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because she says logic doesn't have to do with the shooting goal choosing. government government. by the government. which ends this week a new strain trimming in the. new york times claims moscow has been waging a fake news campaign against the west in soviet times. but splashed out millions of dollars on its first ever lorded which failed the agency admitted it didn't think it would pass given decades of overspend. britain's take on things one challenge we asked them to blind taste american and french reds after donald trump claimed u.s. brands are just this good. i would say our.
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pretty early to be much. good evening this is. the new york times has released a film claiming the soviet union wants to descend from a campaign to tear the west apart i guess the it takes a closer look at this supposedly russian obsession with fake news. the seven commandments of fake news that come on earth click big headlines were not this would be a masterpiece of the. cold war style missions in the american heartland twenty sixteen the same techniques same region even. the same training.
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great production value music showing in their opinion how russian this information evolved from the cold war the coming year. was evaluated on how many propose to do soon promotion of versions of the. quick disclaimer this is an opinion piece so you can bug the new york times about factual inaccuracies which seem to make up the bulk of this series for one the defected spy that gave the interview and confirmed all of this never even worked at the k.g.b. he fled from czechoslovakia which wasn't even part of the u.s.s.r. putin that started funding something called the internet research agency this is serious said who was the proof how are her hold on i forget opinion piece. well you know it's just like. your opinion the center piece in the k.g.b.'s seven commandments on fake news find
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a crack in society create a life soup big nobody would believe that it was made up wrap it in a kernel of truth conceal your hand as if the story came from someone else find a useful idiot deny everything and play the long game inevitably of course we get in on rubble mention isn't it nice to have your own t.v. show wow that does it it got us stellar journalism mit except you know. i have this nagging feeling this doubt the k.g.b. playbook that they claim to have exposed to fits one story even better to this probably new york times style commandment one the crack in society donald trump new york times is personal arch enemy jack commandment to the outlandish lie donald trump the president of the united states of america is
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a russian spy check commandment three a sprinkle of truth everyone moves donald trump met with the russians he's been to moscow checks out c'mon meant for concealed go hand the anonymous sources unnamed officials political experts they all seem to spend more time talking to the press than doing anything else check commandment five find a useful idiot hope come on this is too easy his opponents will believe anything about trump remember the secret dossier that said he hired hookers to peel in a bed check commandment six deny everything check we didn't reveal anybody reported c.n.n. or about as he did when you're going you're going to. first now we're going to be you know when c.n.n. did come on and seven play the long game that's what they've been doing the endless
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cycle of stories about russian hackers god spake news invasions aggression it's been long all right. seven commandments have been followed faith is strong father in fake news heaven hallowed be thy name you can it's come you news be done on earth as on the internet men. french wine is renowned across the world so when donald trump claimed that america's attempt at the to police just as good but left a sour taste in many french mouths we decided to put britain's to the test to see if the president should be swallowing his words. as donald trump thrashed out at france's president this week on twitter he also took a much what he saw as unfair trade practices when it comes to wine tariffs way sis said the french who are very precious about that wine the donald said both
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countries made excellent wine but france made it very hard for the us to sell its wines to the country and charges big tariffs so that got us thinking who makes the better wine the us all fronts it's time for a battle of the new world wine this is the old and the judges it's the parisians. new rules will soon roll who live on the no move just move to reduce resembles a plant real skill. as you don't know. the whole thing coming. down i would say after the roof. would be.
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done but the other big thing if it had to do most of it look where. it is it's don't look very much. and there are a. little bit of both. in the wake of. the bank with. some the verdict is eight hundred fifty clear parisians preferred the wine for making us all her well maybe for once the don't rule has been vindicated as the wind from his country seems to have trumped that from france so. no on this occasion from paris we admit defeat but never the less we will always weighs a gloss and say song say charlotte you can ski r.t. paris. the pentagon has failed its first ever full budget audit
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spent millions checking through the books over weapons personnel and military property and was deemed surprised that it didn't pass the checks after decades of wasteful overspending. we never thought we were going to post a new audit several one was bet against us that we wouldn't even do the old it the air force the marine corps the defense logistics agency the u.s. special operations command and the u.s. transportation command a number of sections agencies divisions were given what they call disclaimers saying that they had multiple issues that needed to be fixed the inspection involved over one thousand two hundred auditors some of the things that stand out for example we've got fifty three million dollars worth of an installed missile motors that were in not working condition they were at an air force base in utah well the auditors discovered that actually these missile motors were functional the pentagon is notorious for wasteful spending of taxpayer money.
