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well i think he's from but in south africa. reserves there you know the wildlife reserves what they find is that the buffalo actually causes the most danger and that's because most tourists and people going for their you know wild game reserves what they're afraid of are the lions and the leopards and the elephants in the rhino so they're watching out for those the buffaloes right there and i think best to a big danger relative to these other dangers and of course the buffalo often just jumps out at like without any warning and hurt or injuries misquote i've been on a jury here we've got here right when i run out of the black swan yes it is truly more like the buffalo in the south african game reserve yes yes all right well so he says that he has his words we spend most of our time on these pages focusing on the two biggest threats to the global economy so in the game
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reserve metaphor that would be the lion and the leopard right or the elephant. the u.s. and china but japan the eurozone and u.k. certainly have glaring imbalances in financial bubbles that might burst at any time the u.k. probably has one of the worst and most obvious problems caused by years of easy money but has diverted attention from the slump in the savings rate so he looks at the savings rates that's a euro zone which is kind of down the u.s. is actually kind of up since the financial crisis you case has plummeted to near zero the savings rate we're going to get into that about how steve keen was right and basically he blames austerity for it. austerity and steve kean did warn on this show what was it two or three years ago maybe four
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years ago that financial a sturdy would cause economic disaster in the united kingdom because of a cause the savings rate plummet because if the government's not spending that it could only come from somewhere that has to come from either savings or the government so it with the savings rate that low you would think the economy would be growing faster because it suggests people are spending down their savings they're spending on credit cards you know they're getting into debt but in fact because the government has contract and so much that they're spending the entire economy is down one point two five percent more g.d.p. than it would have been otherwise and. still are still here so is this the lynchpin for another leg of a global crisis this is what he's suggesting is that it could be could in his metaphor be the buffalo it could own we're going to talk about italy we've talked about japan yes and we've talked about the student loan debt or the yeah in the u.s. ryan of the china. ok so he's saying the white rhino the grey rhino. only
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visible yeah that was a chinese metaphor. his metaphor is the buffalo is the buffalo u.k. that you're not looking at all the other big predators on the game reserve the lion the leopard that the rhino and the elephant you're all looking out for that that's china that they're not letting and. they're not looking and the u.k. is saving grace down because of austerity austerity was a government contract and government spending cut g.d.p. you're saying point a half or one percent and so the savings rate is decimated. so going forward ok u.k. is a two trillion dollar economy one of the u.k. one completely bust so who cares i mean why would that cause a global crisis so most people have been saying that the economic uncertainty in the u.k. is caused to break set but he doesn't believe that what edwards says is that two
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years of massive u.k. public sector fiscal tightening and both twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen removed one and a quarter percent from both ears g.d.p. growth without that savage fiscal tightening u.k. g.d.p. would have quite happily skipped along at a three percent rate well in excess of the euro zone where the fiscal impulse was neutral contrary to most mainstream economists would have you believe weak g.d.p. in the u.k. has little to do with ok ok but ok let you can right there doing the braggs it oh ok are they trying to get it so the tories are trying to separate from the e.u. so they're building the ring fencing all the tory austerity pull grom of the poor in the u.k. so they have shielded the world against there are issues and yeah it's an island
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it's no longer you know it's separate in all its connections to the world it's run by tories or the tories or pro tory you know monopolist i mean that's there's no such thing. society that thing is society according to margaret thatcher statistic from a couple weeks ago came out that showed the wealth and income gap around the world in different countries and then there's there's the u.s. there's japan there's france and then there's the u.k. it's like wow incredible spread between this concentration and then you've got the royalists are people there in the tory party who support the queen whose whole point of bragg's it was to support the queen ok so they stared he was a moron it policy it caused incredible poverty brags it's all about supporting the queen and getting rid of their world contacts and ok steve keen is right the u.k. is going to he's in another way in tax because of fiscal tightening how is that they don't affect real people in the real world. well it's quite all of this is
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affected them badly. yes but also out in the real world because they're part of the global financial system. and so they will move on from. we're going to move on to the u.s. we're going to move on to the u.s. and the u.s. is another story i think you and tyler jenks recently had touched upon this and that is the mortgage rate this is something that many this new generation of americans are not aware that you know mortgage rates basically average something like seven eight nine percent this is a standard sort of interest rate on a mortgage they've been tricked into thinking everything could be ok and the fed could always keep everything all interest rates low but apparently mortgage rates may hit six percent sooner as fed sheds mortgage backed securities but what will that do to housing bubble two point zero the average interest rate for
