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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 3, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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yet he faced charges for a statement he himself admitted was iranians and even the man now in charge of the russia collusion probe former f.b.i. chief bob mueller didn't lie but at the very least supported and pushed the false narrative which led to the invasion of iraq and subsequent chaos secretary powell presented evidence list week that baghdad has field to disarm its weapons of mass destruction so what can we learn lying is bad and everyone knows it but. well let dr house summarize. truths of the human condition. everybody lies. ellie apparently it's about what the press did not think that the lies told by democratic administration members to a republican congress was a bad thing but they do think that lies by people who work for mr trump years ago. could be a very exciting thing because it could harm mr trump mr cohen will tell whatever
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lie he has to tell her to make sure he comes out ok and if he thinks the lies going to get him a pardon it's all that lies if he thinks the law is good of a deal for the special prosecutors will tell that what the guy is worthless as a witness of this worthless as someone who can build a case around won't stop moeller from trying but he's built his house on sand. i'll be back in around thirty minutes time but in the meantime website common check out all of our stories thanks to its close talk.
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hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle from very bad to even worse russia ukraine relations in my palm pale gives credit to the saudis for relieving suffering in yemen and the guardian simply seek new. ross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dimitri bobbitt he's a political analyst we spoke international and in cyprus we cross to alex christen for oh he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let's go to the first story here the passage of. bush forty one the
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president of the united states over the last day or so there have been all these eulogies in morning from the political class and i think i would really get to your take on the passage of forty one here but first let's look at the most memorable moment i have of the forty first president of the united states. i'll never apologize for the united states of america ever i don't care what the facts are i will lead her i will do my level best to stand up for freedom and democracy around the world by keeping the united states of america strong and they keeping our eyes wide open as we welcome change in the world. i. let me go to our in cypress here it doesn't matter what the facts are ok that for me is the most interesting takeaway here damn reality it's the projection that
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you want and i mean in this is really the opening of the unit polar moment with the end of the cold war and it's hasn't really dissipated since go ahead alex in cyprus no i think you said it best peter it damn reality and i think with one thing i remember about the bush presidency was that in the way media distributes propaganda and a lot of the eulogies we're hearing about bush forty well you know fox is pretty much twenty four seven now covering bush forty one and we're hearing a lot. a lot of good words about his presidency but i want to focus a little bit on what on the role the media played and we forget bush forty one he had dan quayle as his vice president remember the debate with lloyd dead soon and. dan quayle compared sought to j.f.k. and beds and said your dog j.f.k. the media jumped on it they jumped on a lot of the things that dan quayle said and we forget that it was bush forty one that with the first desert storm war right was driven by propaganda it's not
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a fair forget about the girl crying in front of the the senate committee that congress could be being hit baiters the baby and he'd better not lead to a war pure propaganda once again the media played a very important role there and let's not also forget that it was read my lips that's where the media jumped on that and it pretty much cost bush his reelection and it ushered in the years of bill clinton into and we're still living with that you know ok mark what is your most important takeaway from that quote that we just played you know it's interesting that quote is it almost forgotten moment in american history and when it is mentioned it is is often propagandized and whitewashed because what bush is referring to there of course is the u.s. shooting down of the civilian airliner in iranian territorial waters in nineteen eighty eight the so that's the fact that so iranian air flight six hundred ninety
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six fifty six fifty five and there were two hundred ninety civilians on board that airliner that were killed including sixty six kids and this is the response of the then vice president soon to be president of the united states that facts don't matter that he will never apologize for the united states of america and right of there we see that exceptionalism is not a new u.s. exceptionalism is not a new supremacist ideology. it has long roots in american history and while the press is is ubiquitous i mean who needs a state media when you have the us corporate controlled media speaking in one voice praising a man who was a war criminal i read maybe. a dozen obituaries i didn't come across one line about the americans shooting down that civilian airliner exactly or well i
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agree with what mark said right now but let me just let me play devil's advocate for a second you know compared to what happened later george bush sr looks almost a peacemaker take me remind you of that in georgia and nobody. came to power who started all the wars that continued to retain a positive in south the satyr and the united states was very negative about him and they didn't make scandals monograms a horde there was basically stood in the end of nine hundred eighty one it was under george bush sr also in july then teenager one george bush sr went to hear from he met the radial nationalists you know the precursors the. have now his and he had this speech which william safire wait to called i think it was shame for him to do it with a chicken kiev speech well in fact that speech prevent that
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a lot of bloodshed that could happen in one thousand nine hundred one thousand i have that speech and we will support those in the republic superfood pursue freedom democracy and economic liberty americans will not support will not support those who seek independence from the then soviet union in order to replace a far off tyranny with a local despotism ok well they will not aid those who promote a suicidal now. based upon ethnic h ok i think. this is what i wonder thank you but i do know you're going to quote that that is such a perfect segue to our next topic ukraine ok let me go back to cyprus here alex we have president poroshenko after the invoking martial law has banned essentially all russian adults to go to you ukraine right now is this part of his checklist of.
