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the lead. the one that lives the most want obama will love the little. league. well. president putin and trying to catch a moment to interact albeit briefly on the second final day of the g. twenty summit itself the donald trump council that meets just hours before the leaders touched down in argentina we'll tell you all about what's coming up to this
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hour. scenes on the streets of paris right now it's worse than that though we can tell you a french police detained close to one hundred fifty tonight as central paris is gripped by yet more angry protests over fuel prices it is the third consecutive weekend the so-called yellow first demonstrations of a ruptured into violence but a really bad day there. we'll tell you all about it an. american comedian and actor kevin hart hits but big criticism of his son's first birthday party because it cowboys and indians is a theme it sparks a rather though over race and children. because we whitewashed history few people are even willing to deal with it because they're so blind it was i'll be the in the end the cowboy where kids are pretty tending.
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their lives for the shooters about internationals main headquarters here in moscow is just go in with you thanks for choosing us for your news update this first the leaders of the world's biggest economies are in argentina still facing the challenge of all trying to get all on the same page contending with trade turbulence and political upheaval it is day two of the annual g. twenty summit. first off from this and we can tell you the presidents of the u.s. and russia did it briefly and. that's according to the kremlin spokesperson donald
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trump canceled of course his face to face talks with the flu just before the g twenty kicked off the trunk joins us live from what is. keep us up to date on what's been happening at the summit the final days old winding down a bit now after the siege and i guess and the details about the first off this brief encounter between. many haven't but at least finally the prospect of lot of more proof confirmed that there has been a contact between the two leaders but he said we won't be able to find out any other details until a lot of who talks to the press does go to happen later on however we won't be able to hear anything about it from mr crump and the journalists here had so many questions for him about the council proper meeting with. about his former lawyer about china and finally why he's been in such
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a horrible mood here in one aside it looked like he wasn't even trying to hide it but right now donald trump even canceled his press event because of the sudden passing of x.-prize to george h.w. bush. ok so that official. gave more time for. meeting with a lot of the other senior leaders there what we know about those meetings that. well if we take donald trump he is still about to meet with the chinese leader she changed. and that's surely going to be a big one however for instance he didn't have any proper planned summits with the likes of you case to resume a lot of our putin shows to spend his spare free time now that he has a day after the cancellation of the summit with the tarp to stop men bared the one
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hand from mr heir to one it's been reported that we hard he thought it was a good idea to hold another summit on what's going on in syria is it live and the day for vladimir putin actually began very early just after eight am he invited markel for breakfast and the russian side treated the chancellor and her aides with a dish is old russian meal which featured tang cakes and cabbie are the main focus of that meeting it's been reported was the naval clashes in the house of c. in the current strait in particular and we also heard that vladimir putin physically took a piece of paper and a pen to draw what happened there for angela merkel he did the same when he met the french peter emmanuel macro all right. maybe we'll have some from a communique coming out of there in the coming hours see if that does happen expect
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that it will but if it does come back to us tell us more about it what they have maybe all monies to agree on from what is ours thank you so while world leaders were preparing to get down to business thousands of people also pulled onto the streets of bulldozers to voice their frustration about this big annual meeting pulis leah witnessed some of those demonstrations firsthand. this march is really the culmination of a week long state and t g twenty protests what you see here is across spectrum of people there i am a curse there are anti capitalist there are union workers there are students feminists you name it people have turned out here the entire city is in locked out today has been declared a public holiday and all public transport has been cancelled flights are being
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diverted now the argentinean authorities are taking no chances some twenty two thousand police and security officers have been deployed. well it's not just on the streets the turbulence is also of course it expired probably around that summit table two leaders still have plenty to do this saturday if they're still to agree on that a joint statement the conclusion of the g twenty the communique which is talking about whatever comes from those discussions you can be sure will be following the statements of movements of president putin given the russian point of view and as we hear to do while donald trump has announced meantime he won't be holding a press conference as we had earlier as well russia's leaders met with the german chancellor is still to hold talks with his argentinean counterpart even this late stage correspondents are going to all covered in blood as ari's on air and online. paris now these pictures you're seeing of my shoulder is what's happening out to trim for her shoulder at the moment it's pretty quite a number of boy it's not been this afternoon again seventy five thousand protesters
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took to the streets across france as part of a movement known as the yellow vests i say this is the see this central paris now where over five thousand protesters have gathered there for the third saturday in a row over rising fuel costs and taxes place of force with here are closed off and close to one hundred fifty arrests made so far really terrible and earlier on eighty people have been injured according to local media offices have been using smoke grenades tear gas and non live rounds to hold back the increasingly agitated crowds who are wearing those yellow vests to which their campaign of course is ne. i. i. thought i. was.
