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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  December 14, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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who think for themselves and others these are both to ask somebody if they can use the bathroom there's a post as for permission to wear a different color sock ok these are big job dude's you have to get permission to switch from boxers to tidy whiteys. one of the more notable objectors this year was spencer ripon a second lieutenant who was discharged on june nineteenth june eighteenth for disparaging the u.s. war machine online and promoting socialism apparently reading about the true story of pat tillman was what did it for him for opponents said it's pat tillman showed me i could resist the indoctrination i didn't have to let the military dehumanize me and turn me into something monstrous when i learned how his death was covered up to sell the war it was shocking to sell the interesting turn of phrase to sell the war why is it that we would need to sell a war oh i know because it's completely unjustified of all things still.
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like. hurting people naturally agree with or enjoy doing you don't have to average size them like you don't see ads they feed your kids. do that you know or commercials saying try sex sometime. that stuff comes pretty natural but you do need promotion media propaganda in your face for our endless war games because that doesn't come naturally people to people it comes naturally to show see all paths and then it has to be sold to the rest of us right so riposte said. close said prudence i'm thinking for myself i'm picking out my own socks and for that he was discharged.
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but the military is not the only place where conscientious objectors play a role it might be the only one where you can end up in jail for walking away but there are a lot of moments in our messed up world where you can turn your back and do the right thing for example fewer and fewer people are willing to do the job of killing millions of animals every years a report came out that has revealed that staff source shortages at slaughterhouses in the u.k. are threatening christmas sales some ten thousand plus dishes are unfilled at major avatars the report explains that for most potential applicants the industry's low pay is not the problem but that people simply do not want to do this work anymore come on you know. this has gone for thousands of pigs. and the life of hundreds of sentient beings who haven't done anything to me to warrant such treatment. and i don't like
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loading buckets of adorable chickadees into their grinding. so sure they can be turned into a meat melon that will ultimately be served to a basket half. in all seriousness working at the killing fields of a factory farm has a lifelong impact that no one talks about slaughterhouse works has been linked to a variety of disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder and perpetration induced traumatic stress one pig slaughter said the worst thing about the work is its emotional toll but the good news is it seems that more and more workers are realizing it's better to get paid to hand out coffees at a coffee house than death sentences at a slaughterhouse because with one of them. this is a horrible one one of my life ended up like this but with the other one you have to kill animals. conscientious objection to happens
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in the big tech world too this past may a dozen google employees quit to protest the company's role in drone killing technology created for the pentagon and another four thousand signed internal petition to stop the partnership now while i agree with those who quit i think if i had worked there i would have stayed i would have stayed but i would have just quietly inserted in each drone targeting system one of my legs. like i could have quietly grown for decades to come. i might have to rub some rogaine down there maybe where merkin or something to keep the production flow but where there's a will there's a way. there have been many objectors also in our police forces officer ray lewis was a captain in the philadelphia police force for twenty three years then he became an
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outspoken critic of police abuse military militarization and access force he shows up to protest stands on the front lines to help remind the other cops what they want to be protecting and it's not only a pipeline for wall street banks and most importantly he does it with a hearty mustache right. because without tax not a single police officer would you have a. right foot you can really touch a cop through his stance. his or her status. the truth is we the people may not have that much power we don't control our democracy anymore now that every decision is based on money we can't instantly change the entire system but we have one very powerful tool we have the power of our labor millions of americans and hundreds of millions worldwide work for corporations that do what. evil every single day people that big banks officers tend to steal
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children from their mothers soldiers told to drone bomb a guy they'd never met before mainstream media hat pushing for more war and merchants in charge of selling kid rock t. shirts or write the list and lists they all have the ability to say i object i will not help with your villainy anymore and if they all objected we would see a different world overnight reward yet. to come. i'm really can now expect the news from behind it because i don't want to be
