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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  November 18, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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i'm with people people who create if i feel artist special artist living in places that most could believe in new york him if he says israel's right millions of creative people or whose people are more collegial for maybe to be small places in siberia even china in believing every were so how do we make it visible how they were being creativity we're products religion ations to the surface how do you make this new cultural world visible now from what i understand for a very long time human visual culture was or at least the visible part of it was defined primarily by the talent and by the artist as you said rather than the masses and the direction was. essentially turning their original into the mainstream is that still the case so there are multiple processes going on right if you look at but all of artificial intelligence for example in contemporary digital culture search engines recommendation systems you know which is building became very thick for those it's very easy to assume with this is going to lead to less
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cultural diversity but also mechanisms which perhaps can make it more they were resample spotify rights were largest music's the services as it is the study of where we showed with every month the number of different music artists we're wishes and is listening to is increasing by a few percent wright says so it's possible with which knowledge is way to make a world more diverse illis there were some same time. that's an interesting and somewhat paradoxical statement but if you took the most popular apps i assume that they're still playing by the numbers rather than the quality of the contents of don't you think about focus on the numbers the numbers of likes the number of let's say promotions don't just think that it's going to be a driving in the overall direction towards something less original of rather than more original you know we'll hold these unlikely just cultural if you. eleven years
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ago as i said that's exactly what kind of questions we like to talk about and often the difference and sometimes our visions turn to be wrong so ideally i would like to study with would like to measure it of course how do you measure traits here each year it was billions of images of billions of you do with a very hard question so only too much of a level i think to give you but ideally i would like to check that i heard you say that your work involves a lot of steer a tie busting what are some of the. most memorable stereotypes that in your work managed to defy to be one of the most interesting discovery or our maybe new a fusion which quantitative database studies lead to is resales year and we still tend to think about culturally with this compare precautious to recall culture in terms of periods when two separate categories the cultural center is a progressive cultural more school impressionism versus the little arts ever
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started lots of cultural artifacts millions and millions and using scientific methods for all but in fact was turns out is but continues the things out of similarity as opposed to difference so while for example it's been said one bloke was customary you why you get into periods based on race he leaves no in europe and periods are in fact results will continue to between his art so this idea with culture is more about continue it it's about small quantities of differences there are with huge qualitative boxes the way we think of intelligence if you from later century which of course are worse then you have not always that had been sad when growth are but also billions of images on instagram and someone said that this is something extremely trivial why would anyone concern himself with that people taking pictures of themselves what can you extrapolate from. that. about
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human behavior in general. who first thing i want to say so we look at it but sixty million spectrum images but isn't there a look at two hundred seventy million images shared on twitter looking forward three years we also look at a deal in the arts which is the largest online in the archive a network full of professional art and of the founders read will one feel instagram is whether it's on a selfish it's only pictures of stars and celebrities reality each of us social networks offices everything you'll find everything you find in a museum at the pier are plus more so what we saw is incredible reservoir incredible universe of human creativity right if the styles of what i thought experiments was up we came across some fifty year old high school students iberia those are the guys from the last three weeks i was experimenting with it in one pixel white line the border my fourth us how do you like it so this idea that it's all three will it exactly one which was questions once we started which is
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a data but in practical sense i know that you also have a degree in experimental psychology do you think that kind of knowledge adds anything to the reservoir of our knowledge about and things i think it does and a team to me and to me personally right the best thing about disability would be data for study of society of humans and culture israel that today we can observe the right use of human behavior it was one issue to countries in billions of people so to me. riz a potential right to create a new kind of science a society of humans which will not generalizable same level which will recognize what i mean false sense of humor which rationed sort of houses of quite a few groups not only five and ten but the way we can do it in practice you know it's a big question because a whole society a whole new research is still very much designed is that essentially relates to you know as you were five mi to aisha's you resort to types of societies and swore so
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this idea of because studies humans were biologists that ability of the world we're really talking those hundred million different pieces to some extent when i was thinking about it about it it struck me that researchers could never fully access that thick layer of human culture that here and now starting it's almost similar it's you human hearing which is limited at certain frequencies and human academic a past and analyzing capacity was also as you said limited to a fairly small sample size is now e.u. big you take a much bigger i think one of us that is involved over a billion data points right well with two hundred seventy million the images well that's still a subtle difference actually was ever actually that we got to go on society representable got a demand from twitter and twitter said ok guys would you want to see the world every image which you showed to twitter location until the time was a bit about you how many would have because we have no time to code but here it