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you know he watches some of those live feeds you know as well coming out of a shocking scene is there our correspondent peter all of his but it was in the thick of it really this afternoon pay heck even got shot at you saw one point you should tell us why that in a minute but this is the third weekend the protests and it's pretty fair to say the most violent yeah. well we are in a period of relative calm right now here in paris i say relative calm that's only relative to the the violent scenes that we saw earlier on saturday r.t. france colleague was taken away to hospital having been shot in the face with one
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of those non-lethal rounds thankfully he's now back at the d.l.c. front studios myself i was shot in the ankle with one thankfully my believed bore the brunt of that but it still i can tell you they do leave a mark what we are seeing right now though is the last remnants of that group that's over by the arc de triomphe right now continuing to throw fire were in whatever they can police that continue to block off each and every single one of the exits from the arc de triomphe to the major streets of paris in fact if we come around this way what you can see those red lights on the trees there that is the seans elisei this is where last saturday we saw the the biggest violent scenes the most violent scenes we haven't seen not this saturday only because police erected essentially a ring of steel around the shells elisei to make sure that nobody can get on there and we have seen numerous clashes in fact numerous fires as well being set by demonstrators we saw some buildings being set on fire certainly some cars being set
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alight as well the police seeming to have very little capability to keep this under any semblance of control. time and time again from early in the morning up until until right now we are in the early evening here but we've seen police commit to some form of action then be pushed back by demonstrators and then demonstrators again continue to take up the space that they've just been vacated from i spoke to some of those demonstrators asked them why they were here and what they wanted to say to the french authorities and in particular to president francois. i'm all for humanity should be put first not money it's not impossible you know you come to these protests because you don't have enough money to survive till the end of the month then you find out you are more privileged than the others there because you earn more than one thousand to or a month because we already work in the minimal tariffs for social insurance and i
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don't understand what will the next apply to be sure we can do the best we can to provide good conditions for patients i don't know for sure who's to blame for escalating the situation the police or the yellow vests but they are fully on the side of protesters as long as the peaceful micron is not credible he wasn't credible even at the time of the election about eighty percent of the population stand by the yellow vest movement that indicates that france faces a huge number of issues we'll do everything to make a manual micron resigned on it that we are being taxed from all sides we work we study we raise our children there we are overtaxed so stop moving the problem aside . speaking to a large amount of the police that have been taking part in this operation in paris on saturday you'd be surprised how many were willing to say off camera that they were actually in support of those that were demonstrating against lower fuel costs however that certainly wasn't represented in some of the the violent scenes that
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we've seen from say violence from place towards demonstrators also from demonstrators towards police really uncomfortable scenes that we've seen. throughout the day here in the french capital i would expect that if there's no solution found during the week we would be seeing the same types of of violent clashes again and again and again here in the french capital until this is sorted out your feelings running really high there on their oil. because employers are is at the moment looking on this hour by hour if not more thanks for come back later for kicks off the war peter all of a covering the yellow vest protests there in paris. r.t. spoke to the head of from says police trade union who says the protesters are largely supported indeed by those tasked with keeping order as pete was saying just there. but. in fact most of my colleagues support the yellow vest movement as we are affected
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a lot by the fuel price rise too but we can't live where we work either because it costs too much because we have to rest on neighbors our colleagues on the ground have to follow the orders of those who are not on the ground we spoke to the mayor of paris suburb to told us he could be dangerous for money to stay on course with his reforms at the moment anyway. i'm pretty sure that mccloy is going to lose the european election which is coming in next next year and in fact is as he has already lost them you know it tries in fact to appear as somebody who whole is promises and he doesn't want to change of policy of policy and i think this is very dangerous of course no elected man nor mayor no m.p. and you know. admit those violence in paris specially on the show as it is this is absolutely unbearable but it only shows that the last time i'll
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read present you know deep deep gross deep concern of the french nation and i think that the best way to stop this because this will carry on is that the government changes its policy. a lot without international thanks company this saturday night ahead a simple thing to children's party for a one year old been widely criticized for inciting racism try to work that out after the break.
