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journalist jamal khashoggi will be on the sidelines though when the nineteen countries on the e.u. get together along with actually a number of other invite t. countries by argentina a run the table that is scheduled to start in a couple of hours or so about a reporter and thirty minutes away and president putin one of the last for heads of state to touched on in argentina this whole thing as we say a lot to be discussed you know the trade migration and climate change as well that's an ever present issue to be spoken about when countries when these leading economies of the world get to gether. one of the big big issues president trump. paying the leader of china coming together tariffs of hundreds of billions of dollars on each other's imports this has been one of the the big issues as well over the last number of weeks coming to
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a head here so we expect the meeting between the leader of american china to happen later today or early tomorrow hearing well so there we go from there putin just making his way in the cortege away from the airports a lot of security a lots of hustle and bustle of raw and up of course as there has been for each of the nineteen of our other should say. twenty economy at leaders touching down along with argentina of course. yeah a lot stake when all the discussions come to a head but as we say there are two leaders have already been making headlines even before the official opening with donald trump counseling his much awaited meeting with vladimir putin killed and will be expanding more not a very warm welcome by the way to r.t. inter national just down three pm here in moscow let's have
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a listen to what caleb has to say. bated breath the world waited for another announced meeting between the presidents of russia and the united states but then lo and behold the twitter sphere lights up with news that the meeting is off the issue was the maritime incident between russia and ukraine but when trump was leaving for argentina it seemed to everyone that the meeting was still on i probably would. have a service that. we. think it's a very good. that was despite the media beating the drums of war why does this president seems so simple when it comes to vladimir putin a lot of demands on the president right now to get tough on russia we've got to be tough with them it's the only thing putin understands or he just seems incapable of criticizing putin i don't want him to do that again stand next to putin and said well that was a provocation by the ukrainians that would not be in america's national interest
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just better not that the media coverage like this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone the last time the two leaders met the media went into a total meltdown hell think he was treated like an abomination now every aspect of the face to face meeting was question there were calls for the interpreter to testify before congress there were some who wanted the ball that putin gave to trump to be inspected for k.g.b. style bugs there were rumors that hypnotism could have been at play and amid all of this frenzy trump actually backtracked on some of his words about election hacking president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be what you want to. send should have been i don't see any reason why i would or why it would be rush sense then another meeting had been in the works for months and the two leaders had plenty to discuss president trump would look forward to seeing you in paris still important to work in areas where there's a possibility of mutual cooperation president meet with president putin i think it
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. be a full agenda the issues that we have on security issues on arms control issues and regional issues including the middle east last month the two world leaders opted not to me not wanting to steal the thunder of the world war one commemorations this time they are stealing the founder of the g twenty by not having a meeting table mup and r.t. new york you have lots of reaction lots of discussion as to why the meeting isn't happening former top u.s. state department official lawrence wilkerson he spoke to us and he believes it's the russia colu janelle a geisha is that move trump to actually cancel the pigmy i think this was all based on domestic politics there is growing concern in the u.s. congress and growing concern out amongst the american people about the investigation about the possibility of there being collusion between the administration and moscow about trump's russia contacts period and
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so i think he's doing all he can now to demonstrate that there is no such thing as collusion there's no such thing is a. relationship between him and moscow that is anything other than formal and official and so he uses this in the cancellation of the meeting on the side of the buenos aires g twenty as a way of demonstrating that to his base and to the american people in the congress . well donald trump certainly with a lot on his mind his former lawyer michael cohen pleaded guilty on thursday to lying to congress in the continuing russia collusion probe the us president in turn has some strong words for cooling. he was convicted of various things unrelated. he was given a fairly low jail sentence and he's a weak person. like other people but you watch he's
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a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced set so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about some details all project the u.s. leader was referring to a scrapped idea to build the trump tower in moscow earlier cohen said the talks on the project had ended in january twenty sixth but now he say stop was a lie and that the negotiations continued well into june of two year when trump also ready a republican presidential nominee former wall street journal correspondent jill loria told us there have been efforts to stop trump meeting with putin ever since their summit and that was back in the summer in helsinki. time very well time to release of cowen having lied about what not about collusion to change the election results but about a business deal had been going on and maybe was still going on and he lied about it because he was afraid that it could be construed that way i don't really know exactly the details of that business deal but there's still no collusion and but
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trump you will see how russia gate even without proof of collusion is having its effect on relations between the united states and russia he had to cancel this meeting and this is a very serious matter it's just it isn't terminal politics that's having an international effect that g.r.u. indictments were far more serious and this summit was far more important terms of its build up thank you very much and trump went to the summit house thank you of course and the reaction here in the u.s. was beyond belief this time i think maybe trump got the message. let's go back to the g. twenty itself and negotiations on where the world heads next that's not expected to be easy i think is an understatement but nations really divided on solutions to many critical problems facing the world we sent franco to b.s. ariz to give us just a taste of what's ahead over the next two days right now there are two cities of oil and outside it's one behind these fences for the g.
