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i think he. is. trying for twenty years the international space station celebrates two decades of pioneering research we go behind the scenes. both in orbit. a british university tells lecturers to avoid writing fully capitalized words in
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case it makes students anxious. fired. on a major u.s. restaurant chains of the center of a viral video store for refusing to serve a group of black men paid. for their. every year churning in from rights around the world this hour welcome to r.t.e. international my names you know neal good to have your company. this day twenty years ago russia launched the first module of the international space station into orbit. is the third brightest object in the night sky the largest object in space. message from the crew on board. right now.
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we are proud to serve in such a ship. the international space station is a unique scientific platform. you don't usually speak of the look silly presumably you've course most. as you would over a smidgen of open a. stun see. it's both a green hosts and an aquarium and witnesses more than a dozen sunsets every day the international space station is one of mankind's greatest achievements in our modern world but how much do we really know about it
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let's take a closer look in three to the station is the fight it into two major parts one is effectively russian the other american however there is also japanese and european scientific modules you can see details here let's move to the russian segment which currently has four docking ports marked in red that's twice as many as the americans each segment consists of several smaller modules which is how the whole of station was initially put together a lot like building a giant lego model the russian segment for example has five of them however only four modules can host the cargo space ships coming on board the i assess efficiently allowing them to dock at any available port at any time currently three of those four docking ports are occupied one by the soyuz m.s.o. nine which recently docked at the the module. ship experienced an early which was
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fixed by the crew another docking port is occupied by the cargo ship progress only nine which is stationed at the piers module and on sunday another ship the progress m s ten docked in the heart of the russian segment the module carrying two and a half tons of cargo ranging from science equipment to air and fuel well this area is probably the most important for those onboard it contains the life support and flight control systems also we can find the living quarters for three crewmembers a conditioner to maintain the correct. even a kitchen table in short it's the russians living room. other modules of course are equally important but. most of them serve as storage rooms and also a life for space walks docking there it is a short glimpse into the russian segment however the isn't really about the russian
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or american sectors or even the space station itself the name of the game is global cooperation platform for countries to night as one which so far hasn't been possible to do back here on earth in space we are all allies. well it's been a busy base more than two hundred people from eighteen countries have visited the space station over the years it's become an example of close international cooperation not least be warming relations between two bitter cold war rivals here's a look at how they russia u.s. friendship developed to the moon and back.
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so you did ski american ski just enough to get the looks beautiful that you let it be to. your yes it was a few more got a promotion that you might see. the mission or if you need it was supportive of i think for the population. better or for more of the feel. of her and see if there's less to her during all these years i could sit there all that's enough for you all for a brother to do but. they
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were cutting new ground they said well gosh let's see if we can build a bigger space station and what can we do one of the problems that might come up and what you learn. some more money interest in and doesn't just give them more of them some listen it was forceful for me if she were me. looking at you some which is the media team of those sixty thousand people could listen supposedly released it for me and said look. many of the kids mentioned that have not always been from a. couple of problems but the police on.
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the other here me back from this time and figure other lead are responsible for the future and forget them. yes it's been a busy two decades doesn't it well living in close quarters in zero gravity means some pretty clever designs for the modules that make up the i s s igor being given unique access to the simulators where future astronauts get to grips with their home in space.
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for two decades the international space station has been the most visible physical testament to man's dream of space exploration and like all things space it began as a smooth step which eventually turned to become a giant leap. in a way the international space station is the largest lego puzzle in the world because see it wasn't moved into orbit in one piece at first it was just one cargo module this is the exact replica of it its name in russian means sunrise and indeed it did become the dawn of the i assess as we know it. this small jewel a star is more of a living space there's a cubicle here a dining space also there's a docking simulation area as well where cosmonauts practice they're so used to
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walking skills but some things i didn't plain sight because this is an actual space exercise bike the first person to enter the u.s. says is part of expedition one was this man sergei krikalev jr fishman you got the moment when we took the first few modules was one of the most memorable in my career because i already was floating around. in space but we had the u.s.p.o. unity attached to our shuttle a picture of the two modules together became a symbol of a new era as nobody could tell where it would lead. during that flight the crew watched on from orbit our earth and to the next millennium since then the ice is grown into a sixteen more jewel station roughly the size of a football pitch imagine all trafford's circling. at first both russia and the united states sent crews into orbit but since the demise of the shuttle program culminating in its and in two thousand and eleven it's just be in russia.
