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david adams. used the words of the cards for. the most which saved me a present which. we we agree with i. think there is a point to find when you can a home office after a government report details security failure is that could have prevented a string of terror attacks that rocked great britain in twenty seventeen. after
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seventeen years and billions of dollars spent a new study finds that america's a war on terror has quadrupled the number of islamist extremists around the world. and give up your google french m.p.'s are told to ditch their use of the web join for the local alternative by the new year as president mccraw and pushes for more independence from the united states. coming to life from the russian capital this is our national welcome to the program . the u.k. intelligence and security committee has released a report on security failures major terror attacks suffered by the u.k. and twenty seventeen in this gives us. the details. david adams in these pools
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used the words have the codes for them differently then there's a chance they may have been prevented and we we agree with this is quite a damning report that was indeed released today by the intelligence and security committee of parliament focusing on the terrorist attacks that shook the u.k. back in twenty seventeen the westminster attack the manchester arena london bridge finsbury park and parsons green those five attacks that ended up taking a total of thirty six people's lives now on the manchester attack specifically the attackers bedi this report talks about how he was able to visit extremist in prison more than one time however without any follow up from the police or the m i five he was also apparently been able to return from libya without any interception from officials just days before killing twenty two people pop concerts in
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manchester and also it's been said in this report that he was actually flagged for review and known to the m i five since twenty fourteen however he was not referred to the government's anti-terrorism programme this is a bit of what the report had to say on the. we concluded that there were a number of failures in the handling of some of the biggest case it's impossible to say whether any of these if any of these had not happened but the devastating attacks of the twenty second of may could have been prevented but we can say that as a result of the failings the opportunities to prevent it were missed we previously made recommendations in all of these areas yet the government failed to talk of the lessons to last year's tragic events must know result in real. well among some of the other issues highlighted in this report on the london bridge attack or this committee had found that the attacker was actually arrested eight
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months prior to the attack but was released they also spoke about how he was known for his links to an extremist group in the u.k. and that m i five intelligence services believed that he was supportive of isis it was also talked about in this report about some of the files and documents that were found on him that authorities had believed at the time could have led to him being prosecuted under the terrorism act however none of those things of course as we now know happened and among some other things on the westminster attack also underscored by the committee that officials failed to connect the dots and that that attacker had known links to al qaida and yet nothing prevented him from carrying it out so really lots of questions raised about whether or not some of those attacks could potentially have been prevented. afghanistan now feels like a more dangerous place than it did four years ago and that's according to the
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leader of for u.s. congressional delegation which visited the country this week sponsored find the rise of the isis brain chin the region known as isis kate jim banks and six others had to leave on tuesday just as they'd learned up or so. aside bombing and the afghan capital the attack on a religious celebration in kabul is one of the deadliest this year killing fifty five and entering close to one hundred others islamic state is suspected of carrying out the bombing and there has been no wave of bloody violence in recent weeks and weeks hundreds have died as militants stepped up their assaults and met a flurry of diplomatic efforts to and the seventeen year war on terror yet in all that time more recently unveiled research shows as had a severely limited to fact on tackling extremism. the horrendous attacks that took place on september eleventh two thousand and one in which nearly three
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thousand people lost their lives were followed up by the launch of the u.s. war on terror that was seventeen years ago and the war on terror is still taking place it certainly produced results but not the kind of results that many were expecting a new study shows that at this point there are roughly four times as many just hottest in the world as there were at the time of the nine eleven attacks at this point there's two hundred thirty thousand militants spread across seventeen different countries while the united states now allied governments have weakened some groups many of the underlying causes of terrorism have not been adequately addressed sunni arab disenfranchisement has been among the most important causes of instability and an important source of recruits but how can this be by twenty nineteen the usa will have spent five point nine trillion dollars on counterterrorism operations and activities and at this point researchers are saying that the us military brass lacks
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a coherent roadmap there is no strategy to end the wars other than more of the same in the hope that one day iraqi and afghan security forces will be able to fend for themselves now the costs are not simply financial but also come in terms of human lives the latest study. indicates that roughly half a million people have died as a result of america's post nine eleven wars now that only includes iraq pakistan and afghanistan with the authors of the study saying that with other countries included the numbers would be much higher. now there's no sign that america's drones missiles and tax dollars will stop rolling anytime soon the or it is to have sufficient forces engaged in sufficient political engagement sufficient economic resources to make sure that we're putting pressure in dropping those networks the current administration just like the obama administration believes that it does not need any additional authorization to use force against al qaida
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the taliban or i suspect we're not leaving based on a timetable terrorism is something that all civilized people oppose working to eradicate it is certainly an honorable goal however with such dismal results at such a high human cost perhaps the overall strategy of the war on terror should be reconsidered . r.t. new york. google earth francis a latest target and its push to be a less dependent on non european antitheses following on from president micron's call for an e.u. army fronts now once to wean itself off the web giant and use its own alternative here is our paris correspondent. corn and trumps friendship is down in the dumps right now but it seems that the fission between them has spread to a much wider now it seems that france is even turning its back on us tech giant google
