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how. big the set on fire as student riots has clashed with french police and fresh mass protests following the government's decision to accept a key demand of yellow best demonstrators. president says britain has
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provided sufficient guarantees for julian assange to safely leave that embassy in london. china vance's fury after one of the bosses of the country's telecoms giant wild way was arrested in canada she faces extradition to the u.s. for allegedly violating sanctions on iran the move threatens the newly agreed truce in the ongoing u.s. china trade also. our mission is to reassert our sovereignty reform the liberal leader natural order. washington outlined his new vision of for the world the relevance of key international organizations and also threatens to scrap a major nuclear treaty with russia. it's eleven o'clock here in moscow. r.t.
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international live from our studio with me in india today welcome to the program. just hours after the french government announced a total climb down over the fuel tax increase after weeks of protests that have been fresh demonstrations in paris this time as students took to the streets angered at an increase in chill wish and fees with more details his charlotte do pinsky well so you do serve come out to a protest in the center of paris saying that they're unhappy to read that the prices of the registration fees to foreign students in comparison to local students and they're hoping that he had not brought you to him was announced by the government last night in front over those rises in the future they will be also able to get to hear their demands and they will also be met basically to protest groups no seeming that they can see no blood and they sing structure is government could possibly give in to some of their demands however the yellow bash so they
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happy with what they've been offered so far it seems many on north we've been speaking to some of the other guests who've been telling us that it's too little too late by the muslim governments. it's a step backwards it shows mccraw and listens to the public only when things like this happen people are angry and the women across the country insults them even policemen are protesting they're also fed up no one listens to them no one gives them opportunities there is no way back to the country needs a new political strategy. while another protest is planned for this saturday by this you. couldn't stand that the government has really hurt their claims and their problems that they are the government is only really saying that it is concerned it could be as violent as the previous saturday when the damage totals up through a million euros there were more than one hundred people injured during those two.
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it's s. influence and also move them four hundred people arrested as a result of that russia seeing what appears to be a fishing within the french government last night the elisei government and hopes he can sling that increase in the field so that it's just i was off to the french prime minister had gone to the national assembly to say that it would be suspended for six months there's no suggestion we're hearing from some of the parties from the left here for us that they would like to place an order of new confidence in the government let's take a listen now to alec see if colby any clues from the party force also moves on to force you to join it in with the force of the yellow vests was demonstrated by the government took a small step back but this is a maneuver he needs to be understood they postponed the decision to raise or not raise taxes for the period after the elections the european parliament however the universe clearly expressed their position they do not want to fuel price hike and
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they are right and then the problem of the high cost of living itself will not be solved people have an empty fridge now not after six months. what is your lazy on say they will continue their movement the protests this saturday is still due to take place some suggestion these protests could go on until the end of the year and we also know that there is no why disapprove from these protests now with one police ulema saying that it will go on strike on saturday to. from the very start we supported the ideas of the universe movement and at some point it became clear that we were not being heard nor continue losing our purchasing power or police officers like us for this have been affected by the e.u. three since fuel prices we had little choice and we decided to go to him stronger it seems like the unrest here in france is far from. charlotte even ski on sea ice. meanwhile the yellow vests movement say they still have a lot. side by the to go ahead with protests planned for this weekend as
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a precaution the authorities are still closing of the eiffel tower saturday along with dozens of museums that's after tourist hot spots including the on twelfth were vandalized by demonstrators last week tens of thousands of x. a police officers will also be deployed across the country however political analyst nicola meditates thinks the government is not fully in control of the situation there is definitely panicking they don't know what to do at the size of these protests which are going across france what it whether it be in europe or even on the other french islands is humongous and they haven't seen it coming they should have seen it because we have had not a single showing that this was coming out they didn't see it and now they're panicking and they don't know what to do best that's a legacy in france you have to get violent if you want things change so that's this is also of course getting a positive message out people think that bringing out more violence is going to change even more so yes there will be more violence and also i do think that as the
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government is extremely clumsy they're trying to build on this violence to show that it is a violent movement and that's not working we've seen these days mainstream media showing only videos pictures of the violence and unrest in major french cities when ninety percent of these demonstrations across france are nonviolence. when my yellow vest protests have gone beyond france's borders and to other continents.