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twenty leaders and one on this side for everyone else and it does make sense because those who are attending are the most powerful people in this world these are really the ones that are making our planet spin. well the folks from that point aside it's have recently made us realize that we are indeed living in a multi-polar world where everyone's holding on to their national interests and that ahead of the summit has led to a whole lot of problems between those. who've been saying my country first. donald trump lately after china all the time he has blamed beijing for stealing to call jeep unfair trade and even meddling in the us mid terms china
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has been attempting to interfere in our election i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade beijing has been much more careful with what they're saying but they are giving out warnings to in the last century we had two world wars and the great depression these things should never happen again so people have to act in a responsible way. the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi has been taken at stall on how the rest of the world's been dealing with saudi arabia's mohamed bin psalm on by the way has been in bonus office since wednesday on the snow this year we look at the monstrosity that happened in the sound too great in concert and talk eat as long as it's not top there will be no exports to saudi arabia. someone else saying hello marco is not a big fan of is us president donald trump along with one of her best european
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buddies emanuel macron they're trying to push for a european army and donald trump really hates that idea mr macron who's really been trying to make an effort to become close friends with mr trump it seems is beginning to have issues with the u.s. administration treats said some of trump's recent decisions have been done to the detriment of. the u.k.'s painful divorce from you it might lead to a few awkward moments for two reasons. the prime minister will be looking for new friends at the summit and she's convinced other countries will feel the same way we might as well bear all of that in mind when we see team g twenty getting together for the family photo perhaps some of those smiles will have to be faked.
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well it must be an important day because we've got option or attending host of our t.v. show going underground live on the program is always a pleasure option the see you sir what do you expect to come out of this g. twenty since i can remember it came into being what about ten years ago this seems to be this year more divisions than ever before your take. divisions between certain groups it must be said but i suppose some world leaders may be worrying whether the government's about to collapse we're going to you know argentina where they're all landing this isn't the argentine or the question is when che guevara was the political i go on this is i.m.f. austerity ridden tina where the treasury minister nicola giovanna said an austerity policy of this magnitude has never taken place without the collapse of the government and the g twenty leaders will have to be hoping that while they divide
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and some coagulates may be the government won't collapse i should also say the president machree has said that there will be infiltration by argentine security troops of the demonstrations because there are going to be big demonstrations whatever the divisions between the g twenty leaders themselves are yeah that's the backdrop to the whole thing as well but one of perhaps the most anticipated meeting was going to be president putin and president trump that's not happening donald trump was polled why do you think that happened at the last minute you know i've heard people saying you know even critics of both men saying would it not be more productive to talk through any problems including what's happening now the current straight incident in cry me what your thoughts on the. well he certainly seemed to change his mind all drawn when he was on air force one vladimir putin clearly echoing almost word for word what mainstream corporate media in the united states
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or at least near liberal mainstream corporate media says because putin said i believe we should look for answers in the u.s. domestic political situation as to whether the cancellation of any bilateral arranged prearranged meeting was because of the incident with ukraine seems to be really ramping up as the leaders have been arriving in cyrus so was it really about ukraine or was it really about if it is about war miller obviously while miller is in effect the special counsel is in effect in danger bilateral ties between two nuclear armed countries with nuclear missiles trained on both capitals washington d.c. i've just been reading some of the reaction to the meeting the harp and even some democrat politicians in the u.s. option think counseling the putin meeting was the wrong move but for a different reason i'm just saying let's take a listen together to what senator bob menendez had to say we just learned from the president and he has announced that he is canceling this meeting with gordon are
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you happy to hear that. i would have liked him to meet putin and challenge to. what does the challenging aspect of that mean do you think. i think if some slightly more dovish people maybe people who want peace on earth want to drum been putin to meet to discuss bilateral issues of war and peace around the earth. and then there's clearly want to try to threaten they wanted a meeting with his new ford for peace but to basically threaten him with world war three that seems to be the suggestion of his idea of when if there is a meeting between the two leaders the german chancellor she's taking a different track she's called for more dialogue let's have a listen to what i'm going to say if we can. i will raise the issue with the russian president at the g twenty summit we ask the queen inside to also be sensible because we know that we can only solve things through being reasonable and
