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who. who who. russia won't see the survival of a key cold war on the streets he says trying security advisor says america's top diplomat issues a sixty day old from a time to moscow. friends protest as well as that anger over what they call crimes offered by the government and found to keep running on the streets for
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a fourth week. and political artists in germany campaign to name and shame farai protesters joining riots. it's eleven o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all t. international live from last year with mean a day or two to welcome to the program. don't chime secure and national security adviser says washington is going to kill off a key cold war era arms treaty with russia no matter how important it is to moscow . we've made it clear for example we're going to get out of the. intermediate range nuclear forces treaty and that's important to the russians and they're not going to see that treaty well interestingly when we were hearing from the security advisor john bolton in his remarks he admitted that russia would like to preserve the
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i.n.f. treaty he also admitted that european allies are quite concerned about seeing the treaty go however he said that the usa doesn't want to pull out of the treaty and he gave interesting reasons let's listen to his words one country in the world is bound by the i.n.f. treaty us china is not bound by our estimates are between a third and a half of their existing ballistic missile capability would violate the treaty if they were and iran has an extensive. capability they just tested one this past weekend but we have global responsibilities in asia in the middle east we have to be responsive so essential the united states would like to build more weapons bigger rockets and they don't want to be restrained by this treaty that would halt them from doing so now we've heard similar sentiments expressed by mike pompei oh the secretary of state this is some of the comments that he has made our mission is
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to reassert our sovereignty reform the liberal international order we aspire to make the international order serving our citizens not to control them. american tends to leave now and always so essentially the vision is for a new order in the international community with the united states at the top now mike pompei o specifically referred to the ultimatum that was given to russia regarding the i.m.f. treating the united states today declares it has been russia in material breach of the treaty and will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in sixty days unless russia returns to full and verifiable compliance now russia has responded to these allegations from u.s. leaders this is some of what we've heard from russia's president fust the american side says it wants to leave the treaties then least not looking for reasons why the main reason given is that we are violating something of the same time and no
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evidence of this is presented. now russia has its own grievances for example russia has pointed out that this missile system set up in europe supposedly to protect european countries from iran and north korea could very easily be used against russia now the i.n.f. treaty was signed over thirty years ago it was very key in ending the cold war and it basically bans a medium range and short range nuclear weapons it bans both the production of those weapons as well as flight tests and other other vehicles for developing such weapons that now at this point we're seeing the sixty day also made and that has been given to russia and if moscow and washington are not able to resolve this disagreement in the next sixty days the world could be facing a new reality long after the cold war ended only u.s. diplomat came to doesn't believe washington will stay with the i.n.f. treaty. i think it's quite likely the u.s.
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will pull out of this treaty i think the at the end of the story that just to finish that on the one hand yesterday we have donald trump saying we don't we don't want to do arms race we're spending too much and then today we have secretary pompei you saying this whatever trumps impulses might be to either have an agreement with the russians and as well as with the chinese to have a better relationship that he has a national security team that is in kampala entirely composed of the wrong people and what they want to do is to put russia into an untenable security position and this is simply one more iraq they can throw at moscow and they don't really care with the consequences are that is what my fear is here and my fear with guarding the europeans and how it will affect our relationship with them is they simply do not have the courage or the the strength of character to say to the americans no this is bad for us this is bad for europe this in danger is our security we won't go along with this. and the french prime minister has again explained the
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government's climb down the field tax rises in the face of the yen invest protests . if the state is to remain strong and food is first and foremost again and school of public as a sydney does is to endanger the unity of the nation. antigovernment protests are set to be held for a fourth consecutive weekend in france because protesters are not satisfied by the government's six month suspension of attacks and they say it's nothing more than a delay. depends if. this is one of the main battlegrounds all the weeks of protests over the fuel tax rise that symbol of the country. i want to thank our police security forces firefighters.
