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tv   News  RT  November 25, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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there i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture of an accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with solving a crime. the u.k. prime minister says he breaks it plan and locks a bright future after leaders photo endorse the deal but to resume a faces an uphill battle to get a hostile palm and on his side. i. in the stories that shaped the week violence spills on to the streets of france as tear gas and water cannon they used against yellow vests protesters have been
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making astounded at the petrol prices. now but the difficulty opening my eyes right now and that's because we've just been in the midst of all of this tear gas. flying high twenty is the international space station celebrates two decades of pioneering research behind the scenes and take a look at its amazing achievements. welcome to the weekly on our national around up of the week's top stories. eight leaders have agreed to withdrawal deal with british prime minister theresa may the agreements will now have to go through the british parliament where it faces an uphill struggle to get approval and pace as well as the nation as a whole remain deeply divided on the issue but may says she's still optimistic the
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british people will get behind to deal the deal we have agreed today a lot of bright future for the u.k. m.p.'s will vote on this deal it will be one of the most significant votes that parliament has held for many years on it will depend whether we move forward to get into a brighter future or open the door to get more division and uncertainty this is certainly seen as something that could be described as the call before the storm big. despite the fact that theresa may and her e.u. counterparts got together in brussels to put a massive check mark on these last two years of torturous negotiations certainly the most difficult part now it seems only lies ahead because despite the fact that european union and doris the agreement that was reached between the u.k. and the rest of the e.u. now this document is going to have to travel to the house of commons here in westminster and this is where the battle has been raging on about whether or not
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this is something that could be acceptable for the u.k. and today we heard of brussels the european commission president try to convince m.p.'s that they should support this deal and that really it's the only deal possible. to work you for just give the house of commons. distinctions should wish this is to. just a boost to push a button for europe. only. within the house of commons passions have been flying very very high as m.p.'s have debated this question does the prime minister's still intend to go out of false choice to prominent between him her a botched jail or no jail you will not delivering the breaks to people who voted for the prime minister comes before us today trying to sell us the deal that is already. in the water the reason why the people of this country are so fed up these
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because they've been made so many promises none of which are being delivered to them because stay calm be delivered to them well it certainly looks this looks like the balance of opinion on this issue is not tipping into recent may's favor at this point and of course we have to keep in mind that for weeks on and the issue of a possible vote of no confidence has been raised here in westminster and thrown around so that could. used to be a possibility with many within the conservative party insisting that this is not the best deal that could be put forward we also know of course that prominent political figures here in westminster have resigned and left their positions. in defiance of the way to recently has been handling bracks it and of course of the public has been eating a lot of reassurance we know that theresa may has published an open letter pleading with the british people to support her and back on this deal but whether or not
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that is in fact the case is the big question still people here wondering whether if a don't vote for this particular deal that's been being offered to them if a new deal perhaps that could happen if theresa may could be pushed out the door still whether or not there could be another election and really whether all of this could yet again and up at square one. and believes to resume a face is an impossible task of getting him past. i'm afraid when this come back we're coming back to the commons i think she's got a very real struggle i mean we know today from ali foster from the they're not going to back it so that's the. trees main power of the moment out of the window jenny call win today has said labor will not vote for torres both direction remain as well so i think the commons will reject it i think should have no choice then but to resign if she doesn't resign of course there'll be a vote of no confidence. has to me i almost agreed to tony blair not about
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having another us friend but he made the point that this isn't the breaks that we've voted for no matter which show your. true she's got any possible just she's going to fail in my opinion. france has been hit by a week of furious demonstrations against hikes in fuel prices that by protesters wearing bright yellow safety vests around eighty thousand demonstrators vented their anger on saturday nationwide with violence flaring up in paris take gas water cannon fire has created chaos throughout the week shot into penske's been travelling across the country including to the capital where she was caught up in the clashes. because as you can see behind me there are a group of around one hundred yellow vests whereas these are trying to blockade
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roads around abouts like this this is one of the main arteries that would go from blue on all the way to paris and what they're saying is that the president might call has said lots of things he said he's going to come into power he's going to make reforms he's going to change the french economy for the better but the people here say there is no magic formula and so for corn hasn't brought in a magic formula it's not about politics we're all equal and we're all here against the french government. it's clear to everybody this is mccrum became president prices have increased food fuel it's all gone up we don't want them anymore i want to change the system. it's getting a little rowdy know how you can see the yellow best protesters but taken over this section know the roads they are now completely in control of it and trying to stop the traffic. so i distribute to the
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entrance of the ellie's a parent's eyes you can see ten gas is being fired by the police that says the protesters were trying to enter into that streets to get closer seriously ellie's a perilous. i'm having a bit of difficulty opening my eyes right now and that's because we've just been in the midst of all of this take us as you can see eyes red is really hard to open them and at the moment we are just a burning uncontrollably. the police are coming with having to move not because we're all being pushed up the street seems to the two gas knew to protest this it really is absolutely crazy here
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on the streets of paris. thanks this is a road just off the arc de triomphe and as you can see here we've got some of the stooges they've become infamous in paris of late they're burning here this is one of the barricades have been put in place. thank you. it just seems that people now all hugely angry at the situation and the fact that the president is still refused to meet them to discuss the problems in this country. hundred and thirty protesters were detained across the country on saturday forty two of them in paris some thirty people were injured on cheers day french president among micron is expected to address the issues raised in the protests and he strongly condemned the violence.
