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completely draco union of the u.k. which will anyway. if you don't. use the words of the cards fall in differently then there's a chance it may have been present. we we agree with that. because the pointed at the m i five and you carry home office after a government report details security failures that could have prevented
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a string of terror attacks that in wrong great britain in twenty seventeen. after seventeen years and billions of dollars spent a new study finds that america's war on terror has gone through pulled the number of islam is to extremists around the world. and give up the old google french m.p.'s are told to ditch their use of the web giant for the local alternative by the new year as president micron pushes for more independence from the united states. it's around the clock and you're watching all t. international live from our moscow studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program. more could and should have been done to prevent the major terror attack suffered by the u.k. in twenty seventeen that's the conclusion of a new report from the u.k. intelligence and security committee which has found that on my five missed
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a number of opportunities to avert the tragic of france. neither in my five nor counterterrorism police took any follow up action and my five decided not to place travel monitoring all travel restrictions on some of the baby and i five admitted that given the information they had on the baby they should have done so deficiencies in m i five system for monitoring those individuals of interest but in my five systems move too slowly one can see how the outcome could have been different or might have been different if certain things that happened which did not. the chairman's words were echoed by other members of the committee who similarly stressed that lack of coordination between intelligence services and the home office played a part in failing to prevent the tragedies artie's unnecessary choking gives us more details. david ansen he's recalled used the words had the cards for and
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differently then there's a chance a may have been prevented and we we agree with that little puddle did not request support from the home office intervention provided a call which would normally should have been this has a lot of those things been that it touched may not have been stopped but there was warning signals that were not followed the whole routine which should have been so we can all say it was a difference the lack of research could have made a difference this is quite a damning report that was indeed released today by the intelligence and security committee of parliament focusing on the terrorist attacks that shook the u.k. back in twenty seventeen the westminster attack the manchester arena london bridge finsbury park and parsons green those five attacks that ended up taking a total of thirty six people's lives.
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one of them. now on the manchester attack specifically the attacker soundman abedi the support talks about how he was able to visit an extremist in prison more than one time however without any follow up from the police or the m i five he was also apparently been able to return from libya without any interception from officials just days before killing twenty two people at that pop concert in man. chester and also it's been said in this report that he was actually flagged for review and
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known to the m i five since twenty fourteen however he was not referred to the government's anti-terrorism program this is a bit of what the report had to say on the. we concluded that there were a number of failures in the handling of some of the biggest case it's impossible to say whether any of these if any of these had not happened but the devastating attack of the twenty second of may could have been prevented but we can say that as a result of the failings potential opportunities to prevent it were missed we previously made recommendations in all of these areas yet the government failed to talk of the lessons to last year's tragic events must know result in real. well among some of the other issues highlighted in this report on the london bridge attack or this committee had found that the attacker was actually arrested eight months prior to the attack but was released they also spoke about how he was known
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for his links to an extremist group in the u.k. and that m i five intelligence services believed that he was supportive of isis it was also talked about in this report about some of the files and documents that were found on him that authorities had believed at the time could have led to him being prosecuted under the terrorism act however none of those things of course as we now know happened and among some other things on the westminster attack also underscored by the committee that officials failed to connect the dots and that that attacker had known links to al qaeda and yet nothing prevented him from carrying it out so really lots of questions raised about whether or not some of those attacks could potentially have been prevented and we will be discussing a story further with the chief executive of the ramadan foundation later on in the program. afghanistan now feels like
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a more dangerous place than it did four years ago according to the leader of a u.s. congressional delegation which visited the country this week specifying the rise of the isis branch in the region known as isis kate jim backus and six others had to leave on tuesday just as they had learnt of a suicide bombing in the afghan capital the attack on a religious celebration in kabul is one of the deadliest this year killing fifty five and injuring close to one hundred others islamic state is suspected of carrying out the bombing there's been a wave of bloody violence in recent weeks in which hundreds have died as militants stepped up their assaults amid a flurry of diplomatic efforts to end the seventeen year on terror yet in all that time more recently unveiled research shows it's had a severely limited effect on tackling extremism. the horrendous attacks that took place on september eleventh two thousand and one in which nearly three thousand
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people lost their lives were followed up by the launch of the u.s. in the war on terror that was seventeen years ago and the war on terror is still taking place it certainly produced results but not the kind of results that many were expecting a new study shows that at this point there are roughly four times as many just hottest in the world as there were at the time of the nine eleven attacks at this point there's two hundred thirty thousand militants spread across seventeen different countries while the united states and allied governments have weakened some groups many of the underlying causes of terrorism have not been adequately addressed sunni arab disenfranchisement has been among the most important causes of instability and an important source of recruits but how can this be by twenty nineteen the usa will have spent five point nine trillion dollars on counterterrorism operations and activities and at this point researchers are saying that the us military brass lacks
