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i. i i. i. i. i. place the best occasion into russia. at the twenty seventeen. setting checkpoints around what is the defacto capital of palestine but after two
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israeli soldiers were killed and another in a shooting near the palestinian city on the manhunt for the terrorists behind a shooting intensifies and extends to countries ported. god is great in arabic during the attack. they're working just on six pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international our top story this hour russian back in the headlines because austrian police are looking into claims that russian biathletes violated anti doping rules at the twenty seventeen world championships earlier i spoke to r.t. sports correspondent alexey. now we know that on wednesday night the austrian police went into the hotel where the russian national biathlon team was staying in austria during the world cup actually it was the night before some of the athletes
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accused were supposed to hit the track and participate in the world championship they put forward the accusations that at least four of the athletes and six members of the staff violated the anti-doping regulations back in twenty seventeen during the world championship in austria just a year ago. this is a very serious accusation because in austria it entails a criminal punishment so the athletes were pretty shocked judging by their reaction and i believe we can listen to some of those i've been accused of something i haven't done i can assure you one thousand percent everything i've been accused of is full i want to ask a rhetorical question do russian athletes really value their sporting curious so little that they do the things we're accused of. accusations against me all the rumors are nonsense total nonsense i've always been true to myself to the biathlon family and to the fans i have nothing to feel bad about i have to say alex on the log you know one of the biggest stars of russian biathlon at the moment has a very good point in the question he raised in that instagram post now he knows
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what doping like he was actually under disqualification up until twenty sixteen and after that he was never tested positive for doping again he actually reinforced his words in that post on instagram with a printout of all the doping tests he has taken since then in twenty sixteen seventeen including that championship in austria and although those tests were negative in terms of doping we've had a reaction also coming from the foreign ministry of russia which said it was not notified of any kind of you know. investigative actions by the austrian police and here is what the spokesperson of the foreign ministry had to say then the money and what you can see is being defragged if we don't have only information we can't say with certainty what is happening. it's too early to talk about the political character of the cetacean but if there research any political campaign into the story or attempt to exert psychological pressure and russian athletes our reaction
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will be quick now the russian sports ministry confirmed to us that they have received a formal accusation from the austrian stories on the matter but it gets a little confusing because the austrian side on their matter they say that they have notified the russian authorities before bringing in the official accusations into the hotel of the of the national team on wednesday night with regard to russia's anti doping agency what are they said well we are seeing this story happening in the times when the russian anti-doping agency looks to be reinstated by water the world anti-doping agency that decision in september caused a lot of surprise among many nonetheless i actually had a chance to go to the russian anti-doping agency this morning and spoke exclusively to the head of russian and i don't mean agency i believe we can listen to that. what is inspection yesterday it was completed in full it was a thorough and serious all the documents were thorough look through the results are good we confident the checks will reveal no violations we will take the results
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seriously and implement through the measures to fight do. so in regards to the latest scandal in austria mr gunness the head of said that he was cautiously optimistic yet still had some concerns about the story that needs to be investigated needs to be looked at but next week water is here in moscow he has every reason to be concerned it's a big meeting when they will enter the laboratory with urine samples which is the key condition for starters reinstatement and obviously will be all over that story on tuesday next week and we'll update our viewers with a. palestinian has attempted to ram his vehicle into a group of israeli soldiers in the west bank the army says the man was neutralized without explaining whether the person was killed or not this comes just hours after another attack where two israeli soldiers were killed in another. injured in a shooting at a bus stop in the area which led to israeli forces imposing strict checkpoint rules around the palestinian city of ramallah with more on this is the report from
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a local journalist cassie's according to reports and initial reports was that palestinians opened fire on israeli soldiers on a flying checkpoint near a model be it as soon as that happened all roads were closed there's really no army has entered on the launch is the defacto capital of the palestinian authority and there are currently confrontations happening between palestinian youth and israeli forces the model has been completely closed off by the israeli army and there are also problems on the main roads between palestinians and israeli settlers settlers have been throwing rocks at palestinian cars so those real army has been in from all over the past four nights conducting raids searching houses searching stores even taking camera footage from cameras throughout the area israel has put the blame on the palestinian authority and at the same time the palestinian authority is putting the blame on the israeli government. not having baggage to the demands
