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tv   News  RT  December 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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see that. gas water cannons and armored vehicles are that's this saturday on the fourth consecutive weekend of so-called yellow that demonstrations are porous fondant is
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there. and here we've also how. it's being deployed each. very close. the season. and the end of an era in germany as uncle merkel steps down as leader of her party after eighteen years at the helm she is replaced by i'm a graduate of ours known as many markel also i have. ever seen in london i would see this you know i met before the end of the philippines and afghanistan what are they doing here they would be here because it was so easy for them to open it. hiding in plain sight we hear the incredible story of a man who switched from being a trusted bomb maker to being an m i six informant. or
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broadcast live director our studios in moscow this is an international john thomas certainly glad to have you with us. paris has been rocked by a fourth consecutive weekend of yellow vest protests after activists called for a day of rage on saturday around eight thousand police officers and a dozen armored vehicles were deployed in the french capital in an effort to prevent any unrest but it didn't take long for violence to erupt. was. if. more than one hundred twenty five thousand people have been taking part in yellow vests protests across the country more than
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a thousand have been arrested protests are ongoing despite president across an earlier bowing to pressure and canceling proposed fuel tax hikes a question of child defense he reports now from the french capital. branches just took a look at this this tear gas going everywhere we've also had reports that christmas trees are being burned across paris we are of course in the last few weeks early doing up to that festive season and here we've also had rubber bullets being deployed each. very close to us. was. we've also seen people who've been injured in the shown sillies day today and in fact there was a pool of blood one point i for one person who seemed to have had a mouth injury and we are really trying to move back to him but. it's in very difficult and he really does get completely in so i do see is streaming down my
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face again as a result of tear gas i can't tell you how many times that we've been gassed we're in the middle of it it's what we're trying to do i had lots of people coming to be before you know you should where you go rules but the thing is even when you go where you go girls you still get tear gas everywhere about you there's nothing much you can do other than trying to get out into some fresh air. thousands of people have once again come out to protest for their demands and there are many demands that they will the government to meet up believe more than forty now what started out as a protest movement against a hike in fuel tax that was due to be implemented in january has now become so so much more people here are angry it is going to show you here we've got police running down the street we're not exactly sure why but what we do know is that in the streets just beyond the protesters were trying to smash up restaurants and
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shops there and there was a huge amount of tear gas being deployed there actually just at the street you can look now next to that luxury a good shop. and you can also see just a bit further down the street that huge police presence because that is one of the things we really noticed this week is in the previous weeks i believe last week there were about five thousand six hundred police officers here this weekend eight thousand in paris alone they go more tear gas they're being deployed at those protesters are trying to clear them out of that street where they would causing damage in previous protests the police have generally try to hold back from deploying tear gas and even when they've had objects pelted at them by the protesters they've held back until they feel it's too much today when one or two things have been thrown at them they have been responding immediately and it's not just tear gas it's whether bullets it's our water cannons and of course we have all
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made vehicles on the streets in paris the first time since two thousand and five. eighth's thank you one of the things we've heard from some of the sunni sure is is that the violence that we've seen over the last few weekends here in paris and elsewhere in front have actually been caused by people from the extreme left and the extreme. right and actually this illusion movement is a peaceful movement that's that's what they tell us i mean we have seen a lot of violence on the streets the idea is that the police had cooled and suspending stopping people from getting into areas before they had check in searches going on if they felt that they had any material any weapons on them than they were taking them away as a preventative measure. many people i've spoken to over the last few weeks said if after the first protest call
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and turned around and said ok we're going to cancel the fuel tax that might have been enough that this is turned into something much bigger this is a spontaneous social movement in france and now the demands are increasing all the time the law say look there were more than forty which includes well they want things such as a minimum pension they want it to be raised they want the minimum working wage to be raised him fronts they want there to be a massive overhaul of the tax system in france those are just some of the demands and that list goes on and on and actually there isn't it seems an official list because the jelly the yellow vests themselves are a split movement. say that the yellow vest movement is split it's fractured in fact this week a new group is emerged the yellow vest or the free yellow vests and they say that they are prepared to talk to the government other yellow vests say they're not with us they don't represent us and in fact when the l of us movement actually elected
