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tv   News  RT  November 29, 2018 7:00am-7:30am EST

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i'll see you then. subscribe to rob people also get a little lucky content for just twelve euros fifty a month. this is what the decisions are going to hold on the floor of the united states passing a resolution this point that would have heard good things were encouraged to raise a splits emerges in washington over america's toward saudi arabia with the senate calling for an end to aiding the gulf war effort in yemen something the white house . also at this hour. remind me is to be interrupted by the council.
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on course to take on train telegrams it's revealed a serial rapist can apply for access to a child he faltered in one of the offenses he was jailed for the woman he impregnated when she was fifteen is not calling for a change in the new cases legal system to protect people in her situation. yellow face protesters in france are planning another series of rallies against president fuel tax increase while police voice heard the my as for war. the situation on the ground might be very different but according to the information we have here everything is correct and the problems happen when management is not understand the risks we are taking on location because the city.
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whenever you're tuning in from rights a run the world this hour welcome to moscow and to r.t. international my names you know neal good to have your company in our top story the u.s. senate's on the white house have locked horns over america's support for saudi arabia senators are demanding the government and military aid to the saudi led war effort in yemen here's how the u.s. secretary of state reacted to the move. they're considering building a resolution on the senate floor which we think is just poorly timed this is what the decision is all about on the floor of the united states passing a resolution this point it would encourage the who these would encourage the iranians we will no longer be part of their destructive military adventurism hopefully get a cease fire in the game or something that we have diplomatically been striving for for months and we think we're right on the cusp of that we were fuelling the
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bombers that the saudis said to yemen the vote comes amid ongoing anger over the killing of jamal khashoggi that dissident journalist murdered last month inside the saudi consulate in istanbul well to discuss the divide in washington over the issue turn to our teeth into a cheater who is with me now in studio hi there dear look before we heard occasional murmurings up the scent of opposition to this but how deep is the rift right now after what we've just seen those pictures we've been describing you know the rift seems to be getting deeper and deeper you know what we have is the u.s. senate the white house and the motion of course was should the u.s. support the war on yemen and the logical answer would be no if you if you look at you know a lot of the organizations and their statistics according to the u.n. nearly seven thousand people have been killed so far far and it seems that the the
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support for this. within the u.s. is very very minute so let's have a quick listen to. the suffering in yemen grieves me but if the united states of america was not involved in yemen it would be a hell of a lot worse. if you listen to the lads you know he says the removing u.s. support would cause more civilian casuals casualties which is very hard to understand but the logic there we might say that there look at the war waging in the us whether the support is there on the ground in yemen so much so that they have put into action this resolution fifty four there was a vote and it came out it's a bipartisan proposal to block any further support to the solid lead coalition in yemen and of course it was clear when we see the outcome of that sixty three to thirty seven against that so you would say well why aren't they pulling out then
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the answer is of course we've got will come on to that but i want to mention as well this scandal that we've seen the journalist that was murdered in the consulate in turkey the saudi consulate all the aftermath of it was a whole load of denial then there was a loose admission in the end that it was premeditated it hasn't helped you just to have a quick list listen to that. we know. that the crown prince was involved not to hold. anyone up no smoking i do believe i've read every piece of intelligence. which i think i read it there is. collecting bricks to the. ship. so the split as you can see is kind of justified when we look at that as well i want to remind you at this point let's look at some of the figures that some of the
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charities have come up with as to the damage that's been caused in yemen save the children never revealed about eighty five thousand children under the age of five. may have died in the country twenty two million out of the population twenty seven . are in dire need of humanitarian security aid if we look at figures from. in november they've accused the u.s. and u.k. and french governments of being behind starvation of fourteen million people and cholera according to one of these organizations there are nearly ten thousand suspected cases the largest outbreak they've seen in years so the saudis reason we can't forget that they're saying that they're only targeting the rebels that they consider as terrorists but these findings it's not clear enough for the u.s. to pull out what is now what we've had here as well and a name state department official according to b.c. and reuters has said his first right frustrations in
