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his life on the land castillo my grandma talks often about it she's also the only person i've heard mention it fucking up your point stephen says i've never heard about the lancaster a quick search suggest this is something everyone should know about it as she was kept quiet at the time to avoid the bad news of so many deaths and finally a g.p. who i think is our a family member of our newest beasley says he does one hundred one util survivor and especially at this year's london memorial service here's a picture of artists at the service and here's one that are in a sent us last week from his family actually when he was enjoying his job of whiskey from his quick. detail therapist that's a hollywood star brian cox it is latest blockbusting though in the h.b.o. hit succession he plays kind of. a risk list sunday born media mogul bryant is of course himself dungy born others could talk with them an edge and to talk show business politics and the case for people's thoughts on bricks that. by cause
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let's start with succession less sensation which is storm for this year and other serious set up for for next year and we've got in january and you play logan roy the reverse patrick head of this media family how difficult was that. difficult how difficult it is to be ruthless impact well i have children. and i know what it's like to be a father so that's that's part of it because you have twice wrecked out of the universe. and many many many visits back to the to the city but recently too to see the new victorian album or and then the the banks of the day was your first impressions of the v.n.a. and then the winding is to menace some and you know i think that you know the goal always be the complete as in the mourners in my view but i i think it's not really their knowledge has been drawn with the guggenheim in buffalo and you think it will be as influential for the city done i think you know symbol but you know i think it
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could be and i think it needs it's all the ancillary stuff that goes with it the business as well that. you know on the figures in terms of you know who's going to come seems to be is doing quite well i think people are on it and the b. thing with an even of a working class city or score city iowa city in any way is as well. but why is that the city like doesn't the strongly yes in the scottish referendum on independence strongly pro europe and the european level and them was the contrast between for example a city in the north of england which many of which if we have towards a no vote and the european left i think that as i walk. it's the same thing that elected. trump in america i think really what happened was that there was a disaffection with politics and gandhi is quite approach city because it is the city of scotland you know we were still very proud of our that was the. biggest
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vote for an independent yeah in the scottish effort i absolutely have under forty and also it is not incompatible with our european nature because scotland generally is much been much more europe conscious than england has it's just you know we're less than a four but that's the nature of our being here want to gallatin in principle you know we have been tribal in our time but we're really on egalitarian and we're very welcoming you know we love people coming to our country we welcome people and what county the best of times but also i think what happened there was this real what happened in the north was and you see it now i mean the braggs it is such a mass really is a mass and you see the amount of treachery and self-serving that's going on with people like boris johnson and many of feudal as we swallow going to roy bill a sort of what i wrote and wrote would be a big kick their asses from. yesterday and in the wouldn't put up with a dog because they're just they're basically. divisive and
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self-serving in the wrong way and they don't serve the community this of themselves and i think that that is ironically that is what the they felt that they were. so of course people like faraj wave of bragg's it and said well you know what it's blame the others blame them blame god that's what does it. international best at your interventions and domestic politics and you can't be quite rare but the been very telling on big issues and i've been criticised for as well ninety seven in the labor campaign you voiced over the broadcast had a successful that yes i could has to be said i was contributed to getting the biggest mandate of are probably the two thousand and fourteen you intervene fifty yes in the scottish referendum not quite as successfully but nonetheless successful in dundee and more recently even though intervened in favor of the people's vote for a vote on the deal. it comes but if they leave me a deep comes back with
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a deal for from europe these are obviously subjects have been a great deal to you want to change in ninety seven you wanted independence for scotland and the european issues a huge fight of it is that millions us think it's a backward step i don't think you know i do believe in the particular but there's the particular there's a it's always a part of gods it's the it's the particular versus the general and the and you have to hold them together you can't go one extreme or the other extreme euros right globalization can really fail because it's its own if it's not thought through about what it does and the nationalist kind of populist then can fail for the other reason and that's the balance and i've always i think i was brought up that way in i was brought up to be a dhaba to look at a balanced view and just for the record i do pay my taxes in this country some people don't think i do i do pay taxes i am still a citizen of the united kingdom sort of therefore i think i don't i miss passionate
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about the issues as ever and so they're what you hope so if you think blacks it can be a vast you think you know i mean i don't get it john i think what will carry forward i think that we have to have a people as well i do think that we should we because it's different two thousand and sixteen is very different from two thousand and eighteen and two thousand eight hundred particularly in terms of united europe we didn't have the president of the united states who is the president who is very dangerous and very unstable in his behavior so we've got that so the need is to be part of europe to be part of france part of germany i do think the european community really needs reform and do think it needs and i think that maybe we went for too many members too soon but i do think it's the future i do think it's the real future we don't want to go back to a little island mentality thinking about the impact of people's vote of scotland i