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with with these people are victims of incredible violence whose aim was to injure and even kill i express my deep gratitude to them for staying cool under pressure of cars and buildings burned shops smashed and and some of the most iconic monuments in paris crashed. the number of heat rising. you would have to be deaf not to hear the wrath of the french people said the prime minister and it seems the government has heard the cries of the yellow vests to some degree this is your this with the president we decide to suspend the fuel tax hike this is not a trick is to generate a debate with the unions and above all with citizens to find the fairest and most efficient solution president was adamant that he wouldn't capitulate to the voice
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of the street to distinguish between fellow citizens and their demands and i will not concede anything to those who want just structure and disorder but now the government has given just some of the demands of the protesters the yellow vests have tasted blood and are now hungry for more. we won't settle for crumbs. but again. the protests have come as a time when mcewan's popularity has been so i ding down the slippery slope and hitting new all time lows when my own ascended office eighteen months ago he promised massive reforms from the pension system to the working code and that he wouldn't relent from getting the job done no matter how unpopular it proved to be my reform agenda is to modernize the country and we will pursue this modernisation agenda to the end any chance that you will back down no chance his tenure
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as president has already seen one spring protests but until now he has launched ignored them refusing to change course the concessions being all things to the yellow vests show that he's willing to drop his uncompromising stones when it seems the violence spirals out of control so that you can skate ot see paris fast for french politics and the case warring university all of the davis feels that micron can no longer ignore the protests i think there is a question for the administration about the extent to which it can continue to ignore the demands of the yellow vests and comes in power from the high level of popularity that the protests enjoy among the wider population so before the violence last week you know we had levels of popularity between sort of seventy and
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eighty percent of the population supporting the movement so in circumstances like that it's no longer possible to rely on the police to enforce public order in the way that one might otherwise do so i think this has also to do with the extent to which the police can be relied upon i mean yes i mean michael has been forced to listen and to compromise and i think this is only the first of several compromises that we're going to see. protesters have already been appearing in court one man has strained his exchange with police live on social media is appealing his guilty verdict he says the video clearly shows he did not commit the crimes he's accused of but. you. know. what. we're.
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saying i should be detained they ordered me to turn around so i did i didn't think they would beat me i thought they would just push me against the wall now you can see the placement here he's beating me i was hit twice in my ribs why i explained i was just filming nothing else and was there for just about fifteen minutes one place with his knees and my back the other one held my legs down and the third pinned my head to the ground with his knee. they didn't really let me just they gave me a parachute to me was like i was already a criminal. i tried to explain everything but they prefer to trust their colleagues the norse or regular citizens like me certainly is accused of throwing rocks at police and remaining in the crowd despite to just to leave his argument that he couldn't have thrown the stones as he was busy filming was dismissed as the court
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ruled the free school video contained their final date. in the german city of cameroon it's a calling on the public to name and shame those who took part in anti migrant riots earlier this year pictures of a seven thousand protesters have already been uploaded but they aren't grapes office has not been shut down by police. reports from. hunting season is open for the cold problem germans people who attended fall right on t. migrant demonstrations in chemists following two migrants being charged for the fatal stabbing of a german man in the city. i. were the hunt has been organized by an collective pushing their message haunt. me once and a signal we've seen you and it wasn't
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a mistake it's not ok with us what you've done to our town or our country it's an all sorts of the general public to deal with offenders and also know if it's a management to recognize the supporters of right wing violence the room ploy to in their own companies and to take action against them the group called the center for political beauty isn't messing about with their name and shame campaign on their website there's a section called the mentally ill catalog that contains seven thousand images of people who fall right on t. migrant demonstrations the picture at play is alongside a barometer denoting how far right they are deemed to be from soldier to hitler and greta now the public also encouraged to upload their own pictures and in fact is being offered cash rewards for identifying those on the gallery that don't already have a name and employers have also been asked to check the list to see if anybody they
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employ is that police have said that the project could fall foul of germany's strict privacy laws as well as copyright infringement while the data protection commission has said that he will be looking in to the campaign while activists have said that this actually diminishes understanding of the real dangers posed by the extreme right i asked people in berlin if they agreed with the campaign to inform or if they thought this whole thing was well a little bit secret. police. tricky one and you have to ask if people give their consent if not the shouldn't be posted on the other hand on the people are going to someone's face and they're also doing it like publicly so it's quite common that's they would be recognized as. a new money goes up to something. probably have a quiet word or there must self above it in. name and shame in a. quiet. that quite sensitive find accounts of personal data especially when it
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comes to determining history and whatever your opinion about far right radicals this idea isn't good to identify people like this isn't the correct way to handle a problem it is a fire that there were people from the extreme right came with demos some were seen giving straight arm salutes a symbol that is bound by law here in germany however it does seem though that people aren't too happy with this group taking on a job that really should be worn for more in force and peter all of a. professor van pants out of germany technical university of dresden says this is the wrong way to attack political opponents this is doing serious things in a very serious way. attacking political opponents is five action we'll read write in populists who will now will some right can claim.