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some spokespeople in the last few weeks to try and deal with the government they decided they were going to go and have a check with the french prime minister and they in fact canceled that because they got death threats to the idea that they would even negotiate with the government this is a rubber bullet it's going to put it in my hands so perhaps my cameraman alex can get a nice close up look at it for you it's pretty big a little bit spongy at the. nope the point is the be quite large of the idea it's not meant to be you like a normal bullets but if this hits you believe me this is going to hurt and it's pretty scary having these things flying all around you. undercover officers with france's anti-crime grayed. out in force more to contain the unrest in paris they were filmed detaining demonstrators and pepper spraying journalists one of the yellow bus protesters in the footage is leading. to some social media users
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meanwhile have been drawing parallels between the unrest in paris and the popular uprising in ukraine five years ago following a violent crackdown by police in kiev the protests were snowballed venture only culminating in the toppling of the government earlier my colleague kevin owen was joined in the studio by journalist brian macdonald to discuss some of the perceived similarities. there are a few similarities in the sense that i mean my down mushroomed into a much different thing but in the beginning it was more or less a grassroots movement in the beginning before it got manipulated by external forces and became something completely different so this is i mean the roots of it are quite similar and the roots are basically down to a lack of money now it might seem a bit strange to say that ukrainians and french people could have something in common in terms of lack of money but you have to look at purchasing power and you have to understand that even though ukraine is relatively poor country things are are cheap in ukraine we think france is a very wealthy country but it's not for everyone a lot of french people and very low incomes and i believe the national minimum wage
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is something around forty thousand euros a year and us might seem like a lot to some people watching but it's not in france where you know a pint of beer is between six and eight euros and another issue in france which is also in ukraine is that in ukraine's provinces it's very very poor but kiev has always been relatively well off and a lot of people in ukraine were very resentful of this kind of elite in kiev who had to say going to car today going to shop are going to gucci to buy their clothes you know and looking in these windows of shops they could never afford to go into it's quite similar in france and in paris is one of the wealthiest cities in the world and if you're on fourteen thousand euros a year with big utility bills down in the provinces somewhere of course you can be resentful towards paris so the roof itself is not dissimilar let's look at the political reaction back in twenty four to europe was almost unanimously calling on the government then of president on a covert course to show restraint in these protests is to i have to say that the purpose immediately must be to see an end to violence be very shocked by the amount of violence it's being specially based day to force it will be what is needed is to
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get back to a peace situation as soon as possible but the people who are responsible for this cannot go on punished we together with the germans are going to look at what we want to do and sanctions taken at a european union level obviously comes to mind immediately we can then in the strongest. use of violence as a way to solve the. political of these to smoke rises all right that was then this is now no mention of restraint by french police this time no mention of maybe sanctions on france but different no very different but don't forget there's a big difference here there's no geopolitical element at the time the whole idea was ukraine was caught between russia and the west supposedly although russia didn't ask for that it was the west that was trying to pull ukraine out of russia's orbit so to speak there was a deal on the table there was a deal of fifteen billion from russia to the young girl which is government it was another deal of an association agreement with the e.u. that's not the case here now nobody's looking for geopolitical advantage like nobody's trying to wrest france out of the european union or out of nato for
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example at the moment and another element as well that you know. emanuel my qualms relations with russia have actually been very good and if you're based here in russia or what you were russian perspective the idea that russia would be interfering here is ridiculous but then you go on twitter there's a guy that contributes regular guest the b.b.c. and c.n.n. has tweeted this channel and the parent organization. got strategically pace placed cameras around paris at the moment to catch everything is going on as if this is pretty thought through is if we've got to do with it we're just a broadcast or you're working here in the my den i think and you remember there was a twenty four hour camera on the my done for months and months and months i mean i think of the b.b.c. and c.n.n. is wondering why or it's you've got a camera and they don't you might want to get on to them and i mean one because i mean i mean larry king said recently c.n.n. doesn't even do journalism anymore a number of u.s. and european officials visited kiev back then to support the protesters in twenty four to talking just now about u.s.