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a q q jews did not covering it even though it's not redacted a federal judge sentenced trumps lawyer michael cohen to three years in prison for trying to buy off the silence of stormy daniels and another woman in two thousand and sixteen but i say we shouldn't even be talking about this because whatever happens between a presidential candidate and his mafioso lawyer fixer type guy and a couple of porn star mistresses is between that presidential candidate and his mafioso lawyer fixer guy and his porn star mistresses and the trump organization and probably a few other people who had to break someone's legs and the doctor who had to fix those legs. that is all why are americans so no. man it's you know it's almost like trump is a corrupt business man good in this and it's almost more like we. i knew he was
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a corrupt businessman good since the one nine hundred eighty s. and it's even more like if he had not been running against another corrupt politician the american people never would have voted for him but unfortunately there were no other candidates running as. what could we do. so that covered the story if you like roughly nine hundred forty three more hours of coverage on what i just said turn to c.n.n. m.s.n. b.c. or fox news or or just print out this image of stormy daniels and. mash it mash it up against your face. actually that's just a c.n.n. version if you want the m.s.m. p.c. version mash it against your face and then have someone punch the other side. now that we got that out of our system we have more important stuff to talk about such as the fact that about half of you are viewing this on a television in
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a prison cell yes besides being on a mount rushmore the grand canyon in times square america is also home to the world's most thriving and bustling prison states but there are far fewer souvenir mugs telling that achievement there really are no one. knew report has come out showing that half of all u.s. adults have an immediate family member of currently or previously incarcerated half of us are directly connected to this brave wonderful all american prison industry you know and to those a year locked up right now thank you for helping america stand out from all those other little nations who finally have the prisoners. yet i don't want to do it right. so this means a half of americans are related to someone trapped behind bars seventy percent are related to someone trapped in. wage slave job mainly mcdonald's or t.g.i.
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friday's the other seventy five percent are related to someone trapped in student loan debt and fourteen percent are related to someone trapped in debt from tickets to an ariana grande a concert. so that leaves roughly two percent of americans who are free as it. may take you to. j. . other countries can. bet you can do better than two. tons of freedom really overflowing freedom besides it's important to have as many people as possible locked up because most of the prisoners are poor or lower class and this helps the ruling class to make sure there are no strong protest movements you know just just these past two weeks in france we have seen what happens when you don't imprison enough of your non rich said a sense they start asking for the things that the yellow vest protests have seen
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thousands marching and rioting across france in order to demand an end to any quality and to present mccrone as tax breaks for the rich tax breaks for the rich growing inequality why does that sound familiar. i think. i think most crime has been found around some very bad. you know they say once you go orange you realize now that rhymes with orange. we do and some say this will not stop with france this is from popular resistance in every country the ruling class is seeking to enforce a new round of attacks on wages and working conditions however the growth of the class struggle propelled by grotesque levels of social inequality is also developing as a global process come on there could never be large scale protests here. america
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for one thing very few of us can afford to buy a yellow best. way we have to rebranded ourselves as the beer helmet protest. or maybe those se protests you know the rich see the wrath of our salvation. all racked and good knowing in the fires of vengeance. but large scale imprisonment isn't the only way to keep your average american from boldly standing up another way is to make sure we are too sick to stand up and one company that has excelled at polluting our water and air has been the fine people at dupont the least internal company documents revealed the dupont knew about the dangers of the chemical p f o s as far back as one thousand nine hundred sixty one and knew in one thousand nine hundred four that the chemical was present in the local water supply and being emitted in dust from the factory chimneys yet did not disclose this to
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workers or the surrounding public a single teflon plant in west virginia dumped over one point seven million pounds of p.f. all way over the span of fifty years i mean isn't that great to see that level of hard work like they were burning the candle at both ends in order to the rest of us in both. but i know fairly and i have no fear last week dupont opened a factory in saudi arabia that will produce reverse osmosis water filters they're going to sell us the devices we need to buy the water clean the water all the pollution they filled our water with. it's i mean is there no end to the generosity of do what. they did and they. give us cancer. then when ye think they can do. no more they give us water filters to help