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of large scale nationwide anti-government protests the french president is facing trouble on another front today because leftwing m.p.'s have table a motion of no confidence in his government with a vote due to take place later this evening and it is a may have given the impression that it wasn't my concern that i had other priorities. because of this crisis i want to reconcile with you salaries will increase by one hundred euros in twenty nineteen at no extra cost to employers. well the french yellow vests movement has been protesting on mass for for weeks now what started as a rally against a nice scrapped increase in the price of fuel did evolve into people airing their grievances against the government more generally students and paramedics and even police during the demonstrations across approval rating has hit a record low meanwhile with just one in five backing his work down from sixty six percent after last year's election and despite the presence concessions as he bids
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to get back his support many still unhappy. yourself that question emmanuel markram speech was addressed to hard workers only the minimum wage has nothing to do with us we're not even talking about working overtime because when you work seventy hours per week you just can't understand what that is you forgot that every other farmer earns less than three hundred sixty five years for a month that our french ins are lower than social security that we were a taxes as all other citizens do and even if you have no income you still have to pay taxes meanwhile the yellow vests movement is spreading worldwide with people protesting for different reasons against their governments for example in canada demonstrators are donning high visibility clothing at rallies they're among them is trying to come over and she says the protesters want to remind officials that they work for the people and not the other way around. we're still in the process of establishing ourselves and organizing everything here so i think what's most
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important is the combined intention that we have here to create positive change we are against carbon tax because history has shown that we can't possibly tax a nation into prosperity and i think that that only serves to make economic life even more difficult for all of us families and small medium size businesses here are already struggling basically what we want to do is just be heard by our government we want to know that our government has our best interests in mind we just want to remind our elected officials that they work for us and we don't work for them we want the french government is asking its citizens to stop the protests say that enough is enough. good that's it explain me express their anger this is being heard we ask you to be reasonable and not to attend any protests or. french media suggesting to you that all anti-government rallies should stop in the
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wake of wednesday's going to attack in strasburg a third victim has now died following injuries during the assault on a christmas market as police step up their search for the assailant more details about the shooter are now emerging he is reported to have shouted god is great in arabic as he opened fire on the crowds authorities say he was a strasberg local who'd likely been radicalized in prison and it's been revealed to he had an extensive police record and was on the french watch list of possible extremists it appears to that the twenty nine year old suspect is also causing concern both within france and also beyond its borders a large scale manhunt for the suspect has been launched and the terror alert in france has been raised to its highest level it was reportedly known to have been part of a radicalized network in strasburg italian government meanwhile is said to be closely following events amid fears of a copycat attack and cooperating in the search are the german authorities two to
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whom the suspect was also known having served time in prison for robbery made the manhunt a french prosecutor spoke of how the threat is still very real due to all these considering who target the perpetrators way of his profile and the testimonies of those who hold him you know a lot of a bar anti terror police have been called into action terrorism has once again struck our country in strasburg reminding us in a dramatic fashion but the threat is still very real but we heard from two members of the european parliament from opposite ends of the political spectrum they do agree though that europe's current anti terror policy does need reviewing. we give one minute of silence for the victims as we do recently. as we're doing every day and does good is good and bad because you are doing the work of though this a lot of time this mandate that which we have to change policy is to find the sources of the terrorism and to attack the sources of the readers are the
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terrorists we have to stop the wars in the middle east we have to really degrade. you through the suburbs of paris and brussels. and we have to do to work together with a moderate islam to the week of two to establish some long term goals and try to achieve them marial as moles i think this was expected this is proof that this is a must terrorist has committed a crime that was relatively easy to commit i believe it is time to react the terrorist who carried out this massacre yesterday was well known to the police so why wasn't he detained in advance we discuss a heron stross book with the e.u. having opened its borders this free such relation of people has brought allowed criminals to move about freely every time we have such tragedy we get back to the topic of border control and i think we should take back control of the borders and make the criminals afraid again because now they are not scared yet ordinary people
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are scared of going to christmas markets with their kids scared to go outside it is not enough to light candles to cry to say like they do all the time just. because we bought the clan we are france and we want france to live in peace. in other news after google c.e.o. testified about the company's alleged control of information the issue of speed regulation has popped up for all media platforms one democrat has found himself though embroiled in what could be an even bigger scandal by simply commenting on it with details on the story his quarter. if you're perhaps looking for new ways to put your foot in your mouth democratic congressman ted lew is the guru for you especially after his recent statement to c.n.n. regarding free speech i would love to be able to regulate the content of speech the first amendment prevents me from doing so conservatives immediately slammed lou in