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apparently unconcerned the deputy of defense the defense department came forward and said that they were not surprised that this was simply not a pass fail audit that the audit itself cost the taxpayers over four hundred million dollars and the result is that more money is now going to be spent to correct the wasteful spending that was discovered by the audit the pentagon turning to the american taxpayers for more money to correct the problem of wasting money to begin with. the russian defense ministry has to attention to thousands of militants living in a huge syrian refugee camp where living conditions on the terrorists can apparently
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easy access. rock band refugee camp is in an extremely difficult humanitarian situation the total number of people in it is about fifty thousand of which about six thousand are militants controlled by the us like alexander farmer discussed the situation at the camp and our correspondent river national. how on earth do they get into these refugee camps is it that easy for the militants to get inside it's not easy but you have to remember that it's very hard to detect them once a militant throws his weapon he looks like not very severely and and plus you have to remember that our flows in flows of people stream inane and you have no time to check their documents and you also heard from russia that they keys that these militants are u.s. backed and this camp is situated in the territory in the southern part of syria border in jordan that is under control of u.s. military.
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ok we know the officials are saying a russian officials that they believe six thousand militants about this camp how would they know that how would they come to this figure is not on the russian side that is claiming that the run militants inside this camp we heard that from the u.s. embassy as well that there are some i say scrape and had a looser group extremist groups members hiding in they scanned the news in the surveilling and displaced people from stay where as a human shield it's really unclear whether they have weapons where they're armed or not but the thing is that these people are of a certain background what is the situation like inside this camp pretty dire by all accounts oh yeah from what we hear from russians defense ministry the situation is
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simply dramatic health care there are five medical facilities opened on the territory of these camps and they provide all of the very limited services at a very high price and the same for forty so-called pharmacies so you may think it should be free of charge but it's not it's very expensive and all the people can afford these treatment. un offer medical services free of charge in neighboring jordan but people from the can cannot leave the camp unless they pay a fee to those who control this camp the militants that the russian general mentioned so again not everybody can afford that and this is why we hear about cases like human traffic where prostitution including sex with minors and gender inequality all those terrible cases a violation of human rise aid agencies have been sending aid to me and just last month she arrived we know what happened to that it was easy distributed all this is
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and this is the thing that international humanitarian aid find its way to the camp but it ends up in the hands of those who control things can those militants and it's a terrible situation and russia says that since the camp is on the territory controlled by the u.s. military america is responsible for those terrible things happening inside the camp and they want of course the international community is to stopping to react somehow . the u.n. wants u.k. government to austerity has inflicted great misery on its people according to a damning new report poverty is really a major challenge in the united kingdom what i've found in my discussions with minister. is basically the state of denial. happy with the way in which their policies are playing out and i think that sort of punitive approach to benefits is actually inconsistent in fact breaks it is going to make
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that worse because those in the lower income levels are really going to suffer. despite being the world's fifth biggest economy one in five brits live in poverty and over a million people can't even afford basic essentials the report by the u.n. some reports here on extreme poverty and human rights philip alston that if policies continue within four years four in ten children could be in poverty but the u.k. government denies the problem. we are absolutely committed to helping people improve their lives while providing the right support for those who need it. because live now to the altar of food bank britain that's brave wolf nice to have you on some appalling findings though in this report what shocks you the most. what i found was over is most shocking i really need to read it because it's his words
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he says in my meetings with government it was clear to me that the impact of brecht's on people in poverty is an off to fort to be dealt with through manipulation of physical policy after the event if at all and then he quickly says we are witnessing the gradual disappearance of the post-war welfare state the high and a web page and the think that's really scary because amongst all the figures what people don't realize is that fifty six million people exist in britain today that's the government because of those twelve million that's one in five by the government's own figures is probably far greater than that is actually in poverty in britain in twenty eighteen and that should shock us all because we pay for it through taxation ironic ches poverty leads to health issues even if you're sitting at home and you're not impacted by poverty because you have a good job you have a good income you have your own home the reality is your taxation is paying for