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us not get their cancer. well ok they don't give us the filters we'll have to buy them to be very expensive but. it's the thought that counts and that dog is to come home. wherever we can. that is the best part about this country after you know after all is said and done often corporations will sell us solutions to the problems they've created for us don't if you don't like your computer breaks too much by the help desk warranty then we'll help you weather right you don't like the airplane seat only fits one of your two legs by a hundred pale hundred dollars for an extra two inches of room right you don't like dying from your smoking addiction but i some of our nicorette go write it all like that your phone cracks whenever you're in a strong breeze if i want to buy a thirty dollars phone cases you know they say prostitution is the world's oldest
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profession well ever since the first prostitute sold the guy a sheepskin condom to protect him from her the true capitalist we've got a pretty sweet system here. for our protection from us if you don't you'll have to pay for silence later that's how it all works right where you go to a quick break but if you want more reaction cause they check out the free weekly podcast on the cancer on i tunes codified state your you can also get them back it's a nice podcast called moment of clarity also free every week for dr aguilar march. to resume survives a no confidence vote but now is a lame duck heartbreaks it blooms angle of mirth. has announced or impending
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political retirement and emmanuelle for moral legitimacy as president of france is in the balance the three pillars of the e.u. are on shaky ground is the euro project suffering a crisis of competence. you need. to push the. ball with what's going on when you go for what. you know you know and. the more you know. your good fortune just a creature who has a purpose to play good cricket or struck. off. the
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customer because they. imagined this is thirty five and you have a career and in clear involves using your eyes filled in your computer and things like that in an office. perhaps you sort of getting going it's circular it's. going to have to stop doing all this and this is tell you lou the minutes must be free my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it and box. around it a very strong magnetic field. you know in my head. it's like a real hard pressure on my skin burns and that wireless access point and it's just continuous on saying what are students in this. schools. are just continually
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bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. rather back the new documents reveal that doctors not only played a significant role in the cia torture program but also considered testing drugs on terror suspects you know no one wants their doctor to be trained. but you know he was the only doctor left taking new patients on zoc doc so i had to. post here discuss is a member of doctors with water borders they only care about. me.
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there were still there were doctors participating in the torture program really you need doctors to alleviate suffering during a violent interrogation or even during the lethal injection as many doctors do in the us they make sure that you don't have indigestion after your last meal great i mean you don't want to have gas while you're getting gas that would be going to all doctors swear to do no harm like this is unprofessional how can you say it's unprocessed tional when they filled out so much paperwork. the cia job carefully documented waterboarding saying that it provided periodic relief to a detainee from a standing sleep deprivation they said waterboarding was relief. it sounds kind of relaxing doesn't it tell others also wrote about a prisoner who. was forced into
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a thirty by thirty inch box noting that because of his small stature this call fin sized enclosure served as a relatively benign sanctuary from other torture methods show where e. you can't make someone so cold for political office what you're telling me you never crawl into an air duct to meditate. you just don't see what an empty scenes you see pain i see a travel pillow but this one clearly is a high end pedicure you're going to go down oh look the witches get in your clothes dried yeah nice of those men don't think that's opening your mind man which is what the cia doctors wanted to do for the detainees they were planning to use first psychoactive drug similar to some of those used in m.k. ultra on prisoners you know m.k. ultra the cia mind control experiment that l.s.d.
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and other drugs to unwittingly test subjects l.s.d. has since been discredited as a mind control substance and is rather a mind freeing experience after they saw so many people skinny dipping in public fountains proclaiming to be frogs one second and birds the next make your spirit animal hit me. first on the other hand was an untested erbitux it which the doctors argued could break down the will of the prisoner and work as a truth serum. for. the work well it's about as scientific as say the effects of rum and coke which according to my studies can be very effective if i coughed up some serious intel which led to the end of several friendships. i don't think bringing back. experiments would be
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a good idea this is nothing like m.k. ultra because these guys in the torture program were not americans plus isn't it an upgrade to go from terror suspect to guinea pig no knowledge dogs leave the entire torture program was an experiment which failed to get the intelligence we needed so now we know what to do and that's very important for science. and doctors weren't the ones doing the waterboarding they were just taking notes who were complicit in war crimes and they should be prosecuted along with jean a half ball oversaw some of this torture and now as head of the cia. remember we hanged nazis for experimenting on people sins as you could use some rest in one of my state of the art meditation coffins.