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a thirty year fixed rate mortgage which is the norm in the united states in the in the u.k. of course it's like two or two year adjustable rate mortgages that they've always had they don't do these thirty year fixed which will be probably regret soon with conforming loan balances four hundred fifty three thousand one hundred or less in the u.s. if it's four hundred fifty three thousand one hundred or less that means the government basically backs it fannie mae and freddie mac. for a twenty percent down payment rose to five point one seven percent for the latest reporting week according to the mortgage bankers association this is the highest average rate since september two thousand and nine so we're heading back this this is for somebody who put twenty percent down i ninety thousand dollars that they have to put down on a conforming mortgage and they're getting five point one percent seven percent so those people that are putting down ten percent or five percent or. two percent or
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one percent or a zero percent they're paying a lot more but do all my comments on this i do what your common and that you know more and more what's happening as we discuss the creeping realisation that rates are going up that the bond bubble has popped and that rates are now going higher that means mortgage rates go higher six percent on the mortgage historically is cheap ok member when mortgages are twelve thirteen percent routinely that's the long term chart that's where we are right now or in terms of where we are in mortgage rates the thirty year fixed mortgage rate right you remember when they were way up high earners eight percent percent back in two thousand and three i believe been going back to paul volcker days right i mean they're in the teens yes ok so you know six seven eight percent on a mortgage that's that's completely normal five percent on a thirty day treasury note is perfectly normal for half percent of the money market
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is should be the normal but you can't taper a ponzi because when you buy a house there when it's at nine percent mortgage rates are at nine percent and they're going down yeah you could always find somebody who is able to service the debts upon sees your price bonzi that but it was going to go up to there it's harder and harder to find somebody to pay the price you pay it's called default yes you default because all those mortgages remember repackaged by wall street and sold on to institutions pension funds sovereign wealth funds and then all those will get a twenty percent thirty percent forty percent haircut yes well i mean this is the news we have that we have rhinos now grey rhinos and buffaloes on the horizon as you're out there stampeding through black friday yesterday and now the shopping weekend after thanksgiving this is when is make or break for the u.s. economy we'll find out probably pretty soon actually monday is that internet day when they call that when. they do internet shopping is actually the biggest
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shopping day now and you know as it's friday and internet monday internet sites amazon is jeff bezos day yes all right around the world let's make another billion dollars because he's our glorious leader that's very dr evil of you i think he made thirty six billion this year no day that day you make me three hundred five billion dollars a day you're given a couple years we're going to take a break. ok yeah fries didn't adopt my gang signal. don't go away. fracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars
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a year truck so i chose to drive truck people rushed to a small town in north dakota was among the rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore just slowed down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality that you'll. need to call. them. i'm one of them but i think. we're buddies.
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a lot on. put them to a little more or less money as a nation you know that whole community yeah i'm kind of stick to keep the team that he kind of ticking down to. a female to move on to follow the lead. you know enough i don't think one of the. things that i would want to go fast but inside i'm. a dockside and i think. going down your neck side you can improve yourself. but it's all so then true but i really believe this the bottom that we show up side is so we
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depend. on our company should all want a lot. of. dollars . dollars. dollars. dollar a dollar is what i wasn't doing. when we got garrett over here we care the music with us. we are here we were dragged here. by you looking to get rid of those who are not go away who will not die quiet. real the hard work we do is the true.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm alex keyser time now to turn to dan collins of hisor burke capital and the china money report dan welcome back thanks max i should note that we're in our special backwoods undisclosed location he may or some cars or fountains or birds or actually it's not a green screen that's real life dan let's get into it you have been back in the u.s. now for a few months after twenty years in china what difference does stand out for better and worse when the u.s. is kind of called the new global the new developing economy we have growth rates which we haven't seen here probably in twenty some years close to four percent the
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first time where if someone wants a job in united states they can get a job we haven't seen that in decades now are the jobs of high quality probably not we have a lot of repair to do in this economy to get the high kind of high paying jobs back but the good news is the economy is growing i think it's going in the right direction and there's a lot of companies not only american companies but companies all across the world that are now coming back to look at putting up facilities here to employ people in new market tell as i'm a means an economy a global economy of winners and losers you know before we. close of honor trump it was basically globalization and monitor monetization and monetarism the idea that we just keep printing money and unless all boats then trump said you know what we're losing we're going to go back to mark until as i'm so if if america is winning is it fair to say that china is losing i think us has won the first round we drop the tax rates down thirty eight to twenty one percent now they're in line