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we got as close as we could to russia's workhorse rocket the soyuz during their journey to and from the international space station this is the module where crews spend hours of their time and i mean it's not very spacious it's actually looks small even for one person while it is designed to fit three inside it's a real work station there are no random things here to mourn it is just to showcase all sorts of technical information about how the rocket is doing indicators buttons but the most crucial the buttons that attend the most crucial commands they're actually hidden behind small covers like this so they have to be lifted so that they are not touched or pressed by accident or in the. midst of among these problems there's one that might seem strange the command to depressurize the cabin
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to let all of the air out even while the ships in orbit it so that the crew can put out a fire because this button is extremely important it has additional protection this small screw up when the rocket detects a malfunction or measures lights up on this board and among them this one particular ball which we pretend to ignore says rocket failure is this too. left turns red in the alarm goes off. for twenty years this station has been home away from home for adventurers visionaries overachievers risk takers people of action it's instilled a passion for discovering the unknown in how we generation so that when its life cycle and mankind's business is way beyond that first step into earth's orbit. of r.t. . more earthly matters not studying at college can be a taxing time but one british university thinks it knows what's really stressing i
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students and others lecturers writing to them in capital letters on the situation explains the journalism department at a university in leeds has been considering avoiding using capital letters when giving assignments to students the reason it might make the students a bit too frightened or upset the memo says any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all generally avoid using capital letters for emphasis and the over use of do and especially don't they also reportedly suggested warm and helpful terms am to avoiding negative instructions the university told us it was guidance from a course leader to academic staff and said it was proud of the personal and inclusive experience it offers on campus however some staff members have dubbed this nonsense saying students are being treated like kids so let's find out what students think about all this do capital letters make you anxious. i think i'd feel
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a bit. here to capital letters we could actually. have you know what is the. i am a student caps or letters don't make me anxious but i got an email the other day that didn't have any capital losses in it at all at all did that make. anxious it made me feel like the person who wrote it didn't really put the effort into writing it like it doesn't take much effort to pressure you know because every sentence is a fine balance when there are none you're also kind of working we've seen cases to avoid offending students before most recently in manchester a student union voted to replace clopping with what's known as jazz hands in order to not disturb students with anxiety or sensory issues yes. and at the university of kent a student union issued guidelines against outfits that threaten others rights to a safe space that included dressing up as a mexican a priest and native american
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a cowboy and even a tory students need to be resilient they need to be treated like adults when they're over the age of eighteen they should be able to deal with small letters capital letters instructions and anything that comes out them if they can deal with something like this then they're really not going to be prepared for normal life when i was a teacher there was a couple of years where i was told we shouldn't use red pen because red pen is an angry color and it might make students feel frightened and this was completely ridiculous it's really taking things to an extreme and it's really undermining just the normal everyday interactions that people have and that's a very very bad thing. police in brussels have shot him on who stomped an officer. in the details in ninety seconds.