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a letter about the latest letter of an offer and acceptance between societies of a deal worth fifteen billion dollars of a missile defense system so we just have a quick listen to the justification from trying to continue to look at those deals . sherry would be great ally but what happened this year acceptable but i would prefer that we don't. as retribution cancelling one hundred ten billion dollars worth of work they are ordering military equipment everybody in the world one of that order russia wanted it china wanted it we wanted it we got it and we are all of it every bit of it i don't like stopping massive amounts of money that's being poured into our country spending one hundred ten billion dollars on military equipment. things that create jobs like jobs and of the others for this country you can understand why there is
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a big divide of the votes going to make any difference the message is loud and clear from the president the economy is the priority so what's all the fuss about all right thanks for taking us through the year a cheater like this or. whatever headline stories a child rape victim in the u.k. is the mounting a change in the law after the man who assaulted her was told he could be granted access to her son who was born as a result of the ordeal. the story is about. to me unless you count and if not don't mind he has been outed by a very slim counsel to apply today and praying to an unusual case getting quite a bit of traction here in the u.k. a victim of child sexual exploitation has waived her on an immediate come forward demanding a change in legislation following revelations that a man who had raped her as a teenager as
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a result of which she became pregnant and had a child was approached by a local council to basically see if this man wanted to be part of the child's life but man in question was put behind bars two years ago which is serve a thirty five year sentence for multiple sexual offenses against nine girls in the area including that's woman sammy woodhouse who'd rather him counsel. invited him to potentially seek visits with the child the man did not go for this offer and did not seek such an application however this still triggered a push for a change in legislation and this is what local m.p. had to say on the matter appalling example of the law being set up either to favor the puppetry or to actively walk against the rights of abuse survivors and the consideration they should be afforded the ministry of justice is currently investigating whether this took place due to an error or whether there is
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potentially a wider problem behind this we have also heard from the council who said that they were basically just following guidelines so there is a lot of questions to be addressed in this area yet again with this story now coming to the forefront of us to see a church in a more we spoke to people in rather him in the north of england where the grooming scandal continues to hold thirteen. to be in prison referees absolute disgust same and it's so horrible i think it's disgusting to know as i can say just disgusting discussed in the police should be frightened to death to do anything in the past understood or do it now absolutely incredulous the fact that they can that does think it's acceptable to approach a convicted rapist and ask him if he will be going to access to a child younger palpable there is no. grooming campaign or sarah she sees the rights of the victim simply have to come first interest of the child is
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paramount the case is centering around the child a visitation of the child in the best interest of the child that child doesn't need to know who that person was who did that to his mom father or not what happened to this woman is all full awful awful and women do survive rape because that's what they are they are survivors of rape we can't talk about me enough we do need to lift the lid put on it i mean examine what happened you have to look at the bigger picture it is still happening we do need prosecutions we do need parents to speak up and say yes our daughter was a victim in the english community the english families they will go and they will seek prosecution and but within the asian community where it does happen and he's still rife there groomers are protected by the own community because they are chained by our nair and stigmas so that is why they are prosecutions are there lessons have been learned but they are not being acted upon. cross the channel are
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from there to from source so called yellow vests protestors have the lines plans for yet more rallies against the president's fuel tax increase they've been trying to win concessions from the government but emanuel mccrum refused to change course . this demonstrations led to unrest between protesters and police according to reports there were one hundred thirty arrests more than half of those occurring in paris five officer for injured including one person who suffered burns. well the mayor of paris has joined one of france's police unions and expressing worries over
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officer safety during the rallies of the union's general secretary told r.t. france their superiors don't understand the conditions officers are facing. but said i started to call on machiavellian diversity the police the overseen from the operation room at the headquarters they give orders saying do that go there the situation on the ground might be very different but according to the information we have here everything is correct and the problems happen when management does not understand the risks we are taking on location because they're sitting in their office. i was told an interesting story one location workers were laying paving slabs and no one from management told us to close off the area to prevent the protesters from pulling up those slabs and using them. those
