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tv   News  RT  November 18, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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the week's biggest stories from may's ministerial meltdown the british prime minister battles to save her brags it and her own government in a week of resignations recriminations and second calls. the last in peace to consider the national interest and give it back to the withdrawal agreement represents a huge and damaging the deal that is already dead in the water. classified documents reveal that the cia experimenting with the so-called truth serum on prisoners who had resisted other in holliston tyra geisha techniques also ahead.
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israeli warplanes unleashed massive air strikes on gaza in response to hundreds of missiles being fired from the enclave. you're watching in the weekly here on r.t. international with me in india today this is all round up of the top stories of the last seven days in the latest up to date news welcome to the program. it was a tense week for the british prime minister to raise them and she fought to weather a briggs and storm marked by cabinet resignations and growing calls for a vote of no confidence the party meltdown happened after she unveiled e.u. divorce draft plans on wednesday with a stark ultimatum the choice before us is clear this deal all leave with no.
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we'll all be all no brecht's it. within hours of revealing her draft private plan to cabinet stands a plane to security for backing to members abruptly quit on the brakes and secretary that was just the start in total seven members of trey's iran's government resigned she also had to face a three hour morning by an pings does the prime minister's still intend to vote of false choice to parliament between her botched jail or no jail and the labor party have only one intention that is to frustrate the trade if. you are not delivering the break suit people voted for and today you will lose the support of many conservatives. millions of voters across the country we can choose to leave with no deal we can risk no breaks it all or we can choose. i. or or we can choose to unite
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and support the best deal that can be negotiated this deal prime minister comes before us today trying to sell us a deal that is already dead in the water the reason why the people of this country are so fed up he's because they've been made so many promises none of which have been delivered on because stakeholders be delivered to them yes difficult and sometimes uncomfortable decisions have had to be made i understand fully that the recent who are unhappy with those compromises but this deal delivers what people voted for and it's in the national interest. and we can only secure it if we unite behind the agreement reached in cabinet yesterday it's been a series of cabinet resignation the government minister resignations parliamentary private secretary resignations even the vice chairman of the conservative party
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itself has resigned saw it's very hard to see how someone who is dug in behind a great deal which seems to be almost friendless this is a failure is an orphan and success has a thousand parents world this deal look very much like an orphan to me today she's come up with this withdrawal agreement and nobody wants it doesn't satisfy the remain as who don't want to leave anyway and it doesn't satisfy the leavers because under it we don't really leave so no one's going to be happy about this i don't believe she can get it through parliament and of course it also has to come through the european parliament ukip any piece will vote against it i think other groups will vote against it here so i'd be surprised if it actually got through this parliament either people are deserted the tory party are saying on twitter people tearing up their cards and taking photographs this deal doesn't actually satisfy any body. and this trauma in and around parliament this week during may's. and off
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his online series in case you missed it takes an alternative look at events at westminster. there was something quite. liberating because i have a. chaos in westminster as the cradle of britain's parliament three democracy tries to get to grips with something to do with breaks it. now this time the thing to do with drugs it is very serious and we know this because important ministers to do with gregg's it down there sure including the one in charge of greg's it was actually a display of confidence in himself. that it. did it. was.
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illegal to look at anyone leaving me with leaking. music. bricks it. would be better for. the moment you leave the backstop is. basically we could. go given the e.u. our backstop. will she go home oh seven eight eight seven. there are five hundred pages of something to do with brags that that person elected representatives are all hearing over inside this process at least. the letter. is a bit strange. that. these guys. have of course. tend to know all about it in fact they're talking about what's happening
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in that we're not watching it it's fair to say that right now everyone's talking about it without having read it a little bit like the bible. war and peace. c.z. once the banks start the war i'm not sure it's all right. mike starr. scuse me neither. what is it. you think it is my job to ask the questions. and just in case you're still wondering what the backstop is is to prevent a hard border between the republic of violent and northern ireland and you can read more about that on all to dot com. now newly declassified documents have revealed a cia program to develop a so-called truth serum and involve drugging prisoners who are able to withstand
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other interrogation techniques project medication was previously undisclosed element of this program in which in addition to the physical and psychological torture that the cia was engaged in several doctors decided to try to figure out whether they could also find some kind of truth serum that they would use against people's will to inject them with and make them talk. has more on the cia interrogation program and how it evolves. it wasn't an isolated case or to an accident or oversight was government sanctioned systematic or that they were manuals instructions on how to inflict pain that's not a secret in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven we tortured some folks see torture isn't only frowned upon because it's evil vile it's also ineffective
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problem number one imagine the cia's surprise when those people that they were putting through hell resisted grew used to it enhanced interrogation techniques were begun within six hours these progressed from attention flaps and wool into confinement in both large about five hours and small about one hour book says and finally to the waterboard a.z. seems amazingly resistant to waterboard what happened was that the victims and this is problem number two adapted to suffering cia's own words the prisoners began to see certain torture procedures as escape a break from other harsher measures what a conundrum here having slapped beaten confined and water boarded these people they were getting results so they opted for something new something like a truth serum problem was once problem number three seriously illegal
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there were at least two legal obstacles approved mission against medical experimentation on prisoners and a ban on interrogation or use of mind altering drugs the question became moot since the legal department did not want to raise another issue with the department of justice problem number four revulsion cia tortures according to the torturers themselves the doctors others who were present were horrendous to watch the whole. experienced responsible medical officer did was visually and psychologically very uncomfortable for all those witnessing it the problem was so widespread and so serious that employees had to be counseled and then checked to make sure they were still all right in the head after everything they had seen and done and they began only hiring people who had a stomach for torture let me be clear on what the cia doctor as role was here when
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the cia torturers were torturing a prisoner for example by bought by waterboarding him say doctors would medically resuscitate the prisoner when he would become unconscious from too much torture what they did was allow the cia to continue torturing people over and over problem number five other problems here journalists activists and juice they kept prime kept sniffing around digging up details and publicize and have a day over the government the cia they resisted see for example how the document that revealed all of these looked initially when released under the freedom of information act in two thousand and sixteen not a lot of information in it it's almost like two fingers to the press sometimes these court battles took years but they got it out eventually.