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our. economy in the last fifteen years is different then other countries emerging that were once emerging economies and became big economies like united states did the same thing they were export exporting at it with unfair advantages until they got
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big and then they transition to a consumer economy so china before then did the same thanks china is just following history and now they want to become a big consumer economy so far so good. just approaching seventy minutes into the program welcome back police in brussels have shot a moderate side a police station in the city center after an officer was stopped with a knife correspondent charlottes told me more of the killer. we understand that the police officer was wounded in that attack and eyewitnesses have suggested that the man shouted out the words bar god is great the police officers wounded but is being treated for those injuries and is not in a serious condition we also understand that attack out with also wounded and he is
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also now been taken to hospital where he is being treated for his injuries and this of course though is the first type of attack like this in two thousand and eighteen but if we go back to two thousand and seventeen there were two confirmed terror attacks in that year one attack which was a failed explosive in two thousand and seventeen and a second one in august where two soldiers were actually wounded again by a man wielding a machete and going back just over two years ago a belgian was subjected to a huge terror attack with thirty two civilians being killed for the moment the police the authorities are not claiming that the incident today is a terror attack but they will be looking to find out exactly what happened but belgium for the moment remains on high alert as it has now for many years as that country and many others in europe have suffered at the hands of many terror attacks . this story generating
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a lot of column inches today an american restaurant chain has found itself being dragged through a viral video stream after a monitor refused to serve a group of black people on this prepaid for their food bosses of the potbelly mexican grill swooped in with disciplinary action until new information emerged muscular bible explains. well you got to do me you never have i mean you. know my. reason lawsuit one of the customers said it was a racist he said she's asking me for prove who income is if i'm getting a loan all of them need to get fired the person running the ridges to the person making the food need to be fired immediately this is blatant discrimination this sum to blackness is disgusting what did you want to do ball days to populate the apparently racist manager was fired this is to pull a statement regarding what happened at the simple restaurant the manager full these
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gentlemen with the same customers from choose day night who weren't able to pay for their meal regardless this is not how we treat our customers and as a result the manager has been terminated and the restaurant is being retrained to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again but it turned out that the manager was not being racist lawsuit ali indeed had a history of ordering food that he could not pay for in fact even bragged on social media about dining and dashing social media users were up in arms the manager apparently did nothing wrong now supposedly seems to be hiring her back but the outrage did not as many see this as an example of how corporations are so afraid of bad publicity they don't seem to care about the truth this is not a fluke i emailed your media relations department and she claims you were aware of the tweets at the time of the firing they need to probe data more information more facts before the actual rock to the i wouldn't go back to work for the plot that we go back to somewhere else that's crazy it does i mean honestly i don't have much of
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a column because it's kind of like everything else that's going on people are just assuming based on how you look and not really taking the time to ask a question now with all the twists and turns in this story we actually reached out to chipotle a for a final statement here is what they got back to us with firing back at. and apologies included we have spent the last few days reviewing the evidence available to us regarding the incident based on our review we have a fatah manager who job back while our normal protocol was not followed serving these customers were publicly apologized on manage of being put in this position well it turns out that shockingly a short video clip isn't always enough information to know what's actually going on however there are lots of americans who want to scream racist instead of getting the whole story. r.t. new york. facebook is back in focus it's fun to self embroiled in yet more controversy this time human rights activists have revealed how
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a teenage bride was actually auctioned on the social network if you have a trunk and i looks at the platforms ethical hits and misses it's twenty eight seeing we're well into the twenty first century but in south sudan you can still buy a teenage bride for a few hundred cows three jeeps and ten thousand bucks this isn't from a fresh ad on a billboard somewhere in the sudanese savannah the auction and wedding are done and over with and guess where the bidding happened on facebook any form of human trafficking whether posts pages ads or groups that coordinate this activity are not allowed on facebook and so they took the auction posts down good job facebook just one problem like i said the wedding dress had been worn and it took days and days for the tech giant to act now this is how the family tried to impress
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the bidders by pitching the girls height the kids of the winner are guaranteed for n.b.a. slots and among the competing want to be husbands are said to have been local government officials. they need to be suspended from their office and whoever is involved in this auctioning also late and these to be held accountable that a girl could be sold for marriage on the world's biggest social networking site is beyond belief. yes most of the activists fury was about how an entire online auction campaign could happen all facebook's radar so let me give you a quick reminder of some of the do's and don'ts on the network facebook is off limits to you got it fake news and it's up to some mysterious fact checkers employed by the tech giant in america to decide what's good for you to read and what's not also among the stuff that's been banned by zox people are posts featuring the paintings of peter paul rubens because of nudes in them even though