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with what europe is for corporate tax rates that is now gotten a lot of companies to start consider center and come back including chinese companies i know many many chinese entrepreneurs that are scared of duties they're scared and now. u.s. with the wage rates where they are they're not that far off china so they're now considering to set up facilities here chinese stock markets down thirty percent business confidence is at a thirty year low so i would say the first round definitely ghosts' the united states in the trade wars some are looking at one road one ballot initiative and thinking that this will be a great interest of play for china great g.d.p. booster mike pence is going over a pac which is an asia pacific conference and he says that empire and aggression have no place in indochina in the indo-pacific he's referring and talking about china your thoughts yeah when he said that the vietnamese in the room clip they thought he was talking about the vietnam war and the united states but yeah so we're out now we're trying to go against the one bill one road because it's not
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only economic for china but it's geo political so as china rose everyone in the united states foreign policy circles as we don't worry about it we have the navy we can always block chinese oil imports at the straits of malacca in singapore we're now you've got two week high speed rail from poland to china so that one bill one road is not only about bringing those countries closer in to china's co-prosperity sphere but also about having a way to to get into the european markets and let's not forget the chinese one bill one road ends in poland in serbia go to serbia now they have a new bridge from china they have a high speed rail from budapest to belgrade they have a thirteen plus one concept china's the one thirteen is the eastern european countries they're over there nice europe going guys use not helping much we're not developing and china is out there helping them develop and bringing up new projects and building infrastructure so the one by one road will go all the way god does end in eastern europe and that's what the u.s.
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now is waking up to they're starting to say russia is not much of an economic threat but chinese economy economically speaking is very very powerful and is just going to continue to get stronger just to be as the new. london yeah there was a property in serbia must be going to start to go up serbian property prices are extremely cheap and you know for the price of one square meter in shanghai you can buy a full apartment so we've a worker in serbia now is half the price of a chinese worker so that's the developments have been nice for europe europe should be ashamed of them so they have not economically developed they've only created more and more regulations. and they're losing they're going to lose out to china at the the chinese pushing encroaching farther and farther on their territory meanwhile they're worried about russia which really hasn't done anything to him and it's keeping on my theme of now mark until as i'm so typically in the previous period mark until as a two centuries ago you had a gold standard and in this new marketplace period you've got
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a debt standard so you've got two major economies multi-trillion dollar economies china and the us there now and engaging in a post monetarist neo mercantilist period and both are indebted to nick extraordinary historic amount so what it boils down to your thoughts are as i see the great debt for equity swap you know it's a common trick on wall street a debt equity swap but now we're seeing on a geo political basis you've got it seems like china they're trying to convert their debt into a useful stuff like infrastructure the us of course goes with their it's tried and true military play you know that's always how they ana wind their debt is that they they start wars. how are these to match ups the global debt to equity of the twenty first century who's better position to where is that gone yes as you describe according to austrian economics theory any time we go into unsound money we get
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chaos it's no coincidence we would you know we did the federal reserve in a year later in world war one every time we get these major wars we go off a hard money standard and we go into debt and now we're in debt money just as human as you mention it. right china's exchanging debt for friends and partners go to kenya and build hospitals schools and bridges and the u.s. will offer to build a drone base so at this point china is winning in a lot of these areas and the united states is going to question do we have at twenty one trillion in debt and counting do we have the economic muscle any more real economy not not selling credit default swaps not charging five thousand dollars to get some stitches do we have a real economy strong enough to go in keep people in in our camp and i would say probably not compared to i think china is the the economy just going to keep steam rolling. globally because the they can go on to build all these countries for nothing the lot of these countries are smaller than chinese cities right than one
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chinese city speaking to chinese cities there's twenty percent of china's homes are empty second and third home purchases outstripped first time buyers sounds anyway on paper like a ponzi scheme yes thoughts they it has converted into that so we started talking about this probably seventy years ago homes were bought fully cash up front so there was no debt bubble danger however in the last three or four years they have now converted to loans they're getting their parents and they have to get multi family members just to kick in for the deposit and then they'll go get a loan property in areas like shanghai you know you're talking millions of millions of dollars for a normal apartment. but however property no everyone wants to live in those major major cities though that won't be the problem the problem come from here to tear three cities they are multiple empty homes china is in and also a debt bubble just like united states and you see the malinvestment everywhere that too many homes too many factories in the economy has not been allowed by the
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government to continue to progress normally they were on a pass to completely dominate but they are now have reversed course in the currency still not convert able some of the world's second largest economy in the currencies not. convertibles so they are they have taken some wrong steps in the last few years we'll see though they're very practical is there anything they're practical and they may i think they're see because of this trade war they've already made many many concessions and they're trying to. probably try to get back in with the us in the good graces with some concessions but we'll see if they can actually let up enough control to do that i really think that come back with concessions rather than let's say in the south china sea start sinking ships well the concessions have started so for instance two percent duties for chinese products and here twenty five percent for us to send them there that's the so-called free market people like paul krugman who argue for meanwhile american workers get devastated american manufacturing cities get devastated. they have made
