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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  November 24, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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new fires the destruction the loss of life and yet throughout the entire report they couldn't find the words climate change or global warming or even simply we're thinking they just quit it got caught in their throat they were like clock clank clank police. car we car dash it was good. here take a listen it turns out color correction cause most of the fires but take a look and let's see how long it takes for n.b.c. nightly news to say something stupid this is n.b.c. nightly news with kate snow. good evening they are wildfires for california's history books hold on there ok about those history books they're going to have to start being shorter and shorter because the thousand year fires are quickly becoming the five year fires saying these fires are one for the history books implies the twenty years from now the children in california will be reading about
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the great fires of twenty eightieth's but they won't because in twenty years their history books will be on fire ok. and the great fires of twenty eighteen will look like nothing but a warm day with a pina colada here's an example of what i mean the headline is the headline from the huffington post california's wildfires this year have been breaking records the state is experience some of the biggest and deadliest fires in its history this year that article from twenty seven tape last year did they go down in the history books how often does everyone huddle under the blankets and take turns telling scary tales of the twenty seventeen fires. acting each year like these fires are a fluke that will never happen again that in and of itself is denying climate change it is lying to the american people in order to cover up that we are promoting a system. based on big oil big factory farming and big environmental destruction
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now you may be thinking well you can't prove these fires were caused by climate change donald trump says they were caused by forest mismanagement and. well the union of concerned scientists says the effects of global warming on temperature precipitation levels and soil moisture are turning many of our forests in the kindling during wildfire season in terms of forest fires over a thousand acres in size in the nineteen eighties now this is their chart in the one nine hundred eighty s. there were one hundred forty in the one nine hundred ninety s. there were one hundred sixty and from two thousand to two thousand and twelve there were two hundred fifty and in case you were wondering in the past month there have been five hundred fires in california burning two hundred twenty five thousand acres luckily this chart also has pictures of flames so it can be understood by
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people like donald trump or and the seiu is anchored you know in the eighty's small flame in the ninety's little bit bigger flame and. big slimy thing. you'll notice the most recent numbers are two thousand and twelve well i was able to get the predictions for two thousand and twenty and here they are. yeah i. saw good is not good i'm sure n.b.c. nightly news will say it's one for the history pamphlets. so in this five minute segment on n.b.c. did they fail to mention any other glaring issue that was right in front of their stupid faces firefighters putting their own lives on the line bracing to the fire storm to protect the teeth firefighters are working around the clock the spot fires are popping up all over but it doesn't money firefighters. all really is it is there anything unusual about those firefighters the ones all in line rushing in to
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risk their lives to save ours perhaps the fact that those are prisoners locked away in california's correctional system yes they volunteered for that job but many of them see no way out of the misery and hardship of prison other than to volunteer for fire duty so it's kind of like i volunteered to give my wallet and shoes to that guy with a gun the other day who said he liked my wallet intrude. you know what they are yours was as was pointed out in the global citizen the inmates are doing this for just one dollar an hour and it's not just a few firefighters getting paid slave wages thirty percent of the firefighters are prisoners in california but none of this is said by n.b.c. nightly news i want said whole report are you starting to get it kate snow's job like all mainstream media is to cover up your reality her job is to make you think we live in a system that can recover from this carnage without
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a new economic paradigm that doesn't just reward waste and planned obsolescence of profiting off of the lives of others the job of all corporate outlets is to ignore the harsh reality that our endless consumption and furious appetite for fossil fuels is burning our world turning it into a desert wasteland. on the other hand it's our job to see through the propaganda and fight for a better world so the two hundred years from now the history books will say that i say don't fall for that stupid on n.b.c. .