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mean some people there simply. overwhelmingly pro european but some people in there some be better locked on the people's full on the basis that listen if you set a precedent for a second referendum then the british establishment sometime in the future will play the same card again scott with a well it's it's a nitty gritty one not one. but as i said the climate is so entirely different between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand the team and i don't think i am and i only think of people a people's vote is about reviewing the situation and in terms of what's happening in europe there are deals that are being done there where there's a situation that we need to think about in terms of the more present time what we're doing so therefore it's what's going back and saying this is the deal what do you think as far as the scottish referendum is concerned i feel that that's a different it's got a slightly different element in the sense that that is a clear vote one way or the other i don't know how you could do for people's vote
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on scottish referendum because it's an entirely it has in the title a different quality to it you could do it and maybe it's perfectly legitimate to do it this was the argument has been difficult to paint the white paper of i produced by twenty fifteen on the side of a bus yeah yeah i would be hard i was about seventy thousand words exactly that's difficult but but at the same time it just you know i'm all for the people's will of the people if there's if there's enough disaffection then things up to be looked at clearly and clearly there's a huge disaffection a groundswell is there yeah i do i do especially for the people's will i do because of the nature of the i mean it all boils down to it it really does come down to that it would be the same for the scottish referendum is the disaffection with our political leaders and it really is it's the same in america it's the same here that these guys in knots why you. and that's why hillary hillary clinton lost the
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election as much as donald trump wanted. obama did not do what he should have done as president he had to he had opportunities which were lost and not kind of created the disaffection in america. and we had the same here you know the north of england was ignored systematically time and time again i mean there are communities like manchester who are very become sort of much more self-reliant you know but it's been very tough for them and not to a people of sort of exploited and exploited their disaffection and would contrast for example someone that many people see hope but yeah if you change in those well you know in done the. it was done it was my idea it was a liberty but it has become an independent city because it's the only logical way out of the problem you know that it's been problems
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a built up over the years and there are still many problems and bundy in the handle and situation and renders your role there because but that slight but in thought for generations but that is also a microcosm of what politically went wrong in the past you know enough people are sort of standing up and said that's got to stop in the first thing you stop it you actually say let's clean that up let's go that way let's go towards that and knots why we became the yes if scotland and finally by courts will look at roy went through in the next sees only about because i need a job afterwards. i just want. dollars . dollars. dollars. dollar dollar what i.
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well we got more we care the music with us. we are here we were dry gear. by you're going to get room we will not go away we were not quiet. real the hard work we do is the truth. comes on already has a significant portion of all us commerce something approaching twenty percent i guess our goal is to get fifty percent of all commerce in america it would be amazon commerce and they need artificial intelligence to do that an artificial intelligence needs data to run effectively so jeff bezos but the call out to all
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the cities and they said we may come to your town just give us all the data on all the people living in your town and will dump it into our computers and our ai systems and by the way you don't get anything. bedsit is bad company to a news headlines and prime minister's questions as we saw yesterday instead of giving confidence the millions of people who voted bros leave and remain this solved by deal fails to give any hope that can bring the country to get going again isn't the case isn't it a case that parliament will rightly reject this deal this bad deal and if the government can't negotiate an alternative then they should make way for those who can and. the right honorable gentleman is playing politics politics he's opposing a deal he hasn't read he's promising a deal he can't negotiate he's trending lifo to. one thing and remain
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a vote is another. what the right honorable gentleman might do well in the national interest however they feel question for the prime minister is can see secure support across the commons chamber for breaks that deal one party is deeply unhappy with we talk today to the two parties which hold the key to the commons ethic first alex speak today from men and west by famed p. that was top men of the s.n.p. douglas chapman the prime minister seems to be pinning a hopes an appealing oped with the conservative party to the other party's across the floor of the house of commons is she going to get any support for her bracks a compromise from the ranks of the s.n.p. well i think she can huff and puff and try as much as she wants but they'll be no support from the s.n.p. on this deal so a lot of people are asking if the prime minister's deal get short which is the
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expectation and the vote in the commons then what then is this recent decision decision this week to the fuse the government leave to appeal against the scottish court's decision to send this question of the revocation of a revocable to of article fifty of the european court of justice and that ruling which comes on the twenty seventh of november could that be a significant feature of the cause of a hugely significant advantage on a cherry who's championed this move through the courts as well don't you colleague in the s.n.p. front as a lily and john has been doing a. job or not but you know it really again is really bad news for the u.k. government overall if the european court of justice on the twenty seventh of ember or shortly thereafter says that loop article fifty can be unilaterally revoked it could potentially open up the space for either a general election or indeed a people's forte but only s.n.p. rather sought to pass. in terms of independence by backing the people's will
