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i don't know yet what. a. poor job. subscribed to but people also give already comes in for just twelve euros fifty per month. russia's recent unprovoked attack on ukrainian naval vessels it is yet another violation by the russian federation the u.s. and some countries are playing along with the ukrainian authorities confrontational course roscoe rejects the ukrainian sponsored u.n.
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resolution as a provocation as the document condemns russia over the alleged militarization of crimea. designed to rise against nicaraguan president daniel ortega has cracked down on the media and civil rights groups we could why the u.s. imposes sanctions on the country but turns a blind eye to violations in neighboring under. also this hour investment bank goldman sachs faces criminal charges in malaysia over the loss of billions of dollars the company points the finger of blame at the. a very warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international with me. the u.n. general assembly has now really adopted a ukraine sponsored resolution blaming russia for what it calls the militarization
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of crimea nearly half the member states abstained from the vote the resolution accuses russia of restricting navigation in the black and sees blasted it as one sided saying it gives kiev a permit to scapegoat russia here is how the assembly unfolded. the united states is pleased to co-sponsor the resolution highlighting serious concerns with the militarization of crimea and russia's recent unprovoked attack on ukrainian naval vessels in the current strait russia's attack is a dangerous excavation and its ongoing aggressive activities towards ukraine and us alone we mean we are facing a carefully thought out and well planned provocation that is continuing here in the assembly before our eyes the u.s. and some e.u. countries are playing along with the ukrainian authorities confrontational course most countries are co-sponsors of this resolution jim it is yet another violation
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by the russian federation of the u.n. charter and deliberate attack by the russian military forces against ukraine in the neutral borders of the black sea incident it was said the incident happened in neutral territorial waters but the same ukrainian representative has just said a week ago that it happened in ukrainian waters as you know the essence of this issue is a common belief that states must not use force in their international relations including to acquire territory or change borders inconsistently with the u.n. charter thank you no because i'm. here of his getting signals that everything is allowed and everything will be forgiven and that all its sins and crimes will be pardon and russia will be made a scapegoat now this follows an incident in which you had a ukrainian naval vessel trying to cross the kirks strait now when this happened at that point there were ukrainian navy boats trying to cross this courage straight
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and they ignored instructions from maritime control and at that point russian border guards had to intervene and detain the violators now the current bridge which was recently constructed connecting crimea to other parts of russia was frequently brought up by those condemning russia it's important to note that bridge has been a point of criticism. by those who oppose russia so much so the washington examiner a publication in the united states went as far as to call for the bridge to be blown up it's interesting that there was not then widespread condemnation of the washington examiner but regardless so we also have recently heard the united states promising to send more weapons to kiev and furthermore we did see another resolution voted on now the united states voted in favor of the resolution condemning russia however they voted against a resolution put forward by russia to condemn naziism in fact the united states and ukraine were the only two countries to vote against that resolution opposing nazis
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so pretty clear differences in the international community displayed in the debate and passing of resolutions today at the u.n. general assembly legal analyst we spoke to thinks that u.n. resolutions are all about blokes that allies political games not only are we seen a lot of animosity and feelings coming up but we're also seeing a lot of political moves as you can see with some of these other resolutions that seem to be kind of general blanket statements that universally would be rejected that would just go against just because russia passed this so we are seeing a lot of these sentiments going through and so a lot of countries abstain we're looking at when we talk about the general assembly specifically with resolutions passing we're looking at one hundred percent geo political factions here this is all a political game and it's all whose side is on whom that's why the u.n. general assembly is filled with blocks allies and other things like that for the u.s. to want russia on board because the u.s. already knows u.s. allies will be on board with that the same way where russia knows that russian
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allies will be on board an arab snow that arab allies will be on board with certain resolutions it's a lot of the political game and what publicly should be the the position or strategy of the people in the u.n. general assembly. not costa rica where several hundred exult nicaraguans protested against the country's presence daniel ortega. protest his demands that ortega stop the repression of media and civil rights founders of nicaraguans have fled to costa rica since the outbreak of anti-government protests more than three hundred people have been killed in more than five months of civil unrest in september nicaragua made street protests illegal human rights watch criticized the raids on opposition media and the closure of human rights organizations because northern neighbor honduras is also accused of
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similar violations but there is a contrast in how the u.s. treats these central american countries one receives punishing sanctions the other an extensive aid package as donald quarter explains. it's a tale of two central american countries both plagued with somewhat similar problems corruption violence and government crackdowns. the. rule of law has not fared so well in either country with doris and nicaragua both sinking towards the bottom of the list ponderosa in nicaragua both exemplify a recent regional trend of suppressing the right to protest and using excessive force against demonstrators however hunder us is the only one out of the two that the us seems to have a soft side for don't just take my word for it nicaragua was one of the us is
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tyrannical trio the spread of tyranny follows a predictable pattern media and opposition parties are silenced the regime unleashes its militants to kidnap torture and execute dissidents but one doris well they're of valuable ally especially after they voted with the us to legitimize to roussillon as israel's capital to people of honduras and stupid with us to make that decision ourselves and decide we're we've got our embassy and that's right and we greatly appreciate not just disappeared on them but on so many. united nations now both nicaragua and honduras crackdown on anti-government protests this year but they've evoked quite different reactions from the u.s. when nicaragua does it it's a threat to the legitimacy of the current administration every does not victim of this violence and intimidation campaign further undermine its take its legitimacy.
