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just know really that doesn't mean that we're even many of the families want the death penalty to be the reason we have the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. to the. u.s. senators are demanding an end to military support for saudi arabia in the long running the war in yemen. and accuses ukraine's president of introducing a martial law to boost his ratings ahead of the upcoming election and says the recent dispute in the carriage strait was nothing but
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a provocation by kiev also the south. has been ok papers from the council. has focused on playing till around. a sexual abuse survivor in the u.k. calls for a change in the law after the man who raped her is given access to her son born as a result of the song. we are broadcasting live direct or should is most of this is our international john thomas truly glad to have you with us. now the u.s. senate has passed a resolution calling on the government to end its support for the saudi led intervention in yemen that despite opposition from the white house. we can cross live to our correspondent in new york who's following the situation for us caleb. this resolution has gotten overwhelming support from both republicans and democrats
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could you tell us how the vote played out and what comes next. well the vote was sixty three to thirty seven with support on both sides of the aisle the resolution called for the united states to end any cooperation with the saudi led attack on yemen now one of the voices speaking in favor of the resolution was us senator bernie sanders of vermont this is some of his argument in favor of the resolution will be another we have been providing the bombs. at the saudi led coalition is using. we have been refueling their planes before they drop those bombs this is a vote. that says to the world we are going to end the whole rip the humanitarian disaster that is killing tens and tens of thousands of the pencillers children in yemen now there was opposition to this resolution from
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the white house very strong we heard that there was a closed door session in congress with general mattis the secretary of defense james mattis speaking to the u.s. congress behind closed doors urging them to not pass this resolution and we also understand that mike pompei o the secretary of state also addressed addressed members of the u.s. senate and urged them not to pass this resolution this is some of what my pompei zero said essentially arguing that somehow this resolution would actually hurt the conditions of those living in yemen. the suffering in yemen grieves me but if the united states of america was not involved in yemen it would be a hell of a lot worse now it's been widely reported that the united states prevented a resolution in the united nations that would have condemned the saudi attacks on yemen the resolution had support from the united kingdom among others and
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essentially would have called on saudi arabia to cease its activities that harm civilians however the united states worked behind the scenes to prevent it from becoming a resolution now there has been widespread opposition and condemnation to saudi arabia's activities in yemen we've heard statements from charities that have come forward humanitarian organizations and said that essentially saudi activities put fourteen million people at risk of malnutrition however the united states continues to align with saudi arabia now it's important to point out that this is not the first time there have been votes on capitol hill regarding this issue and twenty seventeen for example there was a vote in the house of representatives that was mainly symbolic that condemned saudi arabia's activities now back in march the u.s. senate was presented with the opportunity to vote on this resolution and failed to do so they did not pass this resolution however today as we have seen there was this vote where they did actually come forward and condemn saudi arabia's activities in yemen now not much has changed in yemen sense march however what has
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changed is there has been widespread outrage about the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi so it is it appears that many are starting to question u.s. relations with saudi arabia now we have heard that the trumpet ministration is threatening to veto this resolution so people will be watching to see what happens next. and there from new york it's going to be an interesting situation to see how it all plays out thanks for being with us here on our to international. all right now already described as one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the situation continues to deteriorate every day in yemen.