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so what do you do if you want something on the internet hit you couldn't it it will catch on i'm sure we have to set an example security and digital sovereignty are at stake here which is not merely an issue for geeks only quotes is partly french and so far it's been free of major data breach scandals and it claims that it doesn't track uses which is perhaps one of the worries of government officials here from the u.s. intelligence can access data on companies clouds. where they're located both the french national assembly and the french army ministry and now sitting court as they default. saying to digital colonisation isn't this what few who do if we don't regulate the internet we risk up setting the fundamentals of democracy if we don't regulate companies relationships to data and the rights of our citizens have to their own data that access and sharing what is the point of
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a democratically elected government is this another major step away from america and towards a european defense force if so it won't be music to is in washington. already faced the wrath of trump after suggesting that europe needed an army to defend itself from countries including the good ole us of a what came next was a twitter rant from trump telling the french that they would be speaking german if not for america's help as the will to moves increasingly towards digital warfare fronts is looking to make sure it slips out from under. the u.s. says net the french shown that they all very concerned about data privacy issues but also about the domination of u.s. technology giants it will be interesting to see how this is followed in other
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countries and by all the moves in france do the french discriminates against global cloud service providers in the way that they're discriminating here against a global search engine a lot of this is going to play out and there's a lot of pressure on some of the countries in europe to keep data on shore for data sovereignty reasons to focus on supporting local technology companies especially ones that are going to pay tax in the countries that they serve which is a criticism that has been bought against some global technology jones. mass protests against the rising cost of fuel which began on saturday in france have now spilled over the country's borders with some neighboring countries reporting disruptions for truckers and even several arrests the so-called yellow vast protests have also spread to french territory overseas thirty police officers
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have been injured during demonstrations on three union island which is a french department and the indian ocean according to a government spokesman france has deployed soldiers to calm the violence and the protests are being partly driven by this content over poverty french president and i'm across from think government must make greater efforts to develop the island. many very cold root initiatives to be taken that we have begun on the economic level area by area to help reunion in florida then there is what we're going to do in terms of public order and i say it's here i have asked the government to be intractable because we cannot accept the scenes which have taken place in the union are lent is another place. a french publisher andro has told us that this protest is just the beginning i think it's only a beginning but it's something that was really unexpected from the governments
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but. your logical basis it's easy to understand the france we look to the macro is . the m├ętropole france you have a major gap between metropole the big city france and the france the peripheral france and this is a major gap is becoming a struggle a struggle of what is dividing france it's because you have people you yuppies as you say who live in the big cities vote for metro and you have these people who are forward very remote places who have to go to to to find a job. to to to go to their job with. and they have to pay for their they have to pay for them to pay for the fuel they have to pay for the taxes they have to pay in order to get someone to the hospital because you don't have those people as we follow them where they live and that's this kind of france who is resisting.
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villagers and the west bank are still unsure of their fate in the fate of their homes decision was taking in may by israel to remove the residents and bulldoze their properties though aren't losing hope and are continuing to fight for their village. that. if we know that israel wants to destroy our home i don't want that to happen. to a good team. and look at it we're afraid for our families for our children how we're living is very hard psychologically just awful and.
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what did we feel much stronger than netanyahu stronger than anyone in the world because we're fighting for the right thing we're strong thanks to our belief and i'll go with god so we'll stay on our land this. is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu says and no exact deadline is set for relocating the villages but that it is plan to happen soon israel also says the projects being coordinated alongside to the palestinian authorities. and a major italian fashion brand has found it can cut it in china after being embroiled in a costly racism scandal well we'll take a look at that among other stories right after the break.
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the russian military deteriorated terribly at the end of the soviet union and russia was always going to rebuild its military the question is how can we the united states and russia construct a relationship where we are both confident all of the intention for more confident of the intentions of the other so that we're not worried it's not that we shouldn't . let them but it we should make sure that our counterparts understand why we have it and when and where we would use to.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. you're watching our international welcome to the program leon are the vinci has been dragged into a route between the french president and its least deputy prime minister been trading insults online now rome is reconsidering the loaning the master is priceless works for a major acts of mission in paris. we need to renegotiate everything the french cannot have a tool they're not easy to tell and human darden frons to give the louvre all these paintings would put eataly on the margins of a major cultural event paris's famed move museum was hoping to borrow some of da
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vinci's notable works for a big show in twenty nineteen marking five hundred years since his death rome also stressed that frons should return alone something equally important like the mona lisa under at the arctic cream and the louvre is you two alone the works by any other italian renesas master raphael for a two thousand and twenty exhibition marking the anniversary of his death although most of his masterpieces are already and it well we talked to people in both countries about where they think the paintings should be shown. i did live a. little close to. john paul of course. any dalia they suspected to have foreseen the saudi arson was his meters seven hundred twenty dollars arms for you they could not spare us some of the married again holy
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year save us enough that i found you didn't get to keep them on the. famous either jani. for three variables or tell you i was told. i shouldn't say i your feet see a avi and she dove in and we are now to. see a lot of new fantasy any time but many see me when a video that you. did you could more like. the other the pretty. woman who did mean. because some of you know less well but. you know me to be