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and one hundred doors cracks down on protesters after a sketchy election well that's a time for people to hold hands and sing kumbaya coming out of the election regions where. the united states to egypt very important that the people come together we start to become inclusive and we find success but that's words now what about the money the u.s. is shoveling military and economic aid honduras is way sixty eight million tax dollars worth and at the very same time nicaragua is about to be slapped with further sanctions just last week congress passed the nneka act over the latin american countries corruption and human rights violations so two countries with very similar problems but two very different approaches the view of those two countries has been highly. distorted by the mainstream media and by the u.s.
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government the united states is not concerned about human rights and democracy in fact we know that the u.s. supports seventy three percent of the world's you tater ships but uses human rights very. arbitrarily and selectively in order to justify its own geo political ends up of course is a classic example where the us ordered the supposed dictatorship for decades and then when there was a popular all revolution by the standard he says worked for over ten years supporting culture terror against our country people forget about that you know and those things need to be remembered in the context of the of the situations we're talking about today. a judge in the u.k. house blocks an illegal immigrants deportation up to the asylum seeker converted to christianity the man all of it rainin origin known as a grounds was granted u.k.
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residence in two. thousand and nine for five years however the british government says he is a threat to society and has already been jailed for sexually assaulting a seventeen year old girl he was released three years ago with an order of deportation but after looking through his eight hundred fifty twitter posts quoting the bible and christian theology the court decided that he was at risk of persecution if sent back to iran. to circumstances i am satisfied that the appellant has established that there is a real risk that his return he would be questioned about the details of his asylum claim even though the judge admitted he thought the man's religious conversion was an attempt to avoid deportation he still found it likely his human rights would be breached we call the opinion of keith best a former chief executive of the immigration advisory service and david coburn a member of the european parliament for scotland. the law has to be disinterested
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the law has to be blind it applies to everybody this man has put himself in harm's way by pretending to be a christian which she apparently according to the reports seems not to be it is an absolute prohibition on sending anybody whatever they've done back to a situation in which they may face inhuman or degrading treatment or torture just because they're the only may come to out some harm whole i don't see why we should we should keep them in this country i think that law needs to be changed that is fair enough but do remember what we're going to show the premier division you know no learn just listen david for a moment what we are applying is a british act of parliament which had got the european convention but you know i know i'd be in the european you in then on human rights act if we start discriminating against people for reasons of their faith or their sexual propensity
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or whatever then we are on very serious ground britain should be setting an example around the world well actually maintaining the rights of individuals and once we start slipping from that we fall into the era of many other countries which are far less liberal and that's a very serious decline in civilization now those countries those sovereign nations beat their own decisions and i don't think it's for you to tell them what to do i deplore what they're very but it's their decision now as regards a criminal who comes here and commits a heinous crime of rape quite frankly he has no right to stay in this country and should be removed and we should make it very clear and i would move us from that particular act so that we can make our own decisions about keeping people in the country or having them removed and the far as i'm concerned once he'd serve to sectors which he didn't serve by the way it was
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a part of it. if feet would touch the ground the the fundamental human rights apply universally they apply to everybody and just because you don't like particular people or because they've committed certain crimes you can't start to distinguish otherwise you end up like the nazis in germany a lot i don't want to live in that kind of society. a feud between democrats and republicans over plans for a wall between the united states and mexico has led to threats of a u.s. government shutdown donald trump is taking over five billion dollars for a wall while the democrats insist on less than two billion and a simpler border fence president trump lashed out claiming that any democrat saying the border would be secure without a wall is just another politician following the party line for now it's still not clear what exactly will be built on the us mexico border.