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assistant secretary of state victoria nuland when she was handing out cookies. do you think we'll see officials handing out treats in paris this time i bet not the only possibility would be if the russian ambassador or the or the chinese ambassador went on and did it i'm like i said at the end of the day there's no geopolitical play here is there's no reason for them to do it i mean why would the russian ambassador want to destroy a relationship. because eight thousand security first. on the streets of paris such is the degree of the problem that's there you see on the. crews show the pictures back a very heated city shopping spree looting brussels if this is being taken seriously not very much bricks coming up and bear in mind is there a kind of a feeling maybe in france that they want to really kick things up a bit as well as gotten into all this trouble not because of you know the fact they gave the rich a tax roy is not listening to these people is looking this is a wake up call not for of course is not a mean man was elected on a change agenda what was the very first thing he did like donald trump when he got into power he brought in a tax return for the wealthy and now he's turned around and shown
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a carbon tax on the poor and middle class who are the ones that kind of for it and there's a huge issue europe of the squeeze midland's want to say that as we see more and more carbon taxes that would global warming and the kind of pressures if those taxes are placed on ordinary people rather than the elites we're going to get much more of that all around the world because people are squeezed like they said wages are not rising and people are squeezed. france isn't alone in europe and facing discontent on the streets and belgium police have arrested around seventy people trying to start their own yellow vests protest at brussels a police spokesperson said the demonstrators did not have permission for the rally . germany's ruling party the christian democratic union has
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a new leader described as a mini merkel. was elected during a party vote on friday replacing chancellor angela merkel who is stepping down from the role after almost two decades at the helm marquees peter oliver reports now from whom. and a gret will be the new leader of the christian democratic union party here in germany. friedrich mess in a runoff vote to take the party leadership picking up five hundred seventeen votes from the one thousand and one delegates that were voting in hamburg she is pretty much it certainly was billed as the continuity conduit heading into this election she was given the blessing by angola merkel the outgoing leader of the party after eighteen years when mrs merkel put miss crime karrenbauer in the position of general secretary of the c.d.u. interesting enough the same position angle of merkel held before she went on to lead the party eighteen years ago now mrs merkel did give
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a very emotional speech in phone at the opening of the party conference in which she said whoever takes over from her is going to have a difficult task of pulling together and uniting a party and a nation in very polarizing times. it's a critical time for our country and for parties like ours the c.d.u. c.s.u. with the f.t. to the right of us and with a polarized society or certainly one of the reasons why ms karrenbauer bay well of being voted in by those delegates is the relationship she has with angola merkel because although chancellor merkel has stepped down as leader of the c.d.u. she hasn't stepped down as chancellor and the two will have to work together very closely all the opposite side of that of course would have been if through to comerford gotten in well done him mrs merkel do have a history in fact it was chancellor merkel that essentially ousted him from the c.d.u. party leadership way back when she rose to power but just who is. the
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new leader and what she all about the preferred choice of mrs merkel is understood to be an internet company known by her initials. and it lands assist with a small a pro european and a francophile she certainty for the already tight links with france when it comes to russia she is perhaps even more skeptical of the kremlin the chancellor merkel last week she called for russian ships coming from the sea to be barred from u.s. ports saying plenty of food haven't been squeaks and no he's on the prowl for. times he thinks he will get to play with and if you are in the u.s. don't give it through him united's response he will continue to push for we have seen this in the recent years and it's those policies that convince the five hundred seventeen delegates out of the one thousand and one casting their ballots
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that it was a k.k.k. that should be taking the c.d.u. forward former politician maximillian cross who is now an parliament nominee for the alternative for germany party thinks the christian democrats choice of leader eliminates it as a right of center rival to his party. for every conservative in germany it is clear to see the you want to become you are left liberal party but it will give all the conservative scholars germany that means you have to be evil. probably come over twenty percent in the european election in may two thousand on t.v. to see that you will continue the same style as noted. the steps to fundamental change to election day brought. no one. to silent to deceive you comes a conservative party so there is just one remaining conservative party in germany and that's. lost a competitor today. from
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a jihadist mastermind and bomb maker to m i six double agent on the front line our men dean spent almost a decade camped in with al qaeda switching sides to become a british intelligence by parties going underground has his incredible story of becoming disillusioned with of the terrorist cause and having is cover blown here is some of the interview which you can watch in for on our two dot com that letter which was sent to bill clinton it was adding him to invade iraq and to make it a beacon for democracy and to establish american hegemony they were just a think tank they put that letter and i will have the muscly billard as deputy seized on it seized on it and he said that the american administration. would not do this unless if there was an event on the magnitude of pearl harbor so he said we should give them a pearl harbor to. because
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then they can invade afghanistan they can invade iraq they can invade somalia or elsewhere that's exactly where we want them to be because we need the bulldozer you know we don't own a bulldozer but they are the bull dogs that we need to provoke the bulldozer owner to come in and to smash the old structure out of nationalism communism whatever you want to call it socialism they must smash it in order for us to build an islamic structure. russia has doubled down on its claim that the clash between russian and ukrainian ships near crimea two weeks ago was the result of a deliberate provocation by kiev we'll bring you up to speed on that after a short break through a. member
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before a trade war leaves a hot war there's currency war plays a trade war the hot war and the currency you are going on already with the china pegged artificially love to get their exports to the u.s. in a way to build their economy and then the u.s. it worker was losing their job but they were paying less for chinese made stuff and so there was this symbiotic relationship going on so if the question is who's going to be a twenty first century empire and who's going to lose if it's going to be the u.s. or china my thought is going to be a coterminous and that both the u.s. and china are going to fall apart. populism is such a zero point spread political allegation that it's almost well meaning if any politician regardless of their beliefs can be labeled a populist isn't cool politics populism of some sort or another.