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oh. welcome welcome i'm really candela take the news from behind i have breaking news about the midterm elections from last week you know they are the gift that keeps on given much like nipple hair yes. it has come out i don't even know if that meant it's come out that there was indeed foreign interference in the midterm elections and i'm i'm reporting this with a heavy heart because i am a patriot alright and that means i don't want foreigners screwing with our elections i want our democracy to be screwed up by americans all right. america is the way it has been for century since samuel adams supporters first put some bros on corpses and register them to vote. however it is not so midterm scoreboard revealed massive influence on congressional candidates the analysis
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shows that a single foreign government had twenty eight political action committees as well as many individuals donate millions of dollars in order to manipulate and dare i say compromise american candidates this is just costing you soviet mother you russia back then all right god damn we'll kill american people are ok with this we're not ok with it back. in that same article poll this shows that americans also feel the u.s. gives israel too much money that. is israel but. the . problem russian israelis is what it was probably was like forget about israel's influence forget about it focus on the bigger picture here people the main point is we all need to behave normal and not do anything out of the ordinary so that our government can pick out the foreign imports traders are right everybody just keep going to work like normal just keep
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watching sports like normal just keep encouraging your dog to piss on the neighbor's car like normal all right don't rock any boats don't protest don't activate don't say things adamantly like i. do not. because if you do our government may believe you are a foreign infiltrator and don't ever think our wonderful government isn't looking after you know they have your best interests at heart and not just at heart also on videotape they do in fact it just came out that the cia and ice are hiding cameras in streetlights without telling people about it so the all powerful eye is always watching out for you in that. now you may think it sounds a little sketchy but i assure you it's on the up and. it's being contracted to a texas company called cowboy street light concealments l.l.c. . because london says free ride an american cowboy is like
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a surveillance tape watching you at all times. you know just to make sure you're free enough but let there be cameras in our bikes all right it doesn't matter this country is about freedom and liberty that's what we value that's what we give awards for in fact this past week in philadelphia the distinct. wish liberty medal was awarded for leadership in the pursuit of freedom take a look commitment to veterans that's the theme of the thirtieth annual liberty medal ceremony at the national constitution center this year former president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush took home the prestigious award. george w. bush did bring a lot of freedom to all americans he maybe made it so that the dumbest moves
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slower witted americans had the freedom to think maybe i could be president. look. like a day like the ice president joe biden is there to do with this not about again democrats or republicans who. are. all. wow it really is just one big old club of sociopaths each other off in full view and. you know there's a but here's much to do that behind it this shad you ask. you can just whip it out you can whip out each other in a family friendly ceremony. put it why go to the pharmacy get them
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a present for the love of god the love of god gets of the press and claim. yeah i got a medal of freedom for george w. bush it's it's shaped a little different than the one he got from by the. way it is done it is still mad all. in order to clean up this storm you would. some sort of futuristic toilets i believe and i know just the guy bill gates has revealed he wants to revolutionize the toilet and he says doing so may save two hundred thirty three billion dollars and a half a million lives i'm one hundred percent supportive of the ideal of revolutionizing the toilet and saving all those lives and i agree doing so should not be left to some shared an issue in which we all work together to make the world a better place no no unpaid cooperation leads to gay sex and jazz music all right.
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no repairing our broken world should be left to somebody with billions upon billions of dollars who is willing to put that money into toilets because he or she sees an opportunity to make a load of money and. that's how it works as guy hunting with unicef says it's given the unmet need of two point three billion people still without basic sanitation there is a potentially very substantial market and economic game to be had unfettered capitalism has taught us that anything worth doing is profitable ok and everything wrong with the world can be fixed by a billionaire who is better than us and if and when he or she really he feels like fixing it they can do it if bill gates happens to lose interest in toilets and returns stealing computing software then we'll all just have to go back to pooping in festive ceramic bowls of water that haven't been updated since the
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romans were a thing. i mean the romans are still a thing but i meant the ones known for rolling half the world not the modern day ones known for a talking with their hands and defending defending john molesters not those. that really fair the vatican may be. but it's a separate country so the vatican should get credit for their own defending of child molesters are right you don't let no one take that away from your right. this week the u.s. conference of catholic bishops' and that and the vatican stepped in and barred them from taking action on sexual abuse in the church you don't want to move too quickly on these things all right people get whiplash i mean proof of serial pedophilia in the church only goes back what a bunch of decades to write so let's let's take a moment to think on it before we make changes. and i say decades but just just
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because those are the victims coming forward now does sexual abuse in the church go back hundreds of years i'm down and i. i'm sure the priest or morally superior back into i'm when it was common to draw and quarter a man for coveting his neighbor's donkey. i'm sure they were better back then. now but seriously pope maybe maybe you don't need to spend so much time washing other people's feet when it sounds like yours of the dirty ones because you've been dragging them so much we have to go to a quick break but if you hire instead of coming to miami florida to take the new redacted stand up comedy special december eighth and ninth or seven eight something like that grab take its head redacted jordyn come and find out about special events like that and exclusive content text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine it's free in the us well be right back i'm with ya.