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a coherent roadmap there is no strategy to end the wars other than more of the same in the hope that one day iraqi and afghan security forces will be able to fend for themselves now the costs are not simply financial but also come in terms of human lives the latest study indicates that roughly half a million people have died as a result of america's post nine eleven wars now that only includes iraq pakistan and afghanistan with the authors of the study saying that with other countries including the numbers would be much higher. now there's no sign that america's drones missiles and tax dollars will stop rolling anytime soon the or it is to have sufficient forces engaged in sufficient political engagement sufficient economic resources to make sure that we're putting pressure in dropping those networks the current administration just lying. obama administration believes that it does not need any additional authorization to use force against al qaida the
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taliban or isis we're not leaving based on a timetable terrorism is something that all civilized people oppose working to eradicate it is certainly an honorable goal however with such a dismal results at such a high human cost perhaps the overall strategy of the war on terror should be reconsidered. r.t. new york. google is france's latest tunket in its push to be less dependent on non european entities following on from present. fronts now wants to wean itself off the giant news its own alternative paris correspondent sean it depends. much corn and trumps friendship is down in the dumps right now but it seems that the fission between them has spread to a much wider now it seems that france is even turning its back on us tech giant google so what do you do if you want something on the internet here you couldn't it
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it'll catch on i'm sure we have to set an example security and digital sovereignty are at stake here which is not merely an issue for geeks only quantz is partly french and so far it's been free of major data breach scandals and it claims that it doesn't track uses which is perhaps one of the worries of government officials given that u.s. intelligence can access data on companies clouds south where they're located both the french national assembly and the french army ministry and now sitting court as they default. saying to digital colonisation. if we don't regulate the internet we risk up setting the fundamentals of democracy if we don't regulate companies relationships the data and the rights of our citizens have to their own data that access and sharing what is the point of a democratically elected government is this another major step away from america
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and towards a european defense force if so it won't be music to is in washington. already faced the wrath of trump after suggesting that europe needed an army to defend itself from countries including from the good ole us of a what came next was a twitter rant from trump telling the french that they would be speaking german if not for america's help as the rule to moves increasingly towards digital warfare front is looking to make sure it slips out from under. the u.s. is net the french shown that they are very concerned about data privacy issues but also about the domination of u.s. technology giants it will be interesting to see how this is followed in other countries and by other moves in france do the french equally discriminate against
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global cloud service providers in the way that they're discriminating here against a global search engine a lot of this is going to play out and there's a lot of pressure on some of the countries in europe to keep data on shore for data sovereignty reasons to focus on supporting local technology companies especially ones that are going to pay tax in the countries that they serve which is a criticism that has been bought against some global technology giant's. talks on turkey's accession to the european union are back on the agenda this thursday with the e.u. officials in the turkish capital and chris been praised for making positive steps but it was stressed is too early to talk about opening a new chapter in relations or moving further with the e.u. membership talks turkey has repeatedly been knocked back since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven when it was first apply for membership although
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a session talks began eight years later they've stalled several times over territorial issues with cyprus twenty sixteen began on a more positive footing with brussels and chris signing a refugee deal in when turkey would help take the burden of the migrant influx in exchange for a session of talks later that year however a coup against president. relations and revealed this year the e.u. commission's long term budget proposal excludes turkey. turkey is still working on six remaining requirements to ease visa access for turkish citizens and europe is still unhappy about a number of internal issues in the country including the rule of law and human rights and the indefinite detention of journalists and crap has also had strained relations with some of the blocs leading members. i can see turkey being admitted to the european union i have never been able to see it happening on. a germany you
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have no relation whatsoever to democracy and you should know that your current actions and no different to those of the nazi period. of one year jeopardizing everything that you've built together with others and your unspeakable nazi comparisons do not cut the ties to those who want a partnership with. i'm calling on all my countrymen in germany the christian democrats the s.t.p. and the green party are all enemies of turkey support those political parties who are not enemies of turkey because former minister for e.u. affairs says both ankara and the union will benefit if turkey is accepted into the block. this is a win win scenario for turkey for turkey's neighbors and especially for european union today european leaders have started to understand that europe needs turkey at least as much as turkey needs europe but this is a unique relationship and it takes two to tango yes we want to be
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a part of the european union family but they have to want us as well or else we have other options that we will be able to utilize we have been trying to become a member since the one nine hundred fifty eight we are determined to increase the living standards of the turkish people to the living standards of ordinary either member citizens actually that's why we are committed treason to the spat and. now the head of russia's military intelligence died on wednesday the russian defense ministry has reported he was sixty two. the defense ministry of the russian federation general staff of the armed forces and main directorate of the general staff of the armed forces inform with great sadness that on twenty one november two thousand and eighteen after a serious and long illness head of the g.r.u. and deputy chief of the g.s.a. colonel general corps above eager volunteer novich passed away aged sixty two.