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ancient history you might say we knew most of this plus it happened in the early two thousand lessons have been learned and this torture will never happen again. do you think the show what do you think about waterboarding is that i like it a lot that all to get started now. it seems the bromance between donald trump and emanuel micron is on the rocks after the u.s. president lashed out at his french counterpart on twitter on tuesday they had no quick meeting in paris during commemorations marking the centenary of the first world war armistice trump turned on micron over his intentions to create a europe wide ah me. but it was germany and world was one and two how did that work out front. they were
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starting to learn german in paris before the us came along pay for nato or not. makes it very hard pressed to send its winds and france and charges big tyrants not the fact that must change but the problem is that emanuel suffers from a very low approval rating it's twenty six percent and i'm employment rate of almost ten percent. make france great again. to petition a police will be we need to use two million defendants a little more room with no depending only on the us you know we did exhibits greater sovereignty. live. and we'll. take you closer look.
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as well as taunting the french president on twitter also threatened a wind war he claimed america's wanted just as good as any bordeaux burgundy although that left a sour taste for many in france so we put the tipples to the test in paris. thanks to. all couples who think. the road will say you are all to live on now that they're all always going to go through to do so as your local state where its goal was. to tell you all to get in your pocket a little for the long haul think of it. and you know what none of us would say our little group. dot com would be our we
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would write that book on a big celebrity how to you know celebrity living where they live in new jersey and don't get very much get out of it before. and they'll be gutted that there's a little bit you know hold it. in the wake of. the case that the banks will be sequestered so the verdict is in canada is quickly clear parisians preferred the wind from the u.s. all her well maybe for once the donald has been vindicated as the wind from his country seems to have trumped that from france so on this occasion from paris we admit defeat but nevertheless we will always ways a gloss and say so and say show that you can ski r.t. paris and more of this week stories an exchange of fire between israel and militants in gaza hundreds of strikes from both sides and ukraine's far right
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parties some accounts where children are taught to kill we'll tell you more about this story after this break. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. pay for it didn't top then this is the phrase that has become a mantra for many people as more and more people get involved in visualizing the world around them always the story we tell ourselves about ourselves changes. i don't think the democrats very much moved in the go shape with the republicans or
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president trump so i think people are going to have to acknowledge that the united states over the next couple years is going to be consumed even more so by are internal our total bickering in affairs. back to the weekly on monday israeli jets struck palestinian targets off the militants in gaza well it's rockets and mortar shells it appears to be the most intense escalation of hostilities in the region since twenty fourteen at least seven palestinians and one israeli were killed many more were wounded. a little bit about what.
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i. was. meanwhile israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has announced he is taking up the defense portfolio as well it comes after his defense minister quit on wednesday in protest of the cease fire in gaza which he described as a capitulation to tara the un security council held an emergency meeting on the conflict the day before in which the israeli representative and a palestinian observer were at loggerheads. the security council must only condemn hamas we condemn in the strongest possible terms this aggression by israel there is no such a thing both sides. but that's when the fires result of this blockade
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which is immoral and illegal and inhumane and we will continue to take any measures new measures necessary to protect our people this round of violence was created as a result of a botched. bizarrely military operation in the gaza strip it's very interesting for me to hear the israeli ambassador speak about the gaza collation all of the victims except one of this round of escalation where palestinian all of the victims were inside gaza and not outside of the gaza strip israel bombed a t.v. station it bombed residential buildings it leveled them to the ground those are acts that are acts of terror because they did terrorize two million palestinians the latest round of escalation started because of
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a botched israeli undercover operation three kilometers deep inside gaza that's how the escalation started with the israeli forces killing seven palestinians. ukraine's far right freedom party has organized a children some a camp and though to some it might seem more like a boot camp genest from the associated press news agency visited the site where youngsters live under strict rules and learn how to be combat ready as reports now that's what i call a legit summer camp. for your. early morning wakeup calls. oh yes dr. chance that kids will remember for the rest of their lives. was
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catching march. welcome to the temper of will summer camp and western ukraine it's pretty much a boot camp hidden in the forest the people who set it up are from the national socialist svoboda or freedom party so who can get enrolled officially it's for teens but a.p. journalists who went there say they saw children as young as eight here are being taught how to kill did just that this is a new day and they can still live in that ceiling listening hole then out of system but it's just in the what it was as though he should post people fun things when one of them and that's who it is mostly. but not only do they get to learn how to take down those who adults are calling russian invaders the kids are also taught to stand up to what the instructors see as degrading trends in the west.