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initiatives as it were as he faces the electorate with single digit public opinion poll numbers go ahead alex. yeah i mean i think it's pretty clear to say that bush is in my opinion losing his mind. his approval rating as as as even putin outlined is around five or eight percent he knows that he would have never made it to the sec around if elections were to be held and if they are going to be going through but let's not forget that everything bush does he's being encouraged by the west just a day or two before pushing go put the martial law in place created this provocation of the current strait christine lagarde and the i.m.f. gave him a lot a lot of money to continue what he's doing it to prop up the putsch government in ukraine so everything that it does while disgusting maybe while dangerous it may be
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it is being encouraged he is never ever being punished for the actions that you know the interesting thing here mark is that the united states accuses outside powers of meddling in the election but ukraine welcomes outside meddling the i.m.f. and the european union yeah i mean as if to reward his declaring a martial law in half the country and if you take up a map of the ten provinces all almost all in eastern ukraine russia which which he bordering russia which he declared. law in which he was allowed to declare marshal and they exactly line up with those. poll with country region showing where he has effectively zero toral support right so of course this will be used to restrict democratic freedoms press criticism assembly. and everything there and also allows them to do such things of course if he chooses to try to exercise those powers to dissolve parliament to dissolve treaties with anime countries like russia
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and to postpone the elections that he's promised he won't do this but i'm waiting to see another month if we see another deliberate provocation like what occurred in the i think it's only a matter of time for this is how the west promotes democracy in ukraine is that is that a correct reading game or absolutely but i want our viewers to understand what he means you know when he slapped his ban on the russian man from sixteen to sixteen years of age you know they're banned from entering ukraine that may be mind i'll of you is that there are forty six million people living in ukraine speaking mostly of the same language as we do there are at least ten million famous which have members on both sides of the border so it's a tragedy and it's also a travesty bolshoi's fear to seoul is throughout the tamil koori of could not go to a death because of these ben i mean just imagine a soloist of bolshoi theater taking a submachine gun and going to fight the bus where there were also you know what
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does martial law mean it means that he can ban political bias that he can't shut down any media outlets that he wants to that he can detain people with without explanations and part of these reasons yes that in the east but there is also his whole region venus which is in the west of ukraine and its only fault is that in border strains needs to so they expect russian invaders from this small plot of land on the new story about a take. and you know these huge ukrainian region in the west of ukraine also what is important you know during the vote in the raw data was two hundred seventy people for the martial law against sixty people against it what does it mean it means that the western sponsors western courageous walked with some people in the parliament because of this martial law lessens the chances of you led to a machine call who has the rating twice as high as four or so people from her party
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also voted for the marshal but why i can't find another explanation by western influence also let me remind you of that that the i.m.f. and the e.u. continue to provide economic aid to ukraine ukraine received three point three billion euros since the start of the war which makes it the biggest recipient outside of the you all over the last forty seconds there and cyprus here the expected there could be another provocation like we saw at the current strait i mean to get donald trump's attention. well i there got me with part a should go there could be but i think with the current street provocation did for donald trump is that it provided a very good excuse for him not to be with the latter group who did it in argentina and i say that because it wasn't so much the current street incident it was everything else that was happening in the u.s. the media attention that would if it donald trump if he had met with the mueller indictments all these things so i could provide a trump with
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a little bit of an excuse to not have that photo op with ok i'm going to jump in here it looks like it looks like miller is running donald trump foreign policy if we go to a short break right now and when we return we'll be discussing more real news. we should start. to discuss. where rican. chancellor merkel runs has said we have a lot of religious people in germany and europe and russia. too to steroid use is quite easy and very forced. but.