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so. i could always present a line and lorena has revealed the u.k. government provided sufficient guarantees for wiki leaks founder julian assange to leave ecuador's embassy in london oxys polyploid reports from london. lenin miranda did a radio interview where he said that the british government has provided a guarantee in writing that julian assange should be safe to leave the ecuadorian embassy here in london and that he wouldn't be in danger of being extradited by the british authorities to any third country where he could potentially face the death penalty so as a headline this all sounds like jolly good news for julian assange but it's important to remember that the ecuadorian president isn't exactly julian a songes biggest fan lenin miranda has referred to the wiki leaks editor as a hacker in the past he said in the interview today that he's fed up with him
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occupying his tiny embassy here in london but he did concede that you have to respect julian assange just human rights and that he has done his fresh air of time he has after all spent more than six years holed up in ecuador's embassy here in london it will be interesting to hear what a songes legal team have to say about all this now because the big concern especially for a songes lawyer is and it's a concern that they've had for the past six years that he spent in the embassy is the prospect of facing charges over in the u.s. criminal charges in fact last month it was revealed that the u.s. justice department had filed secret criminal charges against julian assange but prosecutors have refused to reveal what specifically those charges are so however much the ecuadorian president wants to walk out it's really simple on the one hand
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yes whatever the case against a songe in sweden was has long since expired and collapsed but technically a songe is still wanted by british authorities here in the u.k. for skipping bail and with prosecutors. in the u.s. unable to shed any light on what sort of charges a songe could be facing over in the u.s. my hunch is that a songes legal team is going to be extra cautious regardless of what songes exasperated hosts claim the british government has guaranteed so i don't think this is a very yet. live to human rights activists peta time till peter thanks for coming on to the program what response do you expect from a songes legal team to the u.k.'s supposedly promised conditions.
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well of course the british government's assurance that julia sanj will not be extradited to a third country where he could face the death penalty is a very two age commitment because what is likely to happen if you walked out of that embassy is that he will face a bid to extradite him to the united states where we know very very serious charges have been drawn up by a secret grand jury and we know that the likely penalty is somewhere between thirty and fifty years in prison so with the threat of thirty to fifty years in prison albeit not the death penalty i can't see this is any response for songe and my view is that he shouldn't spend a single day in prison for what he did which was to publish very grave serious allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity by u.s.
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military forces and massive government deception of the american public in my view junior sanj performed a great public service. he shone a light on things the american people on the whole world should have known but were kept hidden by the u.s. government and military and for him to face any charges or is absurd or he did was publish what was leaked to wiki leaks by others notably chelsea manning in the same sense that the guardian newspaper in london and the new york times also published information that had been leaked so why it is julia sanj facing these charges but not the guardian and not the new york times we know that the trump administration have said very openly they are out to get him now in my view junior sanj is a friend and defender of the people he deserves no punishment whatsoever. peter
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if he does indeed. believe that guarantee how likely is it in the u.k. you know they've said allegedly that they guarantee his safety how likely is it the those guarantees will be observed. well that's the other big question i think it's certainly true that the british government would not extradite during a sanch to a third country where he could face the death penalty. and you know maybe the u.s. government might at some point give assurances that he won't face the death penalty but so far the u.s. government has not given those assurances and even if they did that would not preclude him facing charges which could land him in prison for thirty to fifty years and that is of most would be a most unjust punishment for person an organization that he is part of who simply published published information which also have been in the public domain from the
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get go. he is officially says that he is not happy with the songes present presence at the embassy so why doesn't he just. well of course was granted political asylum by ecuador and then granted citizenship all of it good or so as a political refugee and as a citizen of that country. does have certain inalienable rights under ecuadorian constitution and law pos also under international law you know under international law a political refugee who's been granted asylum. or to be amused from the kinds of rich chant that a songe has faced led by the united states who are angry. not surprisingly at the fact that he exposed wrongdoing by the u.s. government military. ok will and pay to touch on human rights activists always good
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to have your views on the program thanks very much. the chief financial officer and daughter of the founder of chinese by smartphone giant huawei has been arrested by canadian authorities she's now facing extradition to the u.s. over alleged violation of sanctions on iran and the threatens to reignite a trade war between washington and beijing which had shown signs of easing and has more details well on december first when it was announced that a truce had been reached between president xi of china and president trump after their meeting in argentina there was an uptick on the global market before optimistic however now with the news that has come out about the c.f.o. of he alway being arrested in canada it's been widely alleged that this c.f.o. of the corporation has been involved somehow in violating the sanctions against iran however no no formal charges have been leveled as of yet the news that caused