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of the us this. should make you. sell the walk if you will feel. so out of. it was. what may seem as an ugly display of far right shaw the brainwashing appears to get full support from the local administration well earlier this year kiev splashed some of its budget on youth projects the goal is to prop up what they call a national patriotic education some of these projects are run by the stream far right. even the nato backed atlantic council think tank tried to raise international wariness with this article and indeed we didn't write that amnesty
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international's pointing out the issues more than just critical ukraine is sinking into a kill sort of uncontrolled violence posed by radical groups and the total impunity practically no one in the country can feel safe under these conditions and if you're wondering if any of this could actually spill beyond ukraine well just lately and f.b.i. agents criminal complaint said ukrainian neo nazis were believed to have trained white supremacists in america just wait till some of these youngsters grow up. in january ukraine passed a law recognizing russia as an across the state last week the vice prime minister said his country is trying to build a strong democracy while accusing the kremlin of supporting populist nationalist movements and journalist brian macdonald his cup at the company since it started
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believes we're at a turning point. i'm just shocked that it's finally been reported in the west the main associated press have gone in there obviously a syndication agency so obviously that you know their copy then has to be reported in other mediums i'm pleasantly surprised that you know outfits like the washington post notably have covered it although some of the usual suspects you know the guardian and outlets i doubt if ignored the story once again but that's not surprising but it's good that for the first time you know many readers in western countries are finally learning something about what's really going on in western ukraine particular with these nationalist groups the way things work in the west is that you need pressure groups you know think tanks to kind of get on these bandwagons and kind of you know almost force the agenda and what's very interesting is here we've got children you know schoolchildren minors being. trained to hate being trained to kill being trained to fight and where is amnesty international where is human rights watch i mean they're not interested i mean where is the american embassy would it's supposed moral leadership you know lashing out against is where the british embassy you've been watching the weekly here
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a lot international i'll be back with more updates at the top of the hour but in the meantime why not check out our website that's r.t. dot com and stay tuned for well the part which is up next. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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the welcome to worlds of hard picks or didn't happen that's phrase has more left the confines of internet forms become a live dictum for a vast areas people young and old housewives to prime ministers as more and more people parts take in visualising the world around them how is that changing the story we tell ourselves about ourselves to discuss that i'm now joined by love when the rich are professor of computer science at the city university of new york tomorrow which it's good to talk to thank you very much for your time because so much when you were into big data long before it became
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a household name and you use it specifically to analyze contemporary culture which i think is far more visualised and far more egalitarian and that in any other time in human history when anyone with a mobile for the smartphone contribute how does it change the overall discourse. in charge. when they were had so many people creation culture and it was actually before social media took off and what i'm interested in is to expose was great to reach you it is often this to assume with people people who create if i feel artist special artist living in places like most to believe in new york in my faces as read write millions of creative people or whose people are more collegial for me be to be small places in siberia even china in bolivia everywhere so how do we make it visible how the being will creativity where products religion ations to surface
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have to make this new cultural world visible now from what i understand for a very long time human visual culture was or at least the visible part of it was defined primarily by the talent and by the artist as you said rather than the masses and the direction was. essentially turning their original into the mainstream is that still the case so there are multiple processes going on right if you look at for all of artificial intelligence for example in contemporary digital culture search engines recommendation systems you know which is building became reality for those it's very easy to assume with this is going to lead to less cultural diversity but also mechanisms which perhaps can make it more they were resample spotify rights were largest music's the services as it is the study of where we showed with every month the number of different music artists were wishes and is listening to is increasing by
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a few percent wright says so it's possible with which knowledge is probably to make a world more diverse illis there were some same time. that's an interesting and somewhat paradoxical statement but if you took the most popular apps i assume that they're still playing by the numbers rather than the quality of the contents of don't you think about focus on the numbers the numbers of likes the number of. let's and promotions don't just think that it's going to be a driving in the overall direction towards something less original rather than more original you know we'll hold these unlikely cultural if you slip eleven years ago as i said it's exactly the kind of questions we like to talk about and often the whole difference and sometimes our visions turn to be wrong so ideally i would like to study with would like to measure it of course how do you measure a great year each year it.


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