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suspended today that's violating and doping rules at the twenty fourteen olympic games in sochi that the decision was taken by the international bobsled skeleton federation as of course one two goals insults you but has now been stripped of those medals it was disqualified from this year's olympics in south korea as well. the u.s. national security advisor john bolton has outlined a new strategy for africa limiting american aid to certain countries he said the previous strategy led to billions being spent in effectively. the united states will no longer provide indiscriminate assistance across the entire continent without focus or prioritization under our new africa strategy we will target u.s. funding toward key countries and particularly encourage african leaders to choose high quality transparent and sustainable projects that will benefit their countries around the u.s. he emphasized the new object evolve resolving conflicts instead of freezing them
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the u.s. national security advisor also claimed that russia and china pose a threat to american interests in the region great power competitors namely china and russia are rapidly expanding their financial and political influence across africa they are deliberately and aggressively targeting their investments in the region to gain a compare competitive advantage over the united states and china affairs analyst and lead told us the u.s. is unable to rival beijing's economic clout in africa. china has taken an interest in africa because there are lots of resources in africa it was you know certainly worth it for china to engage with them in the in the long run to help them develop even though many african nations or extremely poor and couldn't pay back china for a lot of the vestments and so china was willing to use barter the u.s.
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was containing china for a year they need to go in and compete with china and of course you know question is gone and you know if there is more choice but you know it really depends on how the u.s. goes about dealing with them if the u.s. chooses to. deal in a very mafia like fashion in the way they've demonstrated with huawei by a resting at a high executive. you know that kind of arm twisting in order to get concessions is probably not going to win any friends. an exhibition as meaningless in southern moscow marking a hundred years since the execution of russia's royal family people in office it spans eleven rooms in and on museum and tells the story of charity projects funded by the romanovs more than a thousand exhibits featured from across that they span three hundred years and include items from schools set up on the imperial rule and on hospitals and homeless shelters the laws on nicholas the second was murdered along with his
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family by the bolsheviks in july ninety six mission runs until march twenty fourth . and i set the south do you once again that time coming up next though the hoax. readings and salutation. you know ark watchers the f.b.i. quietly investigating environmentalists and climate change activists is really really nothing new in fact they even have they even have a special name for it special interest terrorism yes the f.b.i. site states quote special interests terrorism dippers from traditional right wing
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and left wing terrorism in that extremist special interest group seek to resolve specific issues rather than a fact of widespread political change these specific issues are preventing our precious water and land resources from being poisoned by the oil and gas industries yet those specific issues. and now a freedom of ration act request by the guardian and iowa residents after they attended and participated in a peaceful legal protest at a british petroleum refinery in lincoln nebraska the protractor the protesters jonas mcgraw and tom cruise the four yak and frick who are all in their mid to late sixty's by the way were not arrested at the thick according to organizers the permanent protest had law enforcement present and they blocked off traffic for about three miles and reported no disruptions whatsoever three fifty dot org founder bill mckibben mckibben who organized much of the climate action is tracked
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by the f.b.i. told the guardian trying to deal with the greatest crisis humans have stumbled into shouldn't require being subjected to government surveillance but when much of our government acts as a subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry it may be par for the course and that my friends is why we need to be watching the hawks. that's. real that this would. lead to the bottom. like you that i got. with that we. would. welcome everyone watching ox i am tyrrel them and i'm having this. yes you know
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what's really scary or you know sixty year old. standing in a circle singing kumbaya on front of b.p. that's terrorism that is deep terrorism to our i'm terrified every day are you sure you're going to be ok you know nuns do this to their nuns who go out and protest oil companies and stuff nuclear weapon or weapons i mean special interest terrorism which they called it that by the way for at least the last twenty years it's kind of interesting it's just. i can't we were still here and right you know peta annoys me but they're not a terrorist group greenpeace maybe some questionable tactics sometime but not under terrorist organization no not in the least i mean what's amazing to me is that took before you were quite you know what they had to go to for you to get this right so it's like the f.b.i. released seven pages but get this they withheld twenty five grand so what are the other twenty five pages of these three sixty something iowans to some of never been
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arrested have nothing they just care about their environment. why of twenty five pages which just goes to show you are just a little tip for those at home you can fire request yourself you can literally for your request the f.b.i. and say what do you have on me you know and this is kind of what they did and so they end up with this finding out that they're on a list they are on a list i don't know what i don't understand. so the terrorists of three fifty dot org according to their site wait for no three to use online campaigns and various grassroots organ or guys and mass public actions to oppose new coal oil gas projects take they want to take money out of the companies that are heating up the planet and build one hundred percent clean energy solutions that work for all three fifties network extends to actually one hundred eighty eight countries why haven't these monsters been stopped i don't know this is horrible this is good lord you