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switching gears now president putin has accused ukraine's that leadership of orchestrating a recent clash in the carriage straight to drum up anti russian his sentiment and boost their own ratings if the current kiev authorities successfully so anti russian sentiments because they have nothing else to say oh yes there's a feeling that whatever they do they will get away with it if they demand new borns for breakfast so they will get babies so what they'll say the government wants to eat. but i'm reporting was referring to the clash between russian and ukrainian vessels last sunday in which three ukrainian ships were seized he said deliberately created the standoff as a pretext to introduce martial law ahead of the two thousand one thousand election
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senior correspondent but i've got to have been following the international reaction for us central european powers france germany in particular seem to be less than enthusiastic about america's latest schools for more sanctions against russia germany in particular saying that it is still supporting the north stream to gas pipeline from russia to central europe it means that you and i think that the government has of course taken note of the criticism the north stream to first and foremost an economic project that's what we've always said but at the same time we've repeatedly indicated that it has however a political dimension to this follows on from various u.s. officials calls to enforce and to strengthen sanctions against russia we certainly encourage all european allies to a card what additional sanctions could be implemented absent at this point it's not something germany and france have said they considering but these things i think
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can develop over time the u.s. president donald trump himself ostend whether he's going to condemn russia's actions in the u.s. well he spoke more critically of russia than he has in a long while but he said that he's going to wait for a full report from his advisors before condemning any russian action that will be very determinative maybe i won't have the meeting maybe i won't even have the meeting i don't like that aggression i don't want that aggression at all absolutely and by the way europe shouldn't like that aggression and germany shouldn't like that aggression he's referring there of course to the pre-agreed meeting with vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in argentina. but we were also heard a lot of criticism in the press with calls and questions to don't trump and other leaders and why they are condemning russia hard enough but let's. be
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happy about president trump issued an extremely mild rebuke to russia for firing on and seizing three ukrainian ships other storage supporters of ukraine be it nations the great britain canada for example that have condemned russia be it third parties such as and you think tanks the atlantic council one of the one of the pundits has been calling on nato to send warships to the as well to see through the strait crossing perhaps unaware that such a move would be illegal as the season tunnel waters of russia and ukraine and requires the permission of both third party bush ships to enter the as a seat the russians have off with their own version of what happened in the on sunday in the strait of kutch they say the the tech did the ukrainian vessels they had new choice but to use weapons to seize these vessels as they were behaving dangerously radically they hadn't followed any notification s.b.u.
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counter-espionage agents were on board they also say that this is a provocation. are meanwhile key of claims it warned russia about the presence of its vessels in the area and it called the seizure of its ships an act of aggression ukraine is demanding the immediate release of twenty four crew members who are in custody in russia security analyst charles troubridge says kiev feels it has been given carte blanche by its western backers you've got a country such as ukraine which is repeatedly sure said challenging its much more powerful neighbor and it's doing not because it's been given leeway to do so by form for most of the united states and of course bought by the u.k. and others in the west and so for example you've seen provocative behavior being rewarded recently the united states for example announced that it would supply weapons and other weapons to ukraine instead of trying to defuse the situation
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aside from the dispute between russia and ukraine vladimir putin touched on plenty of other issues at the russia calling investment forum in moscow one of them was that the role of the u.s. dollar and international trade as our visa if your tutor reports. the russian president was clear about the state of traditional global trading and the association with the us dollar now is the time for innovation and change and you see you have no goal of moving away from the dollar it's the dollar that's moving away from us. making such decisions are not shooting themselves in the foot but somewhere more delicate further up the body because this instability when it comes to doing business with the dollar gives rise to a desire and it's happening all around the world to find alternative reserve currencies and create a financial system independent from the dollar. should put in has confirmed that russia along with some partners is working on payment systems independent of swift
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now if you're thinking russia is acting like a rebel without legitimate cause then understand that this is actually not a revolutionary idea thomas mantra of america first america first is now imbedded in our minds and economically there was always bound to be a backlash one of the innovations has been the leading nations to find independence from the dollar e.u. member state will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with iran and this will allow european companies to continue to trade with iran in accordance with european union low and could be open to other partners in the world that came after american pressure on its business with iran threatening sanctions in place and to add insult to america's injury problems is also apparently mulling over an alternative to an economic trading power through
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a stronger euro zone the difference about strategic and commercial interests financial independence. must propose and this is the request made to the commission to consolidate your abs. financial autonomy and finally and the extra territorial nature of some financial and monetary decisions it's no secret that the global economy and politics is interconnected and what we have is a reversible reaction was proving to be a catalyst for consequences turning back into action the day or two to r.t. or charge international mourners after a short break stay with us. you're producing a lot of oil and gas now or energy and abandonware as big as the russia and saudi arabia but the point as you're making there is that they're actually losing money
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on every back. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one doesn't show you can afford to miss the one in only.