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welcome back to crossfire we're all things are considered on peter lavelle remind you we're discussing some real names. ok let me go to you michael it switched gears here let's go to mike the u.s. secretary of state had some interesting comments on twitter when it comes to yemen some of the most extraordinary words ever printed and distributed on that social network let me quote here. iran's regime has no interest in easing yemeni suffering the moolah as don't even care for ordinary iranians so do you arabia has invested billions to relieve suffering in yemen iran has invested zero. we could probably make a program on. three programs on those two sentences here it's extraordinary and
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it's absurd well i mean my part i was obviously taking his cues and conducting foreign policy via twitter here you know from donald trump you know it's pretty simple peter let me explain it to you war closely that. war is peace. starvation is economic aid to relieving suffering and. one harvest absolutism you know the dictatorship of saudi arabia is freedom and democracy i mean that does not explain everything to you because that sums up my comparison as we have numerous reports from both international organizations human rights watson amnesty international but also u.n. agencies that the saudi coalition that is in the vedic and occupying yemen receiving active military support in their targeting from the united states and the
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united kingdom is deliberately bombing food supplies not to mention their starvation blockade water sources they are doing everything possible having failed to crush the many people militarily or with mercenaries they are trying to starve them into submission and when when the united kingdom put forward a un resolution in the foreign office just calling for a a temporary ceasefire to live or food aid to what potentially up to fourteen million starving your men he's facing imminent death the supposedly. the leader the de facto prince of saudi arabia through a fish it fit and then the united kingdom and the united states backed off and that resolution has quietly gone away and we've seen that exactly what mark was describing in the u.k. is happening in the united states where the u.s.
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senate is getting cold feet and it does not want to discuss. any possible cease fire or even ending american involvement in accompli that is of no national interest to the united states whatsoever well let me just come up with another quote from my own pail the kingdom of saudi arabia is a pall full force for stability. the suffering in yemen grieves me so he knows about the suffering of so i grieve but if the united states of america was not involved in yemen it would be a hell of a lot worse by force and stability deferred did he get the same wiki leaks leaks from hillary clinton's e-mails when she said that here in protest talking back to before and to each other said that saudi arabia is directly funding and supporting terrorists including isis al qaida the talabani and bush you go after the beginning of the program don't matter if you are going to vote i did very well might just put
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it in a different wards he called it saudi arabia is helping to manage the flood of refugees from means they simply go to the city alex what what do you make of all of this here i mean we're going to talk about fake news the guardian in a moment here but this is fake policy this is this is it me lucian but it's inside the beltway inside apparently the state department this is how they see this horrific manmade intentional conflict and they're not lifting one finger to end it go ahead alex well let's not forget that it's not only pompei or that's supporting this war it's also madness you know this is also coming out and saying let's pull out of yemen you know we can't forget just a couple of weeks ago donald trump did did mention did say did did did state that a lot of it is do because we can sell weapons and so i mean it's you know they're pretty much coming out and saying very much what mark said this is all about
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business and we're not going to pull out because it's good for the bottom line and weapons mean jobs that's the way trump translates it for his base it's not that many jobs i really wish someone would explain to him and mark again this is really more about your brand than it really is about the suffering obviously of the people in yemen here this is. the the two pillars israel and saudi arabia are necessary for what needs to be what the administration wants to do with the rand so it doesn't matter what the kingdom of saudi arabia does it doesn't matter whatsoever what it does and human well i mean we saw that with the demonizing language that the u.s. likes to to use to you know dehumanize the leaders of iran the right as if that sums up the iranian government and that is a form of democracy that well vetted religiously is really not that much different
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than the u.s. democracy being vetted by corporate money i mean this is a bank that is. paris and but i while there's this constant accusation that this is some type of proxy war against iranian influence actual you know many experts in the u. s. you know that too many of them are put on the air but not to many of them exist but even they say there is very slight evidence that. even before a lot kate because of the difference of sex and so on what what yemen is actually about is this is the potential for destabilizing saudi arabia because there is a shia population in amman just like there is a minority restive minority shia population in saudi arabia on the other side of the border that saudi arabia is continually quietly waging a repressive war that's why they need all get weapons and that's where all the oil is that's where they need all the americans weapon is so this is actually about