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know you do you think you know i and we laugh about this but understand that the f.b.i. has people lots of people literally tracking this and making this twenty five page reports etc etc they're wasting taxpayer dollars going after people at a permanent protest that law enforcement was already at and they felt they had to be there i mean this is this isn't new though this is exactly what we saw about twenty years ago in the ninety's we saw a lot of our in their early two thousand there is there's a you know we have the new the good new green new deal. you know this is the new green scare so what they did back then was that all of these eco terrorists were going to blow things up there was an incident in about two thousand and eight in which one of these sort of make mansions big mansions outside a city in washington state had been burned down and they tried to say about this was a big you know eco terrorism but you have to ask yourself it's two thousand and eight the housing bubble is about to crash. and do you think about eco terrorist care
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about your stupid mcmansion you know they try to blame a lot of stuff so organizations like i said that i've been accused of eco terrorism by the u.s. government include the animal liberation front so you remember them altho the earth liberation front greenpeace sea shepherd conservation society which goes to help whales we've had them on people for the ethical treatment of animals and earth first monsters trying to save the earth will do anything they'll stand in front of b.p.'s gates for hours and still haven't called themselves the big look like you said earlier that there's not individuals in the organization who haven't you know done something broken the law or put people in danger of course that happens but to label all of that a terrorist group when really you know let's be honest it's terrorism because it's going against the corporate money interests of big oil and the fossil fuel industry that's why they're calling to them. well in the united states fifty percent of all
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adults have photos of themselves being stored on databases that law enforcement agencies like the f.b.i. have access to for the other half it's only a matter of time before they end up having their face bagged and tagged in the fast food restaurant airport or a taylor swift concert or maybe you already have santa may eighteenth concert taking place in the rose bowl arena in california taylor swift's security team and stalled a kiosk through the entrances that would play behind the scenes videos and messages but what none of the fans knew was that the kiosk was also taking pictures there of their faces sending to a database. and nashville to be compared to known taylor swift stalkers this comes as a reason stadiums around the world been turning to facial recognition software to ensure the safety of artists and concert goers but will scanning faces without permission really be the answer or will making the scanning of your face for convenience make giving up more of our privacy more palatable.
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there's a well there's a lot to think about there. so yes see you go to taylor swift odds are you take all these pictures it's. it's kind of amazing. one of the things that just in early ticketmaster's chief product product officer claims that the technique would be used in an arena as that can be used for everything for sort of like selling beer you could just do your face they'd check your idea to check your age all the tickets so you could keep from having. scalp tickets as one of the things burly is the chief product ever says olds a lot of promise we're just being very careful about where and how we implemented so there it's the question is are you willing to give up your privacy of having your face in this database and get sold or for the convenience of not having to carry a ticket you know i would rather have them have my face in the database i'm even
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though we're getting to the point. words like. you know all of our information is online and all of our privacy is kind of being pulled away from was usually when we were starting to do that you know whatever we signed him for want to a concert the world may be but i mean if you give me a choice and we give most people choice they rather not have their failures scanned into something especially without them knowing it like oh come look at this cute kiosk. well the thing that they said about it was if you board even though they didn't have to try that hard they literally it looks like a t.v. screen with bad behind the screens and you know one of about how it worked just all of the rehearsals and people would as they were coming in turn and it would scan their face and university did a study and it was about figuring out if they could scan and figure out an algorithm to scan and tell whether someone was gay or story. and their algorithm actually was able to accurately distinguish between gay and straight men eighty one percent of the time and. one of the things that that's bothersome about that is as
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we start to look at different ways that these things are used scanning to find health issues scanning to have you know do you have mental health issues do you have personality traits that can be seen through the scan of faces and that's kind of nick rule who's an associate professor of psychology at the university of toronto actually said it's certainly unsettling like any new tool if it gets into the wrong hands it can be used for ill purposes if you can start profiling people based on their appearance that identifying them and doing horrible things to them that's really bad so the idea is the thing that bothers me about the. you don't consent to it though you're in a big public place so there's some things there but you didn't give them permission to keep that picture is also what happens when you start using this to say ok. you can't go in because. you went somewhere and we tracked oh you went to an abortion clinic so we want to hire you you want to win amy and we can or should we can you have anger management issues or personality types we won't let you in this
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concert that's a really good point that's a really good point that i'll think a lot of people i mean everyone kind of initially says surveillance but that you laid it out perfectly taboo in terms of like look these are the things that can be used against us in this kind of thing and look you know i get in taylor's the point she has a lot of stalkers yes i mean earlier this year they had a thirty eight year old guy was arrested and convicted of driving a thousand miles to her house broke in and was bound with rope ammunition and a knife and gloves in his car at the time i get it like if you're a celebrity and you're that you i don't blame you want i really don't i understand that but there's got to be a better way to protect yourself as a celebrity or whatever you are the president or whatever. you know basically every you destroy every one sense of privacy in the process got to be a balance it's why we can't have nice things right all right is there a prick don't predict the weather is that what you the topics that cover the base for twitter so your poll shows that are dot com coming up we're going to talk all
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things russia gate and the potential war with russia with offer stephen home you don't want to miss this stay tune. to resume survives and no confidence vote but now. is a lame duck heartbreaks it blooms angle of merkel has announced her impending political retirement and emmanuelle the grounds moral legitimacy as president of france is in the balance the three pillars of the e.u. are on shaky ground is the euro project suffering isis the.