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or are treated unfairly by opponents real or this whole initiative will end up getting the opposite of what they were looking for. the top german arms manufacturer is still selling to saudi arabia despite berlin's ban on exports to the under-fire kingdom a new investigation claims the probe by its stand magazine and broadcaster aired the found that the rhine metal corporation still sold its weapons through subsidiaries in italy and south africa a representative for the firm insisted berlin's band doesn't cover and cover foreign subsidiaries of german firms he also revealed that they continue to sell over one hundred million euros worth of arms to riyadh and local slap the ban on weapons exports to the kingdom after the brutal murder of a journalist in october. the ring then there
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is an urgent need to clarify what happened where far from this haven't been cleared up and those responsible are held to account as far as arms experts are concerned they can't take place in the current circumstances. the german economy ministry has clarified the situation over who regulates water when it comes to the weapons trade stating that it can only control sales from companies on its territory saudi reporter jamal khashoggi known for articles critical of riyadh disappeared on a visit to the side a consulate in istanbul it was later confirmed that he was killed inside the compound the international community strongly condemned the crime germany has suspended all arms sales until the circumstances of his death have been fully as stop. while we're crossing live no two publicist and former german intelligence officer rayner rupert thanks for coming on to the program raina now what do you
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make of the findings that german firms are still selling arms to saudi arabia. i am afraid it looks like we've lost the connection there to rain or a roof we'll try and get it back if we can. move on to our next story. the afghan government says it's ready for talks with the taliban without any preconditions couple adds it's even ready to discuss changing to the constitution and nato foreign ministers have just agreed to back those negotiations but never has more. we've heard the statement coming from a high ranking government official right after the conference on the peace negotiations in afghanistan that took place here in moscow it was a voice that afghanistan will not see any preconditions for direct talks with the
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taliban including drafting a new constitution which previously used to be quite a stumbling block in our days we. console there are no prerequisites for the launch of the talks high peace council or b.c. is the charge of peace talks with the taliban it was back in twenty and previously a kabul demanded to start any peace negotiations the taliban should first lay down its arms and respect the constitution but it does seem that things have changed and now afghanistan at the moment is calling for all international players including russia and the u.s. to support the ongoing peace negotiations now the taliban has long rejected afghanistan's coals for any talks they didn't even attend the two day conference that was held in afghanistan in geneva and was co-hosted by the afghan government
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and the united nations however the taliban did send representatives to meet with the avg on government officials in moscow in early november and that marked the first time the taliban had publicly appeared on the international arena since two thousand and one does seem that that particular meeting did help to allay ground for future dialogue between the two sides however will still need to wait for the official reaction official position on that coming from the taliban but still there is a lot of diplomatic activity going on in and around afghanistan at the moment now the next a meeting on the situation in the country is scheduled to take place very soon and the coming friday here in moscow between b.-u. russian and the u.s. representatives. meanwhile the nominee to lead u.s. central command in charge of afghanistan operations has revealed to the senate that
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afghan army losses are unsustainable that time general kenneth mckenzie said mission comes even though the u.s. has been training its army for seventeen years now their losses have been very hard they're fighting hard with their losses are not going to be sustainable unless we correct this problem there are currently more than thirteen thousand u.s. military personnel in the country that's around six times that less than the best in the estimated number of taliban fighters more than two thousand u.s. soldiers and thirteen thousand taliban fighters have already been killed in the war and in the last four years alone almost thirty thousand afghan troops have lost their lives. the u.s. has now spent over a billion dollars on the war reaching a peak at the start of the decade during mackenzie's confirmation hearing lawmakers lashed out at the lack of progress despite all the money thrown at the conflict we've been married for seventeen years seventeen years is a long time what are we doing differently when it comes to the afghan security
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forces that we haven't done for seven years while being focused on this. we spoke to political analysts most likely he says there are several factors for the rising violence in the country. since two thousand and fourteen the war has intensified in afghanistan we heard a surge of international forces which was drawn down in two thousand and four international forces. transit to the responsibility of combat and security maintaining afghan forces so significant decrease the number of forces fighting was one reason in addition to that of course the international forces took to responsibility of drilling the afghan forces only so that most of the. force we've . lost is. going to go back to our top story the top