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a welcome back this is arjun international now r.t.e. has received a surprising compliment from the us establishment which has long been critical of this network and former undersecretary for u.s. homeland security gave her take on one of our shows r.t. russia today has a weekly program called america's lawyer. the not relenting theme of which to quote one of the openings is america's justice system is corrupt and broken i don't think there's anything in there that is a law but it is i'm relenting only one sided view if you knew how to look at the other side you would see that russia at least is weighing in on both sides they're not on your side they're not on the other side they're on their own side it is too weak. suzanne spaulding made those remarks during
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a national security forum in washington d.c. her views are very different to the usual accusations from u.s. politicians and the western media that r.t. is a source of false information the russian government also created and spread fake news and conspiracies across the vast social media landscape big news that's being spread by russia fake news has dominated the true had lines of fake news spread by russia and of course or two which is a heavily supported. funded by the russian the russian government big news fake news kremlin spread misleading or otherwise fake news. or we can now bring in media and legal analyst aligned all to discuss this further lionel. my man how you doing this is an interesting one in that clip we showed suzanne spaulding saying that this. show america's lawyer is entirely truthful and the goal is to weaken us meaning the united states can you really we can
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a country by simply telling the truth. no in fact i thought that one becomes stronger by shining sunlight they believe justice brandeis said that sunlight is the best disinfectant and at i will say that american lawyers one of the finest shows on our t.v. by one of the by a true great american lawyer who has done more to receive or rather to to effectuate justice for those people who have been victimized by corporations and the like what i mean you know i was thinking about something you know what the significance of june sixteenth twenty fifteen was i know it sounds like a trick question but in the sixteenth twenty fifteen president then candidate donald trump announced he was going to run for the office of president and i think it all started right around that time when
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every type of of accusation could be contrived manufactured imagine against him and what really happened this is critical for us to to remember this they've been trying to figure out how hillary clinton lost a rigged election so there were two vectors one was trump somehow through it sixty three million americans voted i guess to some kind of russian mind control whatever he threw or russian collusion. they pretty much backed off on the trump did something but interestingly enough the russian collusion russian influence russian fake news russia russia russia russia created and took off with the momentum that in three half years or whatever we are still pursuing this and it's fascinating it is a fixation n o c d. proliferation this dispersed
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several ration over this but this first and today i find almost comical it's not false it's true but they don't spread enough of the positive truth as well so it's one of the most the better of the new ones critiques so here's my question when you hear a former senior government official describing r t as truthful which flies in the face of everything that we've heard coming from the us except from that famous quote from hillary clinton when she said that we're basically doing a good job or a better job than they were. does this suggest that there is a shift in attitudes towards this network or is this an outlying opinion or is this meant to stoke the fires i mean what do you see happening here. oh absolutely i see to great question i see can juggle palpable tetherball real documentable change
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in the ferocity of the attacks look we hear right now we're going through the last throes of what is referred to was the moeller investigation and that thing has just i mean ed has a vaporized into not thing and even even recently some of the other candidates are changing other postures for example there was i had to bring it up again to hillary clinton said you know we might want to work on some of these immigration policies because that feeds right wing. temperament or thoughts of the idea so even that's changing you're absolutely seen something look the american people never bought into the russian collusion russian fake news russian we're still trying to figure out how russia through the twenty sixty the lections i think i think russia what some facebook ads now the real question the real
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question is if facebook ads are so problematic that they can they can do rail and election and why don't the investigation be on facebook and. i'm sure certain is going to be a lot of attention paid to facebook especially given recent developments but i want to go back to something that you touched on about justice brandeis and what he said about sunlight being the best disinfectant can truth really harm the united states of america i mean isn't it fundamentally one of the principles one of the pillars of american society. it cannot harm the united states but it can devastate the government it can devastate aspects agencies law enforcement judicial system politicians presidents to congress all of the truth can be horrible the truth especially if it exposes corruption oh absolutely but does it hurt america america cans