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we should start. to discuss where we can put chancellor merkel runs we have a lot of religious between germany and europe and russia. to destroy a bridge this is quite easy and very far. but to leave a whole lot of. again
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a children's wild west party has made more than a few people livid after american actor comedian kevin hart held a thing and event for his one year old son's birthday is wife posted several images of said party on instagram showing their friends and family the native american inspired tribal print blankets well that made many people angry online saying that playing cowboys and indians is not acceptable these days. cowboys and indians can you not afford a publicist who would explain the reality if such a terrible idea throwing a cowboys and indians birthday party on thanksgiving celebrates genocide white supremacy and slavery maybe next year he could have a master slave owners and slaves party people need to understand the genocide of indigenous people in this country it was horrific and nothing cute about it stop
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perpetuating this as cute it's not. his part kevin hart says the criticism he's been getting points to some of the problems of modern culture this shows just how stupid our world is becoming with opinion people are at a point of an all time high to throw racial judgment into the development of a one year old birthday party where the theme is cowboys and indians and it's him it's it's based around the al fits that are given to these young kids interested know you think about it all i got some reaction it ranged from whether the party sends the wrong message to children or if his just innocent old is playing fun and games. conversation we're having here is why the implications are much broader at first glance oh it's just a one year old's birthday party but here's the thing about it a lot of the decisions we make as adults are based on information that we received
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as children the truth of the matter is that some of that information was incorrect when you were a child and you say i want to dress up like an indian or we could argue whether it's indian whether native american the child does not say now i get to realize the fact that these people are racially inferior to me and i can celebrate the subjugation of these people by virtue of white forebears and that's not what happens is it's a child who says i like to dress like that because we whitewashed history so much few people are even willing to deal with it because they're so blind to what's been really going on around them as we believe that that'll zakk what was behind this statue or peel back when behind this giving celebration layby gansey i will only go to the real issue when we played cowboys and indians we never said can i play the cowboy so i can slaughter the plains indian no it was i'll be the indian you be the
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cowboy we're kids were pretending but what do you pretend to do with them you pretend to shoot them you pretend to tie them up your scientists shoot them arrow what we're talking about is little kids who are innocent at each juncture of these moments in history where we unveil the truth we get closer to ensure wrestling the real underlying issue of racism in america this is going to right now show the rest of the world with all due respect that and i mean this how absolutely pathetic this is that seemingly grown adults are talking about the racial implications and the appropriation of culture. little kids who want to dress up like indians. have learned without fun or consider the conversation went on to know it's been claimed that google staff discussed how to downgrade conservative outlets in search results
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to influence u.s. elections it's come to light after one of the let's mention the daily caller said it got a hold of internal google communications carol's got the story tonight. let's face it a lot of our news these days tends to focus on one man what he does what he says what he looks like but if it was up to google your reading list on the donald would be limited rather than limitless google i want to believe it when you say that you are non-biased platform but it's not so easy when all these stories claim to prove otherwise and here we go again this time leaked messages showing conversations between employees who show was what it really takes to be the right fit for google committed passionate dynamic not to mention super liberal and anti trump this was an election of false equivalence news and google sadly how to handle it let's
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concentrate on critical thinking a little bit of that would go a long way let's make sure we reverse things in four years demographics will be on our side are you working for an online search engine or the resistance well apparently you can do both when you're on the payroll of one of the most prominent tech giants on the planet when donald trump won the case to the white house it came as a shock to many of us at google the news was a disaster that was the first moment i really felt like we were going to lose for them it was really being for it did feel like a ton of bricks dropped on my chest i wonder who they voted for. and like with any loss the google employees seem to pass through the stages of grief. shock depression denial anger someone needed to take the blame and who better than those pesky conservative websites how many times did you see