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those people dying in the doorways in your neighborhood your taxes paying for the extra costs of the n.h.s. because of poor health inflicted through poverty supposedly is an issue we all need to be addressing and all political parties are responsible why is it with one in five people in poverty in this in the u.k. not one political party has a minister dedicated to eradicate poverty and that in itself is a scandal that poverty is not being addressed it's not being seen as having any value and the reality is too many people are making money out of poverty. do you thing that they the number of people who are very poor is massive somewhat to the extent that some of the people just live in debt so many people up to their eyeballs in borrowed money does that mask the fact that actually they have very little. it is i mean also the thing you've got to take into account that off tempted to report just recently of the one hundred forty thousand households
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a year now and not even connected to the national grid that means one hundred forty thousand households are too poor to even have gas or electricity we know norm green in the the court of being a choice between eating and heating we are actually a situation with this people in britain today who are living in housing where they have newspapers and curtains there is a toy for their child to play there isn't a t.v. there isn't a radio there isn't a pair of shoes because everything they have they've sold on e bay in order to make money to buy that week's pot noodle weeks mill on the sunday and most people in poverty are so shamed by the very existence of being within poverty that they won't even tell their own family members that they've got no food in the car but. i think the divide between rich and poor is put into into a very clear light by one element i saw in the report forty percent of children
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will live in poverty by twenty twenty two if these policies continue what needs to be changed how do we stop the children beginning life without a chance. well i think that they're really key thing about the report we got to go back slightly this is not the first major report only two weeks ago the public inquiry into the n.h.s. blood contamination scandal a criminal barrister for carroll and grayson who's one of the victims in this case of one of the the key campaigners the colonel barrister accused of grievous bodily harm the same allegation the united nations made against our government today and also went further and said but our government is guilty of murder murder of its own people why isn't it this story is not number one on the b.b.c. number one on i.t.v. poverty one in five that's twenty percent. the population are in poverty six point nine percent of those people of those households are people with disability the
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poorest the most vulnerable people who don't choose and you rightly argue the case for four million children children are responsible for the actions that may or may not have code by their parents we all have responsibility and shameful but we are allowing empty buildings to rot in their streets where people die in their doorways why disabled people and their housebound because they have no money to get out the house or why in twenty eighteen people are literally starving to death not just in india not just in yemen not just in kashmir but also here in london one of the richest capitals on the planet that is a scandal an indictment of this government in which the only growth we have seen is poverty food bank use misery drug addiction and gang violence the ruling poverty we all need to be addressed and every government must appoint the minister to address poverty and overlook it and see how it impacts on education on health on people's well being because we are all paying for it needs to be addressed now.
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great to have you on oh so glad we got a chance to give you an opportunity to voice those very important opinions author of food bank bread and re will from my guest. the north korean leader has reportedly observed the successful testing of a high tech tactical weapon that's according to state media no specific details were given as to the type of weapon that kim jong un was said to be very satisfied with the results. this result today is a justification of the party's policy focused on defense science and technology and the display of all rapidly growing defense capabilities to the whole region and a groundbreaking change in strengthening our military's combat capabilities. that's why news of the military test the u.s. says that remains confident or commitments made at the singapore summit back in gene this in donald trump in conjunction would be fulfilled the new test came as peace talks between the countries remain stalled earlier this month the u.s.
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state secretary canceled a meeting with north korea's top officials washington blamed sched jelling issues pyongyang recently warned that it could restart its military development if sanctions imposed over its nuclear program were not lifted. a spring in a sort of good now he's an asia pacific strategic and economic policy specialist at the institute for china american studies very good evening thesis what you think north korea's motivation here it is it is just simply a response to the council nuclear talks or something else. and no i don't think it's a response knisley just for the council the nuclear talks are for quite some time the north koreans have been unhappy with the trump administration not with mr trump or sick but with people under him who have not been very forthcoming in getting north korea with compromises up insertions north korea's willing to make
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concessions and compromises that it's in but doesn't see anything in return and therefore over the last two weeks it has hardened its lines somewhat and has suggested that if the u.s. is not willing to be more forthcoming the north koreans themselves might not be as forthcoming and might again revert back to their military testing has been lotsa talk model out of action do you think this could actually force washington back to the negotiating table. or washington has not given up certainly on the negotiating table in fact the the next summit the second summit is very much on between kim jong un and president. vice president burns talked about that yesterday itself during his isha trip and he too. about that at that point of time they're trying to work out some deliverables the u.s. has not been able to provide any deliver of the north koreans have asked for it least if peace declaration would show any intent to reduce hostility towards the