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routine of spy propaganda papadopoulos putin the russian bought sleaze mansion for de chess clinton e-mails dossiers by steel russian bought scoop goose supporters treasons traitors man affords ukraine's area nuclear treaties nato trump and a point in the trump presidency and what feels like a lifetime of russia gave investigations and hysteria for most of us everything is still a very confusing fever dream of russian names and wild allegations and half cocked theories official lies you know media piss fights bumbling an oily political swamp hostlers brought before a man but through all the media circus and concerns of trees it treason and collusion there is with a keen observer a growing undercurrent of xenophobia and hatred towards russia not seen since the nineteen fifties and sixties did during the heady days of joseph mccarthy communism
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in the cold war with the united states now ending new nuclear treaties and congressman like democrat steve cohen calling for a cyber attack that made russian society valueless to cripple everything declare that if they all fell underneath the kremlin and got buried together it would be too soon one has to wonder if we could survive a twenty first century version of the cuban missile crisis because today instead of j.f.k. bobby kennedy and ted sorensen and others helping guide us away from the war hawks and nuclear armageddon. we are stuck with ship who will joining us to discuss all this and more as professor author and historian stephen cohen welcome so much sir thank you very very much for coming on the day. i was wondering if you could do that list you rattled off in reverse alphabetical order i don't know if i can is there that. you know stephen with with the barrage of speculation and conjecture surrounding russia gate in this new cold war can this
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new cold war almost it's almost impossible to keep track of of everything without going insane you know like that list as someone who spent the last three years trying to separate the lucid from the crazy in all this what do you believe is the most important thing to keep in mind when we're trying to navigate all things russia gate today. that we are in a relationship with russia more dangerous than we have ever been with the possible exception of the cuban missile crisis which i think you mentioned i have a new book out called war with russia question mark. oh i began working on it five years ago and i would not have given it that title then but the events of the last five years or roughly since the outburst of the ukrainian crisis to thirteen to fourteen through trump selection and above all the rise of this thing called russia
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which to be clear because we moved side of it so it is a set of allegations that the president of the united states is a kind of puppet or of the influence of putin's kremlin we've never been here before so you cited an example that's always on my mind the cuban missile crisis this new cold war has several fronts fraught with war syria ukraine the north the ball the the north baltic what is often it's not a hypothetical with what if because there are dangerous things unfolding all the time something like the cuban missile crisis emerge where you're facing the accidental possibility of a nuclear war the country trusted kennedy to negotiate with the kremlin away from that dangerous trump has no such trust in this in this country these allegations and they seem false to me that he somehow under the sway of the kremlin means he cannot negotiate in a way to avoid war so bear in my mind is the most dangerous unprecedented.