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protesters who live in criminals people who don't want to abide by the law the inside conflict they're ready to commit crimes on screen the question of who they really are i would say here again society the use of the protest movement is a pretext. at its peak islamic states ideology of terror touch pretty much every aspect of dealing life in the regions they occupied. to be education of children they have their own twisted ideas of what youngsters should be taught and how to teach them our child caught a glimpse of life in former eyes of facilities in iraq. one would say he'd seize twenty three weapons as trophies from infidel or another
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major he sees only seventeen how many weapons did they seize in total. where the line caps of the callous and where the soldiers. will attack as. he calls in stooges bread or lion cubs of the caliph. in order for the aim of this policy was to create a new generation of militants to strengthen the terrorist world i'm still afraid if i say no because they killed and tortured us. i don't think it's any secret that
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over the years russian media r.t. in particular repeatedly been branded by their critics in america and elsewhere as fake news and propaganda. news that's being spread by russia or too which is heavily supported by funded by the russian the russian government fake news has dominated the true had lines faking the. whose spread by russia kremlin spread misleading or otherwise fake news but in a notable shift in tone a former under secretary for u.s. homeland security no cesar to you does tell the truth that would also not entirely allegation free you are to russia today has a weekly program called america's lawyer. the relenting theme of which to quote one of the openings is america's justice system is corrupt and broken i don't think there's anything in there that is a law i but it is i'm relenting only one sided view if you knew how to look at the
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other side you would see that russia least is weighing in on both sides they're not on your side they're not on the other side they're on their own side it is too weak . of the r t america program mentioned there reacted by accusing spalding of trying to cover up her own failures media legal analysts say shedding light on america's problems may be bad for the government but not so for the people. the truth hurts the truth can be problematic don't be so truthful r.t. don't be so truthful or could you be a little bit more positive in their truth this is a dramatic difference from fake imaginary on real untrue fictional fictive are salves and static that was the whole story now it's your tone. could you be
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a little less truthful could you could you could you perhaps baby and spread the truth around a troubling magic improvement in my humble opinion it can not harm the united states but it can devastate the government it can devastate aspects agencies law enforcement judicial system politicians presidents to congress all of the truth can be a horrible their truth especially if it exposes corruption oh absolutely but does it hurt america america cans never and if you'd like more of those are two stories i'm back in a minute and a huff to join me. you're
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producing a lot of oil and gas now or energy and then as big as the russia and saudi arabia but as you're making there is that they're actually losing money on that. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. theory dramatic. only loosely and. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and
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talk. international some news from the city in the south of france where local media is reporting that an armed woman is threatening to detonate a bomb inside a bank employees humping if i can get it from the building neighboring businesses as well in fact the area has been cordoned off in the city center area and there's no motive known at the moment according to local reports though the woman is said to be sixty years old and carving a rucksack and when we hear more on this story we'll of course bring it to you from southern. a feminist journalist in canada has been permanently barred from twitter for quote hateful conduct the one of the
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reasons why because well at the site had post wasn't transgender issues on the red men are not at women let's go through what we know here meghan murphy was first locked up for a cunt in august she deleted her tweets and regain duck says but has no bond over her controversial post she accuses twitter of centering basic facts on silencing people. twitter was working out to try to suspend my account permanently and then finally i received notification from twitter that my account had been permanently suspend then on account their new mis gendering rule which i was not aware existed and nobody none of the users in the media weren't aware of that rule and child writing so it was a new rule and they went back and found a tweet that i had posted before i was aware of this rule and suspended my account because i had said yeah it's him referring to
