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tv   Documentary  RT  December 9, 2018 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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always i mean i think if you're. a survivor of rape you're going to interpret it that way as a date rape song i think most people are going to study that it's from the one nine hundred forty s. and you know you could make an argument this is that this is a woman who several to celebrating for sexuality and it's really a slur again and i understand i understand and i do understand both sides of this argument i just see really the need to focus on on some of the bigger issues i understand that they're women that are survivors of rape and i do understand the argument i understand the side where we have to look at everything we have to understand because if it's some way if women are truly angry about this and then there must be something to it but at the same time you know i want to see a woman who can who can stand strong who can look at this and say you know if that's not going to bother me i know what my boundaries are i know when to leave for me i feel like it's almost a step back to see all this rage and anger over that i want to see women going you know what we recognize the cultural differences are back then in those in that time
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that that kind of sucks for back then but think of where we are now and we're going to have a voice. peace talks on yemen go under way in sweden on thursday with news of a prisoner exchange the near four years of civil war pushed the country to the brink of the world's worst humanitarian crisis the president of the red cross told r.t. that both humanitarian and political measures should be taken to resolve the bitter conflict. talks in sweden we do hope that we should the international community manages to draw a pathway to with more peaceful revolution in yemen what is certainly true is that you may need to reince by the road. makes the situation in which yemenis to be disease one of the most dire humanitarian situation we have seen people have been dying not only from the direct attacks and the direct impact of war but. in
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particular also from the destruction of infrastructure from the destruction of hospitals of water systems. disease indeed a very dire situation which can only be fixed if a political solution is found and there is a slight. a light at the end of the tunnel may be. but yemen is not the only country in the region suffering a humanitarian catastrophe in syria over thirteen million people are in need with six million internally displaced afghanistan the u. n. c. is over six million people are suffering severely a third of them are children the red cross president sees the organization is doing what it count. priorities in syria definitely is to have access to as many people displaced within syria tool support. as ever we can to deliver a basic human need here in assistance in terms of water or health services
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services. many within syria are still displaced and we tried to contribute to destabilize ation. one of our largest operation worldwide where we are active in the whole of the country in all the provinces we have more than eleven outfits in afghanistan we are responding to people these placed we are responding to populations in need in all parts of the star we have been worried over the last couple of years to see how much the civilian population but not only the civilian population also militaries are exposed to enormous amounts of casualties we see people. really heavily affected and the i.c.r.c. has one of the most multifaceted humanitarian response program in
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afghanistan which we try to continue in the future. the president of the red cross speaking to our team kevin is here a little later with all the latest that weekend before the show an in-depth look at the situation on the us mexico border between walls and sanctuary right. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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with. a. group or a look at the one. they will go ahead with the. group will you. give him a. medal. because his city brownsville is surrounded by a fence built during the presidency of democrats like obama. it was a concession made to republicans in support of a move granting citizenship to twelve million undocumented immigrants in the united states. go up i thought it.
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looked up only god knows. of. both. both. oh. those. three months of tension and anguish. for staying in the united states reduced. to identify the washington police. person to inform. the federal administration agency. in the united states.
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cities a city councils governed by democrats with democrats. in other words. and in the case of austin texas governor. greg abbott. on the way from boston to interstate thirty five the route that the united states into from texas to minnesota we see several immigrant detention centers. there are twenty two texas. plans for that number to increase.
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city there's no place in the world with more live music shows. the university city and it's the state capital. it's also a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. see. somebody. has to find it was born in mexico she's twenty one years old and cannot
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remember any. documented immigrant. and i want to say what all. that about. somebody who. nobody drives undocumented immigrants. the slightest infraction could mean they'd risk being deported.
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estefania is a dream that's what they call to get my dreams who cross the border as mine as they cannot legally be accused of any infringement. gentlemen and i'll tell. you begin you know. obama issued an executive order in twenty twelve the dame's to normalize this situation though it's never actually became law. soon a medical. procedure trumps i'm in a cell is a problem of getting torn away except in the right chill. you know and it must have been built in the hope of the most hasn't come of it but i was brought up but obviously seen one want to get that on my feet at all. and if we don't you know presumably they. got on.
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top of it i'll be gobbled almost the flag my foot on the city anybody even though. never going down the. road is. known mccrae open and will listen to me i'm never been there when you have a think of it you know if. you go your own thing. but estefania is more than a dream she leads a group of young people fighting for immigrant rights in a states with a very conservative government and legislature and of the oh i'm afraid i'm afraid long legs but in few months ago she took part in a hearing to convince texan senators not to pass a law that would be tough on undocumented immigrants my little i don't know how you said but i will. but as i've gone through this i would have an idea i.
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guess a bunk good not good enough. you know if you've got to move on. as we are on a go. go mostly on this then most vocal it was built by me and i you that i present us who i must give him and that's just me most almost. have done this he'll also notice that mickey. said. no no no it's and he does but i don't know what that is the most the last. but i sent this book out almost halfway on time but on. yes mass on. the state you know a yes he lives he may i want to says it was the left one also gets out as has been messed up because on this. instagram. list you know someone in that this one
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life i mean this argument that he has this. body in the us. are going to take. his intervention achieved very little days after this interview is to funny a return to the texan capital but this time to lead a protest against approval of the law they opposed known as s.b. for. the republican majority has pushed forward and he sanctuary laws. among other things it allows for a local agent to be jailed for failing to report an undocumented immigrant. moreover it also rises the dismissal of any sheriff who supports sanctuary policies even one that's democratically elected finally it also allows the blocking of state funds to municipalities and sanctuary universities.