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on on. talks on turkey's accession to the european union are back on the agenda this thursday with officials now in the turkish capital ankara has been praised for making positive steps but it was stressed it's too early to talk about opening a new chapter and relations or even moving further with e.u. membership talks turkey has repeatedly been knocked back since nine hundred eighty seven when it first applied for membership although accession talks began eight years later they have stalled several times over territorial issues with cyprus twenty six began on a more positive footing with brussels an anker us signing refugee deal turkey would help take the burden of the migrant influx in exchange for ex talks the leader of that here however. president de railed relations and revealed this
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year that the e.u. commission's a long term budget proposal excludes turkey. turkey is still working on six remaining requirements to ease visa access for turkish citizens and europe is still unhappy about a number of internal issues and the country including the rule of law and human rights and of the end definite detention lists and has also had strained relations with some of the blogs leading members. i can see turkey being admitted to the european union i have never been able to see it happening. a germany you have no relation whatsoever to democracy and you should know that your current actions and no different to those of the nazi period president your jeopardizing everything that you've built together with others and your unspeakable nazi comparisons do not cut the ties to those who want
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a partnership with turkey. i'm calling on all my countrymen in germany the christian democrats the s.t.p. and the green party are all enemies of turkey support those political parties who are not enemies of turkey take us from a minister for e.u. affairs says both ankara and the u n n well benefit of turkey as accepted into the bloc. this is a win win scenario for turkey for turkey's neighbors and especially for european union today european leaders have started to understand that europe needs turkey at least as much as turkey needs europe but this is a unique relationship and it takes two to tango yes we want to be a part of the european union family but they have to want us as well or else we have other options that we will be able to utilize we have been trying to become a member since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight we are determined to increase the living standards of the turkish people to the living standards of ordinary
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either member citizens that's why we are committed to this but similar. italian luxury fashion brand ultra and a ban on has been forced to postpone our major a fashion show in shanghai after a racially insensitive promo was posted online. tony jones. jaci going to enjoy. this particular promised spread rapidly online and as did humorous commons that it was mocking chinese culture well it got even worse when racist massachusetts' peered on be instagram account of the brands founders to found out about them well as you might imagine the angry reaction to that came back and fast well mr gabbana later put up this post insisting that the promo had been
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a hoax and that he had not returned the offense of massachusetts but then. not me message itself was seized upon by the modals due to take part in the show distancing themselves from the brand the company denies it's behind then sell it in messages all right instagram account has been hacked so who's the account of stuff on the go beyond our legal office is investigating we are very sorry for any distress caused by these on or through his posts comments and direct messages we have nothing but respect for china and the people of china well this whole case is proving to be a costly blunder for d. and g. those close have been pulled off line by several retailers in china and one chinese businessman has really told us that the ads were improper it but doesn't believe they were intended to offend. personally i wasn't a fad because i thought it was kind of sarcastic you know we're
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a team of knowledge with chopsticks and it's fine i think personally the chop sticks are the best times as you know better than forks maybe it was a bit too much like the music was a bit you know the traditional chinese sounding music but i'm sure somebody could talk behind the like the production of it wasn't low cost or anything you know but i would understand people being offended especially in china where like sarcasm isn't doesn't really work it doesn't translate very well in china i would say i'm sure they weren't trying to offend anybody they just want to make something funny for the younger generation in china maybe but i just didn't work. you're watching our hunter national we will be back with more right at the top of the hour.
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dollars. dollars. i mean a dollar a dolly is what i wasn't being mean. when we got garrett over here we care the music with us. we are here we were dragged here. by you looking to get rid of those who are not go away who will not die quietly. real the heart of what we do is the truth.
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but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to it's. actually going to be for us to see what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first city. pranking gave america a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some. twenty five thousand dollars is a teacher fifty thousand dollars a truck shows to. people who rush to a small town in north dakota was among the employment rate of zero percent like the
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gold rush is very very similar to. this beautiful story with. a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people who. got laid off. change that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough. part among the many differences that russia and the west have on the ukrainian crisis
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the most stark is what it signified relations for many in the west was a sudden unprovoked. grateful and violent partner for many in russia. and mistreatment and the sides agree on the definition of the problem can they ever find their way out. joined by william hill global fellow at the wilson center and the author of no place for russia mr hill it's good to talk to you thank you very much for coming on thank you for having me now you recently published a book no place for russia and what's striking to me about the book is that fundamentally you agree with the russians that it was a chronic problem that cumulated over time rather than the a sudden. by russia's me his behavior i'm sure running a risk of being labeled as a if not a crime and sympathizer done at least the crime than the paula just. by hope not my
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aim in writing the book was to answer the question we all americans and russians began the post cold war era nine hundred eighty nine one thousand nine hundred ninety one with very high hopes that russia would become part of a larger euro atlantic european community europe whole and free from vancouver to vladivostok yet twenty five years later after the war in ukraine started we're again divided in europe and the relationship is very hostile suspicious neither side no one wanted this and the book is an attempt to answer how this happened now correct me if i'm wrong but the main argument of this book is that what happened in ukraine in two thousand and fourteen and what transpired since was essentially the result of russia not having a meaningful place within the european security institutions i wonder if it's a bit larger.


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