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thanks to our lord forces for their courage and professionalism shame on those who attacked them shame on those who have abused other citizens and journalists shame on those who try to intimidate elected officials there is no room for this violence in the republic. russia's malign influence reaches even as far as children's entertainment at least if some west of media are to be believed they accuse a russian cartoon series which has been a hits around the world and being designed to sway minds. picks up the story. and that little sweetheart was matia from the cartoon in the bear originally russian the series has been translated into dozens of languages and won the hearts of millions across the globe but it turns out there may be a sinister side to the enduring little girl and her protective pet trying to.
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see now what russia has forgotten to mention there is that some cartoons are in fact evil putin propaganda yep according to a times u.k. article moshe is just another putin pop it is funny steep. but also a plucky she punches above her weight is not far fetched to see. but it seemed to be particularly worried about one scene and a single episode or moshe's seen wearing a soviet border guards hat. apparently that's meant to be a statement on russia's defense of its borders but even if we say that's true what kind of kid would pick up on that but hey it's best to start when they're young right the studio behind this propaganda masterpiece of course denies being influenced by the kremlin's ham saying they received no state funding but we did
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a bit of digging and found some ominous signs you simply can't ignore here comes the kremlin for all of two seconds that could easily be interpreted as a soviet red star disguised as an innocent christmas decoration and you may not realize it but the weird. that must have got on here is a traditional russian hat now i know those examples aren't so much propaganda as they are just random russian things but that's all we could try but we're not it turns out the bear itself is a representation of russia as a whole you see bear you think russia right. russia it's a fact it's a struggle for the minds part of a hybrid explosion in which a negative image of russia is replaced by a positive oh about a horror of the horror now you know what your children are being exposed to and can protect them accordingly. the bear are not coming to. mush and the hybrid. british empire. sums up american decadence
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it's called. my live i want you to their shoes they don't seem to be particularly needed. i really really do not want to read about how much of the back to his propaganda. that i can confirm that i watched two episodes there when i was nine and i suddenly became a quitter he speaks russian. a major milestone for the international space station twenty years since russian launched the first march of the orbiting science lab and the current crew on board had this message. more than two hundred people from eighteen countries have visited the space station
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even b.s. it's become an example of close international cooperation not least a big enough warming relations between two. rivals is a look at how the russian u.s. friendship develops to the. so you did ski american ski is enough to get the experience you let it be. stuck to your book yet. you more got a promotion to. the mission or do you need the roof afforded thing
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of i think the population rather better or for your real. difference if there's less to birdsville all these years i could sit there all that's enough we are all for a brother to what. they were cutting new ground they said well gosh let's see if we can build a bigger space station and what can we do what are the problems that might come up and what you've learned. some of the money interesting and doesn't just give them more in them some this new ideas for falsely media if she were me i'd. choose the media the theme of the festival to people who are sincerely released or through
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a similar. many of the nations that have not always been from. the cities are a problem but the police on. the other here he's actually the fed them together leader of the possible for the future simply getting into. an apparent terrorist chemical attack has been reported in syria's aleppo leaving
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dozens of people injured including children more on that rushed off to the break. when all make its manufacture can be sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. when the final merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. leave. unless the underlying circumstances that allowed for the the margins of this very
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very lengthy violence i think that we may get the sons and even grandsons of guys at some point in the future it's primarily a political issue in iraq that has taken on military. armor for cations. welcome back to the weekly moscow says its forces detained three ukrainian navy ships on sunday after they carried out steyn just mavis off the coast of crimea refused to leave the coast straits the russian federal security service claims the vessels and legally entered russia's territorial waters. this. criminal proceedings over the illegal state border crossing has been initiated under the russian
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criminal code it's important to highlight the ukraine is aware of the procedures regulating the navigation of navy ships through the territorial waters of the russian federation and the kurds. they have previously followed these procedures for peaceful maneuvering. moscow says that shots were fired storing the detention and that its personnel provided medical assistance to the three craning servicemen ukraine's president petro poroshenko has called on his country's parliament to consider declaring a state of war in the sponsors of incident both russia and ukraine have requested an image and see the u.n. security council session it was done after has more details. really geographies key here a everything is happening as you've just mentioned right off the coast of the crimean peninsula that is the main factor so what's been happening is the naval ships have been going from the black sea to be as of c. the shortest route is through the courage straight russia considers crimea the
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crimean peninsula its own territory since the twenty fourteen referendum there it also believes that the waters of the current strait are russian to ukraine of course never recognized crimea as part of russia therefore it considers the waters of the current strait theirs and so ironically perhaps kiev has been citing also the articles of the u.n. charter saying that they do give them the right of passage through those waters contrary to the un convention on the law of the sea and the treaty between ukraine and the russian federation on cooperation on the use of the azoff sea in the coach straits russian border ships carried out today frankly aggressive action against the vessels of the navy of the armed forces of ukraine russia has moved in a civilian tanker over there and just to position did right across the strait and so. it is physically blockaded nobody can go through in either direction on these