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caught up after over the position two years ago after his predecessor died from a heart attack he served in russia's armed forces for the last forty five years carville flees behind a wife and two daughters. however some commentators in the west are not satisfied with the official explanation of karl barth that. the head of the g.r.u. accused of election hacking poisoning sergei downing m. age seventeen and other assorted foreign policy gambits has died of illness aged sixty two his previous sesar died aged fifty eight in twenty sixteen. the long and serious illness lasted to seconds as he fell out of window some say i guess he should be happy that he didn't stop himself in the back before throwing himself out the window after having the entire russian g.r.u. network in europe exposed and ridiculed following the unsuccessful script hours after the nation the head of the g.r.u.
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suddenly dies of a long and serious illness generous bimetal gave us his thoughts on the car about death and the reaction to it. nobody should ever accept everything any government says to be true but it doesn't necessarily mean that everything they say is a lie as well. and it doesn't mean that every single russian who dies that is this is a specious i mean a sixty two year old man sixty two year old men unfortunately died of cancer all over the world all the time in various positions and it doesn't mean they've been shown no true windows i think there's two reasons i think one is the lack of knowledge of russia or other or a lack of interest in having knowledge of russia so pure ignorance in other words and the second reason is just playing to stereotypes looking for. looking for likes which are the modern currency of the rosco of scoundrel as it may be. palestinians facing eviction and losing their livelihoods have condemned the
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demolition of dozens of buildings in east jerusalem to say they were delivered notices concerning more than ten thousand promise and child that to be built without official bullshit that say they would be left with no other option but to tell to refugee camps the fate of many palestinians has been dragging on since may this year when israel decided to remove residents from the west bank village so their properties could be some of the giving up hope and are continuing to fight for their homes. and if we know that israel wants to. happen. we.
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can look at it we're afraid for our families for our children how we living. it's very hard psychologically i'm going to. feel much stronger than netanyahu stronger than anyone in the world because we are fighting for the right thing and we're strong thanks to our belief and i'll. stay on. israel says the projects behind being coordinated alongside the palestinian authorities and will take place soon meanwhile israel has slammed donald trump's long awaited peace plan which outlines a road map to end the conflict in the region. gap between the palestinians and israelis is much too big you know do to bridge that to be bridged so you would tell
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trump president trump don't waste your time with this. question of a discuss trumps initiative with talk to you on a timeframe on from the hebrew university he says it will be clear whether the plan should be acted only after it's discussed between israel and the us she gave an opinion. that she believes personally about the plan that could be or not be when the plan is presented it will be discussed and debated at the israeli government and then the government itself will decide whether to back you don't know there is a pall actually that was released last month which found that seventy three percent of israelis do not believe that u.s. president donald trump's peace plan would actually lead to peace and again we heard from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he also said that he does not see any urgency and having the plan released so again i'm asking why do you think
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israel holding out for what could israel be holding out for why the rejecting the plan so strongly i think we have to differentiate. between statements that are made publicly to statements that are made in rooms we are a democracy there is public opinion there is a way for everyone to express what they think in the government and outside of it but in the end the policy which is what israel is really believes israeli government believes to do is something that will be discussed. in in deliberations in private the liberation government and the american government trump planned the deal of the century it's not called the peace deal of the century it's called the deal of the century and that's some it's very very important for israelis because first off not having war peace will come later but the deal is about above all having lowering the cost of the war. and get back to our top story this
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hour now where more could and should have been done to prevent the major terror attack suffered by the u.k. in twenty seventeen knots the conclusion of a new report from the u.k. intelligence and security committee which has found that m i five missed a number of opportunities two of the tragic events. neither m i five nor counterterrorism police took any follow up action and my five decided not to place travel monitoring all travel restrictions on some of the baby and wife i've admitted that given the information they had on the baby they should have done so deficiencies in my five system for monitoring those individuals of interest but in my type systems move too slowly one can see how the outcome could have been different or might have been different if certain things have happened which to not . going to bring in mohammed shafique of the vomit and foundation a leading muslim organization in the u.k. to discuss these developments mohammed thanks for coming on to the program now. a