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circumstance we face today and in a way this new book of mine a war with russia question mark which covers the last five years explains how we gardner and what's at stake. let me ask mainstream news outlets the c.n.n. is the new york times you don't a lot of politicians have painted this picture of the hostilities with russia being instigated and driven by by russia by vladimir putin and the kremlin's actions in places like ukraine and syria and not the unite. states were just reacting to these attacks were reacting in your research is this really the case and what are we missing about our role in the u.s. in part as part of this new cold war. this thesis that russia alone has provoked the new cold war and the capitalist the old cold war was people's explained by
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ideology i'm not so sure about that that's a separate discussion but how do we explain a cold war more dangerous than the last one with a russia that says it shares our capitalist beliefs and even our religious beliefs how do you explain that something happened back in the one nine hundred ninety s. on bill clinton's watch and it was called nato expansion that's a kind of close we've lived with it for more than twenty years but it is the geo political original selling the decision to move us western military power all the way to russia's borders and it's on russia's borders now in the baltic states in ukraine what did they think russia's reaction was going to be well ok fine put all your weapons on our border or we'll forget about the german invasion in one hundred forty one we don't have any memory of russia to move any
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power anywhere so march of world to the expansion of nato that's the original sentence now there have been other of its and you could say well russia reacted on watchfully maybe so but i would argue. in response to all this talk that putin is an aggressive foreign policy leader that on the contrary he's a reactive leader and in fact i was in moscow two weeks ago i guess policy class in moscow who is criticized for being too reactive not anticipating what the west was going to do i think that's how historians will write in this what these last fourteen or fifteen years you know that's interesting when you mention you know how we're going to look back on these you know last fourteen or fifteen years and to me what what or what is the biggest misconception that's either under reported or just not being told to the american public or just the west in general
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about russia and. i mean it's a puzzle in a way it's like one day it will be a trivia question but today it's an accidental question how did it happen that a man like putin becomes leader of russia and quickly he's demonized in ways that no soviet leaders were i mean stop and think all of our presidents since eisenhower negotiated with whomever sat in the kremlin the people who sat in the kremlin had blood on their hands but there wasn't the argument of the united states where we should not have nuclear weapons agreements or they should not have summits hooten comes to power a man with a fairly he was in the k.g.b. but with a pretty clean past with a lot of the admirers in the west and within two or three years he emerges as demonize figure and even more so since the russia gate thing behind this i think is in the more than one factor that the policy elite the bipartisan washington policy
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elite expected after the end of the soviet union that russia that america would be number one in the world in every sense economically politically diplomatically as it seemed briefly in the one nine hundred ninety s. and then came a different kind of leader russia got back on its feet and in a way you can hear and what they say about putin a resentment that he was unexpected one new york times columnist wrote nicholas kristoff that he expected after yeltsin the previous russian leader a sober yeltsin because yeltsin was a bad drinker impudent he got something very different something much more than a sober yeltsin the reaction to that the disappointment the expectation the sense that russia is awarding america's mission in the world is behind this this this.
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substantially this deal with invasion of russia itself well you know and it's very dangerous. why you know one of these things you want to be when you have a cold war you want to make sure it doesn't turn on you know it's all fun and games until it suddenly turns into an actual war why is detente with russia so scary to our politicians to everybody it seems like you know that's. that's the point we want to sit down and talk we want to keep things from war from happening so why are they so against it. well if you look back on the twentieth century and you write the history the diplomatic history of american soviet relations you have a forty year cold war during which these episodes of what you call detente rightly which means technically introducing cooperation in place of conflict you have major episodes now i think for a second because nobody mentions it every major episode was led by
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a republican president eisenhower nixon and finally the great detente reagan and gorbachev then years later along comes trump not very articulate not clear what he's talking about but during the campaign he says he believes in cooperation with russia that stay tied and he's assailed so you're right this is an assault on the very idea of detente with its wong tradition of keeping the state of the safe in the twentieth century so i would argue in his own strange monocular idiosyncratic way trump has struggled to be a date on president but he's been prevented from being one so remember what happened in july he goes to helsinki to have a quote summit this ritualized top meeting with the russian leader every american president since roosevelt and certainly since eisenhower had had these summits trump comes home and he's accused of committing treason for appearing at
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a joint press conference with putin even though joint press conferences after summits are absolutely part of the game ritualistic they told last the situation you're in the situation room and i want to thank you for writing this book war with russia question mark and thank you for being a voice of reason out there in the wilderness stephen of com thank you so much for coming on the birds and beat a pleasure. good issue. aside from pesticides disease is the greatest threat to the honeybee populations most scientists at the university of helsinki have created a kind of vaccine to protect us from dangerous infectious diseases like one called american fowl brute american fall bird is widespread and it's actually one of the most destructive diseases to be broods the vaccine would allow. them to notice the disease early in its life cycle and in a way that may how come you human bodies create antibodies and if taken by the
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queen bee is the vaccine is then passed on or eggs meaning they will create an immunity in the egg to the american felker it is well the edible vaccine is not ready for commercial use just yet but as the testing continues let's celebrate a little hole through the i mean you don't want to save the world but you can just buzz off. to go where you live every day for the west like i do i live every day on my last book on this make every. a just because i love the very desperate wants to have a very clear about as far as roper the very remember everyone in this world we are told the above sort so while i love you i am i wrote and telephone all in part one hundred dogs that were great there but everybody.
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joined me every thursday on the elec simon show and i'll be speaking to get us to the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. a russian citizen detained in the u.s. pleads guilty to being a foreign agent says her case is politicized claiming she was under psychological pressure. the french parliament rejects.
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