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a dollar is what i'm. sure we care the music with. with a dry jeer. behind you that's going to get rid of those who will not go away who will not die quite. real the hard work we do is the.
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with this manufactured consensus still to have public wells. in the room in closest project themselves. with the financial merry go round me the one percent. who
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ignore middle of the room signals. the real news is. i think that i would want to. put inside. a dockside. i think. your backside that you can improve yourself. but it's all so bloody true but i really believe that the bottle that we show our side is story and the bend. condition of life.
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gold gold. the u.s. has been backing the. the people's mujahedeen of iran to overthrow and replace the current iranian government experts call it a terrorist organization the wrongs c'mere rude and the manson family of the middle east. but the u.s. state department of cia call them our friends. here to comment is our senior closest thing we have to a persian. so some are saying the cripple in the people's temple of the jonestown massacre. any k. are nothing like jonestown they take their cyanide straight no kool aid chain sort of like. the group started out as opposition to the us puppet raise a poll and then after the one nine hundred seventy nine iranian revolution they
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turned against the new iranian leader ruhollah khomeini killing is allowing supporters and reportedly anyone with a beard she says these us christ yes he would have been a target too. and so would you then have a tour of crackdown on anti-government groups and we can flip over where saddam hussein's government sheltered them in exchange for help during the iran iraq war so one reason that we can't doesn't have support in iran is the whole killing the iranians on behalf of an enemy thing they don't like dying it's an interesting aspect of persian cold turkey in this community for breathing this so we're at such a weird people so so why are people calling them a cult now only i don't throw words around like that i'm a serious journalist i agree with that speech to save blood thirsty cult. and make
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a leadership threatens to kill any of the. twenty three hundred members who say they want to leave they confiscate assets torture and the worst part is they imposed mandatory celibacy on their members maybe they could get their membership numbers up if they were allowed to pump the oil derricks once in a while. and maybe they'd also be a lot less bloodthirsty that's what i do in my murderous instincts. are you with us as with any group that it can use against governments that we don't like is any different oh yes because us politicians are attending and speaking at these decade in any case conferences didn't mean lot of dean or the free syrian army have of noxious public displays of affection like this let's watch and try and keep your dinner down this time ok. we are culturally rich i don't know what the border will colt's i think it might be fun. they were like strange things and patch and stuff.