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positive step perhaps good evening and an acknowledgment of the failings has been made but the big question is are lessons going to be learned. well as dominic grieve the chair of the security intelligence committee had been saying this morning. i think a number of years ago after july of this july the seventh terrorist attack in two thousand and five and then the brutal murder of lee rigby the soldier in london. a few years ago five or six years ago recommendations were made and the intelligence agencies haven't implemented them the key issue about the the libyan connection is that the intelligence agencies and the british government turned a blind eye actively encouraged british citizens british libyans to go to libya to fight khadafi and then to come back into this country and i think that is
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the issue that hasn't been addressed by the government's. response to this report. the intelligence. agency hasn't been able to really look about in great detail because if they did they will realize that one of the concept. princes of our action in libya in two thousand and eleven was to open ourselves up to the threat of terrorism and we saw weird devastating consequences what happened in manchester london yeah well they certainly haven't come out and said already admitted that that was indeed the case mohammad however they've made this a little knowledge not of the airing kind of kind of just. show i'm just going to add one more thing to do our due policies for interrupting and that is this i was on your network as i was on all the other news networks around the world at the time telling the world i had sources within the british libyan community in manchester telling me that their contacted the intelligence agencies and reported
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some on ability to. because they were fearful that he was planning something and he was going on the road to extremism yet the government at the time ministers are don't want to name who they are but there we know they are pretty clued as the accusers have been pandering to the gender of terroristic users of the mouthpiece and suckers for the terrorist agenda yet in today's report it actually says as actually that same thing that there were intelligence failures the intelligence agencies turned a blind eye to slaw and were willing to take this issue won and i'm heartened by the fact that this report finally shines a light on the intelligence agencies and the work that they do yeah i mean they've how their hands up haven't they mohamed better who is going to be taking responsibility for those failures. well i think first of all david cameron nick clegg and ed miliband are three politicker party leaders at the time
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of the libyan intervention should be taking some of that responsibility it was their intervention in libya that led to regime change and there were brought back into this country we encouraged talking about the british government encouraged british libyans to go out to libya and to fight khadafi they became hardened soldiers who had fought in the military campaign and for some of them were then brainwashed into supporting isis violent extremist groups who's going to take responsibility what i'd start the top three leaders i'll hold them to account there make a way through the political system in this country because we were led to believe. what was happening in libya was a humanitarian intervention we know now that libya is more of a problem now to our own security in this country and around the world than it's ever been in the history of the last seventy years well mohammed the intelligence
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and security committee they've admitted that it hasn't had a meeting with a prime minister for some years now just before you next question us of a quick listen this committee has not seen a prime minister since twenty four t. we should normally see the prime minister on an annual basis a degree of disruption. has taken place twenty four twenty fifteen i think your problem with fifty well that's a hell of a public admission as well it's really highlighted the communication problem between m i five and downing street they need to sort their house i dont they. absolutely i mean yes the british home secretary the equivalent in terms of the interior minister globally is responsible to parliament for m i five the. domestic intelligence agencies the prime ministers the head of my just these
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government has a responsibility for oversight and if those meetings are not happy i'm quite shocked by the fact that those meetings and a happy we know about the home office very refusing to provide information to the intelligence and security committee. to dominic. to go it's of my mind dominic the former attorney general tommy grieves my apologies. requested those information and it was only delivered this morning so you know i think yes let's have a discussion and debate about what lessons can be done because in the end the person responsible for this atrocious to a terrorist attack here in my home city of manchester was some mana baby and he was responsible and it was the isis dosh ideology of violence that was responsible but we should be able to learn lessons to stop any future attack on our country yeah mohammad saffi chief executive of the ramadan foundation thanks very much for coming on to the program to discuss the. round up now of the news that
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a friend said he will take up at the top of the hour with more updates the first tehran r.t. international is the kinds of reports. the but. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or
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