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saudi's stability as a kingdom which the u.s. needs along with israel on the other side for control germany and italy ever since the end of the cold war to begin to change gears here the more they try to create stability in the middle east the more they destabilize it we could do a separate program on that but i want to change gears here i want to talk about. the infamous stories coming out of the guardian here. home in a forward meets with three times. and really not all the is that the false it's hilarious to watch the walk back go ahead well it's just amazing first they follow the story on the line yes mona ford held secret talks with us sarge them in a few minutes because all of the stations for all my money for them from others they edit man afford secret talks with our search sources to see if they they use
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it as an excuse you know way to they said ok we corrected our story in fact man of ford and his team have asserted that they had informed the guardian. hours before the original publication that this was not true that wonderful it never met our sons will understand ease he good some dirt in my knee in ukraine but it has nothing to do we want any words of the load nothing to do with our son nothing to do with the big leagues but alucard and the author of this article he understands. this is about russia and the bold drums collusion you can use in your why you can throw in any information you will not be punished for that and this is i think this is a part of a bigger problem you know when did the western media stop really to deteriorate when the you know the norms that they used for foreign correspondents in russia
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started to trickle into the mainstream media and their domestic reporting because first the allies were allowed in russia i remember it was during the chechen war it was even before that it was when they reported on yeltsin selection they lied absolutely shamelessly and later the same kind of shameless twice popped up during the presidential campaign in two thousand. you know that if you go to cyprus or alex again more outside meddling in the american political system we have now hope of the guardian is going to bat for the motor investigation into the search for collusion russian collusion it's an evolution but they can't even open their own eyes to see all the other meddling in collusion with outside people the guardian is a case in point go ahead alex. yeah and i think we need to stress that ok luke harding penned this piece and the guardian should have realized that anything coming out of harding should be treated with
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a lot of skepticism where was the basic journalism in this in this piece peter how come they didn't send it in turn to go look at the locks of the embassy how can it look at about a forged passport and see that he wasn't in the u.k. at that time people didn't realize that the ecuador embassy is under massive surveillance twenty four hours a day seven days a week would it matter for duty to go in in a disguised. under disguise i mean it was where was the guardian in all of this and i also want to also say one more thing what this also showed was the collusion between media outlets because which media outlet came to save luke harding and came to save the guardian politico politico exactly a political cave made and tried to cover for both harding and the and the guardian on this with political pyramid with a former cia agent writing under a pen name who wrote
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a fake news article about a fake news article and tried to blame the obvious for all sort of the story oh and guess who who russia of course russia is to blame about the fake news concerning themselves i mean this is the guardian since you know we had this. problem with you know julian and saw in the wake of leaks of british security services storming into the guardian's offices and really literally drives breaking apart their hard drives with a hammer and the moving in of katherine viner as editor in chief i'm sorry the guardian has become an obvious tool of manipulation and dissent from ation for the british and ellen willingly willingly and luke harding i mean he's first of all he's a known plagiarists he plagiarized the ad. when he was writing here in moscow he is it unhedged the roots of folk in the truest sense of the word and he's literally tell me they are disappointed but maybe that's it's
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a career choice as well as it's you know reaction i don't i don't expect him to be fun to punished at all for this obvious piece of. manipulative politically destructive fake news fiction because the impact has already been made it doesn't matter if it's true or not that's and it's a little bit well i've run out of time here many thanks to my guests here in moscow and in cyprus this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember cross talk rules. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found
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innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying there was just no room to present and that we were even many victims' families want the death penalty to be abolished. the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. in a world of big partisan. lot and conspiracies it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. and i know we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for
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the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. subscribe to read people some good he comes in for just twelve euros fifty pounds a month. to gas decided medics protesting in paris again on monday says president micron is good while surveying the aftermath of all the weekend's carnage in the capital. well imo . national t.v. reports.


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