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three ukrainian no warships but also civilian vessels as well. for me unless diplomats tim just trust told us that in his view the ukrainians may have to deliberately try to provoke the russians according to the reports i have seen your group in question did not provide the proper and customary advance notification of their wishing to trans transmit through this area if that is the case it could be considered provocation by the ukrainian side if this was an action taken by the ukrainian side either in relation to the the conflict in the dawn boss or perhaps because mr poroshenko is trying to enhance his political prospects of the election early next year by provoking higher tensions with russia. dozens of people gathered outside the russian embassy in cabs late on sunday protesting against russia's seizing of the ukrainian vessels the demonstrators pens paper
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ships anti is in chanted anti kremlin slogans some of the protesters three flares in the building. dozens of people including children have been taken to hospital after an apparent chemical attack targeting the syrian city of that that's according to the russian defense ministry these images of victims receiving medical treatment medics say they had symptoms consistent with chlorine exposure russian chemical expresso waking at the scene of the attack. the russian defense ministry says the attack was carried out and nights with the shelling coming from an area controlled by an al qaeda linked group in neighboring adlib province militants commandos in ten deny any involvement insisting they don't have any chemical weapons syria's foreign ministry that it was calling on the u.n. to condemn and punish the rebels involved in the assault as one of the countries that back them genest patrick henningsen told us he doesn't believe the incident
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will receive much media attention. they don't care because the attack is coming from the wrong side as it were if you check the mainstream media coverage globally it's a nonevent and if you also check the so-called opposition media side in syria of course they're saying that so well that it could be a plot by the regime so no surprise there and these so-called rebels have the means the motive and the opportunities to karaoke chemical attacks against syrian civilians the narrative is now set up they could do maybe a more elaborate production inside it live and then blame the so-called regime for retaliate in like for like you know the words the rebels do a ramshackle makeshift chemical attack and the so-called regime of the russians backing the regime do a big chemical attack
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a syrian or major chlorine attack and this would be filmed in this would be all over c.n.n. in the mainstream media. don't stir as more controversy this week over them as a journalist jamal khashoggi by suggesting his death was the world's folds. who should be held accountable. maybe the world should be held accountable because the world is a vicious boys world is a very very vicious bludge a white house statements titled standing with saudi arabia claims the whole truth behind khashoggi killing might never be named it has that action has already been taken in saudi arabia remains a steadfast partner especially when it comes to countering iran iran's foreign minister zarif called trump's wittes shameful. mr trump bizarrely device the first paragraph of his shameful statement on saudi atrocities to accusing iran of every sort of malfeasance he can think of perhaps who are also responsible for the california fires because we didn't help break the forests just
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like the fins do. saudi officials eventually admitted she was killed in the east on the consonance this month and acclaimed writer cooperation riyadh's has denied any awareness of the killing has charged eleven officials washington has sanctioned seventeen saudi officials for that alleged role in the killing. chumps insistence saudi arabia is a key partner in fighting iran has sparked an angry reaction from the media with some suggesting the president has caved in to riyadh however president trump today chose a different path something more along the lines of the world of a very dangerous place and because it is we should let murderers get away with it especially if the murderers are paying us lots of money now we're left to figure out why the president is telling that lie why he's going so far out of this way to cover for the country and specifically the ruler that carried out this killing of a us resident and us journalist question the morality of course are entirely absent
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as they usually are from u.s. government policy as long as those willing to to give big contracts to trump refers to is all the great american companies that are causing so much havoc around the world and i'm sure they're going to continue to kill people this is a this is a terrible thing president troubles doing. you know today it's with the week's global news more top stories in half an hour. three days to me. we did not that law you know said the reason she
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knew. the business and the real estate tax. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. to. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after
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the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circulated branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go. into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war and surely we can risk some discomfort or an easy for us.
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determine that you're the one. who did it. so i'm going to move into the interrogation. i leave the role electricity there for several minutes because i want you to get anxious. i want you to think about the error of your way. and then i'll walk back you and when i walk back in i'm going to have a big fix file with me. all kind of a person it may have seen a disk like our surveillance video been my all be blank. but it's a show you that i have a strong investigation and i have all this evidence. so the first thing i tell you is. our investigation has proven that you're the one who committed this crime
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there is no doubt about it whatsoever we have the evidence that you did it there is nothing that you can say that will convince me otherwise all i want to know is why . could you confess to a crime that you did not commit. and interrogation technique used by the majority of police officers in the united states is causing controversy. across the country . created in the sixty's by the private company john reed this method has gone on to influence most of the interrogation techniques taught in american police academies it involves nine different stages leading from confrontation to spoken confession to a final written confession this technique has allegedly compelled thousands of innocent people to confess to crimes that they did not commit interrogations should be conducted in a non supportive environment we want to get the person on our territory away from his or her own surroundings tears in.


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