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a lot of concessions to be twenty five percent duties on cars now it's fifteen percent problem is it's still fifteen percent ours is two percent so will they ever go down the two percent probably not so we're probably in the very beginning stages of a new cold war similar to the soviet union in the united states and we'll see if it gets in a hot war probably wouldn't surprise me if it happens many many of my friends who are long time experts in china many of us of come back and we're actually worried about this now potential china us conflict it's really what the term gray rhino let me fill you in on this the head of the chinese central bank warned of the risk of gray rhino and these are obvious threats that investors ignore see black swan are the they don't seem happening and they happen grey rhino they're right out there but there's still risk now what about china's corporate debt pile or other threats they characterize like hit that the obvious threats and in china i guess that's
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what you're describing right i mean how many of these gray rhinos are there yeah i mean there's a think it's multiple of the chinese banking system is one you know they can hide debt put it anywhere they want all of these state economies they're supposed to get you know when i move to china twenty years. ago the whole game was going to privatized everything were to get rid of the state owned enterprises because they're totally inefficient you know there's the incentive problem they don't they're not in the market economy so they the liberalizing liberalize in about five years ago now they start pushing all the state on economies they're the only companies are the ones and can get loans the private enterprise can get loans if they get loans at nine percent so they've gone into the private shadow debt market that's a great way to pave a lending markets blown up absolutely blown up that's a great you know you got to be in a capitalistic communist you can't be accountable so the way up and common to go way down exact right you've got to burn the boats if you really want to be a capitalist you got to burn your communist boats and go you know full speed down the tuxedo as they were on that path and then bow to that i think was
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a two thousand and eight financial crisis that set them off they started dumping money into everywhere and all that money went into buying all the companies will get the loans and then they buy properties with it they would actually do anything with it just buy properties about the artificial intelligence so there are a lot of money in ai i think they're the world leader in this and it seems like the next huge wave in technology so they might have a huge edge there what are you hearing there well for every i.t. worker we have united states china has ten they are so far ahead and when i came back to us i'm looking they were still writing paper checks i mean in china i did everything financially with my phone their banking system despite having four or five state banks has. has so much more innovation than u.s. banks because u.s. banks game is about getting money from the federal reserve it's not about actually searching for depositors and making loans anymore so they haven't innovated on their business platform so we're going to states in terms of banking so far behind united states and ai that links in with a china has so much data out there whether it's from the vehicle you know the.
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fleets which is like there were all through the economy they have you know the national id systems so they have all this data and that's why they're expected to be able to crunch the data with machine learning and come out on top of the i think that's what most people expect at this point yeah. oh i'm sure going to be a i and you know people look for how they played a role in twenty sixteen election and the breaks that vote that's apparently a lot of data was scraped from social media sites and then repurposed as persuasion advertising it through these elections but if you say china is so far ahead in this area they from what i understand want to incorporate ai in their five year plans they want to return they have this new social score where people if you spit on the train you know you hear credit rating drops and you can't get a plane ticket you so this is just a dystopian nightmare or you've lived there i mean it's just like just in convenient way to get your cast checked and your you know so i saw on your suit
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absolutely dystopian i tell people you go to shanghai you're it's the closest to living in blade runner that you'll ever do ever be and not only the architecture but we actually the social systems are well on their way to becoming dystopian in our well and well not our well and just hope you know we have to say goodbye janet collins thanks must be on the kaiser for not going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy ever like to thank our guest dan collins of . the china money report you want to read just on twitter as kaiser report until next time by. can get for people that come. in there like the empire. state house they don't have to talk about. her daughter g.d. was diagnosed with a very rare sun sensitive condition if i get sunburned i hear she does patients.
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with. some brains is actually shrinking in size and scope a good speaker. branstad small. the pain is indescribable it's feels like a really really bad chemical burn but it goes through your skin in your muscle all the way down to the bed and there's no really cool we're just not sure this is but.
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when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying and the is just no really hasn't been that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace it's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way.
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twelve euros fifty per month. scores of people are injured and detained across france as violence flares during demonstrations against fuel price increases police used tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators who've been trying to stop fires in the capital. grabbing the difficulty opening my eyes right now because we've just been in the midst of all of this. group.


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