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but we're not a cult we're people who are joined by something that is timeless and that is the love of freedom. you know we're not a coal is coincidentally on a button i got from the church of scientology. rudy is not the only u.s. government person or politician to pledge allegiance to the cult national security advisor john boehner and received one hundred eighty thousand dollars in speaking fees from them oh my god i can't decide what's worse are wrong policy or an event where john bolton is the entertainment. well the if you're interesting change it would knock your beard right off they both pull in and giuliani openly declared that mario mirage avi the widow of the colts founder should be the new leader of iran but it's never politics all night long with them ok let's watch this. part of
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. this is the traditional i have too much shelby honey then. you need you to follow me oh. ok now he's improvising little fish election time because they killed the speaker he was supposed to go into this place. for us is supporting a bloodthirsty called the tortures its members and will kill anyone that you asked them to and that's what makes them a perfect un us proxy for overthrowing the iranian government yes indeed but no sex you're never going to get on netflix that way. what is shame we could have had a series called wild wild you for example because you think we have just heard. thank you working with horrible people to create change nancy pelosi has announced she wants to work with the racist zina forbes and homophobes to fix our country to
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break down what will happen when the democrats take over the house of representatives we go to redacted correspondent john affordable. as we all know the democrats won back the majority in the house of representatives so now they've got a real opportunity to infuse the house with some bold new leadership that is relentlessly determined to champion progressive ideals and obstruct drums decimation of the country at every turn so in all likelihood who are they going to go with first big or that's where we were for a preexisting medical condition. oh . oh. oh oh oh oh oh. we have a market bipartisan marketplace of ideas. is that make our democracy strong
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a bipartisan marketplace of ideas what the is that even may palosi is acting like the next speaker already and any effort to replace or faces amends obstacles without a viable alternative said democratic lawmakers and aides no viable alternative really i've got a viable alternative for you how about this is a moldy ham sandwich or this vintage anna nicole smith autopsy report or at the very least representative of barbara lee of california who has been a stalwart of the left in congress for the past twenty years in fact you may recall heroically she was the only member of congress to vote against the bush administration's blank only changed authorization for the use of military force in the days immediately following nine eleven she got death threats for that however difficult this vote may be some of us must urge the use of
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restraint. our country's in a state of mourning some of us mostly let's stick back for a moment let's just cause just for a minute and think through the implications of our actions today so that this does not spiral out of control spiral out of control come on barbara lee shore the two thousand one a u m f is still in place seventeen years later and has been used to justify over thirty seven military operations in fourteen countries killing millions and costing trillions but it hasn't spiraled out of control all how do you feel about it closer to present day. voted against that resolution fifteen years ago because it was so broad that i knew it was setting the stage and the foundation for perpetual war and that is exactly what it has done well it's
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hard to argue with that because it's completely true barbara lee in addition to being stridently anti-war would you never get from our elected officials has been the chair of the black caucus the co-chair of the progressive caucus and the vice chair of the l.g.b. tea equality caucus here's what a side by side snap shot of her with nancy pelosi looks like barbara lee supports medicare for all free college auto voter registration banning private prisons taxing wall street and a green new deal nancy pelosi supports that moldy ham sandwich from earlier look is barbara lee perfect no she still takes some corporate pac money which is a deal breaker for a lot of progress is plus there's the very legit issue that she currently doesn't want to challenge for speaker but we should still create a groundswell urging her to do so because this guy said in all fairness nancy
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pelosi deserves to be chosen speaker of the. house by the democrats if they give our our time perhaps we will add some republican votes she has earned this great honor i mean his rights by being a corporate tool. she has earned the honor of trumps indorse me for speaker wow that vintage anna nicole smith autopsy report sure a star no look at madigan. the poor from washington john aforethought. that's our show but i have a new head of comedy special only available at least camp comedy special dot com that's lee camp comedy special dot com until next time. pranking gave americans
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a lot of job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive trucks people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent just like the gold rush is very very similar to the gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here in the slowdown it's much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality to deal with. dallas . and ali is what.
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we care the music with us. with a dry gear. by you're going to get rid of those who are not go away you will not die quietly. real hard but what we do is the truth. and this young the lying circumstances that loud for these the margins of this very very eventful violence i think that we may get the sons and even grandsons of dies at some point in the future it's primarily a political issue in iraq that has taken on the military. and army for cations.
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subscribe to roughly paulson get the roughly constant for just twelve euros fifty per month. thousands have been protesting in paris against the ever increasing price of fuel police of nice to get some water cannons against demonstrators. not a bit of difficulty opening my eyes right now not because we've just been in the midst of all of this take us. a. look at.


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