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the media and on twitter they met his statement with skepticism with some of them accusing him of harboring secret tyrannical desires but according to him his statement was actually made in defense of the first amendment i would love to regulate your speech but thank goodness the first amendment prevents me botha's and republicans from doing so get it i'm defending the first amendment perhaps the republicans just wanted an opportunity to grab their pitchforks but lose timing made everything worse came after google c.e.o. sun dar pinchas testimony before congress amidst accusations that the company is censoring conservative voices and the accusations themselves they came along with bright parts leak of e-mails from google employees e-mails that allegedly outlined an entire conspiracy to censor the right wing news outlet for hate speech and you want to hold the news and look through broad don't come for hate speech the e-mail
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said breitbart was quote on their radar and that google had a moral argument according to pinch i though google employees had no means of manipulating search results it's not possible for an individual employee groups of him plough you demanding plate or so it's just those you know we have a robust framework including many steps in the process whether or not there are actually procedural problems that google the company embodies a much bigger problem one highlighted by a protester who came to the testimony in the monopoly man's clothes but lou didn't seem to think a monopoly on him for. mation was the problem he rather pin the blame on people who don't do positive things if you want positive search results do positive things if you don't search results don't do not do things and do so my colleagues across iowa if you're getting bad press articles and bad search results don't blame google
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or facebook or twitter consider blaming yourself so is looking tenuous to take criticism from the media and twitter it begs the question who's to blame for that lou google you. another social media giant is making headlines today that after twitter told a journalist who complained about receiving a death threat fire its platform that no rules had been broken think you for your recent report we have reviewed your report carefully and found that there was no worley sion of the twitter rules against abusive behavior i'm so disgusted by twitter supports failure to take action against a death threat sent to me today i'm going to take a break from the platform for a while and protest if death threats are no violation of the twitter rules against abusive behavior what is one of the journalists who complain to twitter their claims it's normal that such companies do ignore those who opposed who are opposed to the establishment be very clear get read. so that was killed of course we know
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that is one of a lot he was killed absolutely clear that death threats are a violation of twitter rules under abusive behavior i got a reply back to say no it's not a violation absolutely outrageous it's a death threat sent to a journalist via twitter is not abusive behavior the worth is this is the second time this happened to me now i've got a death threat perhaps not quite as blatant as that by another american tweeter who had america first avatar saying that he wanted to see me to come and see me i hope he beats me a threatening tweet again nothing happened and i think what this exposes is the double standards of twitter the twitter policing if you are a journalist with r.t. or write for r.t. right the russian media who are empty war against russia against american foreign policy but it is basically said you are fair game you can be sent desperate we won't do anything. your shot international going to take a quick break now we're back as usual with more.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. you know world of big partisan lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each
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other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. again now in an effort to put a trade deal with china first donald trump has hinted he may intervene in the controversial arrest in canada of a boss of holloway the chinese. if i think it's good for the country if i think it's good for what will be certainly the largest trade deal ever meet which is a very important thing what's good for national security i would certainly intervene if i thought it was necessary always chief financial officer and author of the company's founder mang one joe was arrested early this month in canada she
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is accused of violating american sanctions on iran this one show was bailed by a canadian court on tuesday but still faces extradition to the u.s. if that happens she could potentially receive a hefty prison sentence will beijing is demanding the release of mang one joe it's detained two canadian citizens though in a move seen as retaliation one of those held appeared to be a businessman while the other is it a former diplomat meanwhile america is considering whether to warn its citizens against travel to china and made their way around international an independent chinese specialist andrew young explains why trumps war and peace rhetoric on china faces pressure from his neighbors now as far as the trams remarks. he said that well if this. lady. helps a lot of states as secure better deal with choice then he will intervene
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immediately there but what falls from canada which of course rises. to the issue of independence and the response will say well you've got to be careful caliber of the wars dollars but not all of the public is not as separate in the judiciary and we should allow the judicial process is the of course so i think that there are countries of australia but as far as this to believe that it is the one hundred percent certainty that it is only responds to the president from rhetoric on the trade deal but the timing this is raises all the suspicions. now turkey's president has announced plans to deploy troops to northern syria to fight what he calls terrorists groups that. we will start an operation to free the east of the euphrates from the separatist terrorist organization in the coming days our target is not american soldiers but rather members of the terrorist organization active in