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the election now card with our sums from opinion blogs breitbart daily caller elevated next to legitimate news organizations something that can and should be fixed and i think to see here just an innocent chat between some employees about how to manipulate search results which google absolutely one hundred percent does not do anymore there was that fact check feature which appeared to spend quite a lot of time targeting conservative websites only and repeatedly attribute it false claims to those websites even though it never made them in the first place but that's being removed now anyway so no harm done but wait there was that other time that google and you tube chose to simply ban conservative channels it doesn't like very much even yours truly r t and our colleagues at sputnik have been the ranked the google guys clearly not fond of questioning more and the cherry on top of this rotten sunday is actually getting fined billions of dollars by the e.u.
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in twenty seventeen for what oh manipulating search results i would say a good time to turn it down a bit is when even the long trump himself is catching on to your antics but you said it yourself right off the trunk one something needs to be done because it sets forth be very vigilant in thinking about all these issues what can we do to lead to . maybe a better quality of governance decision making and so forth time to pour some ice on the situation our processes and policies would not have allowed for any manipulation of search results to promote political idiology nichiren with a final sort of this keep track of the big news to the g twenty the final communique. they may or may not issue in the coming hours plus the latest in the ongoing trouble in paris tonight. for me and. i was there twenty four seventh's for you to read the rest of the table you have
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a great weekend. responding this hour the need. arise how do. you go to break. the most the most difficult to get the as if it was you know you. get out. and write down the bank call for the work on the base walk or chemical lights and this is going to be would you treat them and their international mascherano that these industrious polluting you had to simply ignore the money that mother. and the mother the means we lost even this.
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financial survival guide i don't find any i'm on a teacher's. almost to find. some of my ex in the future so crocker. i'm one of them but i think. the one that one is real buddy.
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he'd bought on. one of them one night you should have been there so. put them down i don't want that and couric it was funny as i knew she needed out of community yeah in question whom he could feel that he had to combat the night he made a move on to follow the one that you know enough about him before i don't know. when you'll make this manufacture consent instinctive public will. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the financial merry go round be the one percent. that's not going
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to ignore middle of the room signals. room the real news is really the world. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. thank you guys for going in hand joining me this is a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents yes indeed i have new evidence new evidence this week that both monsanto
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herbicide and cell phones cause cancer and that executives at the top of those industries knew this long before we in the public did yet provably worked to cover up the truth and sense me telling you that your food and your cell phones give you cancer isn't just enough to cap it off with proof that your favorite flavor of ice cream is made from the ground up babies of an endangered species all you know was all right which is a cross between a unicorn and a koala bear. and the baby does so i know. i mean that's adorable after the grinding process but. let's start with cell phones as you know only crazy people and certain types of in family and stink that cell phone radiation can be dangerous for you sure a scientific american put out this vague wishy washy article new studies link
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cell phone radiation with cancer. who would even know what that means. yes that article is about the twenty five million dollar federal study the just completed this year and found that cell phone radiation had a significant effect on rats and the effect was not high scores on pokémon go. the effect was cancer which is like worse than pokey mongo. from the nation magazine how big wireless made us think that cell phones are safe the nation reveal details of how a scientist named george carlo was selected to lead a group of studies into whether our cell phones can be harmful the scientists he led found the risk of rare neuro apathy illegal tumors on the outside of the brain were more than double in cell phone use.


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