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it's a dog world but it's also a corporation corp world and now there's only a few corporations left using all the others to break this down we're going to redact a correspondent john a photo. if there's one thing most americans across the political spectrum can agree on it's that. bully sonar. not the board game monopoly that actually can be really funny in the demented sense of getting the show of simulated bankruptcy into the fates of your loved ones hey grandma you just landed on park place with a hotel i own bad now mortgage all of your properties and go live in a dumpster. no i'm talking about the widespread monopolies the.
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industries in america because of weight stage after all is less fun america used to have antitrust laws that stopped corporations from monopolizing markets and often broke up the biggest culprits no longer it's a hidden oak were redistribution of money and power for the majority of americans to corporate executives and well be shareholders you see antitrust law has fall in by the wayside and it's a shame because america was born by rebelling against monopoly also there was genocide whole lotta genocide well let's focus on the monopoly thing for nearly two hundred years we did a somewhat decent job of using local state and federal law to prevent the concentration of economic power so what have been this have been.
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there's a new report out by the anti-monopoly think tank the open markets institute called america's concentration crisis and it's not about our inability to focus. i found out after wasting half an hour watching you tube videos about turning your own into drinking water so there goes the. one hundred percent us a made. area and. i am way too easily distracted by nonsense anyway when i finally got to it i realize this new report provides crucial information about a broad range of thirty two different industries that are alarmingly monopolistic some although still troubling are more obvious like social networking sites where there's an eighty nine percent market share. or by just three burbs seventy two
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percent of which is facebook alone or domestic airlines where four companies have seventy three percent of the pie from thirty eight percent in just two thousand and five and then there's little known but equally freaky ones like the ivy solution industry where eighty six percent is provided by just three firms nearly fifty percent by baxter. if baxter went belly up for some reason that would mean a serious shortage of i.v. solutions hospitals would have to pump people full of merry naira saw us that is the next logical step out and now for my favorite zero dollar web site. seventy percent is just one company mind. you're telling me that seventy percent of the time we're all collectively to the same corporation and it's called mine
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that's what we're doing me our own almost as much as the c.e.o. of google musta been weird out with a monopoly man showed up at his congressional testimony. we should all be that reporting from the united states of monopoly john f. o. dumb redacted you. know your headlines from the future tomorrow you'll learn president thinking it might be nearing time to tell first lady about his affair with stormy daniels. and in two weeks you'll learn. starbucks employee insists he forgot woman's allman milk latte as a protest against the warmer saying. and coming up in january. amazon's dog dipped after report reveals amazon accidentally paid one point two billion
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dollars for a company it already oh no. that's our show but you get more of my driving my new standup comedy special. comedy special god i want to take. a look at what we're trying to. get the most since he is the most approached the most pointed a gun for walter jones comedic and. impressed me with. that. system but what do i got when you got to put that up with the filter. you know you know those little. kids is that you know.
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the more you know. your good fortune. which is a purpose is to persuade a person or struck. out on you before the customer because. the. president trump indeed has has his way of communicating but you have to hand it to him but sometimes it's better to try and shake up the established way of doing things in order to come to a different conclusion i think what's worrying is this focus on the you know fate news and junk news because one of the foundations of a democracy has to be the trust in news facts and information and if that trust is fundamentally shaken and the independent media ol criticized then i. that's a problem from a communications perspective. just
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. that it. will. slow to load the plan was impossible for. a palestinian teenager was killed and dozens of other protests are injured during clashes with the.


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