protected from the political craziness but think again this christmas one conservative website would like your children to build the wall a lot of your dollars are all go and not just any war but one that will keep your
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country safe as a mob yeth a mob of ten thousand migrants march across mexico untoward to the border sounds like an ideal stocking filler or maybe not. as this politician will tell you you'll never too young for politics run loves playing the kids build the wall then mr trump said you're. fire them for building blocks on your child's thing perhaps they'll have more fun putting hillary clinton behind bars with this play set and while we're at it these are not the only games being criticized as highly inappropriate now we all adore a six hour game of monopoly that usually ends in tears but now players may start
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crying before they even open the box the new millennial is addition of the game offers and i watering taste the reality the tag line says it all forget real estate you can't afford it anyway forget about passing go because you don't make money you just collect experiences like sleeping on your friend's couch or riveting of a can be stroke mr monopoly also got a make over taking a selfie with a participation medal the company insists that the game is aimed at adults something to chuckle about on christmas morning with uncle john but spoof or not the outrage has been relentless so it turns out we could have called classic monopoly boom a monopoly all along has a bunch of money you have no debt everything is affordable and you can go straight from starting out in life to a rich british state mogul with no formal education you are aware that student debt
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and the rising cost of rent is crippling the economy talking about it a ya dick but then when we to judge what's acceptable for kids to play with some points out that day is that old scrope playing with unrealistic female role models like barbie and racist not to mention sexist stereotypes like super mario and let's not even get started on fairytales. thanks thing with the saving you watching all to international i'll be back with the dice in half an hour. with no make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent.
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who ignore middle of the room sick. real news. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world the politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. with a suitable to sleaze ball. i built for sunday and this is their. roles going to say the board of business with the most is to look. this is needless.
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to show up on the bus now because i am. ok see that guy knowing that nobody else is. look at the motor on your body it's to blow it's list it's a pleasure just soulless a. new tool in your. lives. i'm. sure. why why laughter.
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it's. going to conform with the sale of so it starts to become quite mazzei adon the thong store what they needed to post a thing in the reaching in law school os also not a place to park a kid does monkey sing to. eat a bullet you must go all for it cause all. we need got don't was a but i'd seen a paulist that so soon york at loggerheads with one of my people have no idea how can you suppose that it still must i kneel all platforms that screw up on that sand say ok i'm a little sleep or eat and sleep. oh ye. dat. she'll want them not only fully checked first. such.
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example. i'm just a sucker cut nerds who live here because it is my town that those tell me that but i do not see the good as. it was. there was no way if it doesn't. have to get this thing is not to support the young so why us politics to be a target that states in the u. will allow tuck. to go it's mama
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for the fiftieth fiji if i did that and you know if. she envious. because she should. shill five. thousand and that's the concern here was. she had to do the right to reach down from gender mama sure you have there's. what you. think you. do you have someone in the pictures of on you. but that doesn't. seem it would mean a cut on this with a vote is just.


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