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just a huge amount of uproar we're now seeing the stock market plunging to a two year low and at this point now we're seeing a rather swift and strong response from china. demand an explanation for the person's immediate release detention without providing any explanation violates the human rights of the detainee when trouble announced that he had reached an agreement with president xi at the g twenty there was optimism but then when he followed up that tweet by reminding president xi that if a deal didn't work out too that he is a quote tariff man when that happened then there was another plunge in the markets now this is what lawrence kudlow of the white house economic council has has come forward and said i figure it's coming ok i was very troubled is what give us some details well paid. it hasn't been signed and sealed and delivered yet the mixed
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signals regarding u.s. china trade relations and the nanny different statements that have been made in the news of this arrest have caused a bit of a roller coaster on the u.s. stock market this is been the reaction from a representative of deutsche bank we believe this is a clear signal that the drug war is escalating to a new level public opinion in china will likely become more negative in respect to the trade war and potentially against u.s. companies the government may find it difficult to tell the public that they have offered significant concessions to the u.s. . camille ahmed the global head of currency strategy and market research at f.x. t.m. believes time is twitted to right thinking china censure waves across the stock markets it's what's it feeds of now being watched as closely on the dashboards as economic data on traditional economic my career leases which is very commonly being watched on my laptop as closely as anything else financial markets are very sensitive to such issues and this is something you cannot predict you cannot predict what could
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come across social media feeds next you can't predict what could happen with political risk around the united states and china which is why financial markets are so sensitive and choppy to any change in narrative if we see tonight or over the next couple of days more positivity around the tree trimmers that relations are in prison than this much of will reverse once again however if we see the rich saying see political tension some hope it's a caress than what we've seen today and yesterday is going to prolong even further . as u.s. china trade tension signs shock waves across european markets the ease taking steps to ease its dependence on the dollar the european commission has unveiled plans to boost use of the event in international energy deals. this will allow european businesses to benefit from stronger totally and finance themselves with reduced exposure to legal actions taken by third country jurisdictions. brussels
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announcement comes after washington declare its withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal the move has forced many firms to stop trading with iran for fear of u.s. sanctions back in twenty fifteen an international deal was agreed to end sanctions on iran in exchange for turan scrapping its nuclear program that opened up iran's lucrative oil market however this year china quit the agreement upping it disastrous all sanctions previously lifted reimposed which did not sit well with europe. the latest. thing. was. that if it was the ultimate we will work to maintain the framework of the twenty fifteen deal in spite of the american decision and we will do so in a concrete manner by maintaining our political engagements by ensuring that our companies can stay in iran and also by getting all parties to pursue negotiations
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for a larger indispensable deal steve king crowd funded professor of economics on paper and believes trends recent behavior on the international arena makes america a tough partner to work with. the recent rogue behavior by america because it got far worse than it was before and i think is convincing a lot of countries they simply can no longer a lot on the american dollar for international trade you have the most with being told not to allow iranian bank accounts to use swift now you have the chinese citizen being arrested in canada violating an american sanction all this sort of action is going to say we have to find another foundation apart from the american dollar for international trade and find it quickly and even though the euro is incredibly flawed at the moment it's the strongest alternative currency the main reason american manufacturing is not competitive this goes the dollar is massively over that all you'd also be twice what it should be deceiving international reserve
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currency so to be in the interests to say spending the answer is a currency but there's so addicted to palla that they're going to probably in force try to enforce that power and well they will disrupt any attempt to use any currency other than the american dollar tried meanwhile world markets are poised in anticipation ahead of opec's next move that's off to the group of some of the world's biggest all the producing nations agree to a cut in production although they haven't yet agreed by how much the move which is hoped will stabilize falling prices was agreed today at a meeting of the group along with russia the decision flies in the face of comments by donald trump who expects hope the flow of oil would remain as it was he said a supply cut is not what the world wants to say however the u.s. president's recommendations didn't go down well with the saudi and into the minister when asked to comment on china's coal he said the u.s.