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not the u.s. has not been forthcoming on and not been willing to do so and so the hope is that when huge long only president trump again sometime early next year by the head point of time because it's happening at the presidential level senior leaders level also will come a little bit more ready with something to give to each other the north koreans have a lot to give basically they have to make a declaration of their nuclear assets but that the u.s. can also be forthcoming in providing something in return seems like north korean patients you know wearing a little bit thin things have progressed fairly slowly is there a danger it could turn because things turned good could they turn bad just as quickly could we be you know it's it seems a long time ago could we back to the talk of nuclear war a little rocket man and all the rhetoric that was flying around could that happen. not not exactly but but but the piece the the process is facing some severe head winds and let me explain what those headwinds are president trump is very much on
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board having in reaching out with the north koreans secretary of state my point here too is he's willing to go down that path but for everybody else within this administration and within the foreign policy establishment in the in washington they are opposed to the process and so what we're happy what we're seeing is underlings people like national security advisor john bolton just unwilling to provide those concessions that the north koreans are seeking hoping that the north korea's runs out and north korea gets back to to to a long passed out posture which they are frankly much more comfortable working with and so if that is the real fear it's not that mr crump will go back to squabbling kim jong un rocket man and cetera et cetera because he wants the process to succeed but at this point of time he is being he is being held back frankly by his
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underlings out here who are not brave enough as he had to to directly contradict him on this issue and so there are real serious haven's going forward and we'll have to see if we can have a presidential level breakthrough when the two leaders meet because at this point of time it's just up to them because their subordinates don't seem to be able to get the process moving so robson greatest need to i guess sort of go to asia pacific strategic and economic policy strategist specialist i should say at the institute for america studies. and. copy and paste error seems to reveal to us prosecutors are preparing charges against wiki leaks chief julian assange she was discovered in an unrelated court filing which was said to being made by mistake. the complaint supporting affidavit would need to remain sealed. the tools songes a rested in connection with the charges in the criminal complaint and could be a full moon all of void a wrist and extradition in this matter. the science has been holed up in the
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ecuadorian embassy in london for more than six years the physics tradition to the u.s. for publishing secret government documents last year sex assault charges against the australian national were dropped by swedish authorities but he still faces arrest in the u.k. for breaking bail terms of the exact details of the potential charges remain a mystery a songe fears he could face a life sentence and the charges could get back to twenty turn over the leak of diplomatic cables and secret military files regarding u.s. atrocities in the iraq and afghan wars last year wiki leaks published the largest leak in cia history concerning the agency's arsenal of cyber tools and he could be prosecuted for publishing stolen e-mails from the democratic national committee ahead of the presidential election special investigation by robert mueller in the trunk russian collusion claims they were hacked by moscow a songe can't make comments because in an increasingly strained relationship is ecuador and hosts a place the series of restrictions on him they've limited internet access visitors
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and public statements that whistleblowers lawyers say if these u.s. charges are real it would set a dangerous precedent for press freedom or m i six officer an emotional release a notion like this is becoming a big us to the major media. obviously when he exploded into the international consciousness about eight years ago he had a lot of allies in the international media and worked particularly closely with organizations such as the washington post the new york times and the guardian newspaper in the u.k. then there seem to be a lot of infighting and these all the legacy media outlets started turning on on julian songe so the question is why are they not protecting one of their own today not realize that if they don't protect one of their own they would be equally vulnerable under these sort of laws and i think that's something that all the the legacy media in the west needs to really seriously think about either we have press freedom for all we have press freedom for none. forty palestinians are being
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confirmed injured by israeli fire in the latest border clashes on friday that's according to god as health ministry it came as hundreds of protesters gathered amid the reported cease fire with israel. however there have already been reports of violence with israeli defense forces clashes that been happening for seven months in protest known as the great march of the. listings are demanding rights to return to lands they say have been illegally occupied by israel since march more than two hundred palestinians have died and thousands have been injured the i.d.f. denies it deliberately targets civilians. russia has just successfully launched a cargo rocket to the international space station.
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will deliver some two and a half tons of supplies to the crew including food fuel water and gas supplies stocked with the ice on sunday the first time this type of rockets been used since last month's manned mission that failed due to a major engine malfunction. two person crew was forced to make an emergency landing just minutes after blast off on that occasion friday's flight's been insured for almost fifty million dollars just in case anything went wrong this time. ok hopefully no problems at this end of the back all being well with the latest updates in half an hour.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final merry go round. we can all middle of the room see. the real news. readings and salutation. from the horrific attack on columbine by a good ninety ninety nine leaving all the.


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