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into a lot of was about two hundred seventy million over a few years so that's quite a lot but that's in any case a fundamentally different vantage point does it offer anything special in terms of . being a research mouth as a recession rather is it in any way doesn't give you an venues for something something new i think of the us so first of all right before as you said you know if you making any kind of study of society or culture typically it's local it's like used sits them in separate you which is the world's. your eyes that what you see is what you should an ice snow it doesn't cost any more to make a study of local rights oprah's up like and collect instagram images been shared around you know this location or read some pews work you know just a bit of effort i can collect you know if you can for a possible occasions and i think a means to be important because of being sick i'm a comparative i was in what democrats six point of view because you realize with no particular places unique in i think the smoke of comparative more global point of
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view is one which is appropriate or soto historical period i think what's interesting about it is that it's both global and local at the same time and what i wanted to ask is how. much cultural variation planes into big data things you know all can be true about the americans and the chinese how much do they relate to the russians and i think to present an argument for a question about self-esteem this may be a good example writes on the surface of the project which we created in two thousand and twelve was published the puzzle for june we collect is going to few thousand self is from your five five to just around the world inventor use a computer software to measure. the size of a head the right people are looking you know i was smiling where emotions it's not that i'm actually followed but the beat of addition left for example in the proportion of self has been shared between to male male. if anyplace all the places male she males are showing more self-esteem men are somehow shy but the biggest
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number was in russia it was actual most five times what you will self is from manila versus a billion the new york is only one point five so you win the level of self is found lots and lots of elation why it is you know the study doesn't us from a study kind of finds in fact which now we have to explain so it gives us new puzzles do you have any in taste since about that because you do have a flag in those societies yes i don't spend enough time with russia right so you know by density in the russian man is too little mystery to me. but i think one thing is going with russia to be true culture and it's a very fashion obsessed culture and to mere usher reminds me a lot of asia rock self-effacing was to graham it's completely part of everyday life in a way in the most wrong way with was up in the west. one other finding to come out from that instagram study that is. do you differ is that people taking selfies in moscow the least and somebody who spent most of your lifetime now in the united
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states i'm sure you are familiar with a pan am smile and how infectious it is how it's pravda around the world why do you think the russians are so slow in picking up that kind of smile as opposed to let's say the technology is the fashion trends and everything else. so you know i was also a bit puzzled by this why i didn't because for a while i thought maybe it's befalls of a software or you know because software uses mostly your new uses neural net they thought maybe it was on the internet for guys just right california smile or they started to every interaction with more every fiber i wish him into airports i don't see a single smiling person right now at a lot of rational friends people i think of it in the music with smile probably where there is a certain kind of greatness right in the every day for the official culture which i think still persists maybe because it's called maybe because it's a baby country even if it's so interesting question but definitely you know because i think the difference which is objectify if you know it's we're saying you don't
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think it's about how the software code said it's actually about the russian people and being more crunk you slowly and so it's look if we're more grumpy right you have a video movie warmest you know people and we can be optimistically digital but it takes time to i want to much of the press and i think it's also just more of who are people getting themselves like you know if you noticed right so you know i mean if it was small talk show people actually not used to it you'd be peanuts goes to range so what a different scene a serious. you know difference with behavior in there if i had to be bored because we like now in the third decade a little bit is ations you would think with every where people behave the same because we're using with same software or using the same services in the real dream of going to bali but if you have each year i think the local culture still bistro we people behave it's abuse brooky with versus most for worse as you know bunghole used to be different well documented history have to take a very short break now but we've all been back in just a few moments stay tuned. but
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now. observations do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich . but you'd like to be cross posted like that before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. there should be more. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going from station let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how
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that strategy will be successful very critical time time to just sit down and talk . i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like over crime family each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be culture rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from august last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one in one business show you can afford to miss the one and only.