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through dialogue there is no military solution to these disputes. would you be of the opinion that other european leaders are behind her statement or. well certainly they'll be reliant on russian energy i should say in the past few hours her plane was downed or that those were the initial news flash reports and and subsequently denied reports of a criminal investigation not since the bolivian president evo morales his plane was brought down by the obama administration in their attempt to hunt down edward snowden now of course in moscow and we've seen that headlines but actually that angle merkel's. will stop in cologne was just a serious malfunction of a plane but merkel certainly and the european union not taking the line of say britain where i'm speaking to you from which obviously is trying to get out of the european union completely how merkel manages perhaps to make trump over russia
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maybe that's something to watch of the g. twenty yes so many fascinating meetings to be held over the next well less than forty eight hours one of them i'm thinking involving maybe more than one meeting saudi crown prince mohamed he's going to be there he's under severe criticism following the khashoggi murder of course but some governments distancing themselves some others not so much from the saudis how is he going to be received by the other leaders. well tereza may here in britain the beleaguered defacto minority government leader here in london says she's going to talk tough of a show g. and even mention yemen because theresa may here is in no mood to call for a cease fire in yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis perhaps more interesting than a to raise them a meeting moment in selman will be just do one of turkey the one now of course a de facto ally of russia in syria and russia now sending a s. four hundred missile defense shield to turkey
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a nato member what will he be saying to saudi arabia could he perhaps show some sort of reproach more which would be a way away from the. axis of power because vladimir putin has said you will to meet mohamed been selman and there's already been told in saudi arabia of the possibility of him making that ground breaking change and switch of allying himself more closely with brics countries let alone with teheran which would really make for world peace peace in the middle east some say. another issue there trump canceled the formal meeting with turkish presenter to one as well it's got some time in his hand it seems donald trump this this weekend turkey is a nato ally lest we forget what's the meaning behind that and i know you're encroaching on your last answer but just flesh it out for us here i mean the hand
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of john bolton the great talker is his national security advisor perhaps because nato foreign ministers will need to meetings are shared you'll would be installed timberg next week earlier one is always waves of venezuela or after the g twenty not a country aligned with washington's views on foreign policy level and in that hemisphere we're going to remember there's a caravan of immigrants escaping arguably destabilize governments washington d.c. table as governments perhaps john bolton said i don't like the fact they're the ones meeting with dura venezuela or perhaps it is to do with that closer ties us closer ties between turkey and need to nation and russia seen certainly here in london as the biggest enemy facing britain and the way stoltenberg talks the biggest enemy facing major. we've been speaking to. a host of artie's going underground always great to get your take on an important weekend ahead thanks
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option. all right more news coming up after this short is the break. you know world big partisan movies. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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make this manufacture consent to the public will. when the ruling classes protect them so. when the final. lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. twenty minutes past three pm here in moscow welcome let's start again enough where u.s. officials have confirmed that a deadly bombing raid earlier this week in the country's helmand province was carried out by american warplanes local officials say thirty civilians were killed
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along with more than a dozen taliban fighters this young boy in the bed was in the area survived the bombing near strikes were called in by afghan government forces we know their u.s. advisers after they came under fire from the taliban in a compound the afghan government say's local forces were not aware of any civilians in the. area relatives of the dead have been describing what happened. but enough that you haven't got around nine pm the first helicopters circled overhead and then a jet from the house but there were thirty people in the family all of them. one survivor is my nephew who was at my house is the only one who survived the others die a six month old baby among them. my demand to the government just to know why do they kill innocent people who didn't do anything wrong. ok know a story in a busy news day the lawyer who defended edward snowden in hong kong has revealed
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the n.s.a. whistleblower had to flee the city back in twenty thirteen because of pressure from chinese authorities robert tipple talked to us exclusively on his claims the whistleblower was hunted by police. when mr snowden was in hong kong in two thousand and thirteen. it was in a situation where the most wanted man on the planet with the world's largest manhunt underway. this is this was not an ordinary situation i literally had minutes. you know once i was instructed by mr snowden to make decisions that would affect his liberty in this life well former cia employee still do me a vast stroeve of classified national security agency data on u.s. government spying operations he then fled to home call for asylum seekers helped shelter him from the authorities for two weeks russia later granted him asylum and