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was not in a position to tell opec oil side to have a bit to do a month and a few minutes to confirm the size of the cut will be decided on friday. do you get it do you recommend i thought it was a part yes but we don't we haven't discussed in their numbers look here at their baby walking program under you they were commanded to copy that can you recover because we all did our you won't like what parents you do all these things become intimate and to morrow and after to morrow. open plus if you will discuss and come up in the final. the much anticipated opec meeting comes at a time when all prices have plummeted around thirty percent over the last two months almost equalling the worst fall since the two thousand and eight financial crisis has been added interest after cannot act i announced it was getting the organization becoming the first gulf country to leave the block and we're crossing live now to alexander managing director comfort and finance to discuss this further
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. firstly welcome to the program are you surprised that opec's agreed on this only reduction that. i'm not surprised the. production codes. do i'm surprised that they did not manage to come up with a figure on the first day of the meeting which was going to disappointing for the markets so i think for the broader community i think there is hope that to morrow there will be some agreement but i am pretty sure it will. feel short of the one point six million figure that is expect to be a nose and if this happens. it will be then we would see a further. in the price of oil which is. not the objective the. plus. wants to achieve. i mean if we look at what china's been saying about this
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means that sorry if we look at what chance been saying about this he's warned opec that the world doesn't want to see a cuts how much influence if any does he have on opec's decision. i think he is trying to put some pressure. especially on saudi arabia which happens to be under a lot of pressure. because of the. and trump tries to claim this pressure and tries to influence the decision of a break but we have to remember that opec reversed its policy. earlier this year because donald trump feared that there would be a disruption of supply following the withdrawal of the united states from the iran
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nuclear deal so it kind of ironic all that now trumps comes and tries to influence these decisions not to to cut this extra supply of oil that had been put on the market while at the same time you see a record the exports of crude oil from the us both three point five million barrels per day i think so basically there is a fundamental contradiction between what donald trump says and what actually the american auto industry does which is basically filling the gap that the opec and other countries would not feel the song actually i think opec. should and we proceed to show its credibility especially so he needs to show its credibility and that it's capable to resist to such
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a pressure now the main idea is to negotiate a fair deal between all the involved culture is especially between russia and saudi arabia which are the two main largest oil exporters in the world and so if there is any agreement it would have to come from these two countries together so as to diffuse some of the pressure that is now falling on saudi arabia and to make russia accept some of this pressure and accept to take some of the codes for for itself but. if we look at the the extra oil supply earlier this year most of it was actually. put to the market way so he arabia so basically most of the burden should the interior west on saudi arabia but given the current geopolitical situation given also the economy. hardships in saudi arabia to
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balance the budgets and so on there is a way there is a kind of negotiation ongoing and i think it goes far beyond actually what will be decided tomorrow it's basically it is about a new strategic agreement on the long term a new governance for the oil market on the wrong term and what we are seeing now we have a tremendous impact on the nature of that strategic deal that could be achieved the later on next year as the global economy substance and as we will see more and more imbalance between supply and demand or the market yeah i mean inventions and an awful obviously and the saudi any human estate actually saying that russia is not ready to cut production as much as some pet members what do you make of those comments. you know i mean. it's a very different situation from saudi arabia. you have to take into the fact that
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the russian government for example doesn't really control its all industry that there are some or all firms some of the our state owned some of the arms are private oil companies and they are kind of more reluctant to to abide by a goldman decisions which is not the case in saudi arabia for example where you have one big companies odio enco which is the the only supplier to the market and which is under the control of the government so it's more difficult for the russian government to convene. to convince. other companies like that to to to cut the oil supply or to to keep their volume at the current level there is another reason is that the budget for example is. almost balanced right now with this oil price which at sixty dollars between
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fifty and sixty dollars for russia it's not a bad situation and that's what president putin say because there is this idea to put all the extra money from oil in a separate fund and to mother ship very in a very conservative way which is not duke is in saudi arabia and other all dependent or culture is where you see where you look at the figures you see the huge budget deficits you see you see imbalances in the trade balance in the current account balance and this is all related to the dependence of this economy's from oil and to a governance process which is far less conservative or far less efficient that what we can see in russia actually. believe it economist alexander khattab thanks very much for your expertise on this subject. clashes have erupted in the greek city of assess l n e k on the tenth anniversary of the killing of
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a teenager by police. demonstrators through firebombs instance of police who responded with tear gas rubbish bins were also set on fire in the streets back in two thousand and eight to that a fifteen year old boy nothing during an argument with a group of teenagers he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison another policeman present was given ten years despite that demonstrations are held annually across the country and often result in violent clashes. washington's threat to pull out of a key nuclear treaty with moscow has deepened the rift between the two sides with the us accusing russia of noncompliance but the american administration is also going further is questioning the relevance of.


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