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german arms while fighter is still selling to the arabia despite berlin's ban on exports to the under-fire kingdom a new investigation is claiming the probe by stan magazine and broadcaster the found that the rhine metal corporation still sold its weapons through subsidiaries in italy and south africa and we can cross live to latin told some member of parliament of from the link a party thanks for coming on to the program martin now. which it we're just looking at this whole story now and do you agree with the m.p. claiming that german export laws are full of loopholes allowing them to keep selling arms to saudi arabia. yeah that's a problem that could be easily a change of the so-called foreign trade regulations that would be just one step for the government to do so and it just will take political will so if the put it there would be there it would people what happened possible long time long term to no
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more export weapons to saudi arabia of course only arabia is one of the most autocratic dictatorships in the area and the government of saudi arabia is are providing the islamic state with weapons they are leading a war against yemen and now there was the killing of the journalists in the. in istanbul this are problems which are there since long term but germany exports weapons. to saudi arabia from two thousand and one to two day around about three billion. euro or so there is a lack in political will to in the movement to stop this really stop this export and all true the companies and italy on sunday and so for south africa to explore the weapon still there is a ban on exporting that's a bit cynic to my mind and martin what do you make of the findings that the german
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firms are still selling arms there. you know i think. that is. very sunny and as well if that happened some research and it was found out that there is some of the german specificially working at the convent in saudi arabia which you know want even to start. from cooperation with the south african dependence of going with so this is a way how export relations are even abuse and so i think there should be new and better regulations and the companies like. and tecla really should be regulated if the political will will be there the german government and all the possibilities to it if we look at the political will though anglo-american she has slapped the ban on weapons exports so surely the government knew about these leap
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policies and how likely is it that these new polls. you know well they'll get rid of. it's just a way of political decision i think it's a swell depends a little bit on the pressure which civil society and actors can do i think it was very interesting to see a report on. bishops' on such that it is. not not very fair of strong companies for example believe that dependence is in structure weak regions where the people are dependent on creating workplaces working places so the german government has all the possibilities to stop weapon exports. to change the foreign policies all of the policies anyway but as well to stop the weapon exports if they only want it so i think the social
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democrats should x. and fold more pressure and. listen to the german population because if we look to statistics more than seventy percent wrong about seventy percent of the german population. want peace and they don't want that the german army is. going to other places to lead war and they don't want that weapons are exported as well so should be listened to the population and then it would be easy it's up to the government it's up to the majority in the parliament to do regulations with which are proper out so that country countries which destabilisation the world don't get any weapons and more. of germany. yes. yeah i mean you've said that the government should do more but again i say that neither should put the ban on these weapons how long do you expect germany to keep a ban on selling these weapons is a going to make
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a difference despite those loopholes. i don't know when the moment it's just. was was thought to do it in two months and our demand is to stop an exports anyway and especially to countries where human rights are used on countries who are leading wars in the middle east or in africa or different regions of the world so on but i can't say what the government is planning the government was saying that there is no need of new regulations and that they don't see that this is old. abusing law so there is different opinions due to that i think there must be. in the. foreign relationship. to saudi arabia and other dictatorships in the region because otherwise the world will be distributed more and more. came out and parliament area from the interlink
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party thanks very much about the program to discuss this. british prime minister teresa mayes facing the toughest week of her political career for the second day running she's been trying to turn a powerful tide against her brags that deal facing a grilling from m.p.'s in parliament. edwards to reporters from london. after her nightmare day yesterday it seems like the prime minister still hasn't woke up from that nightmare every day in parliament seems to be very difficult for the prime minister and her government but never before in recent political history has the government been found in contempt of parliament now what that means is that the government today was forced to produce the full legal text on bricks and now that we see it it's clear to see why it may have been dependently withheld now it states that the whole of britain could remain within the customs union for an indefinite
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amount of time until another arrangement supersedes it that's to find a hard border between ireland and north and nile and that's something that's many m.p.'s and parties and alike has that they would simply not vote for now it over the last few weeks documents has been trickling out of parliament about exactly what this final deal and it's day two of that crunch breck's it debates in parliament in the run up to the meaningful vote on december the eleventh and some m.p.'s have gone so far to say that teresa mayes behavior is tantamount to misleading parliament since the prime minister come from brussels. the prime minister has been. inadvertently or otherwise child poverty is rising homelessness rising should rising household debt rising in the world a prime minister. why are you she prepared to take them off.


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