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are. welcome back to worlds apart with me when the rich professor of computer science in the city of new york. the minute it's just before the break really started talking about cultural and national differences and relations and big data and it's no wonder at and a preoccupation of only social or a computer scientists many governments see big data and artificial intelligence as a new frontier in their geopolitical rivalry you may have heard that the president of this country mr putin said that whoever must serious artificial intelligence for rule the world do you agree with that so you know as a student of disclosure she could have just knowledge i see of it a kind of public up session if i can say right of certain it'll trickle developments comes in waves example today people are really into. your charity and
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they are exactly was he if he was happening in the aegis of who it is for example who are subsets of supercomputers who was busy initial it will be between us and japan and therefore that there is a similar obsession about television and war and also read wary and of course nuclear arms right. and that is a right because we ifas been so hyped so much now every company has to say with using it callous if we do a lot so but in the same pie what is different is something real but what i think about it i think about more that as a continuous development as opposed to radical shift because busy. it's sort of extension of statistics. is about measurements affected because measure can nominate in so many different our fields for example the commercial people who are the museum we will look after and it's just that just because the logic of measurement of to musician which is spreading itself into so many different areas in the same direction with ai is that one single thing which is going to me to social not no i don't think so. you often hear people talk about.
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what computers can do that human brain isn't capable of is it also true why it's worse is that is there something that only human brain can do that computer is will never be capable of. i can if you look at work on the specialist into besides in the eye i am not by the way and professor of computer science amateur artist i was writing teaching digital art all my life but if you look at experts people say with this huge progress in the eye which media talks about reality is a progress only if you limited it is so in my talk which i'll do is immune hermitage i'm going to make a joke i will take two photographs of me which were taken with a few months ago we were like five seconds of each hour i'm going to submit them to one of our computer vision services the top one from microsoft amazon and you'll see how our software is going to predict with my h. in there with my niece it is very different that i did it you know
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a few days ago was office so that's what you since no one so there was fifty five one so then his particular one so the asian serial it's year the systems are still missing so many mistakes so we definitely be very far from the level of going to human thinking human precision so don't worry robots are no good to over load probably take over your job now and here you said yourself there is some potential there and i wonder how far will it go digital technologies and social media allow many individuals to if not redesign their lives at least to re-imagine them does it also work on national labs do you think countries may think about that perennial problems and. hopefully overcome then when the help of certain technology i think that it's probably easier to do it for a smaller compass and if you have a good example would be me please a succinct approval particularly the store in you which is recognized as a world leader in the tradition of the don't just knowledge of what you will for
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example if you scream i will countries if you was with them a few months which i would they said they are going to publish everybody talks a georgia line but when you go to place the store near and what you see is the computer science fiction we also people trust in world data to a government i think it's a bit hard to write to be the countries. with talk to be the but before into your. was a huge difference for example right deep in russia. and how digital technology is use her use by government how we use babies this is how we use baby people so differently if there is a will resolve we. let's take russia for example because if you have this country oh a long time ago you might hear now more often and it's interesting and paradoxical to some extent case because we have a still a fair way back or it's additional economy of a threat tape corruption all the other ails but when it comes to online economy it's actually pretty vibrant and i would have been say innovative in
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a certain services in russia much better than in many european countries. certain government services for example online a much better than off line. am i being too hopeful here or is it something that can at least not just the country in a in the red direction no i share your optimism and this was startin about three hundred years ago and though coming to russia every in the months because despite bureaucracy europe that corruption resummon about russia and especially younger people which inspires me if you reason a serious rethink what i mean occurrence. we history has been a continuous in the media well as big war was hundred years ago first were you i told you before interviewer confined by us to colleagues really believe with reading newspapers new york times. because in the way we have no reason not to believe that this is a crushing also chugger been for incredible intellectual coloe bickel political psychological break if
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a few years ago that unit created something were omitted fusions people invest it in the southerly dissolved right and if you good reason so inspired your every time and you will let your special place as a cousin. from a center result as want to question those which are my best questions i could ask you my life respond to supply will you lectures the really prestigious best in places like the rest of them or a lab in the recent year i can come to predict every question you ask because everybody went to the same program sort of where you read the same textbooks so the way you know people are smart was awfully bit limited to religion nation risks your you know people were not told this is how you should speak so sometimes must be better questions are posed as best questions so essentially like the way i was going to destruction in the past rocks to kill out bridges i think often when you present culture let me also ask you a question about china because it's a very big player in the field of into artificial intelligence and if you remember
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back in soviet times the propensity of a state towards centralization was thought of as a major impediment to progress it made decisions much slower it was a major burden on the way to efficiently but i think china may be turning it on its had now because there are many studies now suggesting that this gun satoris centralization allows chinese companies to progress much faster when it comes to big data and it's especially intelligent because they keep that all their data in big centralized legs that concern for privacy as much as watched. all or. do you think there is any cultural advantages to you in development or disadvantages to development of official intelligence so just as are you often go to russia and feel that inspired a heresy schuman china over there i'm sure and they show interest a second century. and unfortunately i think it's not so easy to have easy spawn