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border security to the people of our country very important the wall is a big factor in border security number one we are for strong border security. speaking for myself consider the wall and moral walls can be scaled over walls can be tunneled under the wall doesn't stop any bad things from happening it just makes it impossible for the folks on our side to see what's developing and makes it more difficult for them.
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the president through executive order one three seven six seven directed us to build a wall on the southwest border the wall that we're going to put in here is a wall that we're going to put in here you may be wondering why are we choosing the type of fence that we're choosing the bollard wall that we're going to be putting in place excuse me to safety aspects that a wall provides this type of fence or be this type of ball of walls. if we don't get what we want one way or the other whether it's through you through a military through anything you want to call i will shut down the guy we can have it or not this temper tantrum that he seems to throw will not get him his wall and it will hurt a lot of people because he will cause a shutdown. the
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fate of syria will be thrashed out in the swiss city of geneva later today at a meeting hosted by the un's special syria and boy staff and it to mr top diplomats from russia iran and turkey will put their weight behind political efforts to eighty's years of turmoil in the region correspondent ised gassy of his in geneva for us covering the events and writes good to see you well can we expect from today's gathering. when it's still up in the air as. official called it today's either a breakthrough or a breakdown in negotiations and the topic is huge they've been added for a while trying to form a constitutional committee for syria to either amend syria's current constitution or a new foundation legal foundation in order to ensure national all inclusive elections which is needed. for
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a peaceful resolution to the syrian civil war unfortunately one of the caveats one of the things that. one of the things that seem to be blocking this solution is that everybody striving to stuff the constitutional committee with their own people be it the syrian side the side the rebels that they're backing in syria so it really all hinges and that and the turkish foreign minister himself said he's ready to sign any sort of document that guarantees a safe and balanced committee but he also said that these efforts. of those of russia iran and turkey the three principal players currently trying to resolve the conflict peaceful means he said that there's been no support from the from the coalition coalition led by the united states nevertheless as i say a few hours left before we find out what they've agreed. the situation in syria
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meanwhile still volatile turkey is threatening any day an invasion of northern syria against the u.s. backed could there that it calls terrorists the situation in libya is also volatile with regular clashes between the syrian arab army and the hardest these the mist and rebels on the other side though there's been no major offensive so now. i guess you have thank you for bringing us the latest wild death threats to the family of the rights lawyer and jamie sparks have proven so right wing groups within the police who got the details on that story coming up right after this break. you know world's big partners do things a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that
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mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on offense period dramatic development the only relief i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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welcome back now investment bank goldman sachs is facing criminal charges in malaysia over the loss of billions of dollars from a state investment fund the fund says the full mcgovern most in call of them is to blame claiming it lied to the bank daniel bushell investigates whether the company will face any real consequences. the indictment states goldman sachs not only got ridiculously inflated fees of six hundred million dollars for helping start malaysia's corrupt national wealth fund were in coalition leader and what abraham says the wall street bank must be complicit in the whole affair probably the most stunning financial scandal of the decade is the failure of governance and you allow . this one is much a bottom up and they were. complicit to the. international financial institutions and blew
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a second course and then instead of investing it in the nation prosecutors say the funds cash was blown on a five year spending spree from beverly hills mansions to a rare twenty two carat pink diamond see through a grand piano gift to australian supermodel miranda kerr a quarter of a billion dollars on this three hundred foot mega yacht called the equity and bankrolling hollywood hit the wolf of wall street about oh the irony but in crimes on an industrial scale advanced screening of the film was shown near the goldman sachs building in new york to bankers who quote cheered it all the wrong moments. the real question is this was this legal. so the. defendants deny the claims and goldman blames those malaysia crimes on a few rogue individuals notably goldman's then celebrated star partners in life but at the end of that six five years spending spree in twenty fourteen indictment