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austin is a welcome he had. city some people use the word sanctuary city to describe a city that is violating federal law. in that respect austin would not be a sanctuary city because we don't violate any federal law perhaps the serenity and dignity shown by austin's democratic mayor paid off it remains one of the few centuries cities that were left off the government blacklist i its president donald trump who feels challenged by almost two hundred centuries cities our nature to become a sanctuary. yes new york chicago miami and the entire state of california are on that list. adler is sure about the possibility that the county sheriff will be dismissed.
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such a lot and tried to remove an elected official i would anticipate challenge in our in our in our courts. at the testimonies of leading republicans. no one from governor to senators or representatives has wanted all been able to talk in the end but hispanic congressman's legislative director did agree to talk i don't think it criminalizes immigration any more than it already has been it's just simply an enforcement mechanism. i.c.e. can still access prisoners if they're detained. they can have access to their immigration documents and.
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not authorized. and this is going to. treat men in. these industries. simply ignored. and. even this.
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place. has consequences of consequences for people. for. people going forward. there's a lot of social social activity and nobody wants to see the. business.
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the solution. lies up in association with the potato. i noticed any salsa on those it is just some really really to maintain an investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy. some in the united states have begun to comb elton gray hairs or hide their wrinkles. they've lived here for more than thirty years because they have residence
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permits but for the first time in years they feel insecure. home. president trump statements alum them that's why this sports center on the outskirts of austin is full today. one that has. said the seem to think this is not enough because it will be a not. paradoxically it's the mexico consulate the organizer of this campus that advises people who want to apply for u.s. citizenship. if i just kept on going to keep me for my maid and the my maid and means in fairness to me that this is them i get to see the chair icici eat it give us to us maybe cause it to buy him a cake or to get out or you can let me quote a man and i said no as i do that in a second scene they get him i'm stuffing my face it was up in sap. and you can walk through the projects you're an amateur and if you're not. and if he's going to
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messiness and it's this is that when he got in the attic and woke up on the porch that it is you know when he got in the attic of the senate and i think you know you're kind of out of. a field and i. know this is an easy one of the not that they seem to scatter stuff and that is no no no he ended up being at a similar level our night out and i didn't get out if i live i mean he. i mean you . have to see battle and to me that is that he steps in on. the legion of volunteer lawyers helps to fill out the final forms. if everything is in order in just over six months they will have a u.s. passport they will be saved but the one and a half million undocumented people living and working in texas will continue to be
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in danger and a system of rapid and cheap economic growth will also be jeopardized. says fast on cat rescue that is i mean yes and by do you get my staff but i'm not impressed by several games to get what i mean the i know that's a present access point he'll say you bring in the man of the order in the comment that in many ways as a man in. the local venue i use that like because. the food.
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and money are out seven. am. that's. how. it is. this is. an evil get one that life has not been merciful to hilda.
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imprisoned and frightened she barely leaves the church. and has even asked to work in the safety of the garden as she fears a visit from the feds. churches began to give protection to immigrants in the eighty's from then the century concept was extended to total protection in bus universities and even whole cities . austin has a network of sanctuary churches there are at least a dozen they take for granted that the feds will never enter a temple to arrest an immigrant and that is why they are welcomed i was. but that was also said of people who protected jews in germany right when the laws being written by criminals decent people have to disobey those rules those laws yeah so and particularly. president trump has made people afraid of the most
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vulnerable people on earth it's tragic it's seen as courage it's complete cowardice to not open your door for a young mother and her young son. to save their lives i just can't imagine not doing. a dive and also cross the rio grande by boat. up to the mexican red nose. the boat was punctured and began to sink just as they reached the shore of macallan . that was their single stroke of luck after twenty minutes of walking in the sun they were seized by the immigration service. on your bottom
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line or not as out of envy. yes i am just glad. you don't want to. be on your feet you see. even your own one. who does the nearly one. visit us unfortunately. almost out of. money but. making a serious turn in oregon was that. the cooler marked the start of her second runaway attempt. today off to several missteps in court building was enjoying a temporary permit to stay. she'll see it in a couple of months but her lack of face in the system is why she spends most of her life within these full walls. fragile in appearance but strong in spirit hilda isn't giving up primarily because she is determined not to return to
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guatemala to mistreatment and threats. but secondly and vitally because she wants to be there when her ivan receives his doctorate in medicine. and every one of them. almost in the middle of them wouldn't. have been in us that they are naive and pillar of dreams of a child who has lived and lives on the help of others and it's a dream that began in my calendar the place where everything begins. but all the real grieve i. knew the hope of meeting with him a long. long in our home. then momentum. was i. was part of the me oh is. yes miss my long list they.
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and my boss assume awesomeness bo'sun by the balls now. you have all of the muscle now all around you bank is having them and then them won't turn up or a your one. your me we then see. where one boy. has. been in the area and i'm going to show you stephen. wants. to show us your. take. on sanctions and. this back. to you and a stick it out for that swiss you know alan i don't know what it is now it.
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needs. help your ism is so joe boyd spread political allegation that it's lost almost all meaning if any politician regardless of their beliefs can be labeled a populist isn't all politics populism of some sort or another.
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when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be newlin the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying and those just new leaders hasn't been that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to get pell here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace it's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. the. fish. were in
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a written form. because of the teeth of the law. a. full three kind of mass rotting sweeps across france as thousands of police officers about by armored vehicles fail to keep a lid on the violence.


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