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because many people including the likes of the s.n.p. are saying well that would be used as a press to have two votes from any future in the badness referendum or second referendum will be based on the way paper as a it was and twenty fourteen a similar process i would imagine we'll be going through this time around in so there's a firm basis on which the referendum with a place so the same as a difference between a government white paper and the sight of a double decker bus that the school and all the interesting development this week the store often that the s.n.p. of celebrating remarks of a spotless foreign minister of the us what happened this week will believe that mr sanchez who runs a government in spain has said this week the his foreign minister said that should there be a second independence referendum in scotland than the spanish the two votes in the circumstances but if you would by twenty fourteen they were the spanish government
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in that same they were flustered all over the newspaper saying that they would halt any progress in terms of scottish independence which you would say there's been a distinct change of emphasis at least in the iberian peninsula world scottish independence well we would let has been a change of government in spain and we're seeing a different tone i think coming from the government in madrid which is very welcome so the brakes are supposed to be mines all over the place that was tell them thank you very much like you as we saw the prime minister should not be holding her breath waiting for support from the scottish nationalists but how about from our us throughout our life and the democratic unionist party alex speaks to the m.p. fest right. jim shannon the democratic unionist party had been in a confidence and supply agreement with the prime minister but you are deeply unhappy about a utopian proposals what should big objection to these a me is asking you to support which is basically alex jones over there and trapped
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in a legally binding agreement where the e.u. has more power over northern ireland and we as i am pays elected by the people westminster the prime minister says but little advantages for you'll have a special relationship with the u.k. and a special relationship with the european union this could be boom time for northern ireland i think it's been time whenever we leave the e.u. i am quite sure about that but it's at the same time i think the prime minister has misjudged the they view it as misjudged our opinion within the nato towards our leader and geoffrey dulls on our web have consistently mentioned to the prime minister on to the team that they meet every week including the chief weapons and is told them that there is a there is a red line there's a red line the red line is as a backstop. they need not and yet no they pursued this here knowing that we were against it and it can never not on their estimate just
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a high annoyed i next and angry that we are against something we've been done over the prime minister. called for the she can appeal above the heads of the political parties and gain support for hard proposals from the right so perhaps the look bought the be the democratic unionist party what would you estimate shyness is of the regaining the support their withdrawal agreement will i think whenever the. vote is taken the house will be a defining moment for where we stand in the conference and supply motion when she pursued sultan. that's not going to get not going to go anywhere that's a question i'm asking why pursue something that the majority of parliamentarian still wish to see hotly feeling that the prime minister understands that many of the things that the u.p.a. have supported all the recent months are not things that not actually protect was
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something like yourself would find amenable policies i'm not sure of the conservative party from the prime minister and the higher echelons of the party really thought that we would this week would not vote with government i think they thought we were bluffing well tell you what we're not bluff and they were surprised they were caught off guard on the monday night on the tuesday they knew we weren't going to vote we abstained and to be fair on the conference and supply motion the there's nothing really hard and fast in those two days of amendments or votes are really going to hurt the finance bill but last night they didn't even oppose some of the scots not a proposal put forward some of the labor members but forward i tell you what last night if they had known the funds was and they could put some of them forward which is that they would have been real trouble to try and would but you're an experienced pilot and can you remember the cation of the budget amendment so the government just folded
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a bit when it opened shouldn't the folk at all position may be last night was their christmas come early so. yeah it made us as improbable almost impossible i mean i watch so i was told that there was going to be i mean my colleague or a bike and and he says i'm just back in time to abstain. but yet at how the desired effect you know what i mean again to look at that parliament experience how would you estimate the chances thinking about the complex of the house of commons of the prime minister's present proposals somehow gaining a majority over the next few weeks i think it's it's impossible the mathematics of us are to. me she can't one of them and therefore why pursue self that was apart from from brussels on sunday with an agreement with a new agreement because parliament tortious on the snowless the majority of parliamentarians of all sections of all parties in the chamber are opposed to it
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and we as our partners in the conference and supply are opposed to the withdrawal agreement and she has no hope and the ward of getting a three. and so in the serious world of politics and breaks it but it's very little sucker for the prime minister however if a successful breaks that cannot be achieved in reality how about support good could everyone spend this christmas rewriting the referendum until they get the result they really really wanted alex speaks of the big support given ventre danielle headland how many times have we discussed breaks on the show quite a few and every time we discussed my room or not guess we should have another referendum on the black city against say well it be the same result even with that though they have the chance to find out thanks to my latest guest dudley had learned that only use device you've created a breaks a board game where we can all get a result of the wrath of the plea this ok so the game is simple you're going to