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he's lived here since. china however ses it was edward snowden himself who took the decision to leave quote through a lawful a normal channel but rubber tibo and says snowden was persecuted where the other refugees who were sheltering them about time. they december two thousand and sixteen when i was in germany speaking at a conference the i received a phone call that the sri lankan police criminal investigation department had flown into hong kong specifically targeting the snowden refugees so once i received that information from some witnesses i contacted the clients and i advised them to leave their homes immediately and we had serious secure locations for them the first question the police had for my clients was all about. mr snowden and i had to put a stop to this quite frankly i was shocked that the local police were focusing on mr snowden's activities in two thousand and thirteen one in two thousand and
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seventeen. the issue that the police had to address were the safety and security of my client's. reaction thick and fast has been coming in on this following story out a lot of column inches all of the fantasy classic lord of the rings knew about the beast like works in the book in the film are a force to be reckoned with but one saif i or her believes the way that they're depicted is racist as quote dire consequences for society. to fight back on.
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it's hard not to miss. you to know surely and. so more races are. creatures that we're sort of already used adult. and not a great deal of choice in the matter when they. are. are we not allowed to root against treacherous fictional cannibals anymore welcome to twenty in one title. clearly the races of men elves and should have welcomed the immigrants and allowed them to feast an older man freshly designed how terribly
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racist. it is just to good triumphs over evil story not meant to be that deep. is our lot for. joining me again in just over half an hour is time for more all new the g. twenty summit just kicking off in argentina a lot more besides but in the meantime politicking with laurie king starts moments . join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see if. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of
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their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the start that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money those with their lives if we were willing to go into. arms sway and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort. is donald trump now willing to compromise in his economic war with china and shimmy expert opinion on this edition of. taking on larry king according to several ports recent gyrations in the stock
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market a rise in the interest rates and general motors plan to close several of the american manufacturing plants and lay off thousands of workers have president trump rattled about the impact that these will have on the economy from present parent leaks was the willingness to compromise was china when he meets privately with that country's president later this week following the g twenty summit in argentina what happens if a compromise is reached and what impact will that have on the u.s. economy if the two leaders walk away without some sort of new agreement on trade let's talk about that with neil gross. business commentator he's the managing partner of t j a n g global investment funds joins us from new york ok neal what do you expect to happen with the president of china and the president of the united states. first of hi larry how are you. i would i would not
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expect an awful lot in terms of an agreement at this meeting the question i think is going to be whether they come away expressing a willingness to conduct negotiations to try and reach a compromise over the next number of months and if that sort of understanding is reached whether or the president will be willing to the layer or moderate some of his threats to impose more say more more tariffs or higher tariffs on what is already existing is saying a negotiation to negotiate i think that's pretty much the best you're going to expect i don't think the president out of states and the president of china are going to sit and get into detail negotiations at this go around they may have they may. agree to a nice framework and you know target that some of the issues that the trump administration feels are essential but i don't think anything's going to come away
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with any sort of solid agreement at this time from comes out of a lot of the meetings with what he says are agreements and everything's great and then nothing happens you know that seems to be if a fairly standard process. you know again i think there is an element of making this look positive i think that the president is very focused on the stock market and i think you understands that. a real negative outcome would probably be detrimental to the market at this time so should the president big concerned about a bird try to trade war with china. should it be concerned i mean it depends laurie i mean i think the president of states is is is is focusing on issues that have been ignored and need to be addressed and if he's trying to. find compromises that are beneficial to the united states in terms of trade in terms of
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access to chinese markets inter.


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