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this region however anchor his plans there apparently don't sit well with turkey's nato ally the u.s. the pentagon has issued a statement mourning that unilateral military action in the area is of grave concern it added to that u.s. personnel may be present in the area and any such military action would be unacceptable let's get the views now was man from the long. form or turkish ambassador to the u.s. and he's with this evening and you're very welcome what's your view here how serious is this dispute or how serious could it get do you think. it certainly is a very serious dispute and it is a continuation. of that relate to disputes that came before. this before the. statements both from uncle i'm from washington and. if you recall there was an agreement on an area called numbers which between the
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u.s. and turkey there was. agreement for the two countries to be. together controlled area and cleared it off. people idea of i.p.g. . elements to godhood by turkey as a terrorist group and now in this in the latest. announcement by president are going to turkey comes at the heels of that now what we have seen so far it is. there just quoted from the pentagon expressing concern or a possible. alteration by turkey in northeast. syria and i think it is time for the us to get it to develop a better understanding of the concerns of turkey rather than. you know
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making a statement like that is saying about that american troops and that such a unilateral move would be unacceptable turkey has been that insistent that it clears that the u.s. should do the end its support took the people idea of ip gentlemens again a terrorist organization for turkey and the u.s. has all been it's been the thing all along and of the people id by p.g. is sponsoring to sit in them across the courses fighting the stomach state but president trump on a day or a few days ago. i have made the statement that the islamic state is to about two disappears from who from syria that all its timbers in a good bit of anguish so it's not a good argument that they they still need. to assert in the book i think forces. court by that i p j p why didn't instance hit its other it's another bit of
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credibility i don't what do you think the last thing that is them because if turkey goes ahead with this is many people expect how will the us respond do you think. well i think that is a bit a little child's especially in terms of what the president had last said that the desert a little chance of. a clash with you in the turkish and american troops your time certainly did not absolutely it will no doubt because of once you start them in the total production. of things you believe the good the gupta is surely out of control the but your control over to develop until prevents and in diffused become less and less so. but i think the american response would have to be probably be to accommodate the turkey's concerns early on so that such i know persian
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a little bit. believe that a lawyer to. the at the last possible moment politically had nothing that might happen might it be but sort of behind the scenes would you expect by this need is to. keep coming out with this forthright rhetoric but behind the scenes perhaps come to some sort of agreement to what we say something more actually open. no i think it will probably be the former rather than it rather that would be the talks between the two sides behind the scenes of the member of this two countries other allies still the allies. oh i think it's similar to the confrontations possible comforter chanst have been faced before i hope i hope it will be the right thing for the two parties to do and that to talk to the top is staying in this war that a military operation by turkey will be of rendered necessary and northeast which
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here i came cynical can you not to tell if you appreciate your time to say even that was a somber. mccolgan film attention back to that city u.s. thank you. thank you he would often say we're back again with more when you set the top of. yes there is a saying. i think they're on the cheap bus and then you went through all the countries. let's ideas they're right let's go to a sculpture he said if you give them everything slip to the bus.
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in this country. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. let us into the minds of the us in time to. notice a non-governmental. similar. i do not want to be one but i did because if you feel if the minutes of phone were not that got good we'd leave again with the phone about a couple of trips with the plane. would come back to the three story you'd have to see. the best. to. make this manufacture come sentenced to the public wells. when the room in closest project themselves. with the final merry go
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round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. the real news is. what politicians do. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so. you want to be president. want to be. this is what. you get. interested.
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i am x. kaiser welcome to rat island now kaiser report what is rat island oh that's all the look at the last show. they're showing heart about new york right at the big apple this next well we've been here some guy went bizerk bagel store because they did not deliver his bagel fast enough they weren't making us bagel fast enough yeah they just mean we feel like i'm in new york that's the way new york is right now that's that's that's absolutely acceptable if you don't get your bagel in a timely way you can you know act out as they say because this is the york and things have got to happen you know like that in a new york minute things you got to happen i order a bagel with a sneer it's not here you're going to pay for it let me talk to your supervisor let me talk your supervisor supervisor i want my bagel now.


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