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he's one of the most remote artists of the seventeenth century or this story on the starving children in yemen by the new york times for the same reason and that case concerns over facebook's image posting policies at least for some while outweighed concerns over a disastrous famine in a war torn country well we'll see if they're as alert next time someone tries to sell a teenage bride for cattle the response from facebook is oh we took it down as soon as we found out but clearly the implication there is that they still despite you know so many similar stories of things that shouldn't be on facebook being on facebook for too long as far as i can see so far there's been no concrete answer from facebook as to how they're going to show that this doesn't happen again and for it to have been out there for days while this whole gruesome process was completed. seems you know it's
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a mystery something that should take much more responsibility for and spend more of the profits are not actually making sure the platform is safe and is no abuse to the sake of human trafficking. it's day two of the world chemical weapons watchdogs a new all conference with a vote on a contentious change in the o.p.c. w's remit russia and china want to reverse plans to grant powers to apportion blame in any investigation yesterday so the two nations square up to britain and the u.s. over the issue. the proposal made in june is that in downing the o.p.c. dubey with the functions is not meant to have would constitute an infringement on the un security council. decision in front of us today and let's be very clear. was agreed by suggesting it was not compliant with the convention that it is simply
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not true coming from the russian federation frankly it is pungent hypocrisy but delegations present at the conference are told everything proposed by the western group and the number of times those delegations have come on to psychological pressure from the same countries it all got very heated in the chamber at the o.p.c. w conference on monday here in the hague russia and others very unhappy at a proposal to give new powers to the organization that was put forward by the u.k. and voted on by the body back in june russia says that these new powers that would . allow the o.p.c. w. to identify perpetrators of chemical attacks it says that they shouldn't have been voted on in the first place because they go against the mandate of the o.p.c. w. and in fact step on the toes of powers that already exist within the un security council the proposal passed back in june by eighty three votes out of the hundred
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ninety three that were available the very bare minimum to allow something to go through this body now what we're going to see all day is the votes that was asked for by russia it's not a vote on the proposal by the u.k. all over again it's a photo on whether the ballots all not proposal by the u.k. should have been allowed to happen in the first place now what we're hearing is the dots decision made in june may very well be a pal's by their p.c. w. that means we would then go on to another big vote which is only budgets for twenty nineteen you know what we're hearing from russia. from china from iran and from syria all saying that they wouldn't be willing to pass a budget which contain financing for these new powers alexander should gain who's the russian permanent representative to the o.p.c. w. also the russian ambassador to the netherlands he's accused his western partners of trying to interfere and undermine russia's proposals. considering all the tricks of
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so-called partners use we understand they are really afraid they do all this if they weren't afraid unfortunately we see that our american colleagues are continuing their conflicting line and we're used to it they already left the paris climate accord the iran nuclear deal and now they're attempting to d. rail the whole p.c. w. so we set up plenty more action here in the hague at the o.p.c. w. conference on tuesday i'll be bringing you up to date with it as it all unfolds here on r.t. . kevin's got all your news updates in just over a huffer nora's time but next it may still be november but stores have got the christmas shopping season very much on their minds boom bust breakstone how the holidays can make or break a retailers entire year. mr
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boone bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business of finance in the in fact for all of us i'm bart chilton coming to you this time from miami our miami studios we're so glad you're on board coming up today as the holiday season is upon us and black friday approaches we talk about an incredible industry of more than four hundred sixty billion dollars a billion with a b. this one is illegal and if you aren't careful you could be embroiled in it in a hurry and we'll talk about historic retail and what to expect this year which companies will be the big winners and the losers and where all week show folks be shopping and are there are deals to be had telling for which the ceo's drop mark will tell us plus international agreements on how to address and confront one of
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the key issues of our time cyber security is moving forward and more than fifty nations agree with the direction they've won the united states the c.e.o. of various software todd shipley joins us and later he's back and we are indebted and we aren't slaney in the crypto if in fact leverage big four accounting firm pricewaterhouse coopers is with us to talk crypto all that ahead but first we had some headlines let's go echo. nomic some a tree in asia leads our global report today as the u.s. and china take their turf will trade and tariff show on tour making no progress on issues at the asia pacific economic cooperation summit or apec and pop out new guinea almost as soon as u.s. vice president might presents arrive for politically apec meetings he restated u.s. grievances with china and stayed on message throughout the weekend earlier today mr pence.


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