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divide into two sides you're either going to go for remain or for leave and you're going to battle it out to a partial of course you are yes we all are and essentially what you're going to do is you're going to try to garner votes across the nation will start here in scotland because that's what you're playing but of course to get votes what you need to do is manipulate the media so throughout the game people will draw political headlines whether or not that's political pundits or some propaganda or similarly if they have media could be quite tricky indeed but we have narrowed it down to just rolling the dice oh well that's good yeah so each side of the dice has an essential argument for the referendum it's working class national security banking and finance there's even just some good old spin if you can't get into the other argument that small detail does they'll keep the store used to their foreheads very true also unlike the actual referendum there's facts in this game right good and you can draw them i try to make the buses immune to facts but kind of broke the gameplay so the attack in the sin the get my who's pulling the strings
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the puppet master over the love course we have merkel over here and at the very top we have a little oh of course. says puppet master merkel you see her pulling the e.u. away from the u.k. puppets but she's on the the main site presumably it's kind of difficult to figure out which side she was on but i've counted her over on the backs of tears in fact all right so the other big city is approving potus johnson and nigel fries to think oh of course they do yeah they are some of the the meanest cards in the game are those on the rim or inside the. dribble david common so we have gambling cameron here who has drawn pushing an entire stack of chips in the shape of big ben towards the cameron flipping his cards flippantly the state of a thing on the last and the prime minister who was prime minister of all of this oh well theresa may has a very interesting card you'll see that it's drawn as an empty chair when you draw her into the noosphere you would assume she would help really either side but she
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does literally nothing she just takes up space. topical this sounds like a lot of fun the men politicians could learn a lot from this so a normal people could play as well i'm looking for christmas presents for my nieces so other boardgames are available for christmas as well the money says we'll probably get the breaks again but that doesn't spoil the surprise and the only for the feeling in the eye like silence you can present you with a quick sketch gullit for a loving cup you know the true whisky in the query and then rattle your fellow players thank you and may take more than twenty minutes. last week the prime minister appeared to be in checkmate on the european deal before cabinet open revolt and little sign of tongil support for the ultra loyal in the house of commons bar all laws of chess and politics she should have been toppling over and packing her bags from downing street. this week she's still in the game and some commentators are even suggesting there might be
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a way to get her proposals through if enough opposition votes can be cowed into the lobbies frightened of the consequences of a new deal breaks that the to the some a plan this to threaten the pro europeans with no deal possible tailless sleeth letting the subject the tears of no but exit that is how she intends to adjust the pieces from the parliamentary chess board can this gambit possibly work as we have had in today's program the common sort of my take is still daunting it seems will be no sucker for the government from the pro european s.m.p. of the un to european. the prime minister has alienated both just when she desperately needs support. there are signs of the european tories will come into line but a tory breaks a tea a rebellion a some skill seems certain and there's no sign of anything other than a token of labor rebel support on that basis the deal will surely still go down and if it does the commons face is stalemate with nobody for the prime minister nor
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majority for an election norma jollity for a referendum and a huge majority against allowing a hard but exit and all this time the clock is ticking towards the high noon of a new deal but it's that so it's not a way out of the seven bus this chair spent well the answer may still come from the european court of justice in a little reported supreme court ruling this week the government failed yet again to stop the scottish case on the revocable maty of article fifty going to the next tuesday. if a favorable ruling follows that instrument of would call can be unilaterally revoked than the commons would have the ability to stop the clock and but exit allowing time for a new range of options and election. a new twenty hot great black set leader before the deadline all things become possible in chess and parliamentary terms it
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would be a form of adjournment that would be strange if the prime minister's best laid schemes went to delay by a combination of scotland and europe even die hard to tears might appreciate that particular irony and so phantasm me and all of the show it's good bye for now. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in this population before. had any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat
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promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i would. say i stayed there i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with solving their crime. what politicians do so. he put themselves on the line they did accept it or reject it. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. you to go right to be precise this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. west so.
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the russian military deteriorated terribly at the end of the soviet union and russia was always going to rebuild its military but the question is how can we the united states and russia construct a relationship where we are both confident that all of the intentions or more confident of the intentions of the other so that we're not worried it's not that we shouldn't. but it we should make sure that our counterparts understand why we have it and when and where we would use. pranking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i
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could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive truck people rushed to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to gold but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore just slow down so much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal. they don't see these recalls use the words have the cards for them differently and there's a chance they may have been present. when we agree with that. thing is appointed that the am i five and u.k. home office after a government report details security failure.


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