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what about this is r t international now russia's security services have been speaking about the quote provocative nature of the ukrainian ships involved in clashes in the carriage straight to two weeks ago they gave more details on that incident very almost sparked a conflict between the two nations on the crimean peninsula that's artie's medina covered cotton over explains precious f.s.b. coast guard hold a briefing here in moscow where the course of events that took place in november the twenty fifth was outlined in details of the f.s.b. you called this incident a clear provocation and a very dangerous one however it added that incidents of such sort happened before
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on a numerous occasion in the past two years now russia's f.s.b. coast guard said the proper procedures and rules for passage haven't changed and before there's been no misunderstanding. it's necessary to stress that the rules of passage through the strait have been effective for more than twenty years and they have always been observed by both russian and ukrainian ships the ad says be goes gars said that there were ammunition and weapons found on board of the rest of ukrainian vessels that exceeded the standard load and also documents that said that that should have been a call for an op would you put a video in the first during the inspection of ukrainian ships a document was found which orders and this is a quote to make passage through the coach straight out of the russian navy and f.s.b. supervision the main goal is to covertly pass through the cut straight and of quotes you can make your own conclusions the russian court issued
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a decision ordering that all of the twenty four ukrainian servicemen arrested and the incident be held in custody for two months while the investigation is underway . all of the men were accused of trance passing and ukraine calls this an act of aggression russia's office b. says that the country is trying to picture that servicemen as prisoners of war mostly duty look at us just on that in recent times the ukrainian side has attempted to present its officers as war prisoners to those detained ukrainian sailors are charged with criminal offenses and according to the geneva convention neither can hold war prisoners while russia and ukraine are not in a state of war but some new information was also revealed at the briefing regarding zose on board of the arrested ukrainian vessels russia's f.s.b. said that the residents of the ukrainian city of dawn yanek scope wrote them saying that he had recognized one of the ukrainian security service man who was on board
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of the vasella as a person who allegedly tortured him all in all this whole operation was called to be an outrageous provocation that endangered over eight hundred civil ships stationed at the port. just to remind you ukraine says its ships were intercepted while sailing through international waters and that it notified russia of the ship's passage for its part moscow denies receiving any notification from ukraine and says the ships intentionally ignored orders to stop russia also says the vessels were following direct orders from the ukrainian government. chinese foreign ministry has warned canada that it could face serious consequences if it fails to release the chief financial officer of smartphone giant who are way . now she was arrested in vancouver last weekend and america's request the u.s. alleges she violated sanctions on iran she now faces extradition from canada china
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is demanding her immediate release and has called the detention a violation of her human rights beijing has also summoned of a canadian ambassador over the case independent political analyst or sundra bruno told us that he believes the rest could be politically motivated. think the united states uses the u.s. sanctions against countries is in order to. apply these very rules so it can arbitrate who. can control competition and in fact many u.s. companies have used the same system as your way in other words shell companies based elsewhere allow them to trade with iran one of the things that the u.s. once negotiate is the rules over technology use or use by the chinese so that they might deal discussed in. between c. jinping and trump has not been signed yet so it perhaps hopes to use
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this card the whole way card to force more concert of chinese company the chinese government over the use of technology in that demand their companies doing business in china share their technology if it doesn't for me i will be back in let's say thirty three minutes with a full look at your news you are watching our team international. this out of. an authorized. bridge.
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and right on the bank vault for the base walker chemical lights and this is going to that he would teach them and their international mascherano that these industrial polluting simply ignore the money that mother. and the mother of the things we lost even this. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. to sit.
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the comedy americans in america covering. news or call of foreign agents. thank you for agreeing for nations where the alexandria court ten has been ruthlessly attacked this week and i feel a bit responsible i might have accidentally tainted her twitter feed with my truth serum. but that sounds weird so let me back up. you might recall that on a previous show i covered the twenty one trillion dollars that has gone unaccounted for at the pentagon that's right trillion with a t.
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and i feel like every time this topic is even mentioned if you come would like a little just a little clue suffix so little suffix right there in that cell fix should be. god god god god god god you're. right there anyway the twenty one trillion includes six point five trillion dollars unaccounted for in twenty fifteen alone and when i covered this a few months ago really the only two journalists looking into it were david de graw writing for his own website and a single forbes article which was co-written by the economist who discovered the unaccounted adjustments mark skidmore and i discovered i don't mean skidmore like found a dusty shoe box in donald rumsfeld's old desk underneath the you know the baby skeletons underneath the baby skeletons. i mean he took a minute to look at the dock.


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