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nations which will connect countrysides a joke if you break a lovely performance let's say look at a few countries whichever is which will come centralize right france russia china religiously results rights of france is going to be backward technologically sometimes we were actually it was the most presidential place europe not the world i mean russia so has very advanced services you know or the telephone to where friends i'm going to russia will have fessed into that my form because new york it's very slow and we have china. i think with the seas red but all of central government in china right allows china to create huge infrastructure projects which no other country can do so i think that. differently not only small businesses but the government to put towards can use technologies to reinvent themselves well at least to progress economically very very quickly i also heard you say it's no longer about creating artificial intelligence as much as controlling and limited
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eliminating it's application and traditional and that's the demeanor of the government and government governments do regulation the dissing and when it comes to modern technology governments have both they had technological and the intellectual capacity to do that. you know i mean so out with conservative but seeing would happen like in the last presidential elections not only in years but also present there were in the way companies like ambition of the ticker and in fact played a bigger role by following millions of users and showing them only particle advertising which was very profiles way you know it probably did contributed to were outcome of elections it's really big shift so a shift in credit you know we'll see something very conservative governments perhaps have to think about ways to regulate this and i think europe is a leader. and also i will say something even more article i saw today when
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people talk about it's official intelligence what they really mean is neural networks write your daemon that worked or do some people across your writings and most often we don't know how to work in rites of grief is that walks us into the use of the boxes because we're more efficient so i actually feel great but i don't exactly perhaps our our government should kind of more than call outlaw this because maybe it's better to have software which is less efficient but which is more transparent so help with our society has adopted this network which creates the boxes where we don't know what we do you know it's a it's maybe not such a cool stream do you mention cameras now and again let me ask you perhaps there in the final question people who. a very negative about congress analytical usually they lection of don't trump usually presumed that that was some malicious influence and people made an irrational choice as much as we may dislike mr trump on a personal level do you think his election election was really. such an irrational
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choice given what's been happening in the united states over the last couple of decades or so few but it was for us first of all if you look at the medical actions for many years relatively every time it's like fifty fifty the second thing is i think in my own guesses about yes his company's played a role but was a much a trump is a master trauma because his own t.v. show they feel. exactly message rich americans live in the suburbs which is seeing with american the nation's coming their way and we're seeing immigrants coming and said work you harlot if you will drop if you will just message sir so i would say probably he would win in the world community he wasn't a no on the first to harness the power of social media i mean i have read or hear about my thesis and then you know it was a moment of arson eight so there was an eight of ability a year it was a month of us and two of him and around the father of two republican civil literature used to seem to clergy you know anything about with what to say but commercially to go it was all reported in media if it was not so correct because
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ultimately what we do is with millions or falzon souls but they should agencies do every day we just would be genius was to build a system which was able to scale. to like millions of people who will acknowledge the rights of a genius was infrastructural genius which if such were used is used every day to show ads so the way it was nothing radical about it if it actually was through scary it's exactly was it being is because of consumer logic which drives internet i have to ask you about what a thing about the claims are for russian interference their thing russia has enough capacity to influence the american political decision making on such a scale. you know one thing about politics right in contemporary world i think whenever we would never never know exactly what happened and with the thought of the world before mr hewitt or mr stoddard was this you know one bad guy you can go with happened right today. it's possible rightful confidence mr chivery and it's very hard to say that for example him attempt to have more transparency his book
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started the project root basically made archive over the millions and millions of political and also shortall edits seleucus archive out with a so with a high four million ads it was some ad by some progressive groups maybe you know for abortion against abortion and each other sean for two days so it's very hard to know is where you want and maybe what's also other effects of this kind of online for mutation ripping whence we exposed to millions of messages each message may be shown for a few seconds. it would be nice to know but maybe we'll know a little while perhaps we can discuss that in our in here in a couple of years but for now we have to live there thank you very much for sharing your interest so much encourage our readers to keep this conversation going in our social media. same place same time here on worlds apart.
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nobody could see coming that false confessions would be in the spotlight wishful look at birch looks at any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat why a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said their forwards are already set on the statement that i will be home by that time the next day there's
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a culture of all accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with all their cry. you should. be put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. want. to go on the press this is what the full story in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the water. there should.
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the week's top stories from marty international the british prime minister. after cabinet resignations and calls for a. national interest. that is already. in the. classified files reveal that the cia experimented with a so-called prisoners who had resisted other interrogation techniques also ahead.


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