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points out goldman actually promoted him worse liason his guilty plea notes others at the bank helped him conceal bribes what he did even quote very much in line with the culture of goldman sachs that culture thrives thanks to what's called the revolving door where goldman chiefs worldwide made law makers and regulators and vice versa to get elected donald trump railed against goldman as a villain a symbol of the corrupt us establishment but as soon as he got in he filled his team with goldman exacts like gary cohn as chief economic adviser goldman gave conan a living presence free broyard as senator elizabeth warren dubs it of a quarter of a billion dollars and comparably brought in tax breaks that earned goldman if it is the right word more than that within three months according to senator warren gary cohen picks up the sacks full of mining goes into government and rewrites the tax laws marriage is to cram it through and point and called once again shell savvy
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investor u.s. senators railed at goldman selling ordinary american products they knew would fail them betting on their failure practices that contributed to the two thousand and eight world economic crash then treasury secretary hank paulson nevertheless handed goldman a ten billion dollar bailout paulson just happened to have been yes you guessed it goldman sachs chief the evidence shows that goldman repeatedly put its own interests and profits ahead of the interests of its clients and our community when the system finally collapsed under the weight of those toxic mortgages goldman profited from the collapse using a for. tish's exchange rate in two thousand and one gold magically disappeared greece's debt so it could cheat its way into the e.u. the bank is said to have trials at an eye watering three hundred million dollar fee in fact greece's debt actually rose and was handed to its citizens suffering to this day it was ok by then you had jos a manuel barroso rewarded with
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a senior job at goldman the greek trick was arranged by this man who infamously said the bank is doing god's work promoted to goldman boss blankfein reportedly met privately with the disgraced merchant at the head of goldman current malaysian malays whole scandal has now spawned a best selling board game clip hopefully to goldman sachs is one of these high level finance capital companies in the us that is very close and this will bring drew close to the leaders of power on both sides of the political aisle if they can get away with what they get away united states they can certainly get away with it elsewhere what's going on in malaysia is just the tip of an iceberg that schoolyard everywhere they just haven't been caught any other places it's criminal it's the biggest criminal white white collar criminal event i think. of the last century maybe even greater we are on the verge of a of another crisis here financial crisis that will make the last one in comparison
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and the goldman sachs and people and businesses like them are at the center of the cause of this. place in the german city of frank first under investigation over suspicion that a right wing extremist cell is operating within its ranks as after a german turkish lawyer received a death threats against her two year old daughter the letter was sent by fax and was supposedly signed by the national socialist underground a german neo nazi terrorist group uncovered in two thousand and eleven the n.s.c. was responsible for ten murders mostly of immigrants the lawyer says it's quite usual for her to get there at this time it was different. i receive up to fifty written threats or insults on every day and usually i don't care but this time they mentioned my daughter by name and knew her age and my address was also in the fax my personal data is not publicly accessible it can only be obtained by the
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authorities say to pass a yield it is a german lawyer of turkish origin who represents the victims of far right violence she was involved in a five year long trial of n.s.u. member who was sentenced to life in prison for multiple murders in july this year the threats started soon after according to local media investigators have already found evidence and officers searched for information on the lawyer without any reason to do so the initial probe discovered that a group of officers had exchanged nazi symbols and remarks in chat rooms five of them have now been suspended the case has sparked outrage whoever shares right wing extremist said yes xenophobia threatens repulsive violence and the use instruments for his actions has no business in our police which is far in the ground in the constitution radicals have no business with the police and they must not be given a pass otherwise the trust the police enjoy in our country will be destroyed and
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m.p. from germany's left party believes the investigation should be checking all government bodies in the country. there is probably a right wing cell inside what is a frontrunner. and that is very worrying i don't think that right we are missing is only coming from from all sides there are always powered off state structures. as all untrue drifted to the right wing ideology i think the government should do more about this stuff should be not cover up or the issue was and real investigation are all indications that state structures are as well and often there's a lot of cover up of the issues. you can share your thoughts on all of our stories by following us on social media leaving all your comments that way back at the top of the hour with all the latest to see the.
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elation all movement is going on all bankers are. rightfully seen. the enemy fall stopped. my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on
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drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for inconceivable sentences for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in wave and say by day as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. join me every thursday on the elec simon shore and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. what politicians do so. they put themselves on the line.


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