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never never we never but see that's what they they they have also forgotten the fact that when they talk about the america they're talking about themselves they're talking about their game they're talking about the the actual government the bureaucracy governance but not everybody you know people who are just citizens and the like you know it's an important distinction to make but understands of the we're talking about this nobody else in the real world is talking about this nobody in mainstream america no one that they are talking about this in the bubble of even the east coast west coast l.a. new york washington they talk about this constantly about this fake news but america has no interest couldn't even explain what fake news and fact we have become so habituated and so conditioned to the notion of fake news the term doesn't mean anything anymore indeed. my friend the media and legal analysts
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a lion all looking sharp as always sir and always a pleasure to talk to you thanks for giving us your thoughts on this. as do you thank you sir right. now switching gears now a british woman who was raped as a child has expressed her outrage after local authorities tried to give the man who assaulted her access to the son born as a result of the rape he's an associate you're going to as more. an unusual case getting quite a bit of traction in the u.k. a victim of child sexual exploitation has a way to anonymity and come forward demanding a change in the laws following revelations that a man who had raped her as a teenager as a result of which she had a child was apparently reached out to by the local council inviting him to partake in the child's life is about. a month in counseling and it. has been
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a counselor to apply today i'm trying to learn now this man in question was actually put behind bars two years ago and is serving a thirty five year sentence for multiple sexual offenses involving nine girls including this woman sammy woodhouse and we know that he was told by rather him counsel that he could seek visits with the child well just to be clear the man did not make such an application but this still became a good enough reason to trigger a call for a change in the legislation to protect others this is what a local m.p. had to say on this appalling examples of the little being set up by the to favor the perpetrator or to actively work against the rights of abuse survivors and the consideration they should be afforded the ministry of justice have said that they're investigating this case to see whether it was an error or potentially part
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of a wider problem we also know that the council have said that they were basically just following guidelines and rather. i'm is really a place in the northern u.k. that had reached the headlines in the media previously back in twenty fourteen when an independent inquiry had found that as many as over fourteen hundred girls were groomed and abused over sixteen years and that report had found that that was carried out predominantly by men of pakistani origin so it's indeed very likely that this latest case is going to again stir up lots of questions that need to be addressed there safeguarding is now more important but in the ninety's and in the northeast the youth workers that were waking at the time they were just a drain on public funds you do need prosecutions we do need parents to speak up and say yes our daughter was a victim in the english community the english families they will go and they will
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seek prosecution and but within the asian community where it does happen and it's still rife the groomers are protected by the own community because they are chained by. stigma so that's why they are prosecutions then lessons have been learnt but they are not being acted upon. we asked people in or rather what they think about the sami woodhouse case to be. absolutely disgusting and it's so horrible i think it is this. just disgusting discussed in the police should be frightened to death to do anything in the past understood or do it now incredulous the fact that they can just think it's acceptable to approach a convicted rapist and ask him if he will be going to access to a child or just under thirty four minutes that's when i'll be back with a full look at you know you are watching our two international ribs.
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cd i mean look if you get the thumbprint you know has a funny but it was you tell a million. get out. and write down the bank call for the work on the base walk or chemical lights and as our this is going to be read without any treatment there in time national monsters know that these industries out of polluting your dissenting ignore the money that mother. and the mother of them like means we lost even this.
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so after reading faster life in eighty six the nicaraguan group. invited us factory for the twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of the episode. on october fifth or in the past this plane were shot down in a car for the poor plane dropping army. corp of terrorists that reagan had privately. and there was one crew member the parachuted to shake the. usual price many of them for its. men at risk for cure me after we arrived. the nikken are when you do sure tribunals are taking cost of course out of the crash site and asked us to events we want to go on a helicopter with our supplies to the crash site house and flush walk to us about all the flights you've been on all these covert flights of army air corps and he
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would course angry because he had been abandoned by the reagan administration he was basically a covert operator mercenary he was proud of. his capture would reveal a complex web of covert operations run by us colonel oliver north reagan's administration had bypassed congressional control and funded the contra insurgents through drug trafficking and secret arms sales to be wrong it's all secret but the house in question down blew it out into the open to make a mistake it's really hard for tehran sir no i'm not taking any more questions and it's just a second i'm going to ask a journey general meese to brief you on what we presently know what he has found in the united states why didn't somebody didn't ask why. the revelations of the iran contra affair gave new momentum to the work of the p.c. .


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