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a man as he said it she and apparently this individual now identifies as a woman is mentioned there murphy fell foul of twitters clumped on hateful conduct that say she shouldn't refer to a transgender person by their birth and the enough pointing known as did naming her critics were pleased by the platforms reponse by all accounts. so good meghan murphy got kicked off twitter under the new transfer to be a policy and had a total meltdown i'm breaking my vacation silence to celebrate that megan morpheus' tweet account has been suspended so this week meghan murphy has lost her politike been suspended from twitter twice get to see some support for trans people at last here where miss murphy has defended her position explaining that her concern is about democracy and free speech. you know a man should be allowed to wear a dress if you want to and behave in stereotypical clemen and ways and not be discriminated against and not feel threatened but stepping out of those gender
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roles and pushing back against gender stereotypes does not make a person literally change saxe we're being forced to adopt new langridge and there's new ideology those of us who do speak up who are simply just trying to have a conversation a public debate are sneered were threatened were harassed i think that everyone should be really concerned because this is about free speech and democracy we're talking about policy and legislation that impacts people lives particularly women's lives. something else picking or interest of a the former head of britain's armed forces say yes the country needs to rediscover the mentality but help to win the cold war and deal effectively with emerging threats like russia and iran but we asked people in london for their reaction they certainly all changed so much more to take. a more sharp turn are saying you don't
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want any mentality like that and accept it i don't. know if you can i wouldn't pass rushers a horse here he wouldn't i mean i know. from the things our cars are now. you know to fear from one part of a homes to your question what i'm saying is that presume this is a god to push. spending the remarks come after a report by a london based thing telling quit suggest that a new unit should be created to assess enemy capabilities while also looking at the british militaries ability to respond it would be similar to a u.s. structure that existed in the one nine hundred seventy s. at the height of the cold war journalist john white thinks it's all a diversion tactic this is redolent of out there to shoot to kill establishment that is indeed an unremitting crisis over the kyocera towers wrote that it's mishandling of breaks it. but more importantly all the social pressures that are
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sure where its implementation overstated t. over the last three years since the north as a good test waste of british taxpayers' money time is a statement of so many people a fifth of the entire hopefully should suffer the group over tea and their own up to christmas this is a ruling class that says holding on to the past like the journeyman onto away from us because that is only have in order to sustain their position they're always enemies to be vanquished and countries too recently in russia is a traditional enemy of the british ruling class that it is by no means the traditional enemy of the british people did it to be at the very people who were telling them that russia should be the enemy. for something it different now it seems there's a new player in politics it's our furry friends are seemingly being increasingly used by certain politicians to soften their image on make their policy seem well
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more cuddly.
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is it possible to turn on the heat of the song that's what us scientists have proposed in order to boggle robel warming to take up watching the hawks. starting in moments. like. the cancer people that came. in their legs so tired can't. see how saying as they don't have to talk about what they go through with us because we understand our daughter she was diagnosed with a very sensitive condition if i get sunburned she doesn't feel patience for me
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problems with long term. some of the brains are actually shrinking inside the skull gets taken in the brain still small. the pain is indescribable it's feels like a really really bad chemical burn but it goes through your skin in your muscles all is down to the dog and there's no relief. we're not to sure this is let's just. make this manufacture come sentenced to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round to be the one percent. of the time we can
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all middle of the room six. million real new. greetings and salutations. you know there once was a brilliant document called the constitution here in the united states but over the years it has been trampled and sullied by small minded bureaucrats self aggrandizing politicians and a fearful public willing to trade their liberty for imagined security. and today tragically a bring you yet another example of all of the above last february in brooklyn new york f.b.i. agents arrested thirty seven year old victor kingsley for a bombing committed back in two thousand and seventeen that took the life of
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a seventy three year old landlord in queens new york times reported that according to an unsealed federal criminal complaint mr kingsley had intended to kill a police officer who arrested him three years prior and delivered a bomb to the duplex he believed the cop lived at but no officer actually lived there the complaint said the bomb made with materials mr kingsley purchased online exploded three days later when the landlord george re-opened it while visiting the property and while the f.b.i. apparently has plenty of evidence from kingsley's own computers that reveal searches many on you tube for bomb making materials and instructions including evidence of on line purchases of items used for making explosives all of that well all of that apparently didn't stop the f.b.i. from